You Must Remember This: Life and Style in Hollywood's Golden Age

You Must Remember This: Life and Style in Hollywood's Golden Age

Robert J. Wagner Scott Eyman / Aug 22, 2019

You Must Remember This Life and Style in Hollywood s Golden Age The legendary actor and bestselling author of Pieces of My Heart offers a nostalgic look at Hollywood s golden ageFor millions of movie lovers no era in the history of Hollywood is beloved than the p

  • Title: You Must Remember This: Life and Style in Hollywood's Golden Age
  • Author: Robert J. Wagner Scott Eyman
  • ISBN: 9780670026098
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The legendary actor and bestselling author of Pieces of My Heart offers a nostalgic look at Hollywood s golden ageFor millions of movie lovers, no era in the history of Hollywood is beloved than the period from the 1930s through the 1950s, the golden age of the studio system Not only did it produce many of the greatest films of the American cinema, but it was then thThe legendary actor and bestselling author of Pieces of My Heart offers a nostalgic look at Hollywood s golden ageFor millions of movie lovers, no era in the history of Hollywood is beloved than the period from the 1930s through the 1950s, the golden age of the studio system Not only did it produce many of the greatest films of the American cinema, but it was then that Hollywood itself became firmly established as the nation s ultimate symbol of glamour and style, its stars almost godlike figures whose dazzling lives were chronicled in countless features in magzazines like Photoplay and Modern Screen.While these features were a standard part of the work of studio publicity departments, they told eager readers little about what life was really like for these celebrities once they stepped out of the public eye No one is better qualified to tell that story than Robert Wagner, whose own career has spanned than five decades and whose New York Times bestseller, Pieces of My Heart, was one of the most successful Hollywood memoirs in recent years You Must Remember This is Wagner s intimate ode to a bygone time, one of magnificent homes, luxurious hotels, opulent night clubs and restaurants, and unforgettable parties that were all part of the Hollywood social scene at its peak.From a dinner party at Clifton Webb s at which Judy Garland sang Gershwin at the piano to golf games with Fred Astaire, from Jimmy Cagney s humble farmhouse in Coldwater Canyon to the magnificent beach mansion built by William Randolph Hearst for Marion Davies, from famous restaurants like the Brown Derby and Romanoff s to nightspots like the Trocadero and the Mocambo, Wagner shares his affectionate memories and anec dotes about the places and personalities that have all become part of Hollywood legend.As poignant as it is revealing, You Must Remember This is Wagner s account of Hollywood as he saw it, far from the lights and cameras and gossip columns and a tender farewell to the people of a mythical place long since transformed, and to a golden age long since passed.

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        Robert John Wagner, Jr an American actor of stage, screen, and television, best known for starring in the television shows It Takes a Thief 1968 70 and Hart to Hart 1979 84 In movies, Wagner is known for his role as Number Two in the Austin Powers trilogy of films, as well as for The Pink Panther, The Towering Inferno, and .Wagner was married twice to the late actress Natalie Wood and is currently married to actress Jill St John Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.


    1. Robert Wagner is a class act. It's hard to be a class act in this town. It's even harder to be a class act over the long haul. It is virtually impossible to remain a class act when tragedy strikes in the form of the death of your famous wife under conditions ripe for media speculation. Most wind up in rehab. Many leave town for a number of years. Some quit the business. He did none of that. Here is a man who, under the deceptively severe restrictions of Hollywood celebrity, has accomplished the [...]

    2. I suppose that when I requested this book, that I assumed it was more or less a memoir of Robert Wagner's life back in "old Hollywood", but that wasn't totally the case. I usually give a synopsis of the book first and then my personal insight, but because the book was mostly a plethora of facts, I find it easier to mix the two throughout my review and set it up by the parts of the bookREWORD:I think the foreword kind of set up my mood for the whole book and left me a bit disappointed because, do [...]

    3. Breezy memoir of life in old Hollywood by an actor I've admired for many years. Not so much about his own life as it is about the way Hollywood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, etc. used to be in the early to mid-20th century. Lots of info on places, homes, restaurants, clubs, and plenty of anecdotes about notables like Darryl Zanuck, Samuel Goldwyn, John Barrymore, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Marion Davies, etc. Scads of name-dropping throughout. It was informative in a fun, easy to digest narrative, [...]

    4. I listened to Wagner read his book YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS ( doesn't reference the excellent production of the audiobook read by Wagner and produced by Patti Pirooz.) R J does a wonderful job “escorting” his readers and listeners through an enviably luxurious old Hollywood era. He shares an insider’s view of the truly good old days and lets one relive the time when stars were especially celestial and their world was elegant. As in his first memoir, he comes off as genuinely good guy, not ju [...]

    5. Hollywood's hometown boy gives an extensive but conversational tour of and reminiscences about the film capital, its sites and personalities.

    6. If you've ever said "They don't make them like that anymore!" referring to celebrities, films, houses or fashion, then this book is definitely for you. This book is 3/4 history lesson on Hollywood and the surrounding areas, and the film industry, and 1/4 memoir. Wagner shares his experiences at each hotel, restaurant, celebrity home, or playing each sport, wearing each tailor, etc but also gives you the facts from his memory and research. The architecture section got a little long for me (just l [...]

    7. Robert Wagner just may be one of the last stars who can claim they were a part (or at least got up close) to the golden age of Hollywood. I don't know much about Robert Wagner, I think my first exposure to him was Austin Powers, but he had his moment in the sun and he's still working so good for him. This book isn't about him specifically or his life but a short history of Hollywood in terms of its homes, dining and nightlife. He tells the history while weaving in his own personal experiences. I [...]

    8. My ThoughtsI'm not sure I would call this a 'memoir' in the true sense of the word. I found it more like a guided tour of vintage Hollywood during its golden age, from the 1930s through the 1950s. Studio publicity departments made sure that fans knew little about celebrity life outside the public eye. (So different from what we have to endure of so-called celebrities in this day and age.)The book is filled with memories of famous people, hot spots like the Brown Derby, Ciros, and other famous ni [...]

    9. This is a book I bet I would have enjoyed more if I had listened to the audio version of it instead of reading it. The book is snippets of stories about the people, places and times in Hollywood from the 1930s and the 1950s. Instead of going chronologically in order, Wagner chooses sections of Hollywood life to talk about at a time, like "Houses and Hotels" or "Nightlife" and covers all decades pertaining to that subject in that chapter.This reads like an old man tell stories of his life and [...]

    10. Robert Wagner's auto-biography/memoir was a pure delight. I rather think this book has much more specialized audience. It's interesting to learn how Hollywood evolved from an almost uninhabited desert to the golden age of extravagant homes, elegant clothes and, from what I can tell, the stars lack of appreciation/exposure to excellent restaurants and food. That was then--up to the end and slightly past WWII. Wagner evidently felt compelled to remind us how it was. We have to make the comparisons [...]

    11. I won this book in a good reads giveaway. It's full of interesting stories about how Hollywood changed over the yearse fashion, restaurants, architecture. For the most part it's very entertaining and you feel like the author is writing about dear friends and fond memories, which he is. It is organized into chapters based on subject, for example, the chapter on fashion. The only time it dragged was when it seemed like a paragraph was all about name-dropping but it's probably hard not to come off [...]

    12. YOU MUST REMEMBER THISRobert J. WagnerThe golden age from the 1930's to the 1950's is known as the most beloved era of Hollywood by the majority of movie goers. It firmly established Hollywood as the county's ultimate symbol of glamour and style.This is Mr. Wagner's intimate tale of a bygone time that includes the history of the town, the men who built it and the changes that have taken place in the world and in the industry. He features the stories of the magnificent homes, luxurious hotels, op [...]

    13. I liked this book about Hollywood in the 40's and 50's, and I was familiar with most of the names and places. The book told about the landscape( a group of Methodists founded the town to have an alcohol-free environment), the buildings and mansions (many of which have been torn down), the restaurants, the press and the early movie entrepreneurs. I wouldn't have read this if it hadn't been our book club discussion book, but I learned a lot. Thus, this is why I enjoy my group.

    14. Lots of fun. He was just in time to luck into an acting career in hollywood just before the old studio system came to an end. He also grew up golfing, boating, playing tennis and horseback riding, so he fit right in with the old guard who befriended him. It's nice that he takes the opportunity to give credit to non-movie industry types who played a big part in shaping the town the way it was: the hoteliers and restaurateurs, the tennis and golf pros, etc.

    15. Not your typical memoir, but an interesting survey of Hollywood history and sites from an insider who wistfully remembers his boyhood and stardom there. Not too much dish, but some inside dope and commentary. I think he self-censored the juiciest stuff. I liked that he included pictures. He lightly touches on Natalie.

    16. Foreword: This new Hollywood sucks. All people care about is box office figures and money.Book: Look how much money we all had! Our houses were so big and we still didn't know where to spend the rest!

    17. Kind of boring--he listed all the homes --and addresses --where former stars lived and restaurants where they ate. Nothing juicy!!!

    18. I enjoyed reading this book about the history of Hollywood during the 1930’s to the 1950’s written by Robert Wagner. He writes about a number of changes that took place over time from when it was settled to how it grew into the movie town it became. For instance, when Hollywood was settled, it was by people who were who would be called “teetotalers” who did not drink. As time passed, the movie executives started to move west from New York to set up movie studios because the weather was b [...]

    19. I don't know why I decided to read another book by Wagner. I like old Hollywood, but I don't want to hear him tell me about it. First, he is horrible in talking about female stars. It's about whether he thought they were pretty or not or fat or not. Right off the bat he starts talking about "fat" actresses, which turned me off. Then he likes to talk about how much he loves Natalie Wood (who we know he killed, come on) and his daughters, but it's just weird dissonance when he talks about women so [...]

    20. Wagner'sopening vignette, about Elizabeth Taylor's wedding to David Gest, intrigues and invites us in. The book progresses into less intimate secrets to the "travelogue" genre, with historical facts about restaurants etc long gone from LA and Hollywood, with fewer personal retrospection. It's in his voice, though, so still a good listen. NB - I remember when Wagner was young dashing and handsome. He's still dashing and handsome, but like all of us, remiscences make us into old farts!

    21. If you are interested in the history of Hollywood this book is for you. Told in a relaxed style, the author recounts his memories of growing up in a California much different than it is today. Full of side-trips about people he knew and/or worked with during his long career. An easy read but full of information without being dogmatic or sensational.

    22. There were some interesting anecdotes, but mostly this book seems to be for people who have a great interest in things like the golf and gambling habits of the early movie stars. I do not fall in that category.

    23. A great read, interesting, and highly educational on the history of old Hollywood, Palm Springs, and the haunts and habits of the stars. Robert Wagner is a very classy guy and his intelligence and common sense shines in this book.

    24. This book was a very quick and easy read but I liked how he went into detail about the architecture and restaurants of old Hollywood in addition to the people. Fun to read!

    25. Great book. You'll love it if you like stories of old Hollywood. Mr. Wagner does a great job of taking you places that don't exist anymore

    26. A wonderful walk down memory lane led by Robert Wagner if you remember tales of the Old Hollywood -- or lived during the Old Hollywood -- this book is for you. Truly enjoyable.

    27. Loved This Book. it Gave Me a Look At Old Hollywood. I wouldn't want to read Read About The Crybaby Liberal Movie Stars Of Today. 😍

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