Henry Franks

Henry Franks

Peter Adam Salomon / Sep 16, 2019

Henry Franks A dark psychological thriller about a boy s search for himselfFour thousand three hundred and seventeen stitches his father had told him once All the King s horses and all the King s men had put He

  • Title: Henry Franks
  • Author: Peter Adam Salomon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A dark, psychological thriller about a boy s search for himselfFour thousand, three hundred and seventeen stitches, his father had told him once All the King s horses and all the King s men had put Henry Franks back together again.One year ago, a terrible accident robbed Henry Franks of his mother and his memories The past sixteen years have vanished All he has now areA dark, psychological thriller about a boy s search for himselfFour thousand, three hundred and seventeen stitches, his father had told him once All the King s horses and all the King s men had put Henry Franks back together again.One year ago, a terrible accident robbed Henry Franks of his mother and his memories The past sixteen years have vanished All he has now are scars and a distant father the only one who can tell Henry who he is.If he could trust his father.Can his nightmares a sweet little girl calling him Daddy, murderous urges, dead bodies help him remember While a serial killer stalks their small Georgia town, Henry unearths the bitter truth behind his mother s death and the terrifying secrets of his own dark past.Sometimes, the only thing worse than forgetting is remembering.

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        Peter Adam Salomon graduated Emory University in Atlanta, GA with a BA in Theater and Film Studies in 1989.He is a member of the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Horror Writers Association, the International Thriller Writers, and The Authors Guild His debut novel, HENRY FRANKS, published by Flux in 2012, was named one of the ten Books All Young Georgians Should Read by The Georgia Center For The Book in 2014 His second novel, ALL THOSE BROKEN ANGELS, was published in 2014 by Flux and has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in the Young Adult Novel category.His short fiction has appeared in the Demonic Visions series and he was the featured author for Gothic Blue Book III The Graveyard Edition His poem Electricity and Language and Me appeared on BBC Radio 6 performed by The Radiophonic Workshop in December 2013 In addition, he edited the first book of poetry released by the Horror Writers Association, Horror Poetry Showcase Volume 1.He was a Judge for the 2006 Savannah Children s Book Festival Young Writer s Contest and served on the Jury for the Poetry Category of the 2013 Bram Stoker Awards He was also a Judge for the Inaugural Horror Poetry Showcase of the Horror Writers Association and is the Chair for the Jury for the First Novel Category of the 2014 Bram Stoker Awards He also serves as a Judge for the Royal Palm Literary Awards of the Florida Writers Association.Peter Adam Salomon lives in St Petersburg, FL with his wife Anna and their three sons Andr Logan, Joshua Kyle and Adin Jeremy.


    1. I was completely caught off guard by this ODD, little book! I didn't look at ratings or reviews, I just dove in. When I first started reading this book I thought it was going to consist of a teenage boy - who's suffering from amnesia - coming to terms with the death of his mother, and a distant father who's seemingly too busy with his work to care. Uhht quite. Maybe If I had looked at the cover a bit more carefully I would have seen there was a bit more to it than that. But I'm thankful I didn't [...]

    2. This was a different, well let's just say it ODD book. I really didn't know what to think of this, but it caught my eye at the library. It was interesting and I kind of got caught up in it as it was a pretty fast read. I might reread this at a later date again, as I feel I might have missed something. It just didn't end well for me.

    3. I have been an avid reader of mysteries for five decades, working diligently to piece out clues, marveling when authors don’t telegraph ahead of time, and I can truthfully say I came to only a tentative conclusion about this story, and that was quite a way into it! So author Peter Adam Salomon has done a really excellent job of interweaving the characters, plotting, backdrop, and settings in this story, never allowing any information too early.At sixteen, Henry Franks has no memory beyond a ye [...]

    4. Henry Franks is one strange story, but the character of Henry is very easy to like and identify with. The author does a great job of keeping the reader guessing exactly what is going on. I was hooked almost from the beginning and gladly went where the author wanted to take me. Between the therapy sessions, the soon to arrive hurricane, the serial killer operating on the islands and the mysterious comings and goings of Henry's father, there was much to keep the readers interest. For the ending th [...]

    5. Henry Franks is a story told in language that's both gorgeous and creepy. It gave me chills, it inspired sympathy, and the ending! OMG, the ending! What I loved about this story is that it's definitely horror, but at a level that's palatable for teens (and scaredy-cat adults like me!). I would definitely hand this to high school readers--it will keep them turning pages and guessing right up until the very last sentence. Bravo, Peter Salomon!

    6. I had the honor & pleasure of reading an advance copy of this novel - wow - it is so unique, so intriguing, such a fabulous read. Go order your copy today - you can thank me later.Henry Franks: A NovelPeter Adam Salomon

    7. This book kept me awake, reading, all night. The author and I are college pals and so I was very excited to read it. I was particularly fond of some of the characters, but the thing that gripped me was wondering the Ws-- who, what, where, when, and why. And how, always how did Henry come to be? I kept wondering why he was so loved, creepy as he was, while at the same time loving him myself. I really loved this book and I promised to tell everyone to read it twice. So, read it twice!!!

    8. I really liked the atmosphere of this book - it was just the right amount of creepy, and the use of the elements to build suspense was particularly well handled. I didn't fully figure out any of the plot twists in advance, which was a nice surprise. My only real complaint was that I felt the big reveal was a little clumsy - I would actually have been happier knowing less detail, as the flashbacks broke up the flow of what was, aside from that, a very well constructed narrative.

    9. Creepy, spine-tingling and thought-provoking this Psychological thriller searches deep within your soul. This unusual and most original story is about one young boy’s inner struggles as he searches deep within, to find out about himself. “Four thousand, three hundred and seventeen stitches…his father had told him once. All the King's horses and all the King's men had put Henry Franks back together again…” This story begins with the horrific accident in which the young boy’s mother di [...]

    10. I'm going to try very hard to make this review spoiler-free!Cover: 5/5 The title of the book doesn't at all catch my interest, but the cover did. It's grungy and kind of creepy, and made me stop long enough to look at the synopsis. I particularly like the stitching across the middle.Characters: 4/5 I adored Henry. Justine was a sweetheart. Henry's dad was great. I enjoyed all the charactersI just wish we'd gotten a little more feel for them. I know Henry doesn't remember anything from before the [...]

    11. I didn't really know what to expect when I picked up 'Henry Franks'. I was very pleasantly surprised with what I read. It's like nothing on the YA market right now - very original. The story flows perfectly and the narrative is so well written that I just flew right threw it. The character of Henry Franks is such a puzzling mystery - it's so mind-boggling trying to piece together what happened to him "before." Things in his story don't add up and he's starting to wonder what really happened. Tru [...]

    12. Maybe I liked this book. But then again, maybe I didn't. Here. I'll make this simple by listing the pros and cons. Pros1. The mini romance: it wasn't so big that it overwhelmed the story, and it was very gradual.2. Mystery- I was guessing the whole time. My idea of the ending I think I would have been happier if that was what it was But more on that later. Overall, the mystery of the story was very successful.3. Henry- Henry was easy to identify with. He was realistic. He Made a lot of sense.Con [...]

    13. Henry Franks has no memory of himself. His father told him there was an accident that killed his mother and left Henry as he is now. Henry meanders through his days attempting very little contact with the world. When he's alone, however, he's looking through his scrapbook trying to piece together his past. With the help of his therapist and neighbor, Henry starts to get closer to figuring out just what happened to him. The only problem is that what happened may not be something he wants to know. [...]

    14. As cheesy and odd as was the ending to this mystery thriller, I finished the last page chuckling to myself for two reasons. 1. The conclusion to the mystery and 2. Because even though the conclusion made me want to scream out loud, even though I never would do unless the conclusion actually was some type of reality in my life, I still liked this book. The writing was good, the pacing was fast and that damn mystery had me guessing the whole way through. I guess the author succeeded in my eyes, ri [...]

    15. Not sure why I'm not giving it 5 stars. Maybe because I wanted more. lol! I would have loved more out of the ending. But it's a good read, I recommed it.

    16. Henry Franks, 16, suffers from amnesia and is seeing psychotherapist Dr. Margaret Saville to recover his declarative memory. From his father, a physician apparently working in forensics at the local hospital, Henry knows that a year ago he emerged from a coma after a catastrophic accident that apparently killed his mother. The boy has all the scars that would support Dr. William Franks’ version of events, and no one else with whom he can verify the details. He is ostracized at school, bullied, [...]

    17. Henry Franks, oh Henry Franks I have some pretty mixed feelings about this book. I’m still not sure if I’m in full support of the book or not, just because the ending was ridiculous, but there were things I liked about it. The way that Peter Adam Solomon used detail and emotion in his writing made you have a strong reader-to-character bond that I enjoyed. He also wrote newspaper clippings and weather alerts and put them in the book to kind of give you a feel of what was going on in their to [...]

    18. Sometimes after I finish a book I think that maybe I should have read the blurb first. I'm not sure if that's the case with Henry Franks or not. You see, I didn't realize this book was billed as a horror.On the one hand, I was able to slowly realize that, "Hey, something really weird is going on here." But, I was also so shocked at the ending that I almost laughed. I was unprepared for the unbelievably horrific resolution.Henry has been in a terrible accident that killed his mother and wiped awa [...]

    19. This is a bit like a modern-day Frankenstein story. Henry, the main character, has no memory of his life before a horrific accident that gave him the many scars that cross his body. Most of the book involves him trying to figure out his past, while dealing with strange dreams that don't seem to belong with him, and the growing understanding that his father isn't telling him the complete truth about his past. Also, there is also a new serial killer loose in the area, and Henry's father seems to b [...]

    20. I won this book in a First Reads Giveaway.I could hear the scratching wind, see the swinging moss, feel the heat create sweat on my brow, and fell in love with a monster. Though, it all depends on how you define a monster. That's what this book is about. I don't want to spoil anything, but this book is thrilling and makes you think. It's thoroughly enjoyable, mysterious, dark, twisting, and so goddamn good. It stays good if you can't read it in a single sitting, and it certainly lingers when yo [...]

    21. Review: Henry Franks is a strange boy. He’s lost most of his memory, dreams of a girl calling him daddy, cannot feel physical pain, and has rings of scars around his neck. Understandably, Henry wants to find out more about himself, his family and so on. With his kind of girlfriend Justine, he sets about uncovering family secrets, as a hurricane builds and a serial killer is on the loose.The mention of mysterious scars was what drew me into this. Around the neck. I really don’t get how anyone [...]

    22. Your heart immediately goes out to Henry, the immensely uncomfortable, sensitive, intelligent young protagonist of this darkly disturbing read. Readers are almost compelled to follow the trail of clues that wind through this novel in much the same way that the stitches map Henry's skin.It is in fact Henry's skin that starts the mystery.Why is he covered in itchy scars?Why can't he feel pain when he pricks his fingers?What happened in the "accident" that resulted in his being this way?WHY CAN'T H [...]

    23. My oh my what an interesting concept for a book. I wanted to give this three and one-half stars; since that is not an option I chose to go up to four as some of this story will be in my brain for a long time.Henry James woke up one year ago with no memories. None. His father explained there had been an accident which left his mother dead and Henry with four thousand three hundred and seventeen stitches holding him together. William, Henry's father, tells him little else, in fact his interactions [...]

    24. Henry Frank by Peter Adam SalomonTo be released September 8, 2012Henry doesn’t remember the accident that gave him the scars on his body, and he isn’t sure why he is losing feeling in his hands. What he does know is that his mother died in the accident that caused his father to become eerily absent and caused Henry to forget. Something is not quite right on St. Simons Island. Could that something be connected with the series of murders that have been reported?One of the most refreshing aspec [...]

    25. Due to an accident that killed his mother, Henry Franks has no memory of his life before he woke from a coma a year ago. All he knows is that his body is covered in stitches, he can't feel pain in his appendages, and he doesn't quite fit in anywhere, including his own home, where his father hides behind simple conversations and locked doors, unwilling to provide Henry with details about his life beyond what can be gleaned from a scrapbook of generic photos (unfamiliar birthdays, unfamiliar frien [...]

    26. Henry Franks is unlike any book I've read this year, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. There was a definite sense of originality that I liked. It didn't follow any formula and when it threatened to go down the easy route with character development or plot details it stayed true to the story. There are obvious connections to Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and yet there is still a uniqueness to the story.I enjoyed the mystery aspect of the book. There were a lot of questions t [...]

    27. Henry Franks is a gritty and edgy novel that will take the reader to places they never would expect. I was thoroughly thrilled with this book. I was not at all expecting the outcome. Henry lives his life in solitude and when he meets Justine, the girl next door, Henry can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time. After being in a horrific car crash that stole his mother, Henry cannot remember anything about his life from before. Henry keeps having these strange dreams and he can [...]

    28. Following a car crash that claimed the life of his mother, Henry Franks’ 4317 stitches have stitched his physical body back together, but his emotional state is another story. Suffering from a total amnesia, sixteen-year-old Henry cannot remember the accident or anything at all about his life before. Bullied because of the vast web of scars all over his body, his one ally is his neighbor Justine. Though in counseling, Henry is plagued by the spreading physical numbness he feels and by dreams o [...]

    29. I don't know if Peter Salomon is going to keep writing in the horror genre, but he should! This book was really well done. The atmosphere, achieved through the setting, was eery and gorgeously depicted. The inserts with the newspaper clippings helped to make the book suspensful, always adding more questions and causing me to try and guess what was playing out. The main character was confused by his identity and accepting of what he'd been told, and this, too, added a lot to the tension. The endi [...]

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