Ooh La La!French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day

Ooh La La!French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day

Jamie Cat Callan / Aug 23, 2019

Ooh La La French Women s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day French women are not born attractive than anyone else They simple learn at a very young age how to feel beautiful confident and sexy inside and out It s an allure that outlasts youth in fact some

  • Title: Ooh La La!French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day
  • Author: Jamie Cat Callan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • French women are not born attractive than anyone else They simple learn at a very young age how to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy, inside and out It s an allure that outlasts youth in fact, some of France s most celebrated women are femmes d un certain age Growing up, Jamie Cat Callan had a French grand mere to instruct her on style, grooming and genuinely liFrench women are not born attractive than anyone else They simple learn at a very young age how to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy, inside and out It s an allure that outlasts youth in fact, some of France s most celebrated women are femmes d un certain age Growing up, Jamie Cat Callan had a French grand mere to instruct her on style, grooming and genuinely liking her reflection in the mirror Now she shares that wisdom, along with advice from other French women on fragrance, image consulting, makeup, and , and shows you how to Discover the power of perfume Find mentors who will help hone your personal style Choose lingerie that makes you feel magnifique Get an internal makeover and nourish your soul Embrace your age gracefully and gorgeousl

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        Jamie Cat Callan latest book, Parisian Charm School will be released from Penguin Random House in January 2018 She is the author of Bonjour, Happiness and the wildly successful French Women Don t Sleep Alone Inspired by her beautiful and elegant French grandmother, Jamie has traveled all over France, interviewing hundreds of women to uncover their secrets to simple, authentic pleasures, including how to stay stylish at any age, how to enjoy with less and how we too can find our joie de vivre, American style Jamie is also the creator of The Writers Toolbox Jamie has taught her unique right brain style of writing at Grub Street, UCLA NYU, Wesleyan University and Yale University She has won a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant in fiction and a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellowship to write in Auvillar, France.


    1. Then she turns her head to the woman in purple. "Maybe she's French. I don't know. It's a good possibility she is French. This is not the point. Anyway, French women, they can have bad dress."I raise my eyes at her. Is this true? I wonder. If so, then my whole world is going to shatter. I don't know what I'll do. If I can't look to French women as my spiritual fashion guides, then what am I doing?So we're back to Callan, the American woman who worships the French as gods. This book is even less [...]

    2. If I had to identify myself as a "country"-phile, I would probably use the word Japanophile. But, that doesn't mean books like these don't interest me! I've never really felt the whole "French women are somehow better" thing that the author seems to feel, but I am interested in a culture of women who have made such an impression that they are perceived as glamorous.On the whole, I'm quite impressed with this book. I thought it was going to be a beauty and style secrets kind of book, but it tries [...]

    3. I will be honest and say this book was not very good. I wish I had done my research before purchasing as it was not what I thought it would be. I bought it on recommendation from another author I had previously enjoyed.This book was pretty much written by an American for Americans who have not much prior knowledge already about French lifestyle and culture. The author claims to have interviewed "hundreds" of French women, however there appears to be only a handful of interviews in the book with [...]

    4. I really love the points and great insights in this book overall! Definitely highlighted a ton to come back to again and again. Though I was impatient with the author’s stories at times, I could see the point of where she was going, but wished for less drama and exaggerated expression.

    5. Unfortunately, this book failed to answer to why French women have this ooh la la! or allure. The author wrote a series of meeting/interviews with French women but also many American expats living in Paris, trying to find the secret to ooh la la!, but most of the times the meetings themselves were not particularly interesting or revealing, or the conclusions driven by the author had nothing to do either with the mysterious ooh la la! or the afore mentioned meeting. I'd give this a 3 because desp [...]

    6. I am an admitted Francophile. I am especially fascinated with French women and their attitude toward life, beauty, eating, aging, sex, etc. So, when I get into reading slumpswhich I've been in for a while, I reach for fluffy reads, like this one, that satisfy my Francophile research need. It is a quick, fluffy read - no big revelations, but some great tips and reminders that any lady can apply to her daily life. I have to be honest, this was not one of the best French women secrets style books I [...]

    7. French women seem to have a special knack for life's most important things--food, love, raising children. And in matters of beauty and style, they appear to be at an unfair advantage. But the good news is that everything French women know can be learned. . French women are not born more attractive than anyone else. They simply learn at a very young age how to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy, inside and out.

    8. I have read a few books that promise to expose the secret of the elusive French woman and enlighten us poor non-French souls, but I often feel they are writing about a different kind of French woman than the ones I see on a day to day basis in rural France. Because of this it would be fair to say that this subject interests me, but I am sceptical, especially as I know French women do get fat, just like the rest of us! However, this book was different. Jamie takes us with her on a journey through [...]

    9. I was lucky to receive an advanced reader copy of Jamie Cat Callan's delightful book Ooh La La: French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Everyday. Part memoir, part self-improvement guide, Jamie's charming voice sings off the page. Seriously, it's like reading a book written by your best friend-- one you go to advice for. From sex to lingerie to finding the perfect perfume, Jamie is honest and open, no subject taboo. While it's clear Jamie certainly has an affinity for all things French, and [...]

    10. Ooh la la. As a woman about to leave behind my twenties, I also find myself wanting to leave behind the bad habits of being young. Pretty much jumping from one fashion to another, or not really knowing what suits me. This book isn't about how to give yourself a makeover, instead it is about finding out who your true self is and embracing her. Maybe that means finding your signature scent or wearing your favorite color every day. I liked that.

    11. I have to say. Really? This was probably the most self-involved book I've ever read. I literally can't handle it. Every chapter starts out the exact same way: she met ___(Insert famous French person here)____ and that woman imparted some kind of self-actualizing advice. Like, "French women appreciate their perfume" and did you know "French people don't do plastic!"? Well they don't. And in case you forget, this author will tell you ten times.

    12. I enjoyed the autobiographical style of the writer, who explored France as she was looking for the secret of ooh la la. It wasn't a total surprise to the secret of ooh la la, that she revealed in the last chapter of the book aptly named Ooh La La.

    13. Of all the books I've been reading lately about French women, this by far is my favorite. I loved all the suggestions for embracing my ooh la la! My only issue was the idea that I should do it for my husband. That seems counter-productive and in opposition to the point of the book.

    14. I simply love French people. I love their language, the way they speak, the gestures they use, how they look, their attitude and the way they make me feel about myself. This book made me realize WHY I always liked that, and brought me closer to their brain and the way they think.Also, I am a big fan of quotes, so I loved the ones at the beginning of each chapter. It was a relaxing, nice read.

    15. This book is part memoir and partly a collection of interviews with interesting french women about beauty. It, like all books in the genre, romanticizes the lives of french women: she does not interview Valérie Trierweiler I noticed. Still, the illusion is charming.Although the book offered fewer practical tips than Lessons from Madame Chic, Callan still provided lots of ideas for cultivating french-inspired beauty. I liked how the book ran a little deeper than many of the how-to books out ther [...]

    16. Okay so you think this book is going to be cheesy by the title. That title is something. But it's actually quite sweet and lovely and a very pleasant read. It's only fault might be employing a cheesy phrase and using it way too much. I liked this book though. Way more than I was expecting to.

    17. This was a nice leisure book if you would like to learn a little of what it means to be French. I was pleasantly surprised by her attention to what some feel is lacking in the American woman- trying to please their man and making an effort for him through out their lifetime together and making him a priority not her career. I loved the emphasis on not going plastic with a women's looks as she grows older, but aging naturally and gracefully.What I did not understand and therefore did not care for [...]

    18. Another entry by this author's series of what French women do in terms of feeling or the work they put into looking beautiful. Honestly a lot of this was repetitive from her previous books and I wasn't impressed with the book. There are some common sense tips (spritz some perfume into the air and then walk through the mist instead of spraying it directly onto your skin, if you don't like the gym, don't go but find an activity you like) that are often found in US beauty magazines and wasn't anyth [...]

    19. I read this book in snipits at a time. It's basically a woman's journey to France & talking to fabulous French women to find out what gives them their Ooh La La! And the responses surprised me. It's really about taking good care of yourself and feeling beautiful. These women aren't arrogant, but they also aren't insecure. And I noticed something about myself when I was reading this book, I started to appreciate the beautiful in myself. My skin feels soft, I put on my Chanel #5 (really becaus [...]

    20. Listened to this during the commute and it really made me think about my beauty regimen from a new perspective. It's a great reminder to consider taking care of my appearance from a stance of self-love, and to think about the colors, silhouettes, fragrances, etc that are a match for my individual personality and body type. I've started making subtle adjustments and have already received a lot of comments on what's working. It's nice to embrace my best qualities and find a way to enhance or bring [...]

    21. Jamie Cat Callan sounds like someone who it would be fun to talk to. She sounds like she's got a sense of humor, a sense of wonder, and a sense of fun, and her book reads more like an old friend sending you some letters about a fun trip to France that she took, than any sort of guide.This is not a criticism! This actually makes this book, which is very light on anything that could be considered advice, a very enjoyable little read. Don't go in with hopes for specific tips or information, and you [...]

    22. Callan spent time in France interviewing and visiting French women in their milieu to try to crack the code to their famous French sensuality.She presents a list of findings, each with its own chapter. From the mundane (always carry your handbag on your wrist) to the obvious (wear pretty underthings) to the very French (discover your perfume and wear a signature scent), it was all interesting.Although it wasn’t a life-changer, I really enjoyed this little book which was a quick and easy read. [...]

    23. Interesting insight to the way in which French women view themselves and women in general. Also interesting the read about the general French attitude towards health, fashion, aging and beauty as compared to the American attitude. They are quite different. I loved reading about how French women take care of themselves after childbirth and the special things they do during this time to refresh and rejuvenate themselves - I wish I would have had my babies in France after reading this. Loved the Pa [...]

    24. It seemed rather forced in the connections it made, and at times, inauthentic, but the overall message was inspirational. It also gave us some good ideas for adding romance to our marriages and our life. Not to be read if you want the questions raised answered seriously or authentically, but the set up was a light and fun-albeit contrived- context for discussion in how to find and express one's real beauty.

    25. Do you ever look at the gazillions of books written about how to be sexy and wonderful like French women are and think, who ARE these women who read all these books and create a market for this ridiculousness? That would be me. Sorry.These books usually involve telling you to be good to yourself (get a facial! buy sexy lingerie for YOURSELF, etc.) and stories about wanderings through France that include great food and beautiful places. I just can't help myself.

    26. Though I gave it only three stars, I am glad I read it and would recommend it to any other Francophile who digs a decent "channel your inner French girl" theme. I knocked a couples stars off due to it reading more like a diary than her prior two books, and for some really poor arranging. Other than that I appreciated how she ended it - I just wish she had put that at the beginning and then formulated the book after it.

    27. Fun read about French women and chic. Made me remember fondly the few months I lived in Paris in the 80's. Makes me also wish I could live there now. La Belle Vie! instead of stressful, rushed life here and now.Especially liked the part about when she goes to the town of her ancestors, the Villancourts. I felt like I was right there with her. She also seems to have a lot of friends (a good thing).

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