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Suddenly A little pig is walking down the street unaware of the hungry wolf waiting around the corner when SUDDENLY the pig remembers he has left something behind and turns away at the last second leaving t

  • Title: Suddenly!
  • Author: Colin McNaughton
  • ISBN: 9781842706213
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • A little pig is walking down the street, unaware of the hungry wolf waiting around the corner, when SUDDENLY the pig remembers he has left something behind and turns away at the last second, leaving the wolf to fall flat on his face The wolf pursues the little pig throughout the day, but each time, quite unaware, the pig evades him until in the end the wolf gets his come A little pig is walking down the street, unaware of the hungry wolf waiting around the corner, when SUDDENLY the pig remembers he has left something behind and turns away at the last second, leaving the wolf to fall flat on his face The wolf pursues the little pig throughout the day, but each time, quite unaware, the pig evades him until in the end the wolf gets his come uppance in an unexpected and hilarious way SUDDENLY is an ideal book for young children, who will love the wicked humour and child centred repetition.

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        Growing up in his native England, the young Colin McNaughton had little indication that he would one day become an author illustrator There were no books at all in his parents home, he recalls, but there were always comics These were his formative literature, and their slapstick humor has been a lasting influence I ve been talking about the comic format for years, he says It s the modern way of telling stories for today s children it s about movement, the step between film and the book Colin McNaughton says he hated school The word school still gives me nightmares Opting for technical college, he admits he even made a mess of getting in there I d filled out the application wrong, and when I turned up for registration they d never heard of me So he worked at odd jobs for the next year before entering art school Although his first book was published while he was still in school, Colin McNaughton did not immediately become a full time artist He first tried editorial and advertising work, but did not find the satisfaction that he got out of creating children s books At the end of it, there it is, a book on the shelf, not like a newspaper in the gutter In fact, once you start thinking about it, it s a smashing job If the response to his books is any indication, children and adults seem to agree that Colin McNaughton is doing a smashing job Colin McNaughton lives in London with his wife.


    1. Preston the pig is being followed - by the Big Bad Wolf! What will Preston do (or not do) to avoid harm? Entertaining book that could also be used as an example of 'stranger-danger' avoidance for small children.

    2. This book is about a naughty wolf who follows a pig called Preston around trying to eat him but he keeps missing and falling flat on his face. In the end the wolf is taken away on a stretcher from falling so many times! It confirms that wolves are bad and that in the end Preston ends up safe in his mother's arms. The illustrations are amazing and really engage the children.This story is good for talking about what might happen next, the repetition of "Suddenly" is fun for the children and allows [...]

    3. Kindergarteners LOVED reading Suddenly and making predictions about the story! We couldn't believe that Preston the pig kept wiggling out of trouble without even realizing it! We got better and better at our predictions as the story went on, but most of us were STILL tricked at the end of the book!

    4. Based on the characters in the book, students will think they know how this will endbut unexpected twists turn up on every page! A great story to consider and write predictions, or to change the ending.

    5. This hilarious story is about a wolf who follows a pig around for a whole day without the pig even realizing it. Students will love to follow the adventures of this oblivious pig who always manages to escape the grasp of the wolf.

    6. This is a comic story of a wolf following a pig but not quite catching up with him. It is a good story to read as an alternative to 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. It did make me chuckle.

    7. This is one of my favorite stories to share during a story time or with an early grade class. Little Preston Pig narrowly escapes being pounced on by a wolf as he heads home from school and then goes on an errand for his mum. Of course the children all see the danger Preston is in and how things keep going terribly wrong for the wolf. It's all good fun and ends with a big HUG from Mum and Wolf being carted away on a hospital stretcher. Come to think of it, it's much like the old Wily Wolf and th [...]

    8. This is a very entertaining story about a young pig being stalked by a wolf. Danger lurks around every corner, but suddenly the pig unknowingly outwits his pursuer. The narrative is repetitive and the illustrations are hilarious. The story is sure to appeal to young children and I can imagine that it would work very well in a group storytime. We really enjoyed reading this book together.

    9. A young pig goes about his day as a wolf is chasing him around the town. The wolf is about to eat the pig when "SUDDENLY!". This repetitive line is repeated during every situation. And, as always, the pig ends up turning around at the right time (just in time to escape the wolf). A good book to teach predictions and cause and effect.

    10. Eh. My niece and I agree that Oops! was better (and I really didn't care much for that one, either). My niece and nephew barely laughed at Suddenly. In fact, I think the only page that got a chuckle out of them was the final one, and that's just because they appreciated that the author successfully tricked them.

    11. This is a cute story about a wolf that is creeping up on a pig all the time - but the pig changes his direction just in the knick of time. Cute story!We used it to talk about how to add suspense to our stories.

    12. I actually do not particularly care to read this book to my son as I find it too simple and repetitive but my son(3) made me read this book over and over again for about 6 months. He loved it! He is all about the big bad wolf and "scary" stories.

    13. A great story for teaching prediction and cause and effect. Preston the pig is having a busy day going shopping, going to school, and going to the park, but a hidden threat lurks at every cornere Big Bad Wolf. Will the wolf's wicked plans succeed, or will something surprising happen?

    14. This is such a funny book. Spoiler alert: This is a book about a pig and a wolf is always tring to eat him put the wolf is the only one who gets hurt

    15. Cute story about a wolf that tries to catch a pig all day. Good story to use as a read-aloud and having the students join in by saying Suddenly as you read.

    16. A perenial favorite from the bookshelf, Preston feels like someone is following him because someone issweet ending.

    17. A humorous tale about a pig who repeatedly avoids disaster. A read aloud could turn into a perfect exercise in prediction!

    18. This is one of those pure picture books where the words and illustrations blend together seamlessly. Kids love this scary and funny story of another adorable pig!

    19. Hilarious! I used this book for Read Across America Day and the 2nd and 3rd graders loved anticipating the next un-event.

    20. This is a story within a story. This is a cute book about the day in the life of a pig and the things that "SUDDENLY" happened to him.

    21. This is a great book for students to use to replicate with their writing. The author says "Suddenly" after each task that Preston the pig completes. The students would enjoy the story because it is a funny story that would definitely keep their attention.

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