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Freefall HE S HER ONLY HOPE Park ranger Hope Banning s plans for a little R R are put on hold when a plane crashes at the top of a remote mountain Hope will have to climb the summit and assess the situation An

  • Title: Freefall
  • Author: Jill Sorenson
  • ISBN: 9780373777952
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • HE S HER ONLY HOPE Park ranger Hope Banning s plans for a little R R are put on hold when a plane crashes at the top of a remote mountain Hope will have to climb the summit and assess the situation And the only climbing partner available is Sam Rutherford the enigmatic man she spent a night with six months ago FOR STAYING ALIVE Ever since Sam lost his girlfHE S HER ONLY HOPE Park ranger Hope Banning s plans for a little R R are put on hold when a plane crashes at the top of a remote mountain Hope will have to climb the summit and assess the situation And the only climbing partner available is Sam Rutherford the enigmatic man she spent a night with six months ago FOR STAYING ALIVE Ever since Sam lost his girlfriend in a falling accident, he insists on climbing solo But Hope and any potential survivors need his help As Sam and Hope set out on an emergency search and rescue mission, he realizes the sparks still sizzle between them And when they learn a killer is among the survivors, they must place their trust in each other for a chance at happiness.

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        Jill Sorenson is the RITA nominated author of than a dozen novels, including the Aftershock series with HQN She lives in the San Diego area with her husband and daughters.


    1. We met Sam the hero in the last book though he was in a coma, still unable to recover the memories of his fiancee's death. Sam was a champion Olympic climber, filthy rich, but he sold his company and now takes dangerous risks trying to feel. He is still in limbo.The heroine Hope is a park ranger, who uses her job to hide. Hide from emotion and the guilt of giving up her daughter ten years ago. She slept with the hero months ago and it didn't end well, he threw her out. So when her rafting trip w [...]

    2. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: B+We first got a glimpse of Sam in Aftershock when he was injured in an earthquake and sustained a head injury that left him in a coma and later with no memory of the past 6 months. Those missing 6 months include the death of his fiancée, a fact that he has to somehow remind himself of every morning when he wakes up expecting to see her next to him. She died in a climbing accident, both she and Sam were strong climbers, world class in Sam’ [...]

    3. I really liked Hope and Sam as a couple. There was always such drama going on around them though during their romance, that I wish the ending could have been drawn out a bit. Looking forward to Owen's and Penny's book! Although I must say that Faith and Jay's story almost took over the book.

    4. Review copy provided via NetGalleyWhy I Read this Book: It was the sampler for Freefall that was included in Aftershock, the first book in this series, that reeled me in. After reading Aftershock, I knew I wanted to read more of this unique type of romantic suspense. And I’m glad the author is writing books for some of the secondary characters first introduced in Aftershock.What I Liked: Sam and Hope both have secrets from their pasts, secrets they are each still trying to figure out how to de [...]

    5. 3.5*Book source ~ NetGalleyOn her way to start her vacation with her sister, Faith, park ranger Hope Banning gets a call that sends her to a plane crash on a mountain top. Hope persuades Faith to continue on to the white water rafting trip and tells her she’ll catch up when she’s done. Except this assessment and rescue turn out much different than Hope could have believed and now she and civilian Sam Rutherford as well as Faith and several others are fighting for their lives. This story is a [...]

    6. These books make me nervous the whole time I'm reading them. And then when I finish, I'm absolutely exhausted, like I was the one dealing with it all. Also, I get the impression that Jill Sorenson really loves an anti-hero. She makes you love and respect guys that are conventionally bad - or at least have done bad things. She really does the whole "people can change for the better" thing. Which I appreciate. At first I was a little disappointed when I realized book 2 of this series wouldn't feat [...]

    7. I like that the Aftershock series is a different brand of Romantic Suspense than what I’m used to--the stories base themselves around situational happenings, such as certain disasters, nature expeditions, sporting activities… etc. The first book in this series, Aftershock, was centered around a natural disaster, an earthquake, that stranded our heroes under a collapsed freeway. Of course, things would have been bad enough, but the author also had to include in the dangers of bad people tryin [...]

    8. I recall really liking this second installment of the Aftershock series a lot, and of course, while this second read was a bit deflating, I still really like it. It's much more exciting than the first book, somehow, and I find the romance a little easier to stand by since it's hardly insta-love, that is, if you overlook a few things.Again, Piper Goodeve's narration isn't all that great. Sometimes simple conversations sound so sharp that I thought the characters were interrogating each other rath [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading Freefall by Jill Sorenson. She has the ability to write books that are full of action, good tension, credible bad guys and a secondary story arc that is as engaging (and in this case moreso) than the main character plotline.In this book an enforcer (of sorts) for a drug dealer wants out and as his attempt to leave his sorid life goes awry when he kills one of his peers dead on a mountain top during a drug drop. He is on the run in a national park and his only way to escape is t [...]

    10. I like the way Sorenson is progressing through characters in her Aftershock series; the hero in this book was in a coma for most of the first book, so we don't get a good look at him until now. Sam is a former Olympic kayaking champion who now does incredibly dangerous mountain climbing just to feel something in the aftermath of his fiancee's death. Hope, our heroine, is a park ranger who has to ditch her vacation when a Cessna crashes in a remote area of her territory; it's her job to search fo [...]

    11. This is book two of the Aftershock series. I am almost positive there will be a book three. In Aftershock we barely met Sam Rutherford, an Olympian and rock climber who was severly injured during the quake. In this novel we catch up with Sam as he is "recovering" from his injuries by doing a lot of climbing. He has physically healed but mentally he is unable to accept his fiances death prior to the quake. This lack of closure has Sam emotionally withdrawn. A one night stand with a pretty park ra [...]

    12. What do you get when you put together four characters each with a big load of baggage, add in some drug dealing, white water rafting, mountain climbing, car chases and a dash of romance? Freefall. I really enjoyed this. There was a ton of action, which I love, and the pacing supported it very well. The first 75% of the book is pretty much non-stop action, with plenty of twists and turns I didn’t expect. I thought the action scenes were well-written and exciting, and it was hard to put the book [...]

    13. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer - Benay:Free Fall fits this genre perfectly. Two lonely, damaged people have an intense attraction to each other but fight it along with their personal demons. Hope Banning is a park ranger who loves the rugged outdoors and the isolation it provides her from pain of past choices. Sam Rutherford is a rich sportsman who also uses isolation to create barriers to relationships; he suffers from amnesia which prevents him from remembering the mourning [...]

    14. It's hard to believe but I like this book even better than AFTERSHOCK, the first in the series. FREEFALL is about Sam Rutherford, who was barely mentioned in the first book and Owen Jackson who had a more active role in the latter parts of both books. Unlike the first book which was mostly about the interactions of the characters during and after an earthquake, FREEFALL is about drug smuggling in Sierra National Park. Uber fit action heros intermingled with heroines who could never be considered [...]

    15. This uber-talented author sure knows how to write suspenseful stories that get your heart racing. The second book in the Aftershock series is another winner. The first book is my absolute favorite though. I was so glad to see Sam get his story after having a smaller role in the first book. Park ranger Hope and her sister Faith are really good, strong female leads. A series worth picking up if you love a good romantic suspense.

    16. Similar to my feelings on Aftershock (the previous bk) I couldn't buy into the romance with so much action going on. I actually wish this book had featured the heroine's sister and her love interest rather than the hero and heroine. The hero felt too devastated still over the death of fiance to really feel like he could move on. And while I liked the action in the beginning I feel like by the end there was just too much.Review to come.

    17. 3 stars. I still enjoyed it but both sisters had serious tstl moments, and number of coincidences was too big even for me.

    18. Another solid romance by one of my go-to authors, Jill Sorenson! It was packed with adventure, romance and suspense. I know I can never go wrong when choosing one of her books.

    19. Really 3.5 Starsreviewed at scorchingbookreviews.OK, all disclosures first. I got this book from NetGalley. I did not pay for it nor was I paid for the review; I requested it because I enjoyed the first in the series. I do follow Jill Sorenson on twitter, and have on occasions commented on her tweets, but that is it. My reasons for this review are nothing more nefarious than I liked book one and wanted to read book two. Now we’re all clear that I’m not selling you up the river with this revi [...]

    20. 4 STARSI liked it but I liked the first book of the series more. I had a hard time connecting with a few characters. But Sam was kind of written that way. In fact Owen was the only guy I really liked and that in part was from the first book.I really liked Hope character the best. I think she was brave, courageous willing to risk her life for her sister and the rest of campers out their.Freefall was definitely fit the book in many ways. It had drama, mystery, suspense, lots of action plus had som [...]

    21. For this review and more visit my blogFreefall suffered from a slightly unbelievable storyline but it was action packed adrenaline fun that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. The fast pace and heart pumping action kept me well entertained and I struggled to put it down.As I mentioned there were parts of this that were a little unbelievable, especially towards the end. It reminded me very much of an action movie, you go to see them not for the dramatic and believable storyline but for t [...]

    22. เราหยิบเล่มนี้ขึ้นมาอ่านทันทีที่อ่าน Aftershock (เล่มแรกในชุด) จบ เพราะอาการคลั่งคู่เพนนีและโอเวน (ซึ่งจะเป็นพระนางเล่มสามในชุด Badlands) มีมากจนรู้สึกว่า แม้เล่มนี้จะไม่ใช่เรื่องของพวกเ [...]

    23. My Review:I'll admit it, I'm really loving this series. This is the second book in the Aftershock series. We met the hero, Sam, in book #1 (you can find my A rated review from that book HERE) and I have to admit, I was shocked when I learned that he was going to be the hero in this book because he spent most of that book unconscious, or depressed and unpleasantt exactly hero material. EXCEPT this is a guy who's seriously woundedp, I love me some angst and Sam has TONS to spare. Sam's fiance died [...]

    24. This and other reviews can be found on my blog, My Written Romance.Sam lost his fiancée in a climbing accident and is still grieving. The earthquake of Aftershock threatened to take even more from him. Having been so badly injured and losing his memory of those events in and around that time, Sam is now stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle of sadness and risky behaviour.Hope has some sorrow in her past. Her grief comes from a completely different place than Sam’s, but it still has the powe [...]

    25. Fast paced action adventure best describes this latest in the Aftershock series. This book has two characters from the first book. The hero in this book is Sam who was in a coma for most of the first book. We knew he had lost his fiancé shortly before the earthquake and had been very depressed from it but his brain injury caused him not to remember exactly what happened. Owen the ex-convict with a white supremacist past who wants to be a better person now is a secondary character again but as w [...]

    26. Hope Banning and her sister Faith are on their way to a white water rafting trip. Hope, a Park Ranger at Sierra National Park,  gets a call about a plane crash near her station. Knowing that time is critical, Hope sends her sister on without her and makes plans to hike to the crash site. She can't go alone and Sam Rutherford,  who saw the plane go down is the only option to be her climbing partner. Sam and Hope have a past but Hope is counting on Sam to act professional. When they reach the cr [...]

    27. 3.5 stars - I gave this a B- at All about Romance. I've been feeling some series fatigue lately, so I was surprised by how much I really wanted to see sequels to Aftershock. It was a fabulous read, and I just had to know what happened to the other earthquake survivors. Those who read Aftershock will be aware that Sam Rutherford is something of a mysterious character given that he was unconscious for most of that book. I looked forward to uncovering some of his secrets in Freefall, but while the [...]

    28. ripeforreader/2013Park ranger Hope Banning was just about to leave on her rafting trip with her sister Faith, when she is called in to investigate a report of a small plane crash. No one else can be reached to take the call, so she leaves her sister to continue with the rafting group on her own, and heads back.Sam Rutherford had been night climbing solo when he sees the plane go down and rushes to the ranger's post to report it. Once there, it is clear he will have to team up with Hope for a pos [...]

    29. 3.5 Stars // A park ranger and celebrity rock climber hit it off one night in a bar, have to best tumble in bed of their lives but it ends horribly as he kicks her out into the night afterwards. So when Hope and Sam meet again sometime later due to a plane crash up in the mountains the tension is understandable, as they reluctantly team up neither expects the flame up of old emotions and desire. Hope tries to block it all as the plane is found empty and the duffel bag of money found not far from [...]

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