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Flamesong A commander of the Petal Throne the ruling empire of Tekumel and his captive an enemy female officer carrying a powerful ancient weapon join forces unwillingly to escape uncharted subterranean pas

  • Title: Flamesong
  • Author: M.A.R. Barker
  • ISBN: 9780886770761
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A commander of the Petal Throne, the ruling empire of Tekumel, and his captive, an enemy female officer carrying a powerful ancient weapon, join forces unwillingly to escape uncharted subterranean passages inhabited by horrific monsters.

    The Man of Gold Empire of the Petal Throne Volume The Man of Gold Empire of the Petal Throne Volume M.A.R Barker on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Forgotten knowledge re emerging from the distant past now threatens the Empire of the Petal Throne Harsan Kael Drakkal EQ Atlas Alla Kabor Site with maps and guides to travelling the world of Everquest by Sony and Verant Interactive. Tkumel Tkumel is a fantasy world created by M A R Barker over the course of several decades from around In this imaginary world, huge, tradition bound empires with medieval levels of technology vie for control using magic, large standing armies, and ancient technological devices In time, Barker created the role playing game Empire of the Petal Throne, set in the Tkumel fictional Eilistraee Eilistraee, also referred to as The Dark Maiden, is a fictional deity in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons Dragons fantasy role playing game Science Fiction Fantasy Authors of Various Faiths Science fiction and fantasy writers of various faiths Hindu, Jewish, Latter day Saints, Anglican, Catholic, etc.

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    1. Four attempts and 26 years. That's how long it took me to finally complete MAR Barker's monumental "Flamesong". The world is incredible: intricate, alien, vast, internally consistent. But the late Barker's means of relating this intricacy, through long monologues at the most unlikely times, make it a difficult read. Several information dumps later, I wish that the book just had a separate glossary and timeline, rather than the long interruptions of what was a fairly decent plot. I must admit tho [...]

    2. M.A.R. Barker's world is incredibly detailed -- he even published books on the Tsolyani language. Read this book for the worldbuilding, and for a fairly decent story, but his characterization is where he falls flat -- none of the characters are particularly sympathetic or distinctive. I finished the book and had no particularly interest in knowing what happened to any of them next.

    3. M.A.R. Barkers second forey into fiction in his fascinating interesting world of Tekumel is a nod better than his first in my estimation. The book and the world come across as more confident.Tekumel is a fascinating world peopled by a variety of races, but dominated by humans who are descendent from Earth Humans, though principally through the cultures of South East Asia and South America. They thus have very little relationship to 'traditional' fantasy fiction in it's 'pseudo-european' mode and [...]

    4. Just re-read this, in a re-read of the entire series. I was very shocked at the time it came out, because the author ignores the protagonists of the prior novel, and just sets up a whole new crew. Don't know why you'd choose to do that, since the setting is the same, a little further down the time line. Anyway, these new characters have grown on me over the years, until now I like them fairly well. Again, as with characters in the first book, if anyone from this book reappears in a subsequent no [...]

    5. I think this might be my favorite of the Tekumel books of M.A.R. Barker. If you don't know Barker-- he's a linguist, like Tolkien, but interested in Mesoamerican & South Asian languages more than European. He's also part Gygax, as Tekumel was there when the RPG hobby was being formed. This book shows the paradigm of "Chaos" to be as human & worthy of empathy as the gods & heroes of "Order" & is a science-fantasy classic. --MK

    6. It was a good book for people who are already fans of this franchise. Persons who are not fans may be very confused by the description of the setting, or may think that it is a novelisation of a poorly-run RPG campaign. I am a fan of EPT and I enjoyed this book greatly, especially the appendix, but there are significant flaws in the plotline and the dual narrative structure.

    7. I like these books (Tekumel) for the way the world is different than all the LOTR/Morte d'Arthur influenced books/stories.Sadly the writing thought competent is not great. That said I'm keeping the book on the shelf with "The Man of Gold" for future rereading potential but I'm not planning to seek out the rest of the series.

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