Winning from Within: How to Create Lasting Change in Your Leadership and Your Life

Winning from Within: How to Create Lasting Change in Your Leadership and Your Life

Erica Ariel Fox / Jun 19, 2019

Winning from Within How to Create Lasting Change in Your Leadership and Your Life An expert on managing yourself for high performance presents a proven approach for getting of what you want improving your relationships and enjoying life s deeper rewards revealing how winning at

  • Title: Winning from Within: How to Create Lasting Change in Your Leadership and Your Life
  • Author: Erica Ariel Fox
  • ISBN: 9780062213020
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An expert on managing yourself for high performance presents a proven approach for getting of what you want, improving your relationships, and enjoying life s deeper rewards, revealing how winning at work and in life begins by learning how to negotiate with yourself Life is a series of negotiations, whether or not you think of yourself as a negotiator From seeminglyAn expert on managing yourself for high performance presents a proven approach for getting of what you want, improving your relationships, and enjoying life s deeper rewards, revealing how winning at work and in life begins by learning how to negotiate with yourself Life is a series of negotiations, whether or not you think of yourself as a negotiator From seemingly insignificant daily decisions to major life choices, you negotiate every time you aim to persuade, argue over a decision, or resolve a conflict But as negotiations and leadership expert Erica Ariel Fox reveals, the most important negotiations the ones that determine the impact of our actions and the quality of our lives are those we have with ourselves.Most of us recognize the difference between our knowledge what we know we should do and say and our know how what we actually do and say in real life when it counts Fox calls this the Performance Gap, and she shows you how to close it, turning breakdowns into breakthroughs, whether struggling with a difficult client, arguing with a combative teenager, or organizing for community action.Winning from Within combines insights from Western psychology and Eastern philosophy with practical applications from real business situations and everyday life Fox shows that the ability to achieve mastery over how we interact with each other comes from within, from the center where desires, thoughts, feelings, and impulses to take action live side by side Winning from Within offers a profound and highly practical seven step method for making changes that last at work and at home As Erica Ariel Fox demonstrates, we can actually get what we want and feel good about the result.

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    • Best Read [Erica Ariel Fox] ✓ Winning from Within: How to Create Lasting Change in Your Leadership and Your Life || [Music Book] PDF î
      475 Erica Ariel Fox
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        Erica Ariel Fox is the New York Times Bestselling author of Winning From Within A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change She teaches negotiation at Harvard Law School, where she began teaching in 1996 A highly sought after advisor, Erica works with senior leaders around the world with her partners at Mobius Executive Leadership, and she s also a Senior Advisor to McKinsey Leadership Development Mixing nearly two decades of experience with business leaders and a personal touch, Erica brings a unique voice to the conversation about leading wisely and living well She lives with her husband and her step son outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as well as outside of Boston, Massachusetts Her book comes out in September, and is already set to get translated into ten languages.


    1. Wasn't my cup of tea. The whole process of identifying your inner personas and having "conversations" with them was just a little to fluffy for me. I can see why other people might like this book, but it just wasn't for me.

    2. Today’s Nonfiction post is on Winning from Within by Erica Ariel Fox. It is 351 pages long and is published by Harper Business. The cover is blue with the title in white and the author’s name in an orange rectangle in yellow. The intended reader is someone wants to be a better business person. There is no language, no sex, and no violence. The book is told from first person with the author giving stories and tips for the business world. There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the back of the book- An e [...]

    3. I received this copy when I won a giveaway from This book was overly dramatic and not short (or concise enough) to get the strong facts across to the reader. I understand that the realization that most everyone does him or herself more harm than good, but I think that this should have been covered clearly, instead of with lengthy examples that most can't relate to. I enjoy self-help books but the way the material was presented was not in a clear enough manner for me to enjoy this at all. I was n [...]

    4. Brilliant combination of the business book and self help genres, Winning from Within shows you how to become the leader you've always wanted to be -- or need to be -- by getting a handle on the most difficult negotiation you'll have everyday: the one with yourself. How many times have you known intellectually what you should say -- in a business setting, to a colleague, to a spouse, to a friend -- and yet said the wrong thing, or something knee-jerk or something thoughtless? Fox explains why tha [...]

    5. A book about self management, self improvement, and increased enjoyment of life. It’s about doing all things better by paying attention to ourselves, our decisions, our words, and our deeds, because wisdom comes from within and it is where it must be tended to in order to flourish. This book is ideal for those looking to become more centered, achieve and perceive inner growth and balance, and handle things in a more productive manner.

    6. I'm so glad I read this book. It's helping me immensely, allowing me to see myself and my abilities differently. I'm already incorporating its concepts and making small changes in how I approach situations.

    7. Fox's Dreamer-Thinker-Lover-Warrior construct is worthy of a podcast (which is where I learned about it), but less worthy of a 10-hour audiobook. I found myself skipping through after even listening to it at 2x was not fast enough. Too many stories that only support her arguments in the most general sense, if at all. And if I heard the phrase "overcome your performance gap" one more time I would have lost my mind.

    8. Basically she encourages multiple personaliy disorder. Listen to you creative self, your analytical self, emotional self, etc. If I'm in the middle of a discussion I'm not going to stop and ask myself "is this my analytical side or my emotional side?". Might work for some, not my cup of tea. Disappointing compared to other harvard negotiators.

    9. 矛盾的心理有因可循,因为你的的内心有着思想家,爱人,勇士和梦想家,而归于中心的本我是一场有意义的人生. 只是想问为什么英文书名《winning from within》被翻译成了谈判心理学

    10. It was through this blog posting sumpeople/2013/12/year-end- by Ekki Kuppel that I came across this book. In the book I learned about the inspirational dreamer, the analytical thinker, the relational lover, and the practical warrior. Each one of us has all of these in us - in different strengths. They symbolize the universal values in us. The dreamer:On page 96, I learned that the dreamer continually strives to invent new possibilities, create and improve things. When we are young, we call it pl [...]

    11. I received an uncorrected proof of this book from and suspect this book will be a practical but reflective book that many readers can use in their daily lives, both professionally and personally, to examine ways in which they can not only connect with others but also achieve a sense of self-understanding.I really think the author did something brave by taking her academic background, her understanding of theory and research, and write a popular, general interest book. In academic circles where [...]

    12. Perhaps I misunderstood the audience for this book. I thought it would be geared to a regular person looking to enhance her skills and life, but this seems to be written for business people and managers. The examples are mostly from the author's corporate workshops and seminars. Also, the information seemed to me too general without a clear plan for putting the principles into practice. The concepts of the four basic forces inside each of us: dreamer, thinker, lover, warrior was interesting--but [...]

    13. Read my full review: bit/192WneyMy opinion: While good, the concepts in this book are used throughout leadership development using different terms. I have attended several leadership development conferences where this concept was used under different "terms".One thing that I liked about the book was that the term was easily laid out with easy to grasp concepts. As I think that this book would apply more to early careerists or those not in leadership development, as an individual who is more esta [...]

    14. The Good: This book helps you take a step back and think of more professional responses to hot-button issues. The author gives examples of how each inner voice responds to situations and how to try and use each one to come to a more neutral answer.The Bad: While there are lots of descriptions of your inner voices, it's a bit too "textbook" and never truly explains HOW to balance everything out. It also got a little too repetitive for my liking, once again coming across more as a bland textbook t [...]

    15. I received an uncorrected proof through a giveaway. As a high school teacher, I found this to be an interesting and insightful analysis of leadership. Many of the author's examples come from history, literature, current events, and the world of business. Fox divides her text into an examination of the dreamer, thinker, lover, and warrior, addressing how each aspect can provide both positives and negatives in negotiations and business ventures. Many of the reflection questions at the end of chapt [...]

    16. I loved Erica Ariel Fox's panel at a women in business conference I attended, so I eagerly snatched up her book to gain more insight into her approach to leadership development through self-reflection. This book is a fairly easy read, based in example stories that are relatable and generally interesting. There is some wasted page space when it comes to the diagrams - they're so simple as to be laughable. Other than that, I think Fox makes some good points, and I walked away with some general ide [...]

    17. I'm always looking for ways to improve my life, and this one hits home with an effective way of looking at your self in an easy to understand manner that will facilitate effective communication with other people in difficult situations. The author's tone strikes a likable human motherly/teacher/friend resemblance all while speaking and articulating in a professional manner. Easy to read and non intimidating all while getting it's message across an easy to understand way of looking and organizing [...]

    18. A thoroughly enjoyable way to look inward at yourself and think about things that might be holding you back, and ways to make positive strides forward.The central idea is that we all have strong/caring/analytical/visionary parts of ourselves, and if we do not utilize all of these parts when we must, it holds us back. The "quant" must learn how to build relationships and the relationship-builder must learn how to hunker-down and get stuff done, etc.Recommended.

    19. Erica Ariel Fox nodigt me als lezer uit om (onbewuste) overtuigingen, gedragspatronen en emoties in een ander licht te bekijken. Hoewel soms wat kort door de bocht en redelijk Amerikaans, vond ik het toch een verfrissend verhaal dat tot actie aanzet. Wat mij betreft een mooie aanvulling op "Man's search for meaning" van Victor Frankl en "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" van Stephen Covey.

    20. Winning from Within attempts to teach us about the various parts of our personality and how they need to learn to negotiate with one another in order to close our performance gaps. While the book helps us to learn about the various parts of ourselves that are often in conflict, there is less information than I'd hoped about how to successfully help those parts negotiate with one another.

    21. This is an awesome book! I was a bit apprehensive when I won this book from First Read contest but found it to be really informational and inspiring. I have been following the suggestions in the book and feel like my life is finally on track. Thank you Ms. Fox for writing this book. I wish every manager in my agency would read it!

    22. Winning from Within had many good ideas that can be utilized in many types of jobs. I was able to utilize ideas gotten from this book with some success.

    23. Content was a five. Writing was a three. Could've been 100 pages shorter - it didn't need 15 examples of real-life personalities per point.

    24. One of the best practice for improving and lasting leadership skills written by Harvard law school professor. Truly inspiring and insightful concept.

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