The Man of Gold

The Man of Gold

M.A.R. Barker / Oct 22, 2019

The Man of Gold T kumel is a distant world populated by both humans and aliens who have built a vast and intricate civilization over thousands of years Ruled by the upper clans of the land the planet s culture is b

  • Title: The Man of Gold
  • Author: M.A.R. Barker
  • ISBN: 9780879979409
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • T kumel is a distant world populated by both humans and aliens, who have built a vast and intricate civilization over thousands of years Ruled by the upper clans of the land, the planet s culture is based upon the teachings of gods and demons, upon the ways and wiles of alien races, and upon the layered traditions of monarchs ancient and current T kumel is an exquisitelyT kumel is a distant world populated by both humans and aliens, who have built a vast and intricate civilization over thousands of years Ruled by the upper clans of the land, the planet s culture is based upon the teachings of gods and demons, upon the ways and wiles of alien races, and upon the layered traditions of monarchs ancient and current T kumel is an exquisitely detailed world where surprise and adventure are as natural as night and day.The Man of Gold is the first novel based on the TEKUMEL EMPIRE OF THE PETAL THRONE RPG Follow the quest of Harsan, acolyte of the temple of Thumis, as he ventures forth to seek a forgotten empire s super weapon known only as the Man of Gold.

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    1. Firstly: This is another one where I'm not even going to pretend to be objective. This has been one of my all-time favorite books for the last 30 years; I can't count how many times I've read it, and back when used copies were a little thicker on the ground, I bought many to pass out to my friends. So when I learned that the books was finally being reprinted, published as an eBook (with maybe a print-on-demand physical version yet to come?), I leapt at the chance to revisit what may be my favori [...]

    2. A book which does almost everything wrong which any book can - especially a fantasy book. I had thought it a mistaken purchase, to be cast aside once I'd struggled through a couple of chapters - and yet I found myself gripped to the end. Here's the first sentence I found when I took delivery and flicked it open: "As for the name, as you know, the Llyani fricative 'sh' became a glottalised affricate 'ch'' during the Bednalljan dynasty, and though the Mu'ugalavyani no longer pronounce the glottali [...]

    3. An absolutely fantastic novel, drawn from South American and Asian cultures the same way that Tolkien drew from Northern European, and with a similar focus: to synthesize a language, culture, and history from whole cloth.The difference is that for inspiration Barker went to science fiction pulps instead of bardic lays.Chock full of fascinating ideas, though intimidating for those with trouble remembering invented concepts and words.

    4. The world of Tékumel, created by the recently deceased Professor M.A.R. Barker, is one of the greatest worlds of Fantasy RPG's ever done. Emerging from the 70's right on the heels of D&D it was undisputedly one of the most unique worlds to exist and one of the first to ever give a reason for delving into underground crypts. A world crafted that didn't come from some derivation of 15th century Germany, Tolkien or the pulps, though with that last there is certainly a few elements of homage. T [...]

    5. I need to sit on this one and process what I actually read, but for now it's definitely a solid three stars.

    6. Barker obsessed about Tekumel for decades before writing this book. By this point, the Tekumel RPG had been out for a decade so there was a fair amount of fandom already. The amount of detail of this world is insane, there are few if any fantasy worlds that can match Tekumel. It's a wonderfully alien, non-western culture with lots of strange corners and cracks to fall into.This is also a problem as well. Barker does a good on disguising his info dumps as part of the action, but it's still one bi [...]

    7. It's a typical fantasy story. The hero starts out in a completely sedentary life and is thrust onto a wild journey by mysterious forces and fate beyond his control. It has its twists and turns throughout the story, some of which are resolved and some of which end up being irrelevant to the story. The action moves well and should keep you engaged, if at times confused. The characters also aren't particularly well-distinguished or developed and are basically just vessels for the world and action.T [...]

    8. So, at the heart of things, you have a fabulous and deep far-future sci-fi/fantasy setting in which aliens and humans coexist on a forsaken planet -- a world in which modern sorcery has emerged in the shadows of ancient and fading technology. Sure, that's been done before, but Barker bases his world on Eastern myths and cultural models -- plus he introduces a real zeal for language. There are a few places where he introduces some really fascinating linguistic notions. It's a fabulous mythos, ful [...]

    9. Re-read this a couple weeks ago, as I'm going through the series. So far I think this was the best one. Not obviously an account of an rpg campaign, although it might be. The world is very imaginative, although it does sometimes come off as a gaming setting (especially when 'monsters' make their appearances). The main characters are great, but when they appear in subsequent books they are almost unrecognizable. I'm not sure why that is, possibly because of the significant amount of time that wen [...]

    10. The best of the Teukemel novels (I've read all but one of them, I believe) and a fabulous exploration of a fantastic world. But hampered a bit by an ending that involved just too much dungeon crawling. The quality of writing in this one is also substantially better than the following novels, which is a bit of a pity. Also, though I love the concept of the tubecars, they pall quickly in Flamesong and Prince of Skulls. Luckily, Harsan is forced to tramp across the dusty plains of Teukemel in this [...]

    11. This book is set in MAR Barker's world of Tekumel, an Indian-inspired medieval society with its own invented (and deeply detailed) languages, customs, religions and so on. My original review was "so bad it's good." A bit unfair, really. It's "bad" in the sense that it is pulp fiction, not terribly well written. It's good because you get a glimpse into Barker's richly-detailed and very intriguing world. This one is about due for a re-read.

    12. I read this novel over 10 years ago, but was just reminded of it today, went up into the attic and leafed through the first couple of chapters and remembered why it is in my 'favorite books' box. The world-building in the first half of the novel is mind-blowing. The 'quest' plot that carries the second half of the novel was less immersive for me, but fans of Robert Jordan will enjoy it.

    13. When it comes to writing, characterization, pace, etc this is a 2 star book. But when it comes to world-building and a few stand out scenes, this is 4-5 star book. Second only to Vance in building a great setting, its a shame the rest of it couldn't live up to that.Still, though most of the characters were wooden and flat, I did really like the death-cult prince.

    14. M.A.R. Barker is not read nearly widely enough. He's a conlang professor with credentials similar to Tolkien, but with a penchant for South Asian & Mesoamerican linguistics. He's also one of the early luminaries of Dungeons & Dragons. So much goodness. --MK

    15. You would think M.A.R Barker would realize that his name looks too much like Ma Barker. Anyway, the book's jacket claims it is superior to Tolkien, Herbert, Lovecraft, and King. It's wrong.

    16. A solid story set in a phenomenal world with it's own language, culture and a variety of species. I recommend it to anyone interested in a well developed world with an interesting story line.

    17. Quite a good story. The Mesoamerican-inspired culture and mythology takes a bit of getting used to, but by the end of the novel I found myself growing quite fond of it.

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