All Around the Town

All Around the Town

Mary Higgins Clark / Aug 23, 2019

All Around the Town When Laurie Kenyon a twenty one year old student is accused of murdering her English professor she has no memory of the crime Her fingerprints however are everywhere When she asks her sister att

  • Title: All Around the Town
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9781416516729
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Laurie Kenyon, a twenty one year old student, is accused of murdering her English professor, she has no memory of the crime Her fingerprints, however, are everywhere When she asks her sister, attorney Sarah, to mount her defense, Sarah in turn brings in psychiatrist Justin Donnelly Kidnapped at the age of four and victimized for two years, Laurie has developed astoWhen Laurie Kenyon, a twenty one year old student, is accused of murdering her English professor, she has no memory of the crime Her fingerprints, however, are everywhere When she asks her sister, attorney Sarah, to mount her defense, Sarah in turn brings in psychiatrist Justin Donnelly Kidnapped at the age of four and victimized for two years, Laurie has developed astounding coping skills Only when the unbearable memories of those lost years are released can the truth of the crime come out and only then can the final sadistic plan of her abductor, whose obsession is stronger than ever, be revealed.

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      252 Mary Higgins Clark
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        Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.


    1. Lately, this "multiple personalities" thing has been overused. Anyway, a passable reading for bus stations, waiting rooms or any time you don't feel like using your brain too much. However, although I have some more books of Mary Higgins Clark, I think I will donate them all to Salvation Army. Not so bad, lately I was looking for space in my library. :)

    2. A little girl is kidnapped at age four. Two years later, she is returned to her family. When tragedy strikes during her college years, those horrible two years come back to her in the form of the alter personalities that protected her during that time. She finds herself charged with murder, and her big sister fights to defend her in the hopeless case.This book is one of my favorites by Mary Higgins Clark. She keeps you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages until you're finished. As usua [...]

    3. Almost as bad as the other Higgins Clark I read. Characters were made of cardboard and female frailty seems to indicate their inner goodness. Too many "almosts" to make me roll my eyes (as in someone almost does something or sees something or gets something that would reveal the bad guy). All in all a weak and cheap book.

    4. I actually enjoyed it Read it in 2 days. It all came together in the end and It gripped me from the startIn all fairness its worth your time

    5. Totally suspenseful! Another great one by Clark. You really can't go wrong with these novels. They are easy reads with twisting, exciting plots.cially this one.

    6. A really capturing book. I read it within two or three days. I couldn't set it down easily. A really nice thriller.

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    8. I became super obsessed with Mary Higgins Clark mysterys in 1994 -1995(Grade 7 ) Although probably not as obsessed as I used to be, MHC's books are still a warm hug on a cold day. It's my mom's fault, we had previously read "I'll be seeing you "and as a result she went back to the bookstore and bought up whatever was there. I would have to say that no matter how many times I 've read "All Around the Town " it's never dimmed the 5 star rating for this book I absolutely loved the multiple viewpoin [...]

    9. I've read all of the MHC books that are out on paperback and I really enjoy them and they are a fast read. I did learn my lesson about making sure my husband was home when I read them b/c I got a little creeped out one night when I was home alone and the book I was reading had a character stalking her outside of her house. I just picked a few of my favorites for my bookshelf so it didn't get too crowded.

    10. This story is about a young woman who was abducted at the age of four and horribly abused for two years. The reader is spared the details of this abuse while it's happening (which I appreciated!) and the story flashes forward to when she is 21 and a fresh trauma in her life causes effects from the abuse to surface in the form of the protagonist having multiple personalities. A murder occurs and we are left to discover "who done it." (One of her personalities, the abusers, or someone else?) We al [...]

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    13. Muy entretenido, al estilo de todos los libros de Mary Higgins Clark. Las páginas vuelan solas, yo no pude soltarlo hasta que lo terminé.

    14. Mary Higgins Clark weaves a complicated world around her characters, that is slowly unraveled as the novel progresses. I was completely taken in by this sometimes dark and always tense world, and this was a real page-turner for me. A family is torn apart when their youngest daughter, Laurie, is stolen from the front yard. Parents can't function, and an older sister blames herself. Fast forward to the future, and a family reunited - together but unable to process and put aside the past. New trage [...]

    15. Adoro Mary Higgins Clark da sempre!Nel suo thriller del 1992, In giro per la città, gli effetti degli anni trascorsi dalla stesura sono evidenti. Si parla ancora di macchine da scrivere che si alternano al computer. Una nota insolita, ma che non compromette la storia che Mary Higgins Clark ci racconta. Una storia molto triste e sconvolgente, fatta di pedofilia e canti gospel, sette religiose e indagini da discutere in aula. Sembra che il lavoro più diffuso nei romanzi di Mary Higgins Clark sia [...]

    16. All Around the Town had a lot of different parts. First, when Laurie was 4 years old, she was kidnapped and held for 2 years. When she returned back to her family, she didn't tell anyone about the people she was with or what happened during the past 2 years. Now at present day, Laurie and Sarah's parents have just been killed in a car accident. Laurie is sure that it was her fault, even though it wasn't, which brings out her multiple personalities. Then one evening, Laurie's professor is killed [...]

    17. E’ da un po’ che questo libro giace lì, negletto, in un angolo della mia scrivania. Per la precisione, è quasi un mese esatto che ho finito di leggerlo. L’ho messo dove sta per ricordarmi che ancora non l’ho commentato. Il problema è che, in effetti, su questo romanzo non ho proprio nulla da dire. Se ancora procrastinassi la stesura di una sia pur raffazzonata recensione, rischierebbe di diventare polvere nella provvisoria, e anche alquanto importuna, collocazione in cui si trova. Per [...]

    18. One of my friends accidentally left one of Mary Higgins Clark's books in my apartment. That is when I started reading Mary's novels. I started with "You Belong to Me". That was when I started falling in love with this lady. From then I started picking up her books every now and then.Regarding my experience with "ALL AROUND THE TOWN", I would just say it is flawless. It is written around a very strong, gripping I would say, story-line. The dots are all well connected. The story flows as easily as [...]

    19. I could not give to this book more than 2 stars.I think that it was an easy to read book. I usually love to read thrillers to try to understand what's going on but with this book I understood the most important scoop about Laurie almost 100 pages before the end! I did not understand who the killer was ( because, honestly, it could have been anyone), but when I arrived at the end of the book I was not surprised at all.What let me finish the book was the phsycology of Laurie. Blonde girl with a lo [...]

    20. This was one of my faveorite Mary Higgins books! This books deals alot with Psychology, it envolves a girl named Laurie who was kidnapped when she was a child and held by her kidnappers for two years finally they let her go thinking that the cops are getting to close. When Laurie returns home her family notices she is alot different but figure its just the trauma of being kidnapped. Then years later she accused of killing one of her collage professers, but her older sister believes her when she [...]

    21. This was a riveting story of the after affects of childhood trauma and abuse. It was a chilling reminder of how untreated trauma can affect someone dramatically while they seem to have a normal life.It was also, in a way, a comedy of errors, as people deliberately didn't pass on comments (I'm not a gossip, says one old lady) or figure something isn't important so it is ignored. In some instances its just plain lack of attention to detail, but it gets our young heroine arrested and charged with m [...]

    22. this book has a fabulous plote story never gets boring,the main character laurie is very captivating,her multiple personalities arise from her sorrows and pains of the past,which is is horrible and scary as she was abducted at a tender age of all but two yearsw she is grown up a high schooler but it still hauts here story is so captivating it will leave you breathless with shock at times and sometimes makes you cry as her story unfoldsos stroy will stay in peoples mind for a long time(atleast it [...]

    23. It was great! As always Mary Higgins Clark never disappoints me! A great mystery writer who holds your total attention without excess embellishments.The story again had an exciting twist - with good characters . It's refreshing to see the good guy win and to close the book with a smile.

    24. The subject mattter of this book was disturbing. It was difficult to read about a 3 year old child being sexually abused and being subjected to the grown woman living through a nightmare of memeories. I skipped pages to avoid the imagages and concentrated more on Sandra and her love interest. Not a great book and I am a huge fan of the this author. I would not recommend this book to anybody!

    25. Must say, this book suprised me. It's easy to read but still captivating. Mary Higgins Clarks exploration of human psyche through Laurie's multiple personalities disorder was amazing for me. Story itself is fluent and understandable.

    26. Wow, this book was amazing it captured me from the first chapter and kept me guessing it was great, I highly recommend it if you like a good thriller:)

    27. The length to which some people will go to really knows no bounds, especially true in this book. The mind can be a powerful thing…

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