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Horrorscape Val receives a calling card from a very dangerous boy who wants to play with her It s a game without rules logic or consequence and he ll stop at nothing to claim her as his even if it means destro

  • Title: Horrorscape
  • Author: Nenia Campbell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Val receives a calling card from a very dangerous boy who wants to play with her It s a game without rules, logic, or consequence, and he ll stop at nothing to claim her as his even if it means destroying them both.Three years ago, Valerian Kimble got herself entangled with a burgeoning sociopath intent on adding her to his own columns of wins and losses She managed to eVal receives a calling card from a very dangerous boy who wants to play with her It s a game without rules, logic, or consequence, and he ll stop at nothing to claim her as his even if it means destroying them both.Three years ago, Valerian Kimble got herself entangled with a burgeoning sociopath intent on adding her to his own columns of wins and losses She managed to escape him, but at a terrible costThis time it s personal.Now a high school senior, Val is a pale shadow of the girl she once was and still recovering from the terrible trauma she suffered at his hands She is understandably reluctant when her friends receive mysterious invitations to a theme party being held in one of the old manor homes on the edge of town.Right away, something about the party seems off The other guests are secretive, and strangely hostile Cell phones don t work Doors lock and unlock, seemingly at will And the festivities start to take a turn for the sinister as the evening progresses Because their host loves games Loves them so much that he s decided to make a little wager The deadline is sunrise The stakes Their lives.Let the games begin.

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    1. Which of us will be the monster then, hmmm? Beauty, or the poor beguiled beast? You won the battle last time, my dear, but unfortunately you lost the war. This time, you win nothing. I'll make sure of it.She new she should run, but her legs wouldn't move. She new she should fight, but her hands were no longer under her command. She could still resist, but even that was slowly beginning to fade. He left her feeling dead inside; like a neurotoxin, he killed off her senses one by one.The game you h [...]

    2. Book #1: FearscapeBook #3: TerrorscapeHorrorscapeOh, wow! I think there's a I don't know what inside me that makes me extremely drawn to this series. Don't get me wrong! Should I meet a Gavin-like man in real life, I'd run like hell to the nearest police station. Or maybe not. Because he'd be smart enough to make me look like a crazy person. And yet, at the safety of my Kindle, I'm lured to him. What does it feel like to have such a disregard for morals, laws and rules? And not have your conscie [...]

    3. Iron Man approves!! Loved it! :)After finishing Fearscape yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about Gavin and what would happen in the next book. I imagined all kinds of scenarios, which is why I wasn't surprised when (view spoiler)[Gavin decided to play God with his Queen and pawns in his morbid game of suicide chess or when Val managed to escape her predator yet again (hide spoiler)]. What amazed the hell out of me was (view spoiler)[the presence of death. (hide spoiler)]I mean (view spoiler)[ [...]

    4. 5 I-need-more-alcohol-in-my-system-to-digest-this Stars !!!“Why me?” “Because I lie awake at night, dreaming of all the things I want to do to your body, of leaving marks on your skin so that everyone knows that you are mine. And only mine . But you fight yourself even as you fight me, and I love that, too. I love watching you squirm, because it gives me some idea of how you'll look when I'm inside you. I want to be your last thought at night, and your first taste at dawn. I want to teach [...]

    5. **Halloween Week Read** Last year I read Captive in the Dark & Seduced in the Dark with a group of friends for Halloween. Horrorscape series is this year's read. Horrorscape is set three years after Fearscape and Val is in her senior year of high school and now dating, James. Val's stalker is back and he wants revenge. A game of SUICIDE CHESS is set up by the Stalker. Suicide Chess Rules:(*)Capturing is mandatory if available to you. (*)When more than one capture is available, the player may [...]

    6. TRIGGER Warning: as I mentioned last time this series is dark and it deals with a darker content that contains violence and attempted rape.First of all, let me just say that Inge's review pretty much mirrored my feels for this book. Horrorscape seems to pay tribute to the basic premise of The Forbidden Game –girl in mysterious house with lots of locked rooms and a villainous love interest who is determined to make her “his,” all the while terrorizing her friends and her in a nightmarish se [...]

    7. *~*~*2.5/3 Sucker Punched Stars*~*~*"Are you frightened? Do I frighten you? I should. Because first you must play the game for more than you can afford to lose. Sacrifice everything. Learn true fear.Uhmmmm, YESJohnny I have gone mad because this story is so out of left field. Wasn't sure if its Gavin that needs to die or Valerian for being so stupid. Horrorscape picks up exactly where Fearscape concluded. With the exception that 3 years have passed since Valerian has seen or heard from Gavin. So [...]

    8. Horrorscape reminded me of a non-supernatural, scarier version of The Forbidden Game, but it was definitely more disturbing and a whole lot more twisted. Gavin is an amazing I don't want to call him a love interest, because there's not a grain of love in his body. He's an amazing villain. What a psycho. Evil, calculating, possessive, clever. Clever villains are always the scariest. He knows perfectly well what he's doing. Every step is part of his plan. His game - diabolical.I really liked Lisa [...]

    9. This whole book I kept screaming Run Dang it Run! Val just wouldn't listen to me. Stubborn woman. Val and friends get a party invite that they all want to go to. It's in that snooty part of town. When they get there the host is justwell he's bonkers. Not a horror book in the classic sense but just creepy enough that those chills run up your back.

    10. 4.5 "You've been mindf*cked" stars It's been 3 years since the events of Fearscape. Val have tried to move on with her life but she is not the same girl she was. She isn't on the track team anymore ,she goes to therapy and it's constantly trying to chase the shadows away.She thinks she will never be safe again, that someday, when she least expects it, he will chase her.She is used, to name-calling and people leaving threatening letters or try to mess up with her.Until she receives a card, inviti [...]

    11. ”You won the battle last time, my dear, but ultimately you lost the war. This time, you win nothing. I’ll make sure of it.”Guess what? Valerian’s friends are invited to a party! The host is some mystery guy named GM (yeah). Even though Valerian has her suspicions about this party she goes because her boyfriend and best friend thinks it will be a GOOD time. It’s a white party (white- chess; GM-Gavin any warning bells ringing?) Once Val and her friends enter this creepy large home and me [...]

    12. CheckmateRendered speechless yet again, thats not nice Nenia, ending a book like thatwell i will get to that later. Song choices: "Under the Gun" by the Killers, and "Hunter" by 30 Seconds to Mars. also "Fall Into the Sky" by Zedd featuring Ellie GouldingFirst thoughts, well first warnings first, This is a second to a series, if you have stumbled across this and you think that you might be interested in, with that being said, SUPER spoilers are going to be in this review FOR THE FIRST BOOK, mean [...]

    13. *****5 Heart-pounding Crazy Stars*****Wow - WOW - WOWSERS!!!What a freaking FANTASTIC story line - I just can't believe how amazing this book was - I honestly thought Nenia couldn't do better than the 1st book in this series (Fearscape) but she knocked my socks off with this one!I found myself holding my breath and realizing that my heart was pounding so fast while reading some of the scenes of this book. Nenia writes so fantastic that while I was reading it was like a movie was playing in my he [...]

    14. "Don't make me hurt you," he said softly. "Don't make me hurt your friends."Someone hand me two pain killers and a glass of water because my head is spinning. It was such a joy to once again reunite with Gavin and his twisted, possessive antics in Horrorscape. Four years have passed since Val faced off against the child psychopath Gavin and "won." She's dating James and is trying to live a normal life as possible. This will very soon all come crashing down. It all starts when Val's friends recei [...]

    15. Second book syndrome strikes again. Fearscape was one of my favorite reads 2014 and I've been meaning to read this for a while. It'd been sitting on my shelf for a while and, not bothering to read the blurb, I began. She hated the way her heart seized when she looked up from the lamp she was steadying with a shaking hand and saw him smile, because it wasn't entirely due to fear. The villains were always ugly in books and movies. Necessarily so, it seemed. Because if they were attractive—if the [...]

    16. Amazing sequel! You know those books that you really love and they're so good you even forget about eating? Well, that happened to me with both books on this series. I could not stop reading (even if I wanted to), this story was a page turner and a roller coaster of emotions.The only thing I know for sure is that I just won't get over this soon. That small part of me who held some kind of hope is now completely shattered.  I thought they were going to(view spoiler)[have a "good" ending (hide sp [...]

    17. Dear Nenia I kind of hate but at the same love you for this. What kind read was that?!In the beginning I was like OMG Val grow a backbone. Take lessons from Lisa here, at least she's showing some defiance. I get why she's scared but still!I took a little, okay a longer break from this than I thought and then finally picked it up again. In a Halloween mood I found myself turning the page and onto the next chapter, and the next and the, you get the idea.Anyway, this is a mix of 3.5 for the first h [...]

    18. I think I may have a bit of Stockholm Syndrome too!! I actually feel guilty for loving Gavin. A true psychopath. I enjoyed this book a teensy bit more only because they were older. In Fearscape Val was only 14 and it made it a little hard for me to relate to at times. I LOVED the whole creepy party! I cannot wait to start the last book in the series. Although, I have a feeling Gavin will be dead at the end. Which I guess it should be like thatOne question is driving me crazy thoughwhat the hell [...]

    19. Definitely not salvaging any romance here. Gavin goes from slightly psycho but still hot in a dark, twisted sort of way to raving psycho in a bat shit crazy sort of way. I said after reading Fearscape that Val really was not a worthy opponent; and I still feel that way. She just played into Gavin’s hands like a lamb to the slaughter. First she gets a threatening letter from someone that sounds remarkably like Gavin, at the same time that her friends get mysterious party invites from a complete [...]

    20. I don't know if any of you have heard of a manga called Liar Game.It's about a game where you start off with an enormous amount of money and then you partake in different games (Ex. Russian Roulette, musical chairs) to swindle your opponent's money. If you win, you can back out. But if you lose, you're saddled with a huge debt and have no choice but to keep playing, thus, getting more in debt. The key to winning these games are your wits. You're basically engaged in a huge mind game with your op [...]

    21. Brilliantly twisted and Obsessive, this story is so different After 3 years of trying to get back to some normality, Val receives a love letter and some flowers.At the same time her friends also receive letters.letters to invite them to a partyHer letter, their invites are they connected or just coincidenceCould he now be back? be back to claim Val once moreThis story continues 3 years on from FearscapeIt is so different to anything I've read and as before it leaves you with that feeling of What [...]

    22. Death chess.Cold, conniving,homocidal creepy pants versus THE BRIGADE OF TOTAL IDIOTS.So. Compared to FearscapeHorrscape is a hell of a lot better because Fearscape was so dull whereas Horrorscape I spent the whole book going "OMGOMGWHAT'SNEXT!" So, you know, suspenseful and well crafted and an addicting story.ON THE OTHER HAND I feel like Val's stupidity went up a notch. Like. Book 1, she's 14, she's allowed to make stupid mistakes. Book 2 she's confronted with a situation that reminds her of h [...]

    23. Another pretty cover! :D "The stakes? Their lives. Let the games begin."Dun dun dun.I want this book. Even though I haven't read the first one yet. o-o

    24. I finished this book hours ago, but I still haven't quite processed it yet. All I know is that it was really twisted, but REALLY amazing at the same time! If I had to sum Horrorscape up in a few words, it would probably be: intense, scary, and even pretty hot. My emotions were going everywhere the whole time I read it and I even found myself having to stop every once in a while for a breather. Some of the scenes were just so intense. I can't think of another way to describe it, so I'll probably [...]

    25. I have no words for what my brain’s processing right now. So I’m just going to express my emotions in gif/quote form.First:I want to play with you. I want to play suicide chess with you. You with your pawns, and me with mine. Together, we will level the playing field.Second:He gave her a searing, provocative look and moved lower, holding the fabric of her shirt aside so he could replace his fingers with his mouth. Where his lips touched, her skin caught fire.But then this happened (SPOILER!) [...]

    26. “The villains were always ugly in books and movies. Necessarily so, it seemed. Because if they were attractive, if their looks matched their charm and their cunning, they wouldn’t only be dangerous.They would be irresistible.”

    27. Actual rating: 2.5 starsI was really looking forward to reading Horrorscape, because I quite liked Fearscape. However, it disappointed me greatly.Reading Horrorscape was like watching a horror movie. You know in horror movies, there’s always a noise, and the characters always go after it? And despite you screaming “DON’T GO THERE, YOU WANNA GET KILLED?” they open the door and get killed anyways? And you tear your hair out, screaming because the characters were so stupid?Yeah, reading Hor [...]

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