Rise of the Billionaire

Rise of the Billionaire

Ruth Cardello / Sep 21, 2019

Rise of the Billionaire Dreaming of Alethea gave Jeremy Kater the strength to survive a difficult childhood Now that he has influential friends who owe him some big favors he s determined to become the kind of man Alethea w

  • Title: Rise of the Billionaire
  • Author: Ruth Cardello
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dreaming of Alethea gave Jeremy Kater the strength to survive a difficult childhood Now that he has influential friends who owe him some big favors, he s determined to become the kind of man Alethea would be interested in rich and dangerous Jeisa Borreto was hired to help Jeremy morph into that man It s a job she would enjoy, if it weren t tearing her heart to pieces.HDreaming of Alethea gave Jeremy Kater the strength to survive a difficult childhood Now that he has influential friends who owe him some big favors, he s determined to become the kind of man Alethea would be interested in rich and dangerous Jeisa Borreto was hired to help Jeremy morph into that man It s a job she would enjoy, if it weren t tearing her heart to pieces.How can she help him change once she s realized she s fallen in love with the man he s always been Hint Sleeping with him doesn t help.

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        Ruth Cardello hit the NYTs and USA Today for the first time back in 2012 Millions of sales are evidence that her books are akin to potato chips, addictive from the first one She has created a multi series billionaire world with a combination of escapism and realism that has gained her a faithful following of readers.What Kindle Reviewers write about her Wow hot at every page Heart stoping, fear raging, mind blowing wonderful I m a true fan of Ms Cardello I ran on to her first book a few years back and have been hooked ever since I could go on and on about the story like of this book, but I m not All of her books are total page turners, unique, heart wrenching, and I love them all There isn t two alike in the bunch and I feel like i know the characters personally I personally read 97 authors books And I buy every book they put out This author is in my top 10 Great job and keep them coming Love this series Got me to start reading again I look forward to the next book Thank you for giving me the love of reading back Ruth Cardello was born the youngest of 11 children in a small city in northern Rhode Island She spent her young adult years moving as far away as she could from her large extended family She lived in Boston, Paris, Orlando, New York then came full circle and moved back to New England She now happily lives one town over from the one she was born in For her, family trumped the warmer weather and international scene She was an educator for 20 years, the last 11 as a kindergarten teacher When her school district began cutting jobs, Ruth turned a serious eye toward her second love writing and has never been happier When she s not writing, you can find her chasing her children around her small farm or connecting with her readers online.Email Notice of New Releases RuthCardello SignupYou can find her on Facebook at facebook RuthCardelloFollow her at Twitter RuthieCardelloIf you d like to email her directly, you may contact her via her website ruthcardelloLone Star Burn Series Book 1 Taken, Not SpurredBook 2 Tycoon Takedown Book 3 Taken HomeBook 4 Taking ChargeWant to hear the song Charles proposed to Melanie with youtu SGZT5nVKfMsThe Legacy CollectionBook 1 Maid for the Billionaire FREE on Book 2 For Love or LegacyBook 3 Bedding the BillionaireBook 4 Saving the SheikhBook 5 Rise of the BillionaireBook 6 Breaching the Billionaire Alethea s Redemption Book 7 Novella A Corisi ChristmasThe Andrades Book 1 Come Away With Me FREE on Book 2 Home to Me Book 3 Maximum Risk Book 4 Somewhere Along the Way Book 5 Loving Gigi Christmas Novella A Recipe for Love Maddy and Richard The Barrington Billionaires Book 1 Always MineBook 2 Stolen Kisses Book 3 Trade It All Book 3.5 A Billionaire for LexiBook 4 Let It BurnThe Temptation Series Book 1 Twelve Days of TemptationBook 2 Be My Temptation Ten Christmas Brides Bundle featuring Recipe for Love, An Andrade Christmas Novella with Bonus wedding scene Other Works Taken By a Trillionaire by Melody Anne, Ruth Cardello, JS Scott


    1. Page one had me hooked. Jeremy knows what he wants and will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to get what he wants. The strength shown in his character in the first chapter just amazed me. If you get knocked down, you get back up! It's as simple as that to Jeremy.Jeisa is just adorable. It was obvious from the first few pages of her feelings for Jeremy. She's a little firecracker when it comes to making sure Jeremy is ok, even if she's helping him become the man he wants to be for another wom [...]

    2. This would be such an easy review to write, if all I had to do was say 'I loved it'! However, wonderful author Ruth Cardello deserves more than that for her incredibly funny, schmexy Rise of the Billionaire. Much more. If you have read the synopsis, you know that social misfit, computer geek Jeremy Kater was in need of an extreme makeover. He thought he could better himself to become the sort of man who would attract his long desired friend Alethea. This gentle man was one of those guys you just [...]

    3. what is not to love about Jeremy , He has a true heart but made a bad mistake on the way to discover himself and the truth that was in front of him the whole time Ruth did a excellent jobof this book Jack and Lil was my favorite until I read this one Now this is my favorite and very excited for the next one to come 

    4. Standalone/Cliffhanger: Standalone but part of a seriesAges of H and h: h is 24 and H is in his late 20sMulti-Luv'n/Ménages: (view spoiler)[No(hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex &/Or Drama Between H/h With OW/OM: (view spoiler)[ Drama yes. (hide spoiler)]>>If So, Before or After H/h Hookup: (view spoiler)[As we know Jeisa is helping Jeremy with winning over Alethea, however Jeremy realises that he really wants Jeisa. Towards the [...]

    5. Rise of the Billionaire is book 5 in the Lagacy Collection by Ruth Cardello, i have loved everyone, this book is Jeremy Kater and Jeisa Borreto's story and what a story it is,Jeremy needs a makeover and help to get the girl he is in love with Alethea, Jeisa is given this job by Marie Dominic's friend and personal assistant,even though Jesia has no qualifcations in this job.Jeisa falls in love with Jeremy but it heart broken knowing her love will never be returned by him as she is there to help h [...]

    6. Rise Of The Billionaire is definitely an unforgettable addition to Ruth Cardello's The Legacy Collection. It was quite an emotional roller coaster during Jeremy's transformation. I think it was really insightful of the author to be able to put this in words that reach out to the readers. I love how Jeremy and Jeisa found their way to each other. I love the humorous banter between Jeremy, Jake and Dominic. I love that this book is so full of valuable lessons that I have shared and highlighted a l [...]

    7. My Favorite book in the Legacy Collection so farWhat can I say? Ruthieyou did it again! Not only have we fallen in love with Jeremy & Jeisa but you have continued to bring back everyone from Dominic & Abby, Lil & Jake, Marie, Maddy & Robert and everyone else. I even love the doorman at Jeisa's apartment. I feel like I am part of the story. wanting to slap Alethea to laughing out loud when Jeremy referred to Dom and Jake as Batman and Robin. I can not wait for book 6 weddings, bab [...]

    8. He can be my Superman!What happens when the awkward nerd becomes a wealthy stud? Will he win the heart of the woman he's desired for most of his life or will he see her for who she really is? This book takes you on a heart-wrenching journey as the lovable hero struggles to find a balance between what he's always wanted and what he can't live without. Come along for the ride and see if Jeremy finally finds what he truly needs? Will this super geek become Superman?

    9. Ever wonder what happened to that geek from high school? The guy who could talk quantum mechanics, but not ask a girl for a date. Well, Jeremy Kater is one of those. Smart, rich, a legend online, the top hacker in the world, but he is socially inept. Almost every goal he has set, he has achieved through grit, determination, and perseverance. But there is one dream he has had for years and not achieved- to win Althea's love. And for that he needs a makeover.Enter into the picture, Jeisa,his new p [...]

    10. It was a nice read! It was longer than I expected which is always great to find out. Awkward Jeremy wants to change everything about himself to get the girl he never could when he was geeky. Jeisa has been hired to be his image consultant by the wonderful Marie, even though she has no experience. Marie is the motherly character in the story and impossible not to love! Jeisa does succeed in helping him change his image and it works, the other girl is now interested. Unfortunately, that's about th [...]

    11. I loved this books laugh out loud times the angst lump in the throat timesI thought I loved Dominic and Jake from the other books in the series but no !!!I have to admit I am so in love with Jeremy our computer Geek boy oh boy has he grown and matured and Jeisa his Image consultant loves him as he iswe meet all the characters from the other books the banter between Dominic Jake and Jeremy is so funny Ruth Cardello has outdone herself with this book Hugs n thanks Ruthie for an awesome book If you [...]

    12. There is adventure, humor, intrigue, romance, and suspense!!! This story revolves around the character of Jeremy Kater, a computer whiz - his development and growth! Characters from previous books are beautifully incorporated into the storyline - no one is forgotten. I was weary of the direction of Jeremy's character from the last book. But then OMG the transformation from Geek to Stud with a beautiful heart - LOVE JEREMY, my fave!!!Ruth, keep writing and I'll keep reading!! Thanks for sharing y [...]

    13. I love the characters Jeremy and Jeisa, as well as all of the recurring Billionaire characters. I didn't really enjoy the story line as much as I had the others. It was still a great read and I enjoy Ruth Cardello's writing.

    14. Absolutely wonderful book. I love Jeremey. Once again Ruth has created a cast of characters that's so "real", I felt like they were friends. I laughed out loud several times while reading. Amazingly talented author

    15. All I can say iswhen is the next one coming out??? I hope it's about Alethea and the head security guy we first met in book one and he glares at Alethea during Abby's engagement party in book 2

    16. Good bookAnother enjoyable read in this series Jeremy is a computer hacker with really nothing in the way of social skills becoming part of the Corisi team means he needs help to develop. He believes he is in love Alethea a long time friend and wishes to start looking good and being able to move in the same circles ads her. Jeisa is hired to assist him but falls for him, he improves in leaps and bounds but takes risky assignments in business. He realises he loves Jeisa but messes up badly and al [...]

    17. Jeremy is every girls dream! This book is Rise Of The Billionaire, book 5 of the Legacy Collection, written by Ruth Cardello. In this book we get to witness the evolution of Jeremy. He goes from a simple computer geek to a billionaire. Why does he plan this metamorphosis? Why else? For the attention of a woman. Will he get the desired attention? Don’t miss watching Jeremy grow and change in this book.

    18. The writing style was a bit weird for me but that wasnt the deal breaker. The heroine was too insecure and I felt like the romance moved too fast and I didn't get time to delve into the angst. I feel like the book would have been more fulfilling if I actually read the other 4 books but for now as a new reader I was thoroughly confused.

    19. Loved it!Jeremy and Jeisa found each other when she was assigned to be his image consultant. Incredibly smart hacker, Jeremy came out of his cave and needed an immediate change over. He thought he was in love with another woman and he was changing for her, but he found out that Jeisa was his true love and the other was not.

    20. Great readGreat read from this author, another great love story, Jeremy and jeisa finally got together, I really like the way that all the friends rally when needed, maybe in the next book we may get to understand Alethea.

    21. This book as all the others in this series was great. I'm still looking to read about the relationship Dominique and Nicole have with their mother after Abby is having her grandchild. Thanks and keep writing

    22. too slow, too many other characters involved, I got really bored in the middle of this one. the beginning was good but I think you may have to read the whole series to understand the middle of this one. not worth my time in the end.

    23. Jeisa n Jeremy now become one of my favorite characters . they Jeremy like to express his love for Jeisa is truly great n where there is love, family and relation story is full of spices

    24. Rise of the BillionaireJeremy's story is a rags to riches that found love on the way. But of course this love was plagued with lies, insecurities and drama. But this book was almost smart, funny and heartfelt. This is an awesome series.

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