Summer Queen

Summer Queen

Amber Argyle / Jan 27, 2020

Summer Queen A fugitive from the king she refused to marry Nelay ventures out to save her family from the invading army only to discover the fate of her entire nation rests on her shoulders But in defeat after de

  • Title: Summer Queen
  • Author: Amber Argyle
  • ISBN: 9781311782113
  • Page: 233
  • Format: ebook
  • A fugitive from the king she refused to marry, Nelay ventures out to save her family from the invading army only to discover the fate of her entire nation rests on her shoulders But in defeat after defeat, Nelay begins to realize a bigger power is at play than that wielded by mere mortals Only she can stand between the cinders of her once great nation and the vengeance oA fugitive from the king she refused to marry, Nelay ventures out to save her family from the invading army only to discover the fate of her entire nation rests on her shoulders But in defeat after defeat, Nelay begins to realize a bigger power is at play than that wielded by mere mortals Only she can stand between the cinders of her once great nation and the vengeance of a goddess.

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    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ↠ Summer Queen - by Amber Argyle ✓
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        Amber Argyle is the bestselling author of the Witch Song Series and the Fairy Queen Series Her books have been nominated for and won awards in addition to being translated into French and Indonesian.Amber graduated cum laude from Utah State University with a degree in English and physical education, a husband, and a two year old Since then, she and her husband have added two children, which they are actively trying to transform from crazy small people into less crazy larger people.To receive her starter library of four free books, simply tell her where to send it amberargyle freebooks


    1. Thanks to Amber Argyle for giving me this book to review.Nelay never wanted to be queen, she wanted to become the most powerful priestess in Idara, but with an army sweeping towards her family she is willing to risk everything and to manipulate the king to get aid. She sets off on a journey across Idara with a band of tribesmen smugglers, led by the charming Rycus, in the hopes of getting to her parents on time. However, there are bigger powers at play and a deal made years ago will change Nelay [...]

    2. Thank you to Amber Argyle for the advanced reading copy.Summer Queen is the second book in the Fairy Queens series by Amber Argyle. I am a huge fan of Argyle and she never disappoints and Summer Queen was no exception. I loved Winter Queen so I had high hopes for this book. It took me some time to really get immersed into the narrative for once and I found it especially difficult in the beginning. But as with the rest of her books, I soon found myself getting completely caught up in the events a [...]

    3. "They say there are two kinds of people--those who build and those who break. But I have learned that sometimes we must break before we can build."This book is written more in the style of an epic fantasy. It shows the fight between the forces and realms of Summer and Winter. Basically, the fighting gets real! The world building is strong. However, I think the overall culture lacked in comparison toWinter Queen.Following the story of Nelay, a priestess of the Goddess of Fire, is chosen to become [...]

    4. Loved this book so much but the ending kind of killed me. I need the next book, like right now.ReviewEarlier this year I read and adored Of Fire and Ash, the prequel novella to Summer Queen. The main character Nelay quickly made her way to the top of my list of favorite characters and I was dying to read more about her. When I got my hands on Summer Queen, I was both utterly excited and a bit scared. What if I didn’t love it as much as its prequel? What if my expectations would ruin it? Luckil [...]

    5. First, let me comment about the cover. While I LOVE the cover, I wished Nelay would have been darker skinned as she is in the book. Otherwise I think the cover is stunning.This is Nelay's story. Her country is besieged with the Winter Queen's territorial inhabitants. They are punishing the Summer Queen's populace with the idea for reparations to the atrocities a king, who is no longer in power. Of course this leads to hypocrisy and they are becoming the thing they hate. While all this strife is [...]

    6. Having really enjoyed the first book in the Fairy Queens series, I was excited to get my hands on this next book! Argyle provided us with a prequel novella, Of Fire and Ash, so we were already introduced to the main character, Nelay and got a glimpse of her life as a child and how the fairies played a role in altering the course of her future forever. The book opens with Nelay living as a priestess in Thandjavar, having left her family behind in order to do so. She has been trained by the High P [...]

    7. Loved the cover by the way.I must admit I was kind of disappointed how the war continued between Ilyenna and Nelay. I have to reread Winter Queen. Anyway,in Winter Queen the clansmen were portrayed to be the better people but in Summer Queen they are no different from the Raiders who invaded them. One must pay a steep price for revenge. I was saddened by the deaths especially those who supported Nelay and Rycus. But it can't be helped. I liked Nelay's character enough. She's witty, intelligent, [...]

    8. Nelay was born a lowly sheepherder's daughter, but she was destined to be so much more. She climbs her way to High Priestess, but learns that her mother was right. When Fairies and Mortals mix, Mortals always lose. She refuses to bargain with the fairies again, for the price is always too high. But to refuse the fairies will cost even more. No matter what she chooses, she will lose. And she will be burned to ash.I loved this second (sort of third) installment in the Fairy Queens series. I did re [...]

    9. What an intense read. Nelay is now one of my favorite protagonists. She is strong and knows herself. Every character felt like a real person even the worst of the lot. Harrow was such a unexpected but great character.He was constantly berated for his dad actions but still tried to be honorable and knew far more about the nature of the world than even Nelay did at the end in some respects. Meanwhile the clansmen of Ilyennas homeland have decided go on the offensive against their former conquerors [...]

    10. I was given a copy of Summer Queen by the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am a fan of books with a strong female lead character and this one does not disappoint. Nelay is on her way to becoming a powerful priestess, but she is instead given to the King as his Queen. Not satisfied with others affecting the course of her own life, Nelay embarks on a journey that takes her and her beloved Idara to the brink of destruction. The plot moved along swiftly and kept me interested from beginni [...]

    11. Heroine was tricked into becoming a villain.I feel sorry for Leto, and Nelay of this story for she was tricked into becoming a villain and I am not sure if these fairies deserve any queens for almost all of them are evil. Good writing but not sure if I like the continued plot line.

    12. A fantasy country trains girls as women soldiers (Priestesses). The country was huge and had control of all the land when the Northerners fought back. One woman tries to save her family by hiring a smuggler to help her. They fall in love but the country is falling into war and chaos. She must sacrifice everything to save her country. LOTS of violence, murders, kidnapping, war. No language, I don't remember if they spoke of sex. This is a good book for Hunger Games fans or Lord of the Rings.

    13. [Full disclosure: I received a free ebook in conjunction with the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.]One of the things that drew me to Summer Queen in the beginning was the idea that this was finally some different fantasy. In the beginning of the blurb it sounded pretty typical but then things quickly got good so I decided to sign up for the tour. And in the end I’m glad I did because Summer Queen is anything but typical.We start off meeting our main character Nelay preparing to sedu [...]

    14. Summer Queen picks up two decades after the end of Winter Queen, and several years after Of Fire and Ash; centering around Nelay, a priestess of the Summer Goddess. I would say it is much better to read both Winter Queen and Of Fire and Ash before SQ, but it isn’t what I would call vital to your enjoyment and so it could serve as a standalone. However I feel that the pair of the novels (and novella) make for a wonderfully rich storytelling experience.Nelay has grown quite a bit since the novel [...]

    15. Thinking back on the first book, Winter Queen, I think I like this one better. Maybe it was because there was more to the story (twists and turns); more action, which moved the book at a faster pace; or because there were other things and stories I could relate it to. For example, whenever Nelay talked about getting dressed and putting on her trousers, I thought of the Disney movie, Aladdin, specifically Princess Jasmine. It was because of how the trousers were described: "e voluminous trousers, [...]

    16. This review and more can be found at The A P Book Club!*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review* I absolutely loved Winter Queen when I first read it, and it's still one of my favorite fantasy books ever. Amber knows how to craft an incredible world with wonderful characters who continue to live on well past the ending of the books. So when I was given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Summer Queen, I immediately jumped on the chance! I couldn't wait to ge [...]

    17. This is like the third time I have been asked to review a book and realized it was the second or third book in the series. Either I don't pay enough attention to the emails, or I am just blind. Either way, I don't know if I am missing anything from the first one or not, but never felt lost during the reading of this book. So if you have read the first one, yay for youNow that I started with the second one I cannot go back words. It's a thing with me. I'm weird that way.I was pleasantly surprised [...]

    18. After a strong start with Winter Queen, it's nice to see that Argyle carried the momentum over into its sequel. Summer Queen massively expands on the world of the first novel, showing the story from the perspective of the Idarans (who were previously portrayed as the evil invaders). With the narrative light shining on them, it is made clear that the novel's politics are far deeper than this. The Idarans are simply another side of the War, possessing different beliefs to the Clansmen but certainl [...]

    19. Oh, man. Wowza. Okay. Where do I start and what do I say?Summer Queen is the second book in this series. The first book in the series, Winter Queen (Fairy Queens Book 1) , will be on sale for .99 cents from April 10th-17th. Of Fire and Ash is the prequel to Summer Queen and gives an excellent background on Nelay. It really sets the stage for Summer Queen and helps you understand who Nelay is. Summer Queen was intense. Like scary intense. At least for me it was. There was so much going on in this [...]

    20. Last year I read and loved Winter Queen so I was pretty excited to read Summer Queen and I'm very happy to report that it didn't disappoint!Nelay is a girl from the desert that could see the fairies and because of a bargain she made is taken to the temple to be trained as a priestess. She becomes a powerful priestess, a strong woman and one that doesn't want to get her choices taken from her. I loved her determination, her strenght, her loyalty to her friends and her family and even with her fla [...]

    21. Summer Queen is the second full-length novel in Amber Argyle's Fairy Queens series. It takes place after Winter Queen and in a different part of the world, a part that seems to be based on Middle Eastern mythology. I am a huge fan of the author and this series, and this book, does not disappoint!This book is focused on Nelay, an acolyte priestess in the temple of the Goddess of Fire. She has lived most of her life in the temple with her only goal to avoid ever being a wife and mother after seein [...]

    22. After much thought and letting this book settle for a week I decided to give it 4 stars. When I first finished it I was a bit unhappy about some of the similarities from the first book even though I really enjoyed reading it and the story was certainly different. I love the way the author looks at the lives of the characters on the "other side" and how life for individual people is so specific to them even if they are considered to be the "bad guys" for someone else. This made me think about man [...]

    23. As with the first book in this series this series, the cover is gorgeous and now graces my bookshelf as a physical copy along with 'Winter Queen'.Now to the actual text. I loved this book. Whilst I enjoyed The Winter Queen, the main character was a passive force and spent most of the book in chains being whipped. Summer Queen's main character, Nelay, was one awesome surprize. She's got focus, drive and can kick arse with the best of them. She was so much better a character than Ilyenna in 'every [...]

    24. Profoundly deep with a passion for morals. This story is stunning with its lessons focused on love and its selfless faith, I was totally engrossed and surprised when I reached the end so quickly. Nelay is fiercely determined, loyal, and a force (with great strength) to be reckoned with. Argyle created a protagonist who is a true heroine. She faces her challenges head on, letting nothing and no one stand in her way. The action packed scenes played out thoroughly with the character development, pr [...]

    25. Fresh and interesting story with lots of twists. I enjoyed the surprises—I didn’t know how the story was going to end. The characters were my favorite part of the book. They were interesting, distinctive, skillfully written. No black and white cardboard heroes or villains here—the characters were rounded and intriguing, with dark and light parts to their characters. Nelay is a strong woman with many talents, but she isn't perfect; sometimes she's too hard, too conniving, yet overall, she w [...]

    26. ▪I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.▪I LOVED this story! The action and the twists in the story made it so fun to read.Nelay is definitely a favorite of mine. She is strong, smart, determined and compassionate. She would do anything for those she cares about.Then there is Rycus. I adore Rycus a lot. From the first time we meet him till the end, I have loved him and knew he was perfect for Nelay. Nelay's story was [...]

    27. In the Summer Queen, Nelay is now a powerful High Priestess of the Goddess of Fire in Idara. She is told she must marry King Zatal who invaded the Clanlands in a surge of power and greed. In doing so began a war which he now is losing as the clans are invading Idara one city at a time. Nelay fools the king and runs off with a irked smuggler Rycus a Tribesman. She pays him to take her home to save her family from the invading clansman. Together they face loss, anger, joy and love. When the fairys [...]

    28. I really like how the author is really building this whole series. The first book we find all about the winter queen and the clansman and now in this second book we find out about nelay the priestess and how strong and cunning she is. She pulls off this amazing escape in the beginning to save her family and then when all hope is lost she strives off with new goals. I love the descrpitions of all the fairies she encounters. I can not wait to see where our amazing author is going to take us next i [...]

    29. While Winter Queen had a great beginning but fizzled off in the second half, Summer Queen had the opposite problem, sizzling in the second half to a finish that will leave readers breathless, teary and wanting more. The characters are more nuanced, multi-dimensional, with hidden strengths and fears that make them more relatable. I miss Leto though and want to find out more about the twenty years between the first and second books.Can't wait till book 3.

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