The Other Side of the Bed

The Other Side of the Bed

Bhavya Kaushik / Sep 22, 2019

The Other Side of the Bed This is a story which tries to answer the age old question what to do when someone you love dies in a contemporary and personal way Nakul who lost his beloved wife after only a month of their marria

  • Title: The Other Side of the Bed
  • Author: Bhavya Kaushik
  • ISBN: 9788192480930
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a story which tries to answer the age old question, what to do when someone you love dies in a contemporary and personal way Nakul, who lost his beloved wife after only a month of their marriage in a serial bombing attack, found it impossible to continue with his life.He takes a journey in which he interacts with people like him, who have also lost their loved onThis is a story which tries to answer the age old question, what to do when someone you love dies in a contemporary and personal way Nakul, who lost his beloved wife after only a month of their marriage in a serial bombing attack, found it impossible to continue with his life.He takes a journey in which he interacts with people like him, who have also lost their loved ones in those blasts and decides to help them Though he didn t realize that in the process of helping them, he was helping himself This is his journey through the five stages of grief DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION and ACCEPTANCE, and how he comes out of them with the help of his family and his Grief Mates.He thought that he had forever of togetherness with his wife, but he didn t, none of us does And before it is too late, we should better go out there to our loved ones and tell them how much we love them Have any of you said it lately to your wife, your husband, your children, your brother, sister or your parents, that You mean the world to me You have changed my life I cannot live without you I love you

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    1. Okay! So, what am I supposed to rate this. Well, I worked really hard on this, and it made me cry while I was writing it. So, yes! Call me narcissist but I'm going to give it a 5! :D

    2. To begin with I am a little averse to Indian writers off late, cos they all end up aping Chetan Bhagat or end up narrating stereotypical stories with same pattern and same structuring of sentences. But having read Bhavya's book's synopsis, i knew it would be very different, i have read few poems of his and i was keen to read what he has penned in this book.This book is very well written, be it in terms of writing or in terms of matter, and feelings it wishes to convey and it does so with a strok [...]

    3. “The thing that matters is not anyone else wants you or not – it is how much you want yourself.” says Bhavya Kaushik’s “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BED” which sensitively and solicitously portrays the torments suffered by the mortals and the difficulties faced by them in continuing their life, after the demise of their loved-ones. The story begins with Nakul, the male protagonist, tussling with the immense grief inflicted by the sudden demise of his beloved wife in a serial bombing attack. [...]

    4. A book with an attractive title made me pick it to add in my library and after reading it I can say that I am not regretting. I just felt touched deep inside my heart by the incidents and the way it is framed and presented to the readers.Story is about the Bomb Blast that held in Jaipur and how a husband lost his loving wife and got into deep depression. How he met Devyani who was also alone and lost her mother in those blasts. How they met, felt each other’s pain and tried to get out of it. T [...]

    5. I feel bad for those authors who have so much potential and express so well in their stories, but the publisher does not make any efforts to edit or proofread it! Bhavya Kaushik has done a fantastic job in writing about the heart ripping story of people affected by the devastating Jaipur Bomb blasts few years ago. Beautifully he has brought out the expressions of the victims and their families. The story has two protagonists who help each other stand on their own feet and go on an unexpected jou [...]

    6. I can't rate this one! Where the story is heart touching and deserves a 5 Star rating, the editing is very poor, which loses all the stars!The book is about Nakul, who loses his love, his wife in the serial bomb blasts that took place in Jaipur. He loses his wife only after a month of their marriage and is devastated. He is living his life without actually living it. Life has lost all its meaning for him! It is in this state, he meats devyani, who is also a victim of these bomb blasts. They bond [...]

    7. Watch two person live a life when they feel like it is impossible to go on Witness the heartwrenching journey of how people come to terms with grief and learn the hard way of living a life Behold the way God gives you faith when you feel you have been alienated with trust Go through a journey of two people who try hard to pick up the broken shards of their heart and mend it back even though it felt like they could never be whole Feel the pain of a lover who lost his wife A daughter who lost his [...]

    8. A beautiful story of emotions, loss, despair and griefs. The book simplifies the emotions of people who lose their near and dear ones someway or the other. The narration is brilliant and the thought process in the book blended with fiction makes it a compelling read. The up and down journey of two unlikely strangers makes the story line very interesting. The editing needs to be worked upon as it is found wanted at times. Overall a very good mix of reality and fiction.

    9. I never did like stories that talks about tragedies, but Kaushik's work is an exception. In fact now I'm open to read a genre of this type. It's hard to believe that this is his debut novel. Characters are memorable, especially Devyani, and not to mention Nakul. He has conveyed a very good message, and I'm sure this will have a great positive impact on anyone who reads. Good luck Kaushik!

    10. After i read the book tears came out. the most beautiful part of this story it showed me the way to come out of the grief and sorrow and how to concentrate on the other aspects of life Kudo's to author

    11. This book brought tears in my eyes. Made me realise the importance if loved ones around us and the significance of expressing our live towards them It's never too late than never!

    12. This is a novel by Bhavya Kaushik This is a story about love and separation of Nakul and his beautiful wife Tamana, Devyani his friend and about Amna, the one thing which is common and connect all of them is Jaipur bomb blast. This bomb blast left unforgettable memories on their mind for all lifelong.This story is about Jaipur bomb blast victims, their friends and family members, the after effect of this incident on their lives. Nakul is the main character and the story revolves around his life [...]

    13. The Other Side of the Bed is a well narrated story of Nakul Sharma, a very common guy having everything very common in his life who loses his wife in an accident - a bomb blast and the story revolves around the pain of fighting with our own thoughts struggling to get back everything fine again, and then how he is finally able to accept it and live his life which might be an source of inspiration like a common man like you and me. A book is made up with perfect emotions of life blending all toget [...]

    14. "The Other Side of the Bed" - A best seller fiction novel by Bhavya Kaushik, is a story about Nakul who lost his better half, Tamanna after only a month of their wedding in a serial bombing attack, the feeling to lose loved ones in just one blink of eyes is heartwrenching, each and everythng related to her makes him feel her presence, how he takes this pain, how he takes a journey of finding grief-mates how he helps them and in the process how he help himself the story was all about.We continue [...]

    15. A Story that would be remembered for ages! A must read.I started this book at 12:00 AM last night and when I had turned the last page it was 3:00 by my watch. These three hours, I felt as if I was living in a totally different world, a world that Bhavya has entwined with his story The World of Nakul and many other who were in the act. Totally amazing tale told by the author who has splashed all the required shade on the canvas. There is love, there are twists, there is grief and there is everyth [...]

    16. Superb heart touching book, full of sentiments!!its really imaginative as author describes the series of events. The language of the book is nice, simple and gives a impression that its written by a versatile and mature writer; very rare for a debutant. The concept of the story is quite unusual and thus attractivee description of every emotion is detailed and heart touching for reader and can make you cry if you are over sensitive like me ( i m bit more so i was touched). He has described a ;ove [...]

    17. "The Other Side of the Bed" is a great book to read, and live with. The author takes you through an horrible event that took place in Jaipur - a series of bomb blast and makes you feel like it was you who lost your loved one. You travel with Nakul and Devyani and other victims of the blast and pass through the various stages of Grief. The book was not filled with words, rather i was full of Emotions.Some of the pages cripples even the rigid hearts. When i found that the author is in his early tw [...]

    18. One of those books which are touching, meaningful, relevant and poignant throughout goes through all these emotions while reading this story of a man going through pains of a personal loss caused due to a Bomb Blast! The writing style of Bhavya Kaushik is very simple & lucid and he never uses heavy words which I liked. The book builds up slowly and even when the ending is quite predictable it keeps the interest going! the last few pages of the book are the best ones indeed! I enjoyed reading [...]

    19. Orderd the book because I liked the title and I have to say I don't regret my decision.Its a breezy read and I finished it in two days.It was great to see an author not writing a chic love tory in his debut novel.Its a story straight from the heart and it has been handled with maturity but having said that its a terribly edited book.Its a shame to see a book out in the print with so many errors which kind of can be unsettling.All in all a decent book.

    20. I'm not the reader type person, infact you can say this is my first proper novel I read till the end. I was left spell-bounded and mesmerized when I turned the last page of the book. First time in my life I felt tears in my eyes while reading some extract. Emotional, motivational and great piece of writing by Mr. Bhavya Kaushik sir. I recommend you all to give it a try! You will surely love it! :)

    21. I was waiting for the book to get released from a long time back in November 2012 because the title made me quite curious. The book made me cry several times specially the ending. Moreover it gives a message silently that Life is actually how you gather yourself together & keep moving in the darkest of times. I would suggest everyone to read this book!

    22. "The Other side of the bed"really emotionally make me feel the missed one flashing in the mind all feeling ,emotions are narrated in a very good manner really loved reading it.

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