A Taste of Trouble

A Taste of Trouble

Gina Gordon / Sep 23, 2019

A Taste of Trouble When Liv Crawford decided to pursue her dream of owning her own bakery it was no surprise that she forgot to add maintaining a serious relationship to her business plan Not when she believes a cupcak

  • Title: A Taste of Trouble
  • Author: Gina Gordon
  • ISBN: 9781937044695
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • When Liv Crawford decided to pursue her dream of owning her own bakery, it was no surprise that she forgot to add maintaining a serious relationship to her business plan Not when she believes a cupcake can fix anything, even loneliness.Jake Miller isn t concerned about being lonely He s cast aside his playboy lifestyle to pursue something meaningful, his passion fWhen Liv Crawford decided to pursue her dream of owning her own bakery, it was no surprise that she forgot to add maintaining a serious relationship to her business plan Not when she believes a cupcake can fix anything, even loneliness.Jake Miller isn t concerned about being lonely He s cast aside his playboy lifestyle to pursue something meaningful, his passion for photography So, when his boss asks him to pursue a beautiful woman and coerce her to his office for a disguised meeting no matter what it takes in exchange for the opportunity to turn his hobby into a career, he jumps at the chance At first sight, Liv awakens his long buried desire for commitment, but his secret mission could ruin his hopes of keeping her.Despite Liv s commitment to swear off relationships to run her bakery, Jake quickly becomes her number one distraction Yet, even her misgivings can t tame the heat as they straddle the line between love and ambition.

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    1. Guilty pleasure reading at its finest!Liv Crawford is hard at work making her dream of owning her own bakery come true when Jake Miller walks into her life. But getting Cupcake! ready for its grand opening is proving to be riddled with unexpected troubles and expenses. She doesn't have time for a meaningful relationship, but a playboy like Jake could certainly provide a little stress relief between problems.Jake, however, has more than one thing motivating his interest in Liv, a tangled mess tha [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed this story! My first time reading Gina Gordon, but definitely NOT my last! I can totally see her being added to my favorite authors list.Liv has a dream of owning her own bakery. Baking is her passion and she believes that a cupcake can fix anything. She has no time for romantic entanglements. She has a great group of friends to support her, no need for a man, right? She has diligently lived her life to make her professional dreams come true.Meantime, she is making ends meet [...]

    3. 3.75 starsA very 'sweet' love story, an enjoyable read.The main characters of this book were very realistic, in behaviour and lifestyles which I appreciate.Jake the not quite so perfect hero, has a crooked nose and a small scar - to me that makes him perfect, and he knows how to mess things up !Olivia, is following her dreams of opening her own bakery, all is going well then she meets jake and he gets under her skin.She didn't plan on having a guy about, she needs to concentrate on her bakery ja [...]

    4. **Copy kindly provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**Entangled is by far one of my favorite publishers and Gina Gordon is quickly becoming on of my favorite authors. This is the 2nd book I've read by her in a single sitting, and I can't wait to read more by her.Gina Gordon does an amazing job conveying the sexual tension and chemistry between Olivia and Jake. God I love a good romance that mixes sexy time and food. Jake was super ubber sexy, besides the one epic f [...]

    5. I've never read anything by Gina Gordon, but I will definitely be adding more books by her to my library. She writes a good romance. This is the type of book that makes you smile when you read it. It a classic romance and yet I still found myself surprised in certain parts. I'd hate to call it a "beach read" because I think that title makes the book sound superficial and its not, it's light, witty and fun. When I decide what to read, I like to switch things up so I don't get bored. I'll go from [...]

    6. ***This book was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I really liked the main characters in this book. Jake and Liv were fun to read about, and I liked that we got to see their lives apart from each other. Their friends were a blast, and I think they made the story even better.Jake was supposed a playboy, but the man had a heart of gold and found himself falling for Liv almost immediately. Though it wasn’t part of his plan, he embraced it instead of running away. Jake was a s [...]

    7. A Taste of Trouble Gina Gordon is one of those sweet, fun, sigh-worthy romances that are a great escape! Liv Crawford has high ambitions! She has decided to open her own bakery, has saved and worked hard to get the money she needs, has done her due diligence, crossed every T, dotted every I, but she never counted on Jake Miller coming into her life. Liv is damaged, she doesn't trust love. Jake's meeting Liv was by design, for some reason, his boss is dangling the "corner office" carrot if he get [...]

    8. This book tell the story of Liv who is in the midst of establishing her own bakery shop, a dream that she hold dear to her heart, found herself to be attracted to Jake, whom she met at the bar where she is working . Unknown to her, Jake is on a mission; to deliver her to his boss in return of a position that he has wished for. But, he has no idea the reason behind the mission. As he gets to know her, he found himself with the dream girl that he has always wished for. However, the circumstance of [...]

    9. Lame romance. Lame plot. Really lame dialogue. Just because the girl owns a cupcake shop doesn't mean that she has to infuse cupcakes into her dialogue For example:"Holy cupcake, that was hot!" I found myself skimming most of it. There was some hope with this book with the sabotage, but the way it was resolved lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. ** ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **

    10. I've never read anything by this author before so when I got a change at getting a ARC I went for it. I ended up enjoying the story very much. In the middle of the book it did drag a little but quickly picked up. I did feel it lefts some things unanswered, but that didn't affect the story.

    11. Absolutely Loved it!!! Waiting a couple extra weeks for it to be released on KOBO was well worth the wait!! As a pastry chef myself, I was really looking forward to reading this book by my favorite Canadian author and she didn't disappoint!!! Can't wait for whats next!!!

    12. I loved the fact that this story was set in my hometown. I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more of Gina's books.

    13. DNF at 12%.Got tired of the main characters spending ALL their time imagining sex with each other. I'm sorry, you're grown ass people and you can't keep a handle on your thoughts? I get being attracted to someone, but I have never reduced another human being to sex the way these two did.So many warning bells with the former boss, it was too obvious. And I'm over the tried trope of "I have a secret that will screw up the relationship if it ever got out/it gets out".So many better books out there. [...]

    14. “This city better watch out, because the new cupcake queen has just been crowned.”With a lot of determination and talent, Liv is ready to start her own adventure. And with the help of a mentor and a lot of cash, Liv’s dream of owning a bakery is finally coming to fruition. After working her way successfully through the ranks of her mentor’s bakery and being a part-time bartender, Liv is ready to branch out on her own. The pressure is on to make her sweet treats the best, but with support [...]

    15. Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsTo see review at ConfessionsI loved Gina Gordon’s first book for “Entangled” and was delighted to accept from the publicist her second book , which makes cooking all hot and sexy once again. In this case, it’s baking and one special lady who believes cupcakes make the world all betterIn this case, it’s baking and one special lady who believes cupcakes make the world all betterIn “A Taste of Trouble”, we follow two individuals who meet but one [...]

    16. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews LLC4 1/2 kisses, 1 pepper M/F, oral sexOlivia “Liv” Crawford's dream of opening her own bakery is about to come true. She's found the perfect location, signed the lease, and all that's left before opening her dream, Cupcake!, are the renovations. A public relations executive at Weston Communications, Jake Miller has a dream of hi [...]

    17. This review and others can be found at my blog, My Written Romance. Just click here.I am sitting here at my desk at work, on my lunch break, writing this review and all I want is a cupcake. Foodie books always do that to me.This book was a lot of fun to read. There was some great chemistry between Liv and Jake right throughout the book, which leads to some pretty sexy scenes in the carpark and the bar itself. They don’t jump straight into bed, but they nearly get there a few times except for r [...]

    18. Reviewed by: Crystal BBook provided by: the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI choose A Taste of Trouble by Gina Gordon because it features a bakery. I have read several books that have a setting of a bakery or diner in the past and they are usually pretty good reads. This one certainly did not let me down. Gina Gordon has created charming, delightful, and charismatic character that I bonded with right away.Liv Crawford is a lady I would like to run into at her s [...]

    19. I was a fan of Gina Gordon after reading Recipe for Satisfaction, so I had to check out this novel to see if it was just as good. Unfortunately, although this was fun to read and had its high points, it didn’t attract me as much as her other book.One thing that bugged me was how Gina made too big of a deal about what Jake was keeping from Liv. I think she meant for it to be this big thing that would end them, yet she didn’t put enough emphasis on the issue for it to even be a big issue. Yes, [...]

    20. REVIEW: A TASTE OF TROUBLE is the latest contemporary romance release from author Gina Gordon. The focus of the storyline centers on Liv Crawford as she endeavors to start up her own cupcake bakery after achieving success with her mentor’s competing business. In the meantime Liv meets Jake Miller and their attraction to one another is immediate and something about Liv tugs at Jake. But things begin to spiral out of control when everything starts to fall apart the closer to opening day and Liv [...]

    21. Liv is on her path to achieving her dream - owning her own cupcake shop. She is determined to get it off the ground and has decided to focus all her attention to succeeding, until Jake walks into her life and her attention drifts over to him. Jake, with his handsome good looks and mischievous grin, is all set to win the promotion his boss has offered him. However, he was not expecting to be attracted to Liv. Although he tries to stay away and keep it just business, he can't help but delay in tel [...]

    22. Actual rating: 2.5 (rounded up to 3 because it was better than a 2)I don’t know what it was about this book that I just didn’t connect with. Overall A Taste of Trouble was entertaining enough, but I just didn’t really care about what was going on. It was really easy to figure out who everyone was, so the big reveals regarding someone’s identity and what was happening with Liv’s bakery, really weren’t surprising to me. Normally, the fact that I can figure things out ahead of time does [...]

    23. I first read Recipe for Satisfaction so I thought I would give this a go. I did like it for the most part. It was an easy read with a good foundation.You felt the chemistry between Jake and Liv right away but her stubbornness to open up and let anyone in got on my nerves a bit and can she have like the worst luck ever. Yikes! Now let's talk about their friends. I think the interaction with their friends may be my favorite parts of the book. Yes their was some naughty baking/sex scenes but there [...]

    24. 3.5 starsA Taste of Trouble by Gina Gordon was a fun weekend popcorn read. It had everything I expect in a fun romantic read - a heart damaged heroine, a great group of pushy friends (on both sides), a reforming ladies man, and plenty of conflict romantically and otherwise. I enjoyed getting to know Liv and Jake and their respective friends. While definitely supporting characters, Liv’s friends especially stole my heart, but Jake’s friends did as well. The plot and pacing and the quality of [...]

    25. Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this one.I don't know why it took me so long to read this book but I rather enjoyed it. Liv works at a bakery and her dream is to open her own cupcake store. So, she goes for it while doing the bakery by day and bartending at night. As she's getting ready to open her store she meets Jake. Is it accidental or has he been sent there by an evil force? Hmm must read. He's sent by an evil force however he really genuinely likes Liv. So he asks her out. And the [...]

    26. Liv had a dream to become a bakery owner. Never did she dream of a happily ever after with a man; not after being hurt by the man in her life that she should have been able to count on, her father. That was when Jake came into the picture. The hottest man she had ever see came through the door at the bar she was working at. Jake turned out to be quite the distraction to Liv, the hopefully up and coming bakery owner. Liv had been through so much hurt and pain from loved ones, she could not handle [...]

    27. The twists in this book were crazy but awesome. I did not expect them at all. I love Liv (and yes 99% of the time a cupcake can fix everything lol) and Jake. Liv has always wanted to open up her own bakery and when that dream is finally coming true, things (good and bad) keep getting in the way. Jake wants to be a photographer so badly that he is putting up with a job that is going to cause him anger and sadness before that can happen.This book gets 2 thumbs up for not having Liv and Jake just j [...]

    28. This was an ok book. Wasnt the best book ever but i enjoyed the twists in thia book. It was really obvious who was saboutagong Liv buisness from the start. I would have been a bit surprised about the fire if i hadnt read a spoiler that told me that her shop burnt down. The fact that Shelton was her father was a big surprise though. I dont no if it was just me but i was really surprised. I was a bit disappointed with Livs mum and grandparents because she and her friends kept saying her camily wer [...]

    29. A Taste of Trouble is a sweet contemporary romance by “new to me author” Gina Gordon. It is a well written tale of life, love and priorities. Liv has been working and planning for years to open her own bakery and is now getting to do just that. Jake is working a job he tolerates to get to a job he has passion for. When they meet the chemistry is off the charts. There are several threads running through this story that keep you plastered to every page. I will definitely be checking out future [...]

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