The Naughtiest Girl Again

The Naughtiest Girl Again

Enid Blyton / Feb 22, 2020

The Naughtiest Girl Again The naughtiest girl in the school is back And this term she is trying to be good But someone wants to spoil things for her And they are not going to let her forget how she got her nickname

  • Title: The Naughtiest Girl Again
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 0000340917709
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • The naughtiest girl in the school is back And this term she is trying to be good But someone wants to spoil things for her And they are not going to let her forget how she got her nickname

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        Enid Mary Blyton 1897 1968 was an English author of children s books.Born in South London, Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading She was educated at St Christopher s School, Beckenham, and having decided not to pursue her music at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to editor Hugh Pollock, with whom she had two daughters This marriage ended in divorce, and Blyton remarried in 1943, to surgeon Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters She died in 1968, one year after her second husband.Blyton was a prolific author of children s books, who penned an estimated 800 books over about 40 years Her stories were often either children s adventure and mystery stories, or fantasies involving magic Notable series include The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Five Find Outers, Noddy, The Wishing Chair, Mallory Towers, and St Clare s.According to the Index Translationum, Blyton was the fifth most popular author in the world in 2007, coming after Lenin but ahead of Shakespeare.See also her pen name Mary Pollock


    1. Not quite as good as the first one, for a number of probably nit-picky reasons, but still a pretty good story. They probably should have renamed our protagonist the Angriest Girl for this instalment

    2. Mais um semestre no colégio Whyteleafe e desta vez a Elizabeth comprometeu-se a ser uma boa menina mas alguém vai-lhe fazer a vida negra, e ela não vai deixar passar isso em branco.

    3. "The Naughtiest Girl Again" is one of my favorite books.This book is about a girl named Elizabeth who wants to be goodat this term of the school year, and not the same naughty girl she was last term. But someone wants to make her miserable, and show everyone the naughty side of her instead of the nice one.At the end Elizabeth succeeds at dealing with all her problems andshe's doing well in school.I chose this book because it looked interesting and because I had itlying around my house but I neve [...]

    4. My children love these. I'd missed them as a child and have to say I'm a Mallory Towers girl myself but they both adore these so it has to be 5 stars.

    5. Masih lebih oke seri pertama, meski tetep aja seri kedua ini enjoyable to read 👍🏻. Elizabeth makin dewasa meski tetep masih emosional yang menyeretnya ke beberapa masalah yang diceritakan di buku ini.Agak aneh ama mudahnya Robert untuk curhat saat RB mengenai alasan dia suka menindas yang lebih kecil. Dari sisi usia, jenis kelamin, dan karakternya kayaknya ga cocok aja gitu. Jadi emang buku ini seolah gampang banget menyelesaikan masalah tuh.Cuma yowis lah. Namanya juga buku anak-anak. Pas [...]

    6. Ketika membaca judulnya, aku sudah menebak jika buku ini berseri dan ini bukan seri pertama. Aku pun meluncur ke dan jika aku tidak salah pengertian, buku ini merupakan seri kedua dari total 10 seri yang Enid tulis. Meskipun langsung melompat ke seri kedua namun tetap bisa diikuti dengan baik. Jalan ceritanya bisa berdiri sendiri meskipun tokoh di dalamnya tetap sama (hanya ada penambahan dua tokoh baru). Dan ketika membaca seri kedua ini, aku bisa merasakan ada perkembangan dari karakter tokoh [...]

    7. Buku ini bercerita tentang permusuhan Elizabeth dengan Robert, dan kisah bagaimana Kathleen menjadi sangat membenci Jenny dan Elizabeth tapi kemudian karena suatu kejadian yang sangat mengejutkan dan membahagiakan bagi Kathleen—karena dia mendapat kesempatan untuk berubah dengan bantuan semua temannya di Whyteleafe—Kathleen dapat berubah menjadi gadis periang dengan lesung pipit manis yang muncul saat ia tersenyum.Selain itu juga diceritakan kenapa Robert bersikap nakal pada anak yang lebih [...]

    8. Tahun kedua Elizabeth Allen di mulai. Walaupun sudah merubah sikap dari tahun lalu, namun kali ini perjuangannya untuk menahan diri dari amarah akan lebih sulit karena ada anak baru bernama Robert yang begitu senang bersaing dengannya dalam hal apapun.Banyak teman-teman baru Elizabeth di tahun kedua ini, selain Joan, Harry, dan Richard. Persahabatannya dengan John si penggemar berkebun pun semakin membaik, lalu ada Jennifer, murid baru yang lucu, dan juga ada Kathleen yang pendengki dan tentunya [...]

    9. Me being a fan of young adult books was not very keen in reading an enid blyton book which was something i use to when i was 10 years old (im 15 now) but it was a gift from a friend of who knows absolutely nothing about novels but it would be ungrateful on my side by not reading it so i did and i liked it, i found a potential pair in robert and elizabeth n i wish they could which was VERY Unlikely considering the age of the characters and the author but still their fights and friendship was the [...]

    10. Nggak lagi pengin jadi anak nakal biar dikeluarin dari sekolah, Elizabeth mendapat beberapa masalah karena hot-tempered-nya.

    11. I adore Enid Blyton's books, and in particular I love the Naughtiest Girl trilogy. From the writing style and subject matter it is very obvious the decade the book was written, but that doesn't detract from the wonderful story it tells. Elizabeth is a loveable character who has a hot temper, one that I'm sure many of us can relate to. Her interactions with the other characters are honest and true and is one of the things I love the most about this book.The plot is so unbelievably simple it's dif [...]

    12. This book was as good or even better than the first to me. While Elizabeth continued to have some problems to resolve, other characters had issues and learned to cope! I, especially, like how the characters think about their problems and do something to correct their mistakes. I think that saying sorry all the time is a great lesson for young readers to learn. It is hard to admit making a mistake and often harder to apologize!! Something Kathleen said stood out: “It is our own selves that make [...]

    13. Elizabeth Allen returns to Whyteleafe wanting to do her best but ends up getting into some trouble again. There are three new students this time, one a fun and friendly girl but the others a bully and a somewhat spiteful girl. While EB has had ‘nasty’ students cured in other school stories too, what makes this one different is the fact that the students themselves realise that there are reasons behind such aberrations and if these are addressed the behaviour itself goes away—showing more p [...]

    14. After I have read the beginning of "The Naughtiest Girl Again" I liked three things about it. One of the reasons that I liked this book is because the main character, Elizabeth, tries to change during this term. One example she gives during this story is that she tries to be friends with everybody and she tries not to break any rules. I really liked this book because every thing that is happening to Elizabeth represents a real life story. It can happen to anyone that goes to a boarding or a norm [...]

    15. isa dikatakan buku ini adalah sekuel dari buku Cewek Paling Badung di Sekolah dan prekuel dari buku Si Badung Jadi Pengawas. Sayangnya saya belum punya kedua judul lainnya, tapi jangan takut tanpa membaca buku "Cewek Paling Badung di Sekolah" pembaca tidak akan merasa kesulitan membaca buku ini. Di awal cerita sempat diceritakan sedikit kisah Elizabeth di semester sebelumnya.Ceritanya benar-benar seruuuuuu! Di buku ini dikisahkan perjuangan Elizabeth Allen yang di semester sebelumnya dijuluki ce [...]

    16. Children's Fiction.The story that shows when supposed naughty children do have a heart of gold.I've been a strong Enid Blyton fan for years. The Naughtiest Girl is a series that I grew up with whilst at Primary School which is now a long while ago. The series revolves around one main protagonist: Elizabeth Allen who is shipped off to a co-educational boarding school after one too many pranks on her governess. This story is the second in the series and picks up what was left of the first book. It [...]

    17. Given that my childhood had been spent reading, amongst many, many other books, The Faraway Tree series (in the days when Fanny was not yet Frannie, Dame Slap not yet Dame Snap) and, to a lesser extent, the Famous Five and Secret Seven books, I was rather surprised when I came across this book, the second of what I believe to be a series of four, that had obviously passed me by until now.Arguably reading a book 'meant' for children as an adult is different to reading that book as a child and, y [...]

    18. Masih bercerita tentang Elizabeth Allen dan teman temannya di sekolah asrama Whyteleafe. Sementara Elizabeth, si anak manja dan keras kepala, berjuang menjadi anak yang baik dan berprestasi, ada saja hal-hal yang membuatnya melanggar peraturan-peraturan di sekolah. Ada persaingan dengan Robert yang tak kalah badung, dan permusuhan dengan Kathleen yang tersulut tanpa sengaja.Uniknya adalah betapapun Elizabeth mencoba berbuat baik, ada saja yang tak sesuai rencana. saya sangat suka melihat "metamo [...]

    19. This second go at Enid Blyton was a lot better than the first. I managed to get over the fact it feels very dated and just ran with the scenario. In this book the central character has settled into her new school but still has some problems dealing with her quick temper and impetuosity. This book also deals with the time old problem of how one tackles bullies. It is a bit simplistic in its analysis of why people bully but on the whole it fosters the idea that violence towards someone who is viol [...]

    20. This book is so funny! As Elizabeth tries to be good this term, someone else is trying to keep her bad! This book just will not stop me from giggling! I have taken this book all around the world from Hong Kong to the Philippines to Finland! At the moment it is in a really poor condition because it has even been in the water! I just can't stop reading this, it just pulls you in! I just love the way she uses those adjectives! Enid Describes every single little thing with extreme detail just to mak [...]

    21. masih bercerita tentang Ellizabeth Allen yang pada awalnya sudah berniat untuk tidak menjadi siswa yang nakal lagi. Ia merasa betah di sekolah asrama dan ingin menjadi siswa yang baik. Namun, ternyata semua itu sulit berjalan mulus. Ellizabeth seringkali tidak sabar dan gampang tersulut amarahnya apabila melihat ketidakadilan. Ellizabeth juga seringkali belum mampu berpikir panjang dan bertindak tanpa memikirkan resikonya. Hal yang menarik adalah karena Ellizabeth sebenarnya baik hati dan selalu [...]

    22. What a "jolly good" book!! Really enjoyed it. This was recommended to my by my 7 year old niece, who loves this series. I think all Enid Blyton books are hard to find in Canada, which is a shamebut if you can track one down it's worth it.This book is about Elizabeth and her boarding school. I love the idea of how her school runs, the characters are all interesting and different and there is always something happening. It also covers a lot of wise lessons you can take from it.

    23. We're back with Elizabeth for a another term at Whyteleafe school. This time though Elizabeth is happy to be back and wants to be on her best behaviour this term. But somebody wants her to get into trouble and is trying to get her in trouble. Again I did enjoy this book and not much happens. Hopefully I'll pick up the next one soon.

    24. I love how Elizabeth grows in each book and it was so wonderful to see how Robert and Kathleen morphed into such nice, lovely people! Also, is it wrong that I totally ship Elizabeth and John? I NEED THE REST OF THE SERIES.

    25. Expectations: Nostalgia.Positives: As expected, nostalgia. Feeling virtuous and like I want to be a better person. Crying for Elizabeth's disappointments and triumphs. Negatives: I can't bring myself to say anything negative about Enid Blyton.

    26. Saya sungguh menyukai Karakter Elizabeth di buku ini.Dia anak badung yang bermetamorfosis memjadi anak yang membanggakan. Di buku ini kita harus menyadari bahwa hanya anak badung hanya perlu penanganan yang tepat.Bukan Jugdement dari orang tua

    27. Butuh waktu lebih lama bacanya dibandingkan seri pertama (Cewek Paling Badung di Sekolah). Agak bosen, padahal ceritanya ya seru-seru aja. Kayaknya lebih karena aku yang nggak terlalu suka cerita anak. Hehe. :)

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