Viimne õlekõrs

Viimne õlekõrs

Jeff Kinney Anna-Magdaleena Kangro / Aug 22, 2019

Viimne lek rs Olgem ausad Greg Heffley ei muuda kunagi oma pardlikke maneere Ainult et keegi peab selle Gregi isale selgeks tegema Frank Heffley arvab t simeeli et suudab oma poega karastada ning ta kaasab Gregi s

  • Title: Viimne õlekõrs
  • Author: Jeff Kinney Anna-Magdaleena Kangro
  • ISBN: 9789949502400
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Olgem ausad Greg Heffley ei muuda kunagi oma pardlikke maneere Ainult et keegi peab selle Gregi isale selgeks tegema.Frank Heffley arvab t simeeli, et suudab oma poega karastada ning ta kaasab Gregi sporti ja teistesse mehistesse tegevustesse Loomulikult suudab Greg isa p dlustest teda muuta kergesti k rvale hiilida Kuid kui Gregi isa hvardab poisi s jav eakadeemiOlgem ausad Greg Heffley ei muuda kunagi oma pardlikke maneere Ainult et keegi peab selle Gregi isale selgeks tegema.Frank Heffley arvab t simeeli, et suudab oma poega karastada ning ta kaasab Gregi sporti ja teistesse mehistesse tegevustesse Loomulikult suudab Greg isa p dlustest teda muuta kergesti k rvale hiilida Kuid kui Gregi isa hvardab poisi s jav eakadeemiasse saata, taipab Greg, et peab end kokku v tma v i muidu visatakse ta le parda.

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      328 Jeff Kinney Anna-Magdaleena Kangro
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      • Jeff Kinney Anna-Magdaleena Kangro

        Jeff Kinney is an author of children s books including Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series Jeff was born in College Park, Maryland, in 1971 where he created a comic strip called Igdoof He also created the children s website Poptropica.


    1. i want to read this book soooooooooooooo bad because the first 2 were pretty funny. i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I never tire of this series. I just think the humor is so right on! I read often that the book appeals to reluctant readers and I would seriously challenge that. It appeals to ALL readers in fifth grade. Let's face it, we were all a "Greg Heffley" in fifth grade. Unless of course you were a "Rowley" in which case, I am very sorry. There was a part that had me seriously laughing so hard. (I am not giving anything away here, it will just be much funnier when you read it yourself) Greg had gone to [...]

    3. The wimpy kid books never fail to make me laugh. Kinney has a great sense of comic timing in these books and the pictures really do make the story what it is.What bothers me about these books is the main character's attitude and the way he treats others. I hope that kids see that the reason Greg gets himself into trouble all the time is because of his attitude. Instead of looking up to him, it's my hope that kids who read this book say, "Man, if Greg just treated people with a little more respec [...]

    4. Every once in a while you need a break from wizard boys, sparkling vampires, conspiracy theories, go-nowhere love stories, end-of-the-world page turners and the never ending stream of parallel worlds.Every once in a while you need to forget that you are a full-blown adult whose literary tastes are mature and discerning and who, to put it mildly is a bit up-yourself.Every once in a while, you need to escape into the world of a Wimpy middle-school Kid who is high on smarts and low on luck.It’s t [...]

    5. 3,5 Stars.I read this one, with my nine-year-old brother. He is such a big fun of the series and i always enjoy to read by his side.This series is a highly entertaining collection of books that offer much laugh, but notably not much, educationally speaking.That is not such a big deal, if you know exactly why you are reading a book. There are not all of them about inspiration and highly profound meanings. Some plain, simple fun is well needed too, and those books will provide just that.Maybe if y [...]

    6. Greg Heffley continues with his hilarious journal. It seems that he has now become accustomed to writing it, because there are no gripes about that in this book. Or maybe it is because he has much more serious things to worry about like the school soccer team and military school.Dad is determined to make a man out of Greg. Greg is quite happy to stay a wimp, playing with the latest video games and trying to impress the beautiful Holly Hills. However, being the kind of person he is, Greg finds it [...]

    7. This was my first trip into this series, I think this book was clever being the first of its kind, but I think overall this book has a lot of problems. For example, the biggest I have with this book is that is gives more reasons for kids today to not read a real book, a chapter book with no pictures. Second the main character, Greg, I like the kid who plays him in the movie, but in the book I find him to a self centered, self fish, most of all lazy kid who takes advantage of his best friend, Row [...]

    8. Greg, the main character of this incredibly funny series, is a middle schooler whose universe revolves around him. He was quite selfish in the first two books. But that was nothing. Greg is reaching the pinnacle of selfishness in this book. He always has an idea how to benefit himself even if it hurts someone else inclusing his best friend or family members. But there still is karma in the world (Greg doesn't know about it). This might be the funniest book in the series so far. Loved it!Enjoy!

    9. I heard about this series from NPR and decided to get the first one for my boy. I'm glad I got it. It's honest, clever, funny, and sweet without being nauseatingly so. I understand the character and his "uniquenesses". He reminds me of Charlie Brown except for one major difference. The main character accepts himself without all the self depricating self-analyzation. "I am the best person I have ever known." I love nerds.

    10. Typical mayhem ensues, Gregory and Rodrick and the rest of the Heffley family yuck it up as the "wimpy kid" continues to behave in the same self-serving manners which could possibly land him in military school.I think this is a cute series, just right for my oldest sons age group. Not only is it funny, but at times we find ourselves stopping and discussing what a spoiled rotten kid Greg is!!

    11. Γελάω πολύ με το σπασικλάκι μας Μπορεί η εφηβεία του ώρες ώρες να είναι κόλαση, αλλά τα λέει χαριτωμένα! Τουλάχιστον γλίτωσε τη στρατιωτική σχολή για το καλοκαίρι Θα έλεγα ότι θα μπορούσε να γίνει ήρωας του Big Bang Theory, αλλά με τους βαθμούς που φέρνει ο ρόλος του θα ήταν του ιδι [...]

    12. Fun and easy read, entertaining and light- it's a book you can take not too seriously. It's something you can rely on during quick breaks or waiting for a ride.

    13. Meh! Not bad, I always get through these real quick, but it wasn't funny or anything, and Greg really gets on my nerves sometimes. Especially when it comes to how he treats Rowley.

    14. DEEEELIGHTFUL. Favorite parts: Shel Silverstein boogeyman (amazing), hiding-under-the-blanket-next-to-his-dad-when-the-phone-rings (so easy to picture actually happening, so dumb, so annoying, so funny), and the image of Greg in his glasses, Rowley in his man suit? and Mrs. Heffley in the front seat of the car. Kids are so ridiculous, and their parents just let 'em be.

    15. ممتع بشكل ما يتزهقش منهجريج الشقي جدا وافكاره وحركاتهواصدقاءه واسرته شقاوته مع اخواته خصامهم وعراكهماول بنت يعجب بيها ويحاول يكلمها صندوق الزمن اللي دفنه مع صحبه عشان يفتحوه بعد سنيننفس الفكرة عملتهاحاجات كتير فعلا مريت بيها بتفكرني بنفسي جدا وانا صغيرةبحب السلسلة دي اوي

    16. Diary of a Wimpy kid The Last Straw:I learned that if you're going to stand over a vent with a robe on, lock the door.Never burry money in a time capsle.And never go to a sleepover with a friends kerate classmates.The main character is Greg Hefley,a boy that is writing in a diary/journal and tells all about his life in words and pictures.His big brother Rodrick is always torchering Greg by hiding all of the phones when Greg needs to make a call.His little brother Many always drives Greg crazy by [...]

    17. Goodness! I have been chanting for sooo long that I will write all my pending reviews after exam. But I just can not stop devouring books!!! It feels so good to just hold the novels in my hand andnot inside a textbook in a respectable time of the dayunlike 2 in the night. Plus, I hate having unread books in my shelf. It feels so good to see its size depleting. Arghh, okay, I promise, 3 days of wild, carnal book reading marathon and then I am done.

    18. Greg Heffley and his family are back and Greg is trying to get up the courage to ask out a girl while trying to keep himself out of military school. The new Wimpy Kid is enjoyable and more of the same. That isn't a bad thing, but it would have been nice have more of an explosive ending like the others. The part about Shel Silverstein made me laugh because I remember thinking the same thing from his picture on the back of Where the Sidewalk Ends.

    19. I was surprised to find out that this book was not nearly as good as the first two Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I did not enjoy as much as the other two because the humor that kept me hooked was almost completely gone and the book was more focused on getting the attention of a girl. i hope the next book will be better.

    20. My son recommended these books to me. My son is 9.My son has been surfing with his dad in San Diego for a week and a half now.When I finished the 2nd book I called and him told my favorite part was when the grandpa handed Greg his false teeth.My son cracked up and said that was his favorite part too.I miss my son so friggen much I feel like crying!

    21. These books are just so hilariously honest. Greg is kind of horrible, but so is everyone around him. Really loved the fake swear words in this one: Plastic raspberry tickle bear!

    22. This book is the the 3rd book that Jeff Kinney wrote in all his "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"s . It's actually more interesting than the first 2. Greg was finally planning what to do in his summer holiday because summer is in the next 5 weeks. All he plans to do mainly is to play the game "Twisted Wizard 2" and get close to a girl named Holly Elizabeth Hills. But his dad, Frank Heffley, heard the rumors about his plans and didn't appreciate it. He told Greg that he needed to be more strong like the oth [...]

    23. Diary of a wimpy kid was about a boy named Greg Heffley that has the worst life.First he makes a new year resolution but it doesn't work out.Then he has to join a soccer team but he really is bad at it so his dad makes go to a boot camp for all of summer so he wants to make the most of the time he has.I like this book because it gives a lot of detail and fells like your really there in the book.I would recommend this book who like to laugh at people.

    24. The Last Straw (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #3), c2009, Jeff Kinney عنوان: خاطرات یک بیعرضه: جلد 3، دفترچه سبز؛ نویسنده و تصویرگر: جف کینی؛ مترجم: ندا شادنظر؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ایران بان، چاپ نخست 1389، در 224 ص، مصور، فروست: خاطرات یک بیعرضه جلد 3، شابک جلد 3: 9789642980840؛ چاپ پنجم 1392؛ موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی مصور، دفترچ [...]

    25. As usual, hilarious and fun to tread through. Read mostly on office commutes, and wow! the days went full of fun Pick it up if haven't read already

    26. This instalment in the series wasn't particularly great, nothing new all very similar to the previous books.What happens in this one, Greg avoids doing laundry, Greg fancies a girl, Greg is rude, Greg is mean, Greg doesn't learn any lessons but all works out in the end.Warning, this book does feature the word Ploopyought I'd mention it incase you are crazy easily offended.My daughter really enjoyed this one though. Don't think many parents are going to get much out of it.

    27. One of the things why I like the wimpy kid diaries is because his life and behaviors are the same with mebut I won't make my friend to give me a piggyback ride. And sleep in the basket full of clothes for the whole night long No way.

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