War God: Nights of the Witch

War God: Nights of the Witch

Graham Hancock / Jul 21, 2019

War God Nights of the Witch A young girl called Tozi stands at the bottom of a pyramid waiting to be led to the top where her heart will be cut outPepillo a Spanish orphan who serves a sadistic Dominican friar is aboard the S

  • Title: War God: Nights of the Witch
  • Author: Graham Hancock
  • ISBN: 9781444734379
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young girl called Tozi stands at the bottom of a pyramid, waiting to be led to the top where her heart will be cut outPepillo, a Spanish orphan who serves a sadistic Dominican friar, is aboard the Spanish fleet as it sails towards MexicoThis is the epic story of the clash of two empires, two armies and two gods of war Five hundred desperate adventurers are about tA young girl called Tozi stands at the bottom of a pyramid, waiting to be led to the top where her heart will be cut outPepillo, a Spanish orphan who serves a sadistic Dominican friar, is aboard the Spanish fleet as it sails towards MexicoThis is the epic story of the clash of two empires, two armies and two gods of war Five hundred desperate adventurers are about to pit themselves against the most brutal armies of the ancient Americas, armies hundreds of thousands strong.This is a war of gods and men Dark powers that work behind the scenes of history show their hand as the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl is fulfilled with the arrival of Cortes The Aztec ruler Moctezuma fights to maintain the demands of the war god Huitzilopochtli for human sacrifice The Spanish Inquisition is planning an even greater blood letting.Caught up in the headlong collision between two gods of war are Tozi, Pepillo and the beautiful sex slave Malinal whose hatred of Moctezuma runs so deep she will sell out her own land and people to destroy him.

    War God Nights of the Witch Graham Hancock War God Nights of the Witch Graham Hancock on FREE shipping on qualifying offers This is the epic story of the clash of two empires, two armies and two gods of war Five hundred desperate adventurers are about to pit themselves against the most brutal armies of the ancient Americas WAR GOD Nights of the Witch Kindle edition by Graham WAR GOD Nights of the Witch Kindle edition by Graham Hancock Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading WAR GOD Nights of the Witch. God of War for PlayStation GameStop GameStop Buy God of War, Sony Computer Entertainment America, PlayStation , Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots. War in Heaven Satan is at war against God and mankind. War in Heaven Satan is at War against God and Mankind A war started in heaven and now the people of the earth are included in the war How could Satan think he could win against God God of War Ascension for PlayStation GameStop Multiplayer comes to God of War for the first time Take the epic God of War combat online with player objective based combat Align yourself to Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, or Hades and earn their Favor to unlock new customization options for your multiplayer Gladiator. What Is The God of War Story So Far Shacknews Apr , What Is The God of War Story So Far Make the most out of the upcoming God of War release by learning about the plots and schemes in Kratos blood soaked past. Mars mythology In ancient Roman religion and myth, Mars Latin M rs, was the god of war and also an agricultural guardian, a combination characteristic of early Rome He was second in importance only to Jupiter and he was the most prominent of the military gods in the religion of the Roman army.Most of his festivals were held in March, the month named for him Latin Martius , and in October, which began Sony PS Slim TB with God of War Game, Voucher Dual The battle continues for a new generation with this PlayStation Slim bundle, which comes packed with the latest and greatest God of War Full HD p graphics capabilities enhance every experience, whether you re on a battlefield, exploring fantasy lands, or soaring to a galaxy far, far away. Odin The first word of this stanza, s Latin mouth is a homophone for Old English os, a particularly heathen word for god.Due to this and the content of the stanzas, several scholars have posited that this poem is censored, having originally referred to Odin Kathleen Herbert comments that Os was cognate with As in Norse, where it meant one of the sir, the chief family of gods. Greek God or Roman Rip Off Quiz Sporcle Jan , You re not logged in Compare scores with friends on all Sporcle quizzes.

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        Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist His books include Lords of Poverty, The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, Keeper of Genesis released in the US as Message of the Sphinx , The Mars Mystery, Heaven s Mirror with wife Santha Faiia , Underworld The Mysterious Origins of Civilization, Talisman Sacred Cities, Secret Faith with co author Robert Bauval , Supernatural Meeting with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind and Magicians of the Gods He also wrote and presented the Channel 4 documentaries Underworld Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age and Quest for the Lost Civilisation His first novel, Entangled, was published in 2010.


    1. 3.5 *With some historical facts included and several mystical scenes, the tale begins in the year 1519 as the Aztecs sacrifice literally thousands of people on top of their sacred pyramid. Unknown to them the gold hungry Spaniards are about to arrive on their shores and take their treasures at any cost. Graham Hancock provides a superb and powerful story while introducing several strong characters as they struggle to survive and find peace in their lives. For readers who are not faint of heart a [...]

    2. Description: A young girl called Tozi stands at the bottom of a pyramid, waiting to be led to the top where her heart will be cut outPepillo, a Spanish orphan who serves a sadistic Dominican friar, is aboard the Spanish fleet as it sails towards MexicoThis is the epic story of the clash of two empires, two armies and two gods of war. Five hundred desperate adventurers are about to pit themselves against the most brutal armies of the ancient Americas, armies hundreds of thousands strong.This is a [...]

    3. If you've ever read historical fiction and thought, "Hey, this is great and all, but it could really use more white male perspective"--Then here's the book for you. Nothing like 500+ pages of Eurocentrism slapped over what was otherwise a beautiful and unique culture. Top that off with the last quarter of the book being a never-ending overly-drawn-out boy's fantasy of a battle? War God just ends up being tedious and frustrating to anyone who picks up a book to take a look at things from a differ [...]

    4. thefoundingfields/2013/06/“An epic book that details the Spanish Conquest of Mexico. Hancock’s prose is strong and the story encompasses a vast scale, but ultimately there are some elements that let the book down.” ~The Founding FieldsI went into War God not really knowing what to expect. I’d heard of Graham Hancock before, but this was the first time I’d come across any of his fiction. I also went into the book expecting historical fiction, but it isn’t long before it comes clear th [...]

    5. Very exciting story about the Spanish conquest of the new world, although this book is only part one of a series. I liked most of Hancock's non-fiction and was pleasantly surprised by Entangled, his first work of fiction. In War God he shows himself a skillful writer of exciting historical fiction, spinning a fascinating tale full of adventure, violence, drama and more than a whiff of the supernatural. I can't wait for the sequel.

    6. Excellent historical fiction from an author whose work is a challenging counterbalance to established orthodoxy. Contains brilliant research, real historical characters, and some thrilling set pieces. Highly recommended, now following our event with Graham we have signed first editions available to buy in store.

    7. Graham Hancock has ventured into novel writing to great effect. Known for his excellent investigative pieces in alternative viewpoints on history and archeology, his writing might have been too didactic to be entertaining. In fact, the reverse is true. His empathy for the history of the 16th Century and its excesses of zealotry, underpin an excellent evocation of an era. To call this book a fantasy is a misnomer. Some fantastical things happen, but they are within the belief systems of the chara [...]

    8. Fantastic! I couldn't put it down!If you are interested in history and how the Spanish managed to conquer so many native people in North America, then this book is for you.I could visualize being in the places described in the book and I could almost smell the fear of the people or the sweat on the horses. Now I have a great understanding of how the people of Mexico lived and fought before Cortez arrived and how the Spanish were organized to take on such huge armies.I can't wait for the next boo [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book from a historical perspective. It is extremely well researched and, as far as I can tell, fairly historically accurate, and I certainly learned a lot about a period of history that I did not know a lot about. Additionally, it was just a good read. It was exciting and very compelling to read.However, I found the characters to be rather underdeveloped. (This might be because there are simply too many of them that it would be impossible to delve too deep.) They were all f [...]

    10. Slow to gain my interest, but once it did it had me glued and unable to put it down. Absolutely amazingI sincerely hope the series is continued and not shelved by the publisher.

    11. This book is epic! It is well worth the price to enter the past and get to know the places, people and things that happened in this particular and peculiar part of history!

    12. Reconozco que soy una total analfabeta en cuanto a historia mexicana, pero siempre he sentido una atracción my fuerte hacía ese momento histórico en el que chocaron dos culturas completamente disimiles: la conquista de América, y más concretamente, cuando los conquistadores se toparon con el floreciente imperio Azteca. Y es por eso que este libro llamó mi atención desde el comienzo.El autor relata, en este primer libro, los sucesos acaecidos entre el 18 de febrero y el 18 de abril de 1519 [...]

    13. L'epopea della conquista del Messico ad opera di Cortés è l'argomento di questo romanzo e del successivo che non ho ancora letto: Hancock si dimostra profondo conoscitore dell'argomento ma anche abile scrittore di battaglie e di schermaglie politiche, capace tessitore di una saga che al tempo stesso è storia e mito. I personaggi principali del libro sono ben delineati nell'aspetto fisico e nel carattere e più facile risulta al lettore scegliere i suoi beniamini. Un romanzo avventuroso ambien [...]

    14. I want to start this review by saying that I am a fan of Hancock. I really enjoyed his finger prints of the gods and although some of his other non fiction is a little on the "evidence please" side, I still didn't mind them for the narrative. This is his first adventure into fiction and I must say I found it a little bloated (according to Hancocks notes at the end, this is the streamlined version). The main characters where interesting, but the auxiliaries largely forgettable and I suspect that [...]

    15. Il primo romanzo della serie "La guerra degli dei" tratta principalmente due temi: gli usi e costumi delle popolazioni maya e dei aztechi enfatizzando la loro cultura piena di superstizione, Dei mitologici e sacrifici cruenti di massa e delle prime esplorazioni dei conquistadores parlando dei retroscena di come Cortés organizza la spedizione sulle coste messicane, raccontando le prime sanguinose battaglie dopo lo sbarco tra loro e le popolazioni indigene.Il romanzo si presenta molto impegnativo [...]

    16. I had never heard of Graham Hancock prior to picking this book up, but it's apparent that he's had a long and successful career writing nonfiction. It's also apparent that he is less adept at fiction and could really use a good editor. The novel isn't so much an historical account but a fantasy built largely on historical accuracy.Hancock has a tin ear for dialog and scatters anachronisms and colloquialisms throughout (get an editor!). The dialog is particularly grating when his characters commu [...]

    17. I first downloaded the sample from amazon, which included the first few chapters. I don't know why but I found the first chapter overly descriptive and a bit boring, so I left it for quite a while. Then after reading his other novel, Entangled, I decided to finish War God, and it was one of the best books I've ever read. My favorite characters are probably Tozi and Pepillo because they only have good intentions, while the morality of a lot of other characters can be ambiguous at times. The Spani [...]

    18. I would really like to rate this a 3.5, but I can't. The story is really good, and I love that I get to learn a bit about history while reading. However, it's seriously drawn out. As long as this book is, I should have been able to learn about not only Corez's initial conquest, but also the entire conquest. Hancock just went too much into detail on stuff that had absolutely no bearing on the story at all. There was probably 20% of the book devoted to two characters that had absolutely nothing to [...]

    19. War God is a very insightful exploration of the events that preceded the clash between Hernan Cortes's expeditionary force and the mighty Aztec Empire.The story is captivating, the characters are believable and the descriptions are highly vivid. There is a lot of explicit violence and that might put off some readers but none of it is gratuitous and it all contributes in creating the feel of that age and place.There are definite supernatural elements to the story and rather than being ill placed, [...]

    20. I loved this book. It was captivating from the get go. Unlike other novels that try to reconstruct an ancient culture, this one does not sugarcoat anything on either side. The Aztecs and the spaniards are both portrayed as extremely flawed and ambitious beings. Even though the Aztec culture is described in detail in its cruelty, it is also described in the majesty of its culture. I would have loved if the author had delved deeper on the culture and the traditions of this incredible civilization. [...]

    21. Not bad. I found it to be an easy read and quite entertaining. The style of writing is very unique, in that every chapter ends in a cliffhanger of sorts. Also, certain chapters may be the retelling of a previous chapter, but from another character's perspective. Also, Mr. Hancock spices the story up with supernatural fantasy. I enjoyed it and will continue the series Also, I feel that the simplicity of the story makes it perfect for a future movie or miniseries. All that being said, I would reco [...]

    22. Technically this is Graham Hancock's first work of fiction, but since his other books are on aliens, alternate archaeology and the Ark of Covenant's resting place (Ethiopia), one could argue this is latest work of fiction. Regardless, this book is an interesting fictionalized account of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Hancock goes to great lengths to lay out the world and reality each side faced. The mexica (Aztecs) come across as bloodthirsty savages who cruelly oppress their neightbors. Spanis [...]

    23. God of War is a book full of the colour, culture and religion of Mesoamerican history and the imagery stands out in the pages as you read it.I love the way the supernatural dieties force their way into the reality of history in Graham's world adding a deeper twist and plot drive to the Spanish invasions. His descriptions and his characters added so much realism and vivid life to the book. At times Graham's word choices and writing style seemed far too modern for a history novel and, at times, no [...]

    24. I have to say that I was expecting a greater read. I loved GH's first novel "Entangled" in fact I rate it as one of the best novel I have ever read! So I had very high expectations (which by the way is my problem). War God is a very good book, but for me, it didn't captivate me as much as I thought it would have. The book, of course flows really well therefore you can't put it down. The characters are fantastic, although the dialogs are too modern. I do look forward to the sequel which will be o [...]

    25. The author did a lot of research, so the story seems quite plausible. I liked the whole story line, but I thought he spent a little too much time on the unfortunately all too accurate portrayals of the church and conquistadors, and too little time on the metaphysical aspects. These cultures had a lot of spiritual experiences, some very dark, I would have liked it if the story delved into that more, but overall it is very well written. I really admire Hancock and his courage to be ahead of his ti [...]

    26. Compré este libro pensando que sería algo interesante porque había una bruja en él. Las primera páginas eran algo duras, pero con el correr de la historia, me di cuenta que no era de mi gusto, para nada. Hay algunos personajes interesantes, sí, tanto de uno como del otro lado del océano, pero no bastan para convencerme.Exceso de suciedad, de sangre, de violencia, de algo que parece ser malicia con respecto a las culturas precolombinas, aunque ningún lado es trigo limpio ni puede hablar d [...]

    27. War God is a truly epic novel, with great visceral action scenes and gripping-set pieces that makes its 500+ pages a real rollercoaster ride and a great thrill to read. Its subject is the Spanish conquest of Mexico, and it combines fantasy with meticulously researched history. Of most interest to me were the fine details about the Spanish use of animals as weapons of war, and the nature of the Aztec civilisations. If you'd like to meet Hancock and hear about the research behind the book as well [...]

    28. WAOOOOOOOOOOOO. Graham Hancock does a real good work at mixing fantasy with real historical events of the conquest of the new world. In addition to his ability to describe the grandeur of such turning point in world history, he also manage to bring to life in a very special way the colorful and great cultures of the new world. More astonishing is his portrait of the clash of civilizations, not only from the view of the conquistadores but also of the Mexicas. An must read for any lover of history [...]

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