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Comeback Reconnect agents Mark and Seth go back in time to save people from their untimely demise for a fee But when a rescue mission goes awry both agents find themselves trapped in the past and on the run

  • Title: Comeback
  • Author: Ed Brisson Michael Walsh
  • ISBN: 9781607067375
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reconnect agents Mark and Seth go back in time to save people from their untimely demise for a fee But, when a rescue mission goes awry, both agents find themselves trapped in the past and on the run from both the FBI, who want to jail them, and their own employers who want to kill them to protect their own dark and deadly secrets Collects COMEBACK 1 5, plus never seenReconnect agents Mark and Seth go back in time to save people from their untimely demise for a fee But, when a rescue mission goes awry, both agents find themselves trapped in the past and on the run from both the FBI, who want to jail them, and their own employers who want to kill them to protect their own dark and deadly secrets Collects COMEBACK 1 5, plus never seen before extras.

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    1. This comic has a great premise but it was unfortunately disappointing in execution.The biggest problem is the artwork. It's murky and it's rough, and most of the men are VERY hard to distinguish from each other, which badly damaged the comic's readability.Beyond that, the story just doesn't do enough with its time travel premise. People constantly go back and change things and shoot people and shoot them again and it's OK but not amazing.Ah well.

    2. A really great idea that is poorly executed. Good luck trying to follow the story. With all its jumping around in time it's difficult to know which character is the one you should be following. It doesn't really matter, though, as the story never made me care about any of them.

    3. If you are incredibly wealthy and a loved one dies in an accident, Reconnect can help you out (for a hefty fee). They’ll send their agents back in time to just before the death. Seth & Mark will snatch the person, fake the death, and in a few weeks you’ll be reunited with the person that you had lost. Unfortunately all of this is illegal, and the FBI has been investigating for quite a while, hoping to get a good lead. Seth & Mark find themselves caught between the FBI and their emplo [...]

    4. Ugh. Don't waste your time on this wasted opportunity. Time travel stories are convoluted to begin with and this one confounds the reader even further by making it maddeningly impossible to tell what is going on or even care about what is going on. You'll be lost from start to finish and hen its over there is absolutely zero level of satisfaction. Skip this one, I promise you won't miss it.

    5. Read via single issues, not trade paperback.3.5 stars - but not because it didn't deserve 5, more because it feels like the story warranted a lot more than 5 issues. A lot of stuff could have had a lot more depth, the story felt rushed to fit into the space Brisson had allotted.

    6. Will be adapted as a movie by Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Colossal). Not as clever as the synopsis suggests. The art also has issues as it's hard to tell the characters apart some of the time - which is a stone dead killer for narrative. Truly expected more.

    7. Reconnect is an organization that promises to travel into the past and rescue your loved one before they die. For a modest fee ($5 million). Agent's Mark and Seth do the snatching. But maybe Reconnect's actions aren't as clean as they appear to be.It's a fascinating premise for a story and although I'm really not a big fan of time travel stories I was curious to see where this went.In tone it seems to be going for a hardboiled feel. There's lots of blood and violence and all the characters emoti [...]

    8. I guess I have read this one other time before and just forgot.Maybe that says enough right there. I get more trade paperbacks and hardcovers than I seem to be able to even keep up with, though I am frantically trying lately. And apparently when I got this in the early part of the summer (or was it spring?), I read it fairly instantly, probably because I saw it getting rave reviewsbut I still put it in my newer pile of things I haven't read yet.And it took me until the second issue in this trade [...]

    9. In the trade paperback Comeback, time travel is possible through a company called Reconnect. They offer the wealthy a second chance by travelling into the near past to rescue people from certain death. The near past and present seem to be a limitation, or maybe Reconnect is concerned with creating time paradoxes.Matt and Seth are two agents of Reconnect who travel back, rescue victims, and place cadavers in place of the victims. When the FBI starts investigating, the 2 agents find themselves tra [...]

    10. Reconnect is a company that can send its time travelers back to rescue your loved ones from accidents or untimely death. Unfortunately, you'll never get to see them again (because if you do, that will negate the need to send agents back to the past to instigate the rescue) and it is quite expensive (in the millions of dollars). This is an interesting graphic novel, with gritty artwork, though, ultimately, the time travel aspects aren't quite as carefully worked out as they perhaps should be. As [...]

    11. "Reconnect" is an illegal company-- they use time travel to find your recently deceased loved one alive n the past and bring them back to the future. If you have the money ($5million). But it's not all sun and roses, Some of those loved ones don't make it back anyway And something's been happening to some of the clients as well. AND the time agents.It's an interesting premise. However, the writing is not as concise, as tight as it could be. It took all five of the issues enclosed in this trade [...]

    12. The tale of time travel agents is not exactly unique (in fact this reminded me a great deal of the movie Looper), but it's done competently enough. There's very little character investment and some of the plot developments don't entirely make sense (how exactly is the FBI passing information back to themselves?) though the biggest fault is that two different characters are drawn in a very similar fashion which makes it difficult to distinguish the. Ultimately this is more of a "meh" than anythin [...]

    13. I feel like I don't read enough time travel stories, but I was surprised at how well I was able to keep up with this. It was just convoluted enough to be sort of a mind fuck, but the mechanisms behind time travel and time paradoxes were almost too simple. Other than that, it was a pretty enjoyable read. Character development and inter-personal relationships could've been fleshed out a little more, but whatever.

    14. Defiantly worth a read at least once. Combining elements of science fiction, mystery, crime, and even some murder. While the story is confusing, and murky at times, it is defiantly entertaining. The concept is simple: if you can afford it, RECONNECT can save the lives of your dead loved ones. Of course there is a price, they have to vanish to stay alive.

    15. I love the idea: for a hefty fee, a secret group can go back in time and save your loved one from death. Kind of like a reverse Looper?I liked the art, and from panel to panel and page to page, Brisson's writing is excellent, especially in the first issue. But over its full five issues, the plot gets a little hard to follow. Overall I enjoyed it though.

    16. This is a great time travel book that I think slipped under pretty much everyone's radar. The story gets a little crazy at times and it might take a few reads to wrap your head around it, but I think it's worth it. Definitely would like to see this team put out a sequel.

    17. Great Time-Travel Noir story, 4 out of 5 issues are definitely better than Looper, the ending is maybe a little bit too perfect.

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