Dead Souls

Dead Souls

Ian Rankin / Jun 19, 2019

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  • Title: Dead Souls
  • Author: Ian Rankin
  • ISBN: 9780752826844
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
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    Dead Souls Dead Souls Oct , Directed by Colin Theys With Jesse James, Magda Apanowicz, Bill Moseley, Geraldine Hughes Johnny Petrie learns on his th birthday that he was adopted after inheriting a farm in Maine Eager to start a new life, Johnny leaves home so he can began afresh in this new dwelling However, Johnny soon discovers that the farm, which has been abandoned for eighteen years since his natural Dead Souls Oct , Directed by Bing Wang A dozen aging survivors are interviewed from Jiabiangou, a complex of three work camps in Northwest China where supposed rightists were sent for re education in the s and s under Mao Zedong. Dead Souls Nikolai Gogol Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol Dead Souls is eloquent on some occasions, lyrical on others, and pious and reverent elsewhere Nicolai Gogol was a master of the spoof The American students of today are not the only readers who have been confused by him Russian literary history records divergent interpretations of Gogol than perhaps of any other classic. Dead Souls Rotten Tomatoes Dead Souls is every adopted childs biggest fantasy and worst nightmare roled into one On his th birthday, Johnny Petrie Jesse James finds out that he s adopted and there is an inheritance Dead Souls Movie Review Film Summary Roger Ebert Dec , If criticism is an act of translation and I think it is then reviewing the excellent . hour long Chinese documentary Dead Souls is a bit like writing Cliffs Notes for a doorstopper history of the Chinese Communist Party s anti Rightist purge of during which time anybody who was Dead Souls Reviews Metacritic Dec , Dead Souls movie reviews Metacritic score In Gansu Province, northwest China, lie the remains of countless prisoners abandoned in the Gobi Desert sixty ye Dead Souls by J Lincoln Fenn Gertie Patty, you might want to create a topic to discuss it in one of your groups I see there is one in the Horror Aficionados group already if you want Patty, you might want to create a topic to discuss it in one of your groups I see there is one in the Horror Aficionados group already if you want to check that one out and get discussion going there. Dead Souls Nikolai Gogol, Robert A Maguire Dead Souls Nikolai Gogol, Robert A Maguire on FREE shipping on qualifying offers One of the most unusual works of nineteenth century fiction and a

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        AKA Jack Harvey.Born in the Kingdom of Fife in 1960, Ian Rankin graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1982 and then spent three years writing novels when he was supposed to be working towards a PhD in Scottish Literature His first Rebus novel was published in 1987 the Rebus books are now translated into 22 languages and are bestsellers on several continents.Ian Rankin has been elected a Hawthornden Fellow He is also a past winner of the Chandler Fulbright Award, and he received two Dagger Awards for the year s best short story and the Gold Dagger for Fiction Ian Rankin is also the recipient of honorary degrees from the universities of Abertay, St Andrews, and Edinburgh.A contributor to BBC2 s Newsnight Review, he also presented his own TV series, Ian Rankin s Evil Thoughts, on Channel 4 in 2002 He recently received the OBE for services to literature, and opted to receive the prize in his home city of Edinburgh, where he lives with his partner and two sonscmillan author ianrankin


    1. I haven't read a Rebus novel that I haven't enjoyed but this one is so far the best. Rebus is really multi-tasking in this one. He's outing a pedophile, looking for the son of an old flame, also trying to figure out what's going on with a recently released killer. But, this book is much more than Rebus trying to solve these crimes. We learn about Rebus' teen years, the girl that got away, the friend he felt that he let down. It really shows why Rebus is the way he is today. It also shows him won [...]

    2. The tenth book in the Rebus series picks up from the end of the previous book. Rebus is faced with a moral dilemma of dealing with a freed pedophile And at the same time he is trying to keep an eye on a serial killer that returned to town And a son of a friend of his is missing Three cases for rebus to play with and takes us on a your of Edinbrughs underbelly Enjoyable Noir Dark Criminal And loving all at once

    3. 3.5 stars.As a high school teacher, there were many times a student's behavior would become crystal clear after meeting his parents. I'd run into problems with work ethic or attitude or whatever, and I'd think, "What's the deal with this kid?" Then I'd meet Mom and/or Dad in a parent conference and immediately realize, "Oh, of course that's why he [fill in the blank]." It would be some sort of weird mirror image, where son's classroom surliness was reflected in Dad's obvious displeasure at comin [...]

    4. Dead Souls was written in 1999 and depicts a John Rebus who is increasingly feeling dead inside and wondering if he should continue as a police officer. In the beginning of the book he is part of a stakeout of the Edinburgh zoo trying to find the person who is poisoning the animals. When he sees a known pedophile taking photos, he gives chase and, while he is going after the pedophile, the poisoner almost is able to do the deed yet again. Darren Rouse, the pedophile, claims that he is taking a p [...]

    5. Rebus has multiple cases in this one. This shows how police work actually is more than one case at a time and it was fascinating. He is self effacing and self doubting as a detective.

    6. Another enjoyable read in this excellent series. Detective John Rebus is one of the best characters in detective fiction today. Maddening and likable all at once, his many flaws only serve to make him one of the more believable serial characters. The plot in this one moves along at a great pace beginning with Rebus heartlessly and selfishly "outing" a paedophile trying to turn his life around. Rebus does try to redeem himself by trying to help the unfortunate individual in the end but never over [...]

    7. It's been awhile since I read a Rebus mystery and it was a welcome return to his world. Gritty, interesting mystery peopled with an varied, excellent cast, headed by cynical, war weary Detective Inspector John Rebus of Edinburgh's crime squad. A variety of issues/ possible crimes featured in this story, but while there were twists and turns, the stories seemed believable. I enjoy Rebus very much; a character perfect in his imperfections, questioning whether being a police officer remains viable, [...]

    8. Mi ero lasciato invogliare dal commento di Ellroy: "il fondatore e il re incontrastato del noir scozzese" (che, in effetti, col senno di poi, lascia il tempo che trova). Molto tempo dopo ho letto in un'intervista che l'unica ragione che spinge Ellroy a commentare i libri altrui è il fatto che viene pagato profumatamente per farlo.

    9. John Rebus is such a great character. I wish he wasn't such a tortured soul, but then he wouldn't be the same detective, I guess. Much is going on in this book, and you are not sure of how everything resolves until the end, if even then.

    10. ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 (rounded up)This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.--- For the best part of an hour, Rebus had been trying to blink away a hangover, which was about as much exercise as he could sustain. He'd planted himself on benches and against walls, wiping his brow even though Edinburgh's early spring was a blood relative of midwinter. His shirt was damp against his back, uncomfortably tight every time he rose to his feet.This might actually be the high point for Rebus in t [...]

    11. This is my first Ian Rankin mystery, and I have ended up enjoying it. I've been a fan of British crime fiction for a while, but admittedly women writers like Jacqueline Winspeare, Dorothy L Sayers and Louise Penny (OK, Canadian). I just happened to end up with a second hand copy of Dead Souls first, following a friend expert in the genre recommended Rankin - afterwards discovering that a few readers think this one doesn't meet his usual standards. I will have to try other earlier ones to compare [...]

    12. After recently visiting the Edinburgh of Isabel Dalhousie in "The Careful Use of Compliments", I decided to linger a while. I've always liked Edinburgh, but I felt that I wanted to see a different side of it than the all thought and little action world of Isabel. Well, John Rebus is just the chap for that! No one could accuse him of living in a world of little action. As for thought, Rebus thinks a lot and usually gets to the answer to his problems in the end, but he is also known to act hastily [...]

    13. This is my fifteenth John Rebus novel, and before starting this book I had a question in my mind. When an author as successful as Rankin has been with his tough and idiomatic Scottish thrillers, a problem sets in after several books: how to keep the formula fresh?One thing is that, after reading a John Rebus' book, I have an anguished feeling of visiting Edinburgh, see all those places describe the author with my own eyes. The series is set in Edinburgh and Rankin displays an unnerving knowledge [...]

    14. Strong entry in the Rebus series. A released pedophile becomes the target of Inspector Rebus, but things may not be as black and white as they seem. An old flame from Fife sees Rebus about her missing son who disappeared after clubbing in Edinburgh. To add to things a sadistic criminal is exported back from the U.S. to Scotland, and becomes a deadly nemesis to Rebus.Fifth in the series that I've read (not in order) and here are some other things of note:- Rebus' lady friend Dr. Patience is flesh [...]

    15. Ever since I saw the BBC documentary charting Ian Rankin writing a novel I consider these tales in a different way. In that documentary Ian said that he sometimes gets to page 430 and realizes that there was some other person who "could have done it". No longer do I expect the tale to unravel in a planned way and that only adds to the enjoyment of Rankin's books. In this book one of Rebus's pals leaps to his death (or does he?)from an Edinburgh landmark at the same time that a time served pedoph [...]

    16. The Rebus story moves on and just gets darker with each book. These are not "feel good" stories and the continuing characters in the series have weaknesses and secrets and the ghosts of the past are haunting them all. In this entry,as in most of the Rebus books, there is a lot going on and none of it provides easy answers for Rebus and his mates. He is assigned to watch the comings and goings of a recently released and very clever serial killer who is also suspected in the murder of the niece of [...]

    17. This was an even more tortured Inspector Rebus, indeed as the series has progressed I feel that I have watched him descend into a sort of hell largely of his own creation. He feels things deeply and in this one there are so many barbs coming at him from many angles that it is difficult to believe he is still left standing. The book is very topical at the moment exploring as it does paedophilia amongst other transgressions and it is interesting that Mr Rankin says that he seeks to change Rebus' v [...]

    18. I found this book's plot to be a bit loose and disjointed and it left some unanswered questions. It also had me questioning how we got to a particular point at times. But the Rebus character is still great. I like the way Rankin depicts his uncertainties and foibles. While we read of these we never lose sight of the fact that he is a very brilliant copper. I didn't much care for one of the villains in this book and I didn't like how that particular thread was left at the end of the book because [...]

    19. Truly one of the very best Rebus books. I remembered part-way through that I had read it several years ago, at a time when I was preoccupied and didn't give it my full attention. It needs that since the plot is complex, lots of characters, many locations in Edinburgh and the surrounding area to keep track of. But Rankin has done a fantastic job of fleshing all of them out so that, if you are attentive, it all makes perfect sense.I did really want to SHAKE one of the characters - the poor newsman [...]

    20. Almost gave this 5 stars. Still want to be able to give 1/2 stars. 4 1/2 for sure. My favourite Rebus so far. Ian Rankin just gets better with each story. The brilliance of a Rebus novel is the multiple cases all occuring at once. And just like Rebus, you don't know how or if they fit together. What I enjoyed even more about Dead Souls was the further developemnt of the character of Rebus himself with a lot more of his background revealed than in previous stories. An excellent story but if you'r [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book a lot, probably due to the many story strands that are weaved together. The book isn't an easy read - in part as I am not a non-Scottish person or familiar with Edinburgh, but also beacause there so many stories happening, all including so many people. I did enjoy the exercise of remembering what was happening in each tale, and guessing if there would be any overlap, and if so, where it may occur. Inspector Rebus is also an interesting character, I enjoyed being in his compan [...]

    22. Dead Souls - VGIan Rankin - 10th in seriesStalking the streets of Edinburgh on the trail of a poisoner, Rebus hits upon a freed paedophile and his subsequent outing of the man leaves him with very mixed feelings. But another problem develops for Rebus: a convicted murderer has him in his sights for some lethal games. And the tabloid press lionising of Rebus won't help him in this situation.3 cases which tie together, very well done

    23. When I was reading more Ian Rankin, I suggested him to my father, who got about halfway through one book and said he had to stop before the grim pessimism led him to jump off a bridge. Well, it's not a series with a sunny outlook, by any means, and Inspector Rebus is not an altogether sympathetic central character. This is a well-crafted thriller with three parallel lines of plotting, a bit dated by some of the hot-button social issues of the late nineties. 3 1/2 stars rounded up.

    24. There is a lot going on in this book, maybe too much, but I found the various story lines to be quite compelling and though Rebus seems to be going through a particularly dark period this was one of the better books in the series so far.

    25. Liked rest of series, not this one. It was read well by Ian Howard, that doesn't save it. Cannot recommend, so won't.

    26. It was ok. Kept my interest. A good beach or airplane mystery. Kinda dark though, but all Ian Rankin books are.

    27. This book didn't actually end as much as it just ran out of pages. Major things left unresolved.

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