The Mythology Class: A Graphic Novel

The Mythology Class: A Graphic Novel

Arnold Arre / Sep 21, 2019

The Mythology Class A Graphic Novel The Mythology Class is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Filipino comic creator Arnold Arre It was originally published by the author under his own Tala Comics Publishing in four issues in

  • Title: The Mythology Class: A Graphic Novel
  • Author: Arnold Arre
  • ISBN: 9715082793
  • Page: 171
  • Format: None
  • The Mythology Class is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Filipino comic creator Arnold Arre It was originally published by the author under his own Tala Comics Publishing in four issues in 1999, and was collected into a special edition by Adarna House in September of 2005.The story centers on University of the Philippines Anthropology student Nicole Lacson, a girThe Mythology Class is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Filipino comic creator Arnold Arre It was originally published by the author under his own Tala Comics Publishing in four issues in 1999, and was collected into a special edition by Adarna House in September of 2005.The story centers on University of the Philippines Anthropology student Nicole Lacson, a girl who holds a passionate love for Filipino myths passed down from her grandfather Together with a motley assortment of companions, she meets the mysterious Mrs Enkanta and races to recapture enkantos supernatural creatures who have escaped and are causing havoc in the human world The story also references historical and mythological Filipino heroes like Kubin, Sulayman and Lam ang from enpilipinas

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        Arnold Arre born September 2, 1971 in Metro Manila, Philippines is a Filipino comic book writer, artist and self taught animator best known for his graphic novels The Mythology Class 1999 and Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat 2006.Arnold Arre has won National Book Awards from the Manila Critics Circle for his graphic novels The Mythology Class 1999 , a four part action adventure miniseries and Trip to Tagaytay 2000 , a one shot future fiction short story The Mythology Class, which has been described as genre breaking , has the distinction of being the first graphic novel to win in the Manila Critics Circle National Book Awards Comic Books category Arre s other titles include the romantic comedy After Eden 2002 , Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat 2006 , and Martial Law Babies 2008.Aside from his comics work, Arre did numerous design and illustration jobs for various clients such as the San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts and Sony BMG Music Entertainment Philippines He also took part in local and international group exhibits and has had a one man fantasy themed show, Mythos in 2000 In 2007, producer Tony Gloria of Unitel Productions optioned the film rights to Arre s novel Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat Arre has mentioned in an April 2014 interview that the project is still under development In 2011, Arre studied the art of animation and made a 4 minute short film titled Andong Agimat Kanya ang Kalye based on the main character in his book Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat In November 2011 he was commissioned by Gang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines NHCP to make an animated music video for Kaninong Anino in celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Filipino hero Jose Rizal The following year, he was commissioned by Rock Ed Philippines and the NHCP to make an animated music video for Lupang Hinirang, the Philippine National Anthem which was broadcast on national television on June 12, 2012, Independence Day Philippines 9 In September 2012, he did a series of educational animated videos titled Tandaan Kalayaan Alagaan to mark the 40th anniversary of the Philippines freedom from Martial Law The series was commissioned by Rock Ed Philippines and the National Youth Commission Philippines In July 2013, Arre finished his first 20 minute animated short film titled Milkyboy The film went on to win awards at the 25th Gawad CCP Para Sa Alternatibong Pelikula in November 2013, the 7th Animahenasyon Philippine Animation Festival in November 2013, and the 30th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival LAAPFF in May 2014 where Arre was awarded the Linda Mabalot New Directors New Visions Award, presented to a short film that demonstrates innovative and original use of cinematic language and vision Arre is based in Quezon City and is married to graphic designer Cynthia Bauzon from


    1. I heard about this from my book club friends around two years ago, but it was already out of print so I knew my only chances of reading this was borrowing it from someone. Of course, that plan never materialized because it wasn't such a high priority book for me. Come Komikon 2014, I saw some friends carrying copies of the new editions of The Mythology Class during the book discussions so I made a mental note to get it afterwards. So I did (and was pleasantly surprised that Arnold Arre was there [...]

    2. The recent Komikon, its tenth iteration and appropriately named Komikon X, saw the one of the most important book launches in recent years. It returned to print arguably the most important modern Philippine graphic novel. For its fifteenth anniversary, Chamber Shell Publishing, through its Nautilus Comics imprint brought back The Mythology Class by Arnold Arre.I heard the hype and the legend behind this book. I figured to be the judge of that with my purchase of this phonebook-like tome from the [...]


    4. "But if there is one thing missing from this age it's magic. The world has changed so much that we started creating our own magic." The story centers on UP anthropology student Nicole Lacson, a girl who holds a passionate love for Filipino myths passed down from her grandfather. Together with a motley assortment of companions, she meets the mysterious Mrs. Enkanta and races to recapture the escaped enkantos (or supernatural creatures) in the human world. The story also invokes historical and myt [...]

    5. As usual, Arnold Arre does not disappoint.I will always, always remember with a smile the quirky name of this book, "Mythology Class", mostly because it's true. Even though there are interestingly awe-inspiring, incredibly dramatic, definitely heart-pounding events in this book, at the heart of it all we find a band of "students" who learn more about the mythological world of the Philippines.Read this book, if only to reorient yourself in the Filipino tales of old. Read this book, if only to beh [...]

    6. Seriously? Slow clap and standing ovation, you guys. I am so disappointed I've only read this now. ANG GALING MO, ARNOLD ARRE. ANG GANDA NITO SOBRA. This book is crafted to relive the now gone and buried mythological stories of our country. I've enjoyed this sobra! I can read this over and over again. It's action-packed, rich in Filipino culture and mythology, the hilarious sense of humor, and amazing art!

    7. "Anyone who loves Philippine folklore would enjoy Arre’s fantastical and visually mesmerizing story about a motley crew of university students with unique skills and talents who gets caught up in an ancient quest to capture all sorts of magical creatures in urban Metro Manila. Aside from the fantasy elements, there’s also comedy, a whole lot of action and even romance! (Oh, the romance!)" Continue reading our review here.Please note: We don't use ratings but for this purpose, we tag books wi [...]

    8. i had a dream. a ghost lady was calling me and told me i was needed. i, along with a few others had dreamt of the same ghost and were called to attend a particular class. this was the class that helped me get away from it all. the best class i’ve attended yet. short-lived, yet enchanting there i was at crack of dawn, roused by the ghost lady’s visit in my dream, found a flyer directing me to the location of this particular class, took a quick shower and went straight to krus na ligas–the v [...]

    9. Loved how it referenced Filipino mythology and seamlessly combined it in a modern setting. Would've loved to be immersed more in the mythology's universe but what I've read I loved a lot. This is a very fun read! 👍

    10. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! :DTotal must read.I usually feel lethargic when I finish a book I like but coming to the last page of The Mythology Class had me feeling excited and giddy and out of my mind in the best possible way.I enjoyed it thoroughly. Plot's amazing and paced very well though I feel like the story could have benefited from a more drawn out rising action. It felt a little rushed is all. The characters are unique not only in terms of personality, skill and wit but in aesthetics [...]

    11. Out of all the reviews, am I the only one who gave it 3 stars? I don't know, if I probably read it before reading After Eden, or before Trese or Mythspace came, I'll probably rate it higher, but reading it right now - the concept really doesn't feel fresh to me. Or maybe I was just too emotionally invested with Arre's other work, After Eden, and was expecting the same feels. Don't get me wrong though, I'm bummed out every time I had to close the book for I while from reading it during my mornin [...]

    12. Friend loaned me this book. It's interesting for some background into Filipino mythology. I begin to think something may be wrong with me + graphic novels, but I I just don't like them that much. I felt this one had too many one-dimensional characters, the plot seemed to be all over the place, I didn't have much investment in well, anything in the book. I guess some interesting art/ideas but ideas that seemed like I should be able to fill in the details or know why this point in the story was [...]

    13. This was a very engrossing read that I would highly recommend to anyone. It's easy to see how this book helped usher in the current comic scene we're enjoying right now, because it's definitely inspiring, and serves as an eye opener on how you can infuse our rich local mythology and update it to contemporary times. This is required reading, IMO.

    14. Another masterpiece from Filipino Comic artist/writer Arnold Arre! I remember back in high school when I would wait for my friends at our meeting place at National Bookstore, I'd actually see & try to read this graphic novel. I used to remember how amazed I would be, realizing this was a Filipino Graphic novel about Philippine Mythology! I felt bad that I wasn't able to grab a copy then, since I couldn't afford one (& because I had to prioritize saving my lunch money for PS2 games & [...]

    15. SO. SO. GOOD. This graphic novel stole my heart. I love, love, Philippine Mythology and I have been collecting books about it for the past year. The Mythology Class was actually recommended by a friend for some time now but it took me months before I found it in the bookstore. So without second thoughts, I bought it. And now it was already one of my most prized treasures. The art was good, the dialogues were fantastic and the story itself was so beautiful it will make anyone fall in love with Ph [...]

    16. This comic book fuses a rendition of Filipino Mythology and modern settings to create an action-fulfilled fiction story. It is based on a group college students being recruited by descendants of Bantugan to train, fight, and work together to capture mythical creatures that’ve escaped into their era. Fair warning, this book does contain sensitive material and it’s a long read, but I found the artwork and accurate depictions/portrayals of the creatures intriguing enough to keep me interested i [...]

    17. Now this is a meaty graphic novel. Graphic novels for me are usually quick reads, which is good, but sometimes I'm left wanting more details. The Mythology Class, on the other hand, does not skimp on said details, so you get a rich story.

    18. I now get it why this book is responsible for spearheading the current komiks scene in the Philippines.A few pages into the book, it really did made me go, "I want to make komiks as awesome as this!"

    19. Greek and Roman mythology, Japanese mythology, Norse mythology, a lot has been written about mythology from other countries. Here in the Philippines, there are books written about it, and the whispers of older adults carry stories about creatures in the province that can carry babes off into the night. Or about the dangers of pregnant women driving on their own in the evening. Maybe I’ve just been ignorant about majority of these stories or published novels, or maybe I didn’t pay too much at [...]

    20. The Mythology Class was first released in 1999. I was just nine years old then, and the only form of komiks I knew was the kind that sidewalk vendors lend to customers for like P3.00 per read. But I've been fascinated with Philippine mythology since I was a kid. This fascination grew enormously when I discovered its integration to the world of Pinoy komiks about five years ago. Then, I stumbled upon The Mythology Class. As I read through the blurbs and introductions to the book, I learned that i [...]

    21. My only regret was that I never heard of this graphic novel when I was in first year high school (1999). That being said, I'm glad that I finally got a copy of this hard-to-find series when I have almost given up hope.The Mythology Class is a perfect blend of Filipino myth, fantasy, comedy and a little romance when the heroes are not busy fighting kapres, manananggals, imps and the deadly aswangs. I remember reading the epic stories of Lam-ang, Sulayman, Bantugan and Handiong when I was in grade [...]

    22. Wait, is it really a trend today that we explore our old myths, which say much about us as Filipinos? In that case, I consider this book to be a must-read for those who love Filipino comic books. A lot of things here show us not only about our myths, legends, and heroes of old but also the way we live as Filipinos. Add panels full of action, comedy, and a bit of drama, and you are in for the ride.But then, I say the same thing as with other Filipino graphic novels that depict myths, maybe with T [...]

    23. My friend recommended this to me after hearing my rave reviews on Trese. The first part of the book had me scratching in my head and wanting to bang the heads of the characters because there were just too many of them! Some of them were kinda getting lost along the way but I eventually did love this book, especially the latter part. The action scenes were incredibly intense! Story-wise, I think I loved the darker Trese more (also loved the illustrations more). I found that The Mythology Class ha [...]

    24. I'm not sure if the same goes for all Arre's books, but I find the love story angle on this one cheesy. though its far better compared to that of After Eden's, where I found myself wincing with every cheese-filled-candy-dipped-in-syrup-and-artificial-sweetener line. The whole fantasy-meets-reality thing really gets to me, I'm a sucker for those things. and to think that it's Philippine Mythology! most of the stories I know about the matter came from Adarna childrens' books, so reading this was a [...]

    25. 2016 Read 2/N - "The Mythology Class" by Arnold ArreI'm not really into graphic novels but when I saw this gem at a bookstore, I did not hesitate to buy it.It is definitely a good read. I have always been a fan of mythologies so reading a work incorporating Philippine mythology really piqued my interest. I even learned about deities I haven't heard before, that is Apolaki and Sitan. The writings were in English save for the lines of a character or two. I really think this deserves a sequel or a [...]

    26. my mother saw this picture of gerard way and said he looked like an enkanto, and almost definitely was one. "but in a cool way," i insisted. "no, just in a weird way," she replied. (view spoiler)[no WAY were any puns intended there. (hide spoiler)](whatever, enkantos are still cool. fight me mother.) don't really know what the point of this anecdote was except that this book reminded me of it lmao

    27. The original millennial komiks? I must say, this is the pioneer in retelling the wonder of Pinoy mythology in a modern setting! I am still in awe Mr Arre, for even after 17(?!) years, your story will touch the hearts of those who read it! Thank the gods for bringing you and this work to inspire generations! And thank the gods for having the opportunity to have met you at summer Komikon 2016, and have my copy signed!Woo!!! I seriously just finished reading and I'm definitely hungover!! What an ad [...]

    28. I'm glad that my friend recommended this to me. I found the addition of Philippine folklore and myths in a story set in modern times really nice and all so interesting. The characters each had unique personalities and I appreciated that. I'm pretty sure everything about it was awesome and overall, it's a great book!

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