Cherry and Olive

Cherry and Olive

Benjamin Lacombe / Jan 26, 2020

Cherry and Olive Cherry Sullivan prefers reading books to playing with the other children in her class They make fun of her for being plump and they are not nearly as entertaining as the adventures she reads about Th

  • Title: Cherry and Olive
  • Author: Benjamin Lacombe
  • ISBN: 9780802797070
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cherry Sullivan prefers reading books to playing with the other children in her class They make fun of her for being plump, and they are not nearly as entertaining as the adventures she reads about Though she s shy and keeps to herself, Cherry secretly longs for a friend.When she discovers a stray dog at her father s animal shelter that is also plump and shy and a bit wCherry Sullivan prefers reading books to playing with the other children in her class They make fun of her for being plump, and they are not nearly as entertaining as the adventures she reads about Though she s shy and keeps to herself, Cherry secretly longs for a friend.When she discovers a stray dog at her father s animal shelter that is also plump and shy and a bit wrinkly , she names her Olive and they become fast friends Cherry finds the courage within herself to stand up for the dog and protect her something she has not been able to do for herself.Beautifully illustrated, this touching story is sure to strike a chord with all who have ever felt a little lonely and yearned for a friend.

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        Benjamin was born in Paris in 1982.In 2001, he attended the cole Nationale Sup rieure des Arts D coratifs of Paris ENSAD where he pursued his artistic education In addition to his studies, he worked as an advertising and animated movie artist before completing his first comic series at the age of 19, along with a few other illustrated books His final project Cherry and Olive which he has both written and illustrated, became his first children s book and was published by Les ditions du Seuil in March 2006 The following year, it was released by Walker Books USA and nominated one of the top 10 children s books for the year 2007 in the U.S.A by the prestigious weekly news magazine Time.Since then, Benjamin has written and illustrated numerous books He has notably worked with Albin Michel, Barefoot Books USA , Edelvives Spain , Hemingway Korea Korea , Milan, MaxMilo, Sarbacane, Soleil, Walker Books USA and of course Le Seuil Jeunesse, the publishing house which has issued most of his books.Benjamin exhibits his work on a regular basis Among others, it has been displayed in the following art galleries Ad Hoc Art New York ,L art de rien Paris , Dorothy Circus Rome , Maruzen Tokyo , etcBenjamin lives and works in Paris with his dog Virgile.


    1. Lido e relido no espaço de 1h para a #mmlittlechristmas e ainda gostei mais da releitura. A história é fofinha e comovente e a arte é excepcional (algo que já esperava, afinal é feita por Benjamin Lacombe)E tenho vontade de reler. OUTRA VEZ. 5* bem merecidas

    2. 'Cherry Sullivan prefers reading books to playing with the other children in her class.'Substitute the name 'Cherry' with 'Bonnie' and that's my life story. :) Cherry is a little plump and the other kids at school make fun of her but she remains quiet, never saying anything anything in response to their cruel words. She helps her father out at his job at the animal shelter after school which is where she discovers a wrinkly little dog she names Olive. The two become fast friends and when the sam [...]

    3. Un cuento corto con una historia sencilla pero a la vez muy conmovedora. En comparación con los otros libros que he tenido la dicha de leer, éste tiene una magia diferente, es más cercana a la realidad, sin tanta fantasía.Los dibujos como siempre están llenos de detalles, en lo personal la técnica de dibujo que usa para detallar el suéter de Cereza, aunque en apariencia no es muy complicada, realmente da la impresión y la sensación de que es muy abultado.Otro detalle es que en la habita [...]

    4. Cherry Sullivan is a very shy girl and keeps to herself most of the time. When she’s not engrossed in a book, she’s very lonely. That is, until she forms an attachment to a dog at the animal shelter where her father works. Things don’t turn out as Cherry hopes, but possibly even better than she imagined.The illustrations are absolutely fabulous, and if you look closely, you’ll see at least one hint at some other work this author/illustrator has done. Cherry is not overjoyed by much, but [...]

    5. Adorable, yet bittersweet tale of a young girl who doesn't fit because of her name "Cerise", her weight, being motherless. Benjamin Lacombe succeeded in showing the loneliness and difference of Cerise through amazing illustrations the details like the books chosen to fill Cerise's library, her over sized pullover everything built up to Cerise finding the strength to open herself up and find friendship and inner strength she didn't know she had. Benjamin Lacombe is in his mid-twenties, an amazing [...]

    6. Que dire si ce n'est "Oh les gars c'est un Benjamin Lacombe c'est forcément une pépite" ! Cerise est une petite fille un peu renfermée sur elle même, un peu timide, elle est amoureuse d'un garçon en secret mais elle n'oserait même pas imaginé que lui puisse éprouver la même chose. Un jour, elle fait la rencontre de son chien "Griotte" et bammmmm Vous n'avez plus qu'à le lire si vous voulez découvrir la suite. Les illustrations de Benjamin Lacombe sont toujours très chouettes. Dès le [...]

    7. Decent book. It would be a good book to have in the classroom but I wouldn't use it as a mentor text. It comes across sad to me, evening at the ending.

    8. Vagar por una librería sin un objetivo determinado tiene sus peligros: no es raro que me pase por la sección de álbumes ilustrados y me acabe leyendo uno del tirón Juro que no lo hago adrede, pero no lo puedo evitar, y eso es lo que sucedió con el librito que hoy les muestro: "Cereza, Guinda". Cereza es una niña regordeta que pasa mucho tiempo sola, pues sus compañeros se ríen de ella por su físico; si no fuera por los libros, que le encantan, su vida sería insoportablemente triste Un [...]

    9. Date: September 29th, 2014Author: Benjamin LacombeTitle: Cherry and OlivePlot: Cherry Sullivan (the girl who hates cherries) is a city girl who lives with her father, who works in the animal shelter next to their apartment. Cherry is a very quiet girl that does not want to be noticed by anyone, including her classmates and Angelo, a boy that she likes, but is afraid to approach. She finds a friend in a quiet dog who is in the shelter whom she calls Olive. She wants to keep Olive, but is afraid t [...]

    10. Otro cuento corto de la mano del joven ilustrador francés Benjamin Lacombé. En esta ocasión Cereza Sullivan es una niña de unos 9 años que vive con su padre y le ayuda con la perrera que éste ostenta. Es una niña solitaria que prefiere pasar los patios del colegio con la nariz metida entre sus gruesos libros de aventuras que relacionándose con el resto que compañeros. Esta actitud le lleva a ser considerada la marginada del colegio de la que todo el mundo se ríe. Sin embargo, un buen d [...]

    11. What is it about pictures of cute animals with expressive, sad, droopy faces? It does something to me every time I see one, and I want to cry buckets. And when you couple sad-looking animals with sad-looking children’s all the sadness. ALL OF IT. Cherry and Olive has sad, droopy children and animals in spades: Cherry is a sad, lonely girl, painfully shy, and without friends. Olive is the sad, abandoned puppy who turns up at Cherry’s father’s animal shelter. In Olive, Cherry finds her first [...]

    12. Juro que desde hace mas de un año he querido leer este libro por el mero hecho de que es uno de los primeros libros de Lacombe (eso y que tenía pinta de ser una monada).Y debo decir que me he encontrado con una linda historia bien acompañada por unas preciosas ilustraciones. Tal vez no se una de los libros más sorprendentes que he leído de Lacombe, pero debo reconocer que es fue un libro que se ha ganado mi cariño desde la primera página y me he encariñado tanto con Cereza y Guinda que m [...]

    13. The true star of this book is the artwork. I think the words are merely ok. The pictures, however, tell a beautiful and sad story. Melancholy. Lonely. Friend. Joy. I found the writing to be awkward and stilted. The words tend to struggle. The story is sweet, but very average. The art is sublime. I'd be ecstatic to find a version of this book with only illustrations. No words. Why five stars if the words of the story only rate a very average three stars? Because the art of Benjamin Lacombe is eas [...]

    14. Sweet story of a lonely little girl named Cherry who spends all of her time reading and doesn't have any friends. She bonds with a dog at the shelter where her dad works but, he cautions her not to become too attached because the owner of the dog could show up. When the owner does show up it's one of Cherry's classmates and they become friends. The illustrations are lovely in this book. They show the emotions of the characters and paint the loneliness Cherry feels throughout the book.

    15. This is a melancholy story of a little girl named Cherry who has no friends and immerses herself in the world of books. But then she befriends a little puppy she names Olive, a dog at her father's animal shelter. If the owners don't come for a month, then Cherry will be able to keep her. Cherry hopes that she won't lose her only friend, but in the end, gains another. It's a serious story, but one that children can relate to and feel emphathy for the little girl.

    16. A bullied little girl finds a friend in an unusual-looking Shar-Pei dog she finds at the animal shelter. Cherry and Olive manages to combine two prominent humane education issues--bullying and pet adoption. The melancholy illustrations may be a bit too much for tiny tots, but slightly older children will appreciate it.

    17. Content notes for this book: bullying, fatphobiaThis is a book with a lot of little details that will be a bit of a hidden surprise hunt for adults, especially for those adults who grew up as bookish kids. The story is quite sweet, and speaks to the experience of being bullied for being different, and connecting with other people (or animals) who can empathize.

    18. This book is a little sad with a stroke or two of happiness.Poor Cherry has a terrible name, she is an unattractive, shy charactere falls in love with a dog at the shelterbut of coursee owners come back to claim himIt like how it endedbut still leaves me feeling a little depressed.

    19. A cute story about a little girl who didn't have a lot of friends, but preferred reading to socializing. The illustrations are hauntingly beautiful, even a little sad sometimes. I love how the emotions are so easily identifiable from the artwork. The ending is nice and hopeful, even if a little Pollyanna.

    20. "Cereza Guinda" es un cuento precioso que transmite a la perfección el amor por los animales del autor. Un cuento en el que las ilustraciones son el complemento perfecto para esta bonita historia, como siempre pasa con los cuentos de Benjamin Lacombe.Reseña completa: words-street15/2014/07/

    21. This book is beautifully illustrated! The facial expressions on the characters is very striking. The universal theme of being lonely and wanting a friend is perfect for an illustrator with such detail.

    22. With wonderfully dark illustrations Cherry and Olive is a delightfully french story about a little girl named Cherry who doesn't fit in, and a wrinkly dog named Olive who comes into Cherry's life and helps her belong.

    23. This book is very sweet and well written. The illustrations compliment the text so well. Cherry is a very unhappy girl who finds a friend in a dog being held at her father's animal shelter. I can see using this book for reading and writing lessons next year.

    24. Siempre son bellos sus libros, ya está. No hay forma de que no ame a Benjamin Lacombe y Sebastian Perez. He dicho. La simpleza, la belleza y la ternura son las cosas que más me gustan. Definitivamente a mis favoritos. Lástima que sea tan corto. De este me gustarían unas 200 páginas más :D

    25. Sweet story and beautiful illustrations with hints of Benjamin Lacombe's other work. My first-grader pored over them as we read.I'm okay with the tidy ending because when I was a shy, sometimes-outcast book-lover I needed stories like this one to give me threads of hope.

    26. I love the art in this one. I also love the shy little girl and how she learned to open up. Classroom ConnectionThis book would be a great beginning for conversations about how to include others. Might be a great intro into a kindness character lesson.

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