A Call to Resurgence

A Call to Resurgence

Mark Driscoll / Feb 26, 2020

A Call to Resurgence It s tempting to believe that the Christian faith is alive and well in our country today Our politicians talk about God Our mega churches are filled Christian schools dot our landscape Brace yourself

  • Title: A Call to Resurgence
  • Author: Mark Driscoll
  • ISBN: 9781414383620
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s tempting to believe that the Christian faith is alive and well in our country today Our politicians talk about God Our mega churches are filled Christian schools dot our landscape Brace yourself It s an illusion Believe it or not, only 8 percent of Americans profess and practice true evangelical Christian faith There are left handed people than evangelicalIt s tempting to believe that the Christian faith is alive and well in our country today Our politicians talk about God Our mega churches are filled Christian schools dot our landscape Brace yourself It s an illusion Believe it or not, only 8 percent of Americans profess and practice true evangelical Christian faith There are left handed people than evangelical Christians in America.In this book, Mark Driscoll delivers a wake up call for every believer We are living in a post Christian culture a culture fundamentally at odds with faith in Jesus This is good and bad news The good news is that God is still working, redeeming people from this spiritual wasteland and inspiring a resurgence of faithful believers The bad news is that many believers just don t get it They continue to gather exclusively into insular tribes, lobbing e bombs at each other in cyberspace.Mark s book is a clarion call for Christians It s time to get to work We can only do this if we unite around Jesus and the essentials found in his Word, while at the same time, appreciating the distinctives within each Christian tribe Mark shows us how to do just that This isn t the time to wait or debate Join the resurgence.

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Mark A Driscoll is the founder and teaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, as well as the co founder of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network where he also served as President for a short period Driscoll continues to serve on the board of Acts 29 He has contributed to the Faith and Values section of the Seattle Times and the On Faith section of the Washington Post.


    1.  Mark Driscoll, A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a Future? (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc 2013). Hardback / KindleI do not often read Mark Driscoll. I am neither a Calvinist nor a complementarian, as he is; and I don’t appreciate his occasionally bombastic statements. But when a copy of his new book showed up in my mail box, I decided to give it a read.A Call to Resurgence is a heartfelt plea to America’s warring evangelical tribes to stop fighting [...]

    2. It's Driscoll, so you are going to get raw truth. Sometimes it burns, sometimes it feels good, and sometimes pisses you off. I personally would rather be told about what is going on and what we face in this day in age. Driscoll starts with the premise that Christendom is dead. We no longer live in a society that is happy to see that you are a christian. In our churches people are leaving when they graduate high school and they are not coming back when they have kids. We are seeing our society st [...]

    3. "Don't give up, don't ever give up!" Driscoll doesn't use those exact words in this book (it is actually a quote from Jim Valvano's famous cancer speech), but I think it sums up well the message that Driscoll wants to convey to true born-again believers everywhere. This book is a resounding call for Christians to experience Resurgence and not to Retreat in the face of ever-growing animosity towards true Christianity.The world loves to blend together Christendom and Christianity. However, what th [...]

    4. A Call to Resurgence is a clarion call for Christians to rise out of the ashes of Christendom (8) and the Moral Majority and return to a spoken gospel focusing on Jesus Christ’s finished work (24) and work towards unity with different tribes within the Church. A lot of the first chapters were heavy on politics, social issues, and cultural issues. He traces the history of evangelicalism starting with the beginning of the nineteenth century and looks at issues like pornography, father hunger, an [...]

    5. In an age where it seems at every turn, our once Christian oriented society is rejected God at seemingly all levels of society, it is a natural inclination to seek to assess what is going on and for that matter, whether we as believers as living in a post-Christian milieu. This further begs the question as to whether the Church is actually on mission or whether our time has been unduly consumed with internal squabbling and bickering over so-called theological or socially focused turf wars. What [...]

    6. This review, by Dr. Nicholson, has been provided courtesy of Desert Bible Institute desertbibleinstitute.After listening to Mark Driscoll’s newest book, A Call to Resurgence, I feel like I just went through a week of seminar…on fast forward…uphill. I would gladly tell you what Driscoll talks about if only I could figure out what he left out. A Call to Resurgence is a fast paced, insightful, straight-forward work that doesn’t bother to pull any punches. In his introduction, Driscoll sums [...]

    7. Great books are written and only few people take the time to read it. Not only read it, but critically think about it and review it. Some read the book and immediately put pen to paper and start casting a review either positive or negative, others read the book, put it down, think about it, read sections over and really dive into the mindset of the author, and finally write a review.It has been over a week and a half since I finished Mark Driscoll’s newest book, A Call to Resurgence, and I mus [...]

    8. A Call To Resurgence is not a book for spiritual wimps, nor is it suitable for reading a few pages in an attempt to induce sleep. Mark Driscoll’s writing style is acidic, perhaps even snarky, as he delivers a powerful wake-up call. The image Driscoll paints of Christendom in the United States is disturbing and heartbreaking. The percentage of evangelicals is shrinking while many churches are unaware of their plight.Driscoll offers this insight, “Most Christians are sheltered within their own [...]

    9. Being offered a chance to read and review this title, I began with the mindset that I would be learning more about the decline of Christianity during today's modern digital age, and I expected an explanation about what was happening and solutions to the problem. What I found while reading Pastor Mark Driscoll's title was more like a war manual of sorts that explained the decline, guided the reader towards different paths in which an individual could take, as well as begin to attack the issue its [...]

    10. Excellent book.If you are a pastor or leader of a Christian Church - you should read this book. Driscoll has been the lead pastor of Mars Hill Church Seattle for approx 20 years, from planting the church in 1995 with a handful of people to now having 16,000 people in attendance in their multi-site campuses and millions of sermon and podcasts downloaded annually, as well as over 500 church plants in the USA along and almost as many outside the US, he certainly seems to have the runs on the board [...]

    11. Driscoll’s dedication at the beginning of the book, “This book is dedicated to the young men and women—who will be filled with the Holy Spirit and raised up by God to lead a new movement of gospel-centered, missional community. I’m praying for you and excited to see who you are. May you labor to the glory of God and not merely the good of your tribe. While you are young, go ahead, take a risk, and make a difference. If you love Jesus, do something. If you are not ready to do something, g [...]

    12. A Call to Resurgence by Mark DriscollIt’s time that we who call ourselves Christians/Evangelicals/ Believers re-assess our faith. It’s time for ‘A Call to Resurgence’. Pastor Mark used this book as a spark plug to ignite the passion and concern that all of us should have for the church. As a leader within the Evangelical church movement in the United States, Mark has been bold enough to speak about issues that others may want to ignore.So what is A Call to Resurgence? It is a book that w [...]

    13. It’s no secret. We live in a culture that’s increasingly hostile to Christianity. Just listening to the news is enough to make me wonder: What kind of world will my child grow up in? Will she be persecuted for her faith? Will she even have a faith?And do I even care? Am I using every opportunity I have right now to advance the Kingdom of God? How can I even do that?These questions, and more, are central to Mark Driscoll’s new book A Call to Resurgence: Will Christianity Have a Funeral or a [...]

    14. Mark Driscoll is a pastor of a church who wants to help Christians define their beliefs and establish boundaries. He said the problem is the gospel must be spoken with words because the gospel is not what we do, but what Jesus did for us. Our beliefs define and establish boundaries. Our faith grows as we read the Bible, recite our creed of faith, read books, and attend Christian education classes and conferences. He said we’re not to be afraid, for God commands us about 150 times not to fear. [...]

    15. Originally published in angelromanLet me start saying I was eager to read this book, last year actually almost one year ago, I reviewed Pastor Mark‘s WDYTYA? and I really liked it, so I had big expectations with this one.Maybe my letdown is because of automatic comparisons between both books, but I couldn’t help it. WDYTYA? was a book that was turn into a sermon series (or maybe the other way around) it was really structured, I felt the ideas and concepts were really clear and easy to follow [...]

    16. One thing that you can say about Mark Driscoll is he is never controversial!That is one sentence you will never hear, unless like me, someone is being sarcastic.Driscoll's writings and sermons always have a boldness that melts one person’s heart while angering another. This book is no exception.In, "A Call to Resurgence", Mark calls the church out and gives us a well deserved kick in the pants. For too many years we have allowed the world to march off a cliff, as we stand on the side lines and [...]

    17. A Call To Resurgence by Mark Driscoll is one of those "wake up, America" books about Christianity. The description states: "It’s tempting to believe that the Christian faith is alive and well in our country today. Our politicians talk about God. Our mega-churches are filled. Christian schools dot our landscape. Brace yourself. It’s an illusion. Believe it or not, only 8 percent of Americans profess and practice true evangelical Christian faith. There are more left-handed people than evangeli [...]

    18. This book was listed as a clarion call for every believer. I found it to be more of a rant, then anything else. True I live in Washington State and so does Mark Driscoll, the author. The Pacific Northwest is supposed to be one of the most unchurched areas of the nation. We are reported to live in a post Christian age, and Mark is part of the Mars Hill movement in Seattle. which is working hard to bring the young back to spiritual values. He says wake up and get to work, join the resurgence. His [...]

    19. I've read a handful of books by Driscoll before, and although his writing is (for whatever unknown reason) harder to stick with and get through than other authors, I've enjoyed all the books I've read by him. But for some reason "Call to Resurgence" just didn't resonate with me very well, and it's difficult to pin an exact reason why. But I'll try to give some for review sake. A lot of the book seems to be a collection of sermon points, illustrations, and teachings Driscoll has put forth elsewhe [...]

    20. Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA has written something akin to David Wells' The Courage to Be Protestant - but more for the average, uninformed, and possibly new Christian. But folks who have been Christians for a long time and who don't understand their place in history need also to read this book. It'll give them a swift and deserved boot in the pants! Driscoll assesses modern Evangelicalism - showing the different "tribes" i.e. Reformed vs. Arminian, Missional vs. Fund [...]

    21. A Call to Resurgence by Mark Driscoll is one of those books that I consider to be a must read for all Christians because its message is critical. In his book, the author states that our country is not really a Christian nation anymore for many reasons. The author goes on to explain why he believes that America is not a Christian nation anymore and lists things like fewer than 8% of Americans are Christians, serving Jesus is not popular with mainstream America, and many Christians are mocked, opp [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading this book because it explained so much to me about the differences in the greater church body. At one point the author discusses how some churches have become shallow and entertainment oriented. He likens it to a barbecue restaurant known for its spicy sauce. When the managers want to appeal to more people they water down the sauce to make it less spicy. While some may not have liked the spicy sauce, no one likes the watered-down, weak sauce. “What is true for barbecue [...]

    23. I agree wholeheartedly with the big picture this book paints. Mark Driscoll has a gift for being able to weave theology, culture, & history together in a very readable entertaining way. If you are looking for a exhaustive/complete picture of theology, culture, & history you will likely find plenty to disagree with. But I don't think that was Driscoll's purpose in this book anyway. He begins with a brief history lesson & assessment of the current culture in the western world (particul [...]

    24. A Call To Resurgence brings up areas in Christianity which others may not dare to tread or speak out about. It goes on to explain the true mission which all of us as Christians are called to do. Driscoll describes the many denominations of Christianity, which can be looked at as tribes of Christianity. Even though there many tribes, we are all called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as we are His followers.I liked how truthful and straightforward Driscoll was in the material throughout his b [...]

    25. Wake Up Call in A Call to Resurgence by Mark DriscollA Call to Resurgence by Mark Driscoll is a must read for Christians. Mark tells us that we need to wake up and realize that if we don't start looking at what is going on in our country when it comes to Christians then our churches and Christians are going to go away. It is a call for us, as believers, to get our heads out of the sand and to start back to the basics in putting God first.This is a well written book that is thought provoking and [...]

    26. I didn't enjoy this at all, and in fact skipped a lot of it as I found it was just a rant, and not a interesting one. There are a lot of survey results and statistics in the beginning which I've heard before and some of it seemed quite old information. I did wonder at times who this is aimed at as sometimes it was very basic, and at other times quite theological. The narrator was easy to understand and suited this audiobook, delivering it in the appropriate manner. I personally found the author [...]

    27. This was a pretty good book by Mark Driscoll. He has a very good sense of where the church is at in North America and how we can respond to this. What I liked about it is that he had a way of inspiring hope even in the midst of a culture that is so far from Christendom. One of the main theological issues that e brings up is that of tribalism, that Christians should know exactly where they stand on certain non doctrinal essentials and be very sure about this so they can associate with certain tri [...]

    28. I had heard the name of Mark Driscoll before but had never read anything by him before,but after reading "A call the resurgence" I think that is about to change! I haven't read such a refreshingly engaging book about the condition of the church in this day and age in a very long time.Mark is honest and open about the fact and is not afraid to shy away from the issues at hand and the one he is talking about in the book is the fact that in America we are living in a post-Christian nation and what [...]

    29. I like Mark. I like his stubbornness and his willingness to offend on various levels. I picked up this book looking for a fresh explanation on Christianity today and it's hope for the future. What I got felt like a drawn out biology or anatomy & physiology lesson on Christianity and I'm left with bleak hope for the future aside from the eminent fact that Christianity will continue on however small or large a scale. Personally, I did not feel the slightest bit called to resurgence. Instead I [...]

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