Codex Seraphinianus

Codex Seraphinianus

Luigi Serafini / Sep 22, 2019

Codex Seraphinianus An extraordinary and surreal art book this edition has been redesigned by the author and includes new illustrations Ever since the Codex Seraphinianus was first published in the book has been r

  • Title: Codex Seraphinianus
  • Author: Luigi Serafini
  • ISBN: 9780847842131
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An extraordinary and surreal art book, this edition has been redesigned by the author and includes new illustrations Ever since the Codex Seraphinianus was first published in 1981, the book has been recognized as one of the strangest and most beautiful art books ever made This visual encyclopedia of an unknown world written in an unknown language has fueled much debate oAn extraordinary and surreal art book, this edition has been redesigned by the author and includes new illustrations Ever since the Codex Seraphinianus was first published in 1981, the book has been recognized as one of the strangest and most beautiful art books ever made This visual encyclopedia of an unknown world written in an unknown language has fueled much debate over its meaning Written for the information age and addressing the import of coding and decoding in genetics, literary criticism, and computer science, the Codex confused, fascinated, and enchanted a generation.While its message may be unclear, its appeal is obvious it is a most exquisite artifact Blurring the distinction between art book and art object, this anniversary edition redesigned by the author and featuring new illustrations presents this unique work in a new, unparalleled light With the advent of new media and forms of communication and continuous streams of information, the Codex is now relevant and timely than ever A special limited and numbered deluxe edition that includes a signed print is also available.'>Codex Seraphinianus'>Codex Seraphinianus, originally published in , is an illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world, created by Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini during months from to It is approximately pages depending on edition and written in a cipher alphabet in a constructed language. Originally published in Italy, it has been released in several'>Codex Seraphinianus Archimedes lab The CODEX SERAPHINIANUS The'>Codex Seraphinianus was written and illustrated by Italian graphic designer and architect, Luigi Serafini during the late s The Codex is a lavishly produced book that purports to be an encyclopedia for an imaginary world in a parallel universe, with copious comments in an incomprehensible language It is written in a florid script, entirely invented and'>Codex Seraphinianus Il'>Codex Seraphinianus un libro scritto e illustrato con oltre mille disegni dall artista italiano Luigi Serafini tra il e il , la cui prima edizione stata realizzata nel da Franco Maria Ricci'>Codex Seraphinianus'>Codex Seraphinianus , An Introduction to the'>Codex Seraphinianus, the Strangest Imagine you could talk to Hieronymus Bosch, the authors of the Book of Revelation, or of the Voynich Manuscript a bizarre th century text written in an uncrackable code that you could solve centuries old mysteries by asking them, what were you thinking You might be disappointed to hear them say, as does Luigi Serafini, author and illustrator of the'>Codex Seraphinianus, At the Of The Most Bizarre Books Ever Written Listverse Mar , Written in a language that no one understands and filled with illustrations of surreal, impossible things,'>Codex Seraphinianus is possibly the strangest encyclopedia in the world When Italian architect Luigi Serafini published the book in , he presented it as a factual, scientific work. and Mayan Numbers PaleoAliens Home of the Event Group, a brotherhood of persons interested in Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, Matrix, Seraphinianus, UFO, Vattanian and other Ancient Download PDF Voynich Manuscript Codex Serahinianus CODEX SerahinianusWhat it lacks in any kind of meaningfulness, it returns in max psychedelic weird assness and illustrative beauty.As The Voynich Manuscript, it is written in Italy in an incomprehensible language with a made for the occasion set of characters. Enough said you can find detailed bios on the works many places on the internet, try or some of the dedicated forums. The Codex Quetzalecatzin, an Extremely Rare Colored To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, there are known knowns in the art world, and there are unknown knowns The Codex Quetzalecatzin, a rare colored Mesoamerican manuscript, recently went from a unknown known a French collector owned it, and before them William Randolph Hearst, and many others, for several centuries to a known known the French collector donated it to the Library of

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        Luigi Serafini is an Italian artist, architect and designer He is best known for creating the Codex Seraphinianus, an illustrated encyclopedia of imaginary things in a constructed language.


    1. Imagine that Stepan Chapman, M.C. Escher, Albrecht Durer, and Salvador Dali were locked in an underground dungeon with an infinite amount of art supplies and only LSD to eat. Suddenly, a wayward creator-god shows up with a genetic splicer set to randomize the mixing of species and common objects, creating before the artists a set of real-life models from which they might take inspiration. Codex Seraphinianus is a natural history of the surreal, a book that truly defies categorization. It is remi [...]

    2. قراءة اللامقروء: مخطوطة سيرافيني مثلالطالما فكرت إن كان بإمكاني إخراج المعاني التي تثقل رأسي من دون الحاجة لاستخدام الكلمات فالكلمات بقدر ما تبدو مغوية و شهية و مريحة بقدر ما تكون عصية و صعبة و منهكة حين إرادة لجم المعاني بها، ثم بعد ذلك يبقى المعنى غير مكتمل تماما و لذلك كنت [...]

    3. نسخۀ واينيچدر اوايل قرن بيستم دلّالى به نام "واينيچ" به كتابى حاوى علوم غريبه و طالع بينى و گياه شناسى دست يافت كه در قرون وسطا نگاشته شده بود و به نام خودش "نسخۀ واينيچ" نام گرفت. اين كتاب به زبانى غير از زبان هاى شناخته شده و با الفبايى رمزى نوشته شده بود كه حتى با تلاش نوابغى مث [...]

    4. This book is a dream come true literally. Ever since I saw it once on "world's weirdest books" list, I have wanted to possess it: however, the fact that it was very difficult to get hold of a copy and even if one was found, the price would very well drive it out of my reach forced me keep it on a very remote wishlist. Until Liz provided me with a pdf copy. Thanks, Liz!It would be wrong to say that I have read Codex Seraphinianus - I haven't. In fact, nobody other than the author has. It is writt [...]

    5. ﹅₪☌◘▲ ▲△૱§. ﹅§‰‱ ⊙⧉⧋₪﹆§◉. §▲ ▲◎△⧋₪§﹆ §▲. ▲△૱§ §‰▲. ▲△૱§ §‰‱. ‱▲△ ‰‱ ▲. △૱§ §‰﹅‱ ⊙⧉⧋₪§, ﹅﹆ §▲ ▲△૱§. §‰ ⊡ ⊙⧉⧋₪§, ⊙⧉§▲. ⊡ ⧋₪§ §▲ ▲△ ‱‰‱. ▲ ▲△૱ ▽◉﹅﹅❡.

    6. Remember that time when dad was in the military and he was stationed at Area 51. And he got transferred to that alien planet. And we had to go to live there for like three years. And we had to learn their language at the school. And the writing was some kind of weird calligraphy. And we got that science book with all those weird drawings in it. Well now you can buy that book on .

    7. This book is the epitome of surreal. This book is also one of the damn coolest things I've had the honor of looking at. I'm so glad I own this. It wasn't cheap to get so this book ain't going nowhere! They charge over $500 for this book at Powell's!So what's the plot of the book?Ayyyyyeldkfifk I dunno. Just imagine if you saw the Voynich manuscript and with a shot of LSD, created the brainchild of H.P Lovecraft, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Frieda Kahlo, the Necronomicon itself, your [...]

    8. “Che cos'è il genio? È fantasia, intuizione, decisione e velocità d'esecuzione.“Dopo la lettura del Codex, potremmo integrare la definizione di genio data dal grande Perozzi in questa maniera: genio è (anche) capacità di inventare qualcosa di nuovo partendo da un materiale strausato. Parliamo del materiale-libro in una delle sue varianti più noiose: l’enciclopedia. Già, il Codex è più di un triplo salto mortale senza rete, più di una scalata di un ottomila, più di un salto dalle [...]

    9. Actually found a copy of this for a steal. The little shop had no idea what it is worth and as I read through it I have to wonder why it is worth so much. Albeit, it is a strange title and comforting in it's maddness. It is kind of like being on peyote. If James Joyce and M.C. Escher had a child at Rod Serlings home under the direction of L. Ron Hubbard. Difficult to find a copy of this under five-hundred dollars, so I feel very fortunate to have found it at a reasonable book price. However, I w [...]

    10. This is an art book, oversized, with a fantastical premise: To appear like an encyclopedia of the unknown world, the imaginarium, complete with invented language. A work of immense ambition and kind of breath-taking scope, it is sort of like if Jim Woodring and Charles Burns and 40 fantasy artists combined to create this volume of amazing and strange creatures . . . only Serafini did it all, all by his lonesome. Originally published in 1981, it was re-released in 2013. And it's impressive. And s [...]

    11. OH-MY-GOD. I could trip on this book for an eternity. It is the most exquisite, weirdest and amazing book I've ever come across. I could only get a PDF of this book, but going through it was like suddenly soaring up to a new level of awareness, of aesthetics, of pure beauty. It is splendidly incoherent, but buried deep within its exquisite babble is an almost terrifying understanding, a glimpse into something that we are yet to attain, a disturbing, tantalizing truth half-revealed. What makes th [...]

    12. In his essay, "Codex Seraphinianus, Hallucinatory Encyclopedia," Peter Schwenger (specialist in liminal literature) writes: "To name things and to classify them are ways of bringing them into focus, both visually and as objects of knowledge; but the Codex brings into focus naming and classifications themselves, and implicitly reveals their systems of order to be hallucinatory." Schwenger thus suggests that systematizing and classifying are themselves illusory (i.e. subjective) endeavors. The art [...]

    13. My entire experience with this book involves flipping to a random page and thinking "whoaweird." I find this greatly rewarding, but others might not.

    14. O nouă rubrică pe Bookaholic: „Cărți de legendă”. În cadrul acesteia, vom vorbi despre aceste cărți rare, excepționale, cărți de colecție sau cărți legendare de multe ori pierdute, cărți despre care, de obicei, doar auzim, fără a putea să le și citim.O astfel de carte de legendă este Codex Seraphinianus a italianului Luigi Serafini (arhitect, artist și designer industrial). Scrisă pe parcursul a trei ani, cartea a avut nevoie de încă trei ani pentru a fi publicată [...]

    15. نالت مني مخطوطة سيرافيني الكثير من الوقت و البحث و التفكير ، حتى خلصت إلى رأي أخير بصددها ؛ هالني ما رأيت فيها من لوحات عجيبة هزمت عوالم تولكين و رولينج في غرابتها ، أقول غرابتها و ليس جمالها و طيب أثرها في النفس ، إذ أن الكثير منها قد يصيبك بالأكتئاب أو يسبب لك القىء ! ، و البعض [...]

    16. Dreamscape compatible, human-friendly Earth literature. Mostly.Codex is a homegrown, hand-drawn field guide to somewhere we can see from afar in the little corners of our eyes but never reach. Rings of blood become ladybugs, every insect, mammal and metal are all born from flowers, and most importantly - carrots can be siphoned out of potatoes. Marvelous.Unlike its inter-species ancestor, The Voynich Manuscript, which was clearly written by an alien for aliens, Codex tastes better with lentils a [...]

    17. ما هذا الشيء الذي أمسكهُ بين يدي؟ هل هذه خدعة؟ ما هذا الكتاب؟ ولكن، هل كل الكتبِ قابلةٌ للقراءة؟ ثمّةُ كتابٍ لم يقرأهُ أحد قط، مخطوطةُ "فوينتش"، والتي توصف بأنها أكثرَ النصوصِ غموضاً قي العالم، فالأوراقُ التي يبدو أنها تتحدث عن نباتاتٍ وأعشابٍ غيرِ معروفةٍ لنا، قد كُتِبت بلُ [...]

    18. Impenetrable and nearly indescribable. What a creation! Like some lost Da Vinci notebook (if old Leonardo had been fond of LSD), it is filled with imaginative and intricately detailed drawings of strange machines, inventions, buildings, mutations, and charts categorizing otherworldly flora and fauna — all "explained" by lengthy paragraphs of an incomprehensible "Voynich Manuscript"-esque code. Is Serafini from another galaxy? An alternate universe? I almost believe so. Regardless, this is cert [...]

    19. Um exercício de imaginação do autor que provoca um exercício de imaginação no leitor em tentar entender, e estranhar, essa enciclopédia de um universo ficcional onírico, escrita em um alfabeto alienígena.

    20. E o carte pe care nu o citeşti propriu-zis, pentru că nu poţi să o faci. M-am simţit exact ca un copil care răsfoieşte o carte şi se mulţumeşte să privească ilustraţiile, iar Textul îi este inaccesibil, fiindcă nu cunoaşte alfabetul. Şi poate deaceea cartea i se pare mult mai plină de înţelesuri (neînţelese, evident) decît este în realitate.

    21. Non temete il deforme Alla fine della "lettura" di questa opera unica (per quanto sia discutibile si possa "leggere" il Codex), nell'esplosione di immagini incredibili, geniali, inclassificabili che Serafini ha affollato nella pagina, il sentimento principale che mi rimane è una serena meraviglia e una leggera e lucida ironia. Mai , anche per le idee più deforme o mostruose che si affastellano su queste splendide pagine emerge inquietudine, angoscia, disagio… e come se Serafini volesse aprir [...]

    22. CODEX SERAPHINIANUS is a bizarre but enormously inventive work by the Italian artist Luigi Serafini, first published in 1981. Over 300 pages handwritten in a completely unintelligible script (which, like the Voynich Manuscript that probably inspired it, may not even be decipherable), the Codex seems to be an encyclopedia about the Earth of a parallel dimension, where human beings like us exist, but with entirely different cultures and surrounded by alien flora and fauna. This is the graphic equi [...]

    23. A Not-So-Sacred Text For Those Who Believe In The Primacy Of ImaginationThis book really is as special as it was purported to be. There are a great many art books out there, art monographs that collect the paintings and photographs of an artist or group of artists. Some are even linked by a very specific theme, or setting, or models/characters, to give the monograph a more cohesive feel. The Codex Seraphinianus, however, is something different. Every page, every illustration, every alien glyph, [...]

    24. Well, you know, not so much reading as "reading"It feels strange to mark this book as "read" when no language interface of any kind actually happened. (I guess it's still better than listing my coloring books.) Having looked through the whole thing, I'm actually more intrigued and baffled by it than before. Apparently the language is asemic, so it's all about the pictures. At least one image has its source in a text, but I have neither the knowledge nor the patience to track down the various ant [...]

    25. an encyclopedia of a fabricated world grossly more interesting than our own. in a made-up language. gorgeous, with a penchant for quasi-shroomy conceptual linkages (two people having sex turns into a crocodile slithering off a bed); fairly amazing, if you can get your hands on it. i recommend inter-library loan. if you're a jerk, you can keep it and just pay the loss fee; it's really out of print.

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