Dead Stars - Part Two

Dead Stars - Part Two

Ben Galley / Aug 25, 2019

Dead Stars Part Two North is where the battle will take place North is where Farden must go But to death to glory or to both The Arka have chosen their champion and now he must lead them to the top of the world The

  • Title: Dead Stars - Part Two
  • Author: Ben Galley
  • ISBN: 9780956770080
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • North, is where the battle will take place.North, is where Farden must go.But to death, to glory, or to both The Arka have chosen their champion, and now he must lead them to the top of the world The Spine, where the black mountains belch fire, and where the battle against cataclysm will take place upon the ice.As they travel north in a warship clad in iron, the KrauslunNorth, is where the battle will take place.North, is where Farden must go.But to death, to glory, or to both The Arka have chosen their champion, and now he must lead them to the top of the world The Spine, where the black mountains belch fire, and where the battle against cataclysm will take place upon the ice.As they travel north in a warship clad in iron, the Krauslung they leave behind is crumbling Not under the onslaught of the girl and her daemons, but from within, under the force of greed and poisonous ambition It seems there are too many battles to fight.Now, with the Sirens silent, the frozen north in uproar, and the responsibility mounting, Emaneska s champion must face a choice.Can he tread the tunnels of Hel to save the world To save a woman ghost than alive To claim the armour he has always longed for For salvation lies in the hands of a Knight fifteen hundred years dead, and in the red gold armour of a certain mage.Salvation lies with Scalussen.

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    1. This book is AMAZING. I've loved every page of the four book Emaneska series by the wonderfully talented young author, Mr Ben Galley. I'm so glad I stumbled on this fantasy series by accident by walking into Waterstones in Southampton and seeing the first book "The Written", I was hooked almost immediately by the main character, Farden, a Mage, a written. So deep, so scarred by his experiences, someone you can identify with.Well on to a review of this final book "Dead Stars, part two", following [...]

    2. A riveting finale to the Emaneska series, fast paced, action packed with some wonderful characters. This is a highly recommended dark fantasy series littered with magick, tattooed mages, daemons, dragons and Gods in an epic battle of good versus evil.If you've not read any of this series the first & second novels, The Written & Pale Kings are both available on Kindle for an excellent price and its well worth following the flawed hero as he battles both himself and the insurmountable odds [...]

    3. So now that I've come to the end of the Emaneska series I can give my final thoughts.Bloody Brilliant.The characters are fantastic! The Siren race feels like it has existed along side the standard elves and dwarves of so many years. The protagonist is one of the realest feeling characters of any fantasy book I've read, adding a few twists on the archetypal hero. The supporting characters are excellent, the final battle is truly Epic and the story had me grinning like a baboon in places.The only [...]

    4. Awesome! This is a fantastic book to end one of the best fantasy series I have read, ever! My only disappointment is that the Emaneska series has come to an end.

    5. I finished this book a little while ago, but I wanted to take some time to let it sink in before writing a review. This book has a lot going for it, a lot to enjoy, but in the end I found it less satisfying than, perhaps it could have been. This book picks up just after the end of Part 1 and the aftermath of the demon assault. Farden is still Farden; angry, bitter, and still suffering the effects of 15 years of nevermar use. While he slowly is regaining his confidence and strength, for the most [...]

    6. I feel bad rating this one so poorly, but I really didn't enjoy it at all.I thought the first book in the series was not great but not bad, and a worthy first offering.I thought the second book in the series suffered from too many characters, but had an OK story that kept my interest.I thought the third book in the series had really good writing, got rid of a lot of useless characters, and focused on an interesting story for about 2/3 of the book, but kind of lost steam at the end. If the author [...]

    7. Satisfying conclusion to the Emaneska series while leaving just a few loose ends in case the author ever wants to return. I really enjoyed this series. The characters were compelling, the story line was interesting, and I was often surprised by certain plot twists. I have to say the last third of the book is so action packed that I stayed up until 1AM to finish it. The only critique I have, and in my eyes this is minor, is that the manuscripts for these books need a proofreader. There were some [...]

    8. A good read, with some pretty epic scenes. Sadly, it is suffering a bit from the lack of imagination where the gods are concerned. If you are not writing actual norse mythology (like the Iron Druid Chronicles, for example), don't steal some of their gods for your world. Or at least change their names to make it less obvious.The book has both a satisfying and an unsatisfying ending. The ending itself is epic, but while the immediate plots have been resolved, there are still some important plot ar [...]

    9. So. I had written a review but thanks to the erratic internet, it was never posted *sigh*Alright. I was roughly saying that the end was satisfyingd at the same time it was not. Why ? Simply because a couple of plots were left "unfinished" and I was left scratching my head. What about Malvus ? What about Loki ? What about Illith's vision/prediction ? (view spoiler)[that the one who would kill her would be dealt with. That she had seen to it that he would die. Well, nobody killed him (hide spoiler [...]

    10. Absolutely an Awesome ReadI just finished Ben Galley's Emaneska Series and I wish there were 12 more books still to go, I loved it that much. Although Galley's main character is in many ways flawed, the trials and tribulations he goes through during these four books change him into a hero anyone could love! This series is colorful, funny, and brilliantly written so the reader gets the most out of each chapter. Galley's characters are so well developed that I truly am sad to see them go. Well don [...]

    11. This was so much better than the last one - back to the Farden that we all know and love. My only criticism would be that (SPOLIER ALERT!) when Farden's daughter dies the author could have pulled on the heart strings a lot more. I was dissapointed that what I had been waiting for, for the whole book, was over in a matter of seconds. This could have been such a poignant and bitter-sweet moment.I will definitely be reading anything else that Ben writes and i will miss Emaneska.

    12. Satisfying ending, though there are a lot of loose threads - perhaps he intends to write more books in the series? I hope so, and I'd buy them.(view spoiler)[No explanation for why Lilith does what she does. Vice is dead, so she doesn't have to do what he ordered. Hints that she's set up something to happen in the future, someone will kill Farden, but that's left hanging, as is the situation with Malvus. (hide spoiler)]

    13. The Emaneska Series is the reason I am trying to get into writing. It has everything a good series should have! Brilliantly witty with one of the most original magic systems and such easy to read writing! If I listed every positive about this book I would be sitting here for quite some time! Well done to Ben Galley for such a brilliant series!

    14. What more can i say!!!!I can't believe the saga has come to an end, so invested I was with the character and the storyline. And yet with the way the story end I have my fingers cross for a surprising more stories to come!!!Thanks Ben for sharing this journey with us!!!

    15. It was an arduous journey to read the entire series, but Ben Galley wraps it all up nicely in the fourth book and it left me with a satisfying feeling. Overall, the series was a pleasant read.

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