A Countess by Chance

A Countess by Chance

Kate McKinley / Jul 22, 2019

A Countess by Chance Things aren t as proper as they seem in Regency LondonThe next passionate novella in Kate McKinley s erotic trilogy A gambler s daughter Sophia Weatherby knows her way around a deck of cards So when

  • Title: A Countess by Chance
  • Author: Kate McKinley
  • ISBN: 9781455574285
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook
  • Things aren t as proper as they seem in Regency LondonThe next passionate novella in Kate McKinley s erotic trilogy.A gambler s daughter, Sophia Weatherby knows her way around a deck of cards So when her family estate becomes threatened, she has no choice but to use her skills at the gaming tables to save herself from ruin A lavish house party affords her the perfectThings aren t as proper as they seem in Regency LondonThe next passionate novella in Kate McKinley s erotic trilogy.A gambler s daughter, Sophia Weatherby knows her way around a deck of cards So when her family estate becomes threatened, she has no choice but to use her skills at the gaming tables to save herself from ruin A lavish house party affords her the perfect opportunity until the newly minted Earl of Huntington arrives Adam Greyson has never forgotten the day Sophia rejected his proposal Now to even the score, he challenges her to a shocking wager his two thousand pounds against the one valuable commodity she has left her virtue.

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    1. 2.5 stars because the author can actually write.At the time I read this, the names of the characters in the book are different from those given in the synopsis – Huntington is Adam Rycroft and the heroine is Olivia Dewhurst in the ARC I have received, so those are the name I’m going to use here.This fifty page novella wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. The writing shows that the author is more than technically competent, but to produce a well-plotted and emotionally satisfying novell [...]

    2. Adam was a jerk more than once. I understand he was hurt but that's no excuse to insult the woman you supposedly love. James angered me with the way he talked about Olivia. That's not a way a gentelman should talk about a lady, especially one who is a relative of his wife.I think Olivia should have made Adam work to win her forgiveness and earn her trust.

    3. A sweet and hot historical romance novella, A Countess by Chance was a lovely read. I really liked the first book in this trilogy and I liked this one just as much.Both of the main characters were great. Olivia was strong and determined to do what was best for her family, even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness. Adam was sweet and, even when he was trying to get Olivia back for leaving him, he was still an obviously good man. I liked that both characters made mistakes, but they both owned [...]

    4. Different story from its description/blurb?>In description of Kindle edition: ·heroine is Sophia Weathersby ·hero, Adam Greyson ·In wager, heroine used her gaming table skills and she bet her virtue>In book: ·heroine is Olivia Dewhurst ·hero, Adam Rycroft ·wager has nothing to do with gaming skills and lovers were somewhat intimate previouslyI ordered this book because I like regency romances as well as the occasional erotic love story. The author did deliver the erotica. Unfortunate [...]

    5. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThe second book of Kate McKinley’s By Invitation Only series, A Countess by Chance, was nice and short and as usual, I liked the author’s writing style. I was enough engrossed in this story to read on. But I didn’t think it was really memorable in any way.This story is set in the same house party that we saw in book 1, A Duchess in the Dark. If you haven’t read book 1, you might wanna try that to learn how [...]

    6. Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of A Countess by Chance from Netgalley.It has been two years since Olivia left Adam for someone else, and now they are forced back into each others arms during the season. Adam is determined to win her back, and uses her practice of gambling to do it, increasing the wager each time. Little does Adam know that Olivia still harbours feelings for him, and she didn't leave him by choice in the first placeLink to Link toI was impre [...]

    7. Personally I thought the first book was much better. Compared to the first book, thus one seemed a bit rushed and the "romance" felt forced. Adam and Olivia have a history and the author does a good job of outlining what happened between them - but only in the most bare bones way possible. I didn't feel like I had enough information to decide if I really believed they were in love and neither one says the words in this book. Olivia thinks it and Adam loves things about Olivia - but the declarati [...]

    8. Another cute By Invitation Only novella about a second chance romance. Olivia and Adam were once in love. But in order to save her family from ruin, Olivia leaves Adam hanging for a titled man. Two years later, the tables have turned, leaving Olivia still unmarried and Adam returning as the newly Earl of Huntington bent on some sweet revenge. This story is actually at the same house party of A Duchess in the Dark which was kind of cute, since we get to see snippets of where the stories line up w [...]

    9. **3.5 Stars**A Countess by Chance by Kate McKinley was a good read overall although I thought it fell short compared to A Duchess in the Dark. While the first installment was well-delivered as a complete story, A Countess by Chance needed a little more extra. I felt that the story ended abruptly and for that it left me quite unsatisfied. Unlike the first installment, I needed this story to be longer as it felt unfinished.Furthermore, while I did enjoy the hero I can't say the same for the heroin [...]

    10. 3 bintang aja deh biaja aja perasaan gw bacanyaSophia - Adam, sempet pacaran pas muda (ya bkn pacaran si) pokoknya saat itu Adam blm mewarisi gelar pamannya, die cuma orang biasa gt deh nah pas ngelasam Sophia, si Sophia nolak dan malah milih merit sama lord sapa gt, tp sebelum merit si lord ke sengat lebah dan mati. Sophia hidup dgn scandal setelah itu (ya bkn scandal ruined si).Setting ttp estate nya James, Adam ini salah satu temennya James dan pas ngeliat Sophia die kesel banget trs ngajakin [...]

    11. Lately, I've been reading very long books about heavy topics. I wanted a break. I wanted something fun and quick, that I could finish before going to bed. I read the first story Kate McKinley's By Invitation Only series, so felt pretty confident that I'd enjoy this as well.It's a cute, short story. The couple split up years ago and run into each other at a party. I enjoy reading stories like this, in these fun settings, someone's big, fancy house, with everyone just playing games and dancing. So [...]

    12. Anyone else remember that deliciously awful song from South Park that Kenny sings about the Virgin Mary? Well, this book kept reminding me of that song. It sort of kills me that an erotic novella could be so obsessed with virginity, but maybe that's just a nod to the historical setting. Compared to some of the excellent novellas I've read, this book certainly falls short. The characters, while showing promise, are a tad underdeveloped, sometimes acting without any clear motivation. The transitio [...]

    13. Another couple finds love at the same house party featured in A Duchess in the Dark, the first novella in the erotic historical series, By Invitation Only, by Kate McKinley. Events from the first book happen here, although peripherally, with different protagonists.Adam and Olivia were once sweethearts before she jilted him. Unbeknownst to him, her family has been in need of funds due to her mother’s poor health. At the time, Adam was the younger son of an earl with few prospects but now he’s [...]

    14. A COUNTESS BY CHANCE by Kate McKinley is an exciting Erotic Historical Romance. #2 in the "By Invitation Only" trilogy, but can be read as a stand alone. A novella. For a quick romp through Regency England you must read this fast paced passion filled story of love, challenge, and a bit of revenge. Well written with engaging characters and an interesting storyline. I can't wait to read the next installment in this exciting erotic trilogy. Well done! A great Regency Historical Romance. Received fo [...]

    15. I loved this novella. This is better than the 1st book. Well the books are not connected so this novella can be read alone. There is humor in this book. Although I really wanted the author to explore more of the story. This author have potential to a great novel stroy. She just have to grasp on the plot. I can't wait for the next one!

    16. I love Kate McKinley's books! They are short, sweet, and sensual. In this book, Daphne continues her gambling habit. She tries to save her family estate by gambling, but she loses. She has one last chance to redeem herself. She can wager her virtue.This story is hot! I read it one setting! I recommend it!

    17. This was good but entirely too short. Adam was the scorned lover who couldn't forget Olivia and Olivia the poor but well-bred young lady who still loved him. Tales of tables turned are always interesting.Received through a NOR giveaway.

    18. This was a short sweet read. My only quibble is that I wish there were more of it. Olivia and Adam lost love reunited by competition and passion. Adam requesting her virtue was a cad move, however behind that facade was a broken man who had been jilted my the woman he loved.

    19. A countess by chanceThis was a cute little story! I liked Olivia she was a victim of her fathers debts and had to give up the one she really loved! But it all came out right I the end.

    20. Super short novella but since the characters already have a history it still worked well for me. Olivia and Adam have great chemistry and the plot is well developed if quick. I have enjoyed these shorts and would like to see a full length novel from this author.

    21. Quick and enjoyable A Countess by Chance was good but not as good as A duchess in the dark. I liked the angst between the two characters and the unfinished bussiness they had.

    22. Can be described as erotica. The language they use seems to modern to for that era. Barely no plot. Also the heroine seems to be into S&M. -_-

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