Kallon pimeä puoli

Kallon pimeä puoli

Daniel Hecht Markku Päkkilä / Sep 23, 2019

Kallon pime puoli Tuho oli kuin mielipuolen ty t Talo oli s p lein mutta mik n ei viitannut tavalliseen vandalismiin kaikki oli liian j rjestelm llist Joku oli n hnyt todella paljon vaivaa mutta miksi Oliko autiossa

  • Title: Kallon pimeä puoli
  • Author: Daniel Hecht Markku Päkkilä
  • ISBN: 9789511149187
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tuho oli kuin mielipuolen ty t Talo oli s p lein , mutta mik n ei viitannut tavalliseen vandalismiin kaikki oli liian j rjestelm llist Joku oli n hnyt todella paljon vaivaa, mutta miksi Oliko autiossa huvilassa harjoitettu saatananpalvontaa vai oliko kyseess kosto Vivien on Kaliforniaan muutettuaan j tt nyt arvokkaan Highwoodin huvilansa irtaimistoineen vartioimatTuho oli kuin mielipuolen ty t Talo oli s p lein , mutta mik n ei viitannut tavalliseen vandalismiin kaikki oli liian j rjestelm llist Joku oli n hnyt todella paljon vaivaa, mutta miksi Oliko autiossa huvilassa harjoitettu saatananpalvontaa vai oliko kyseess kosto Vivien on Kaliforniaan muutettuaan j tt nyt arvokkaan Highwoodin huvilansa irtaimistoineen vartioimatta Tuhosta kuultuaan h n pyyt sisarenpoikansa Paulin korjaamaan taloa, mutta kielt ehdottomasti kutsumasta poliisia paikalle.Poliisia huvila kiinnostaa toisesta syyst l hist ll on mystisesti kadonnut ainakin nelj teini ik ist.Ellei Paul sairastaisi harvinaista Touretten oireyhtym , h n olisi kuin kuka tahansa meist Koska h n ei sairautensa takia pysty hallitsemaan alitajunnastaan kumpuavia tunteita, h n joutuu sy m n psyykenl kkeit mielens hallitakseen.T tins yllytyksest Paul kuitenkin p tt lopettaa l kityksens ja alkaa muistaa asioita, joiden olemassaolosta ei tiennytk n Harmittomalta vaikuttanut ty keikka muuttuu piinaavaksi arvoitukseksi, joka vie suvun salattuun, mustaan menneisyyteen.Ongelmana vain on, ettei Paul l kityksen lopetettuaan en ole varma, miss kulkee j rkevien ajatusten ja sairaan kuvittelun raja.

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      375 Daniel Hecht Markku Päkkilä
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        I was born into an artist s community founded in 1946 by my parents and their friends in the wilds of Westchester County, N.Y Surrounded by these individualistic yet communalistic bohemians, I saw artists in every discipline working their magic, and could not help but follow in their footsteps.I ve lived all over the U.S and have worked at every kind of job to make ends meet, and I enjoy the labor of body and hands as much as the effort of the mind Mailman, logger, carpenter, musician, musical instrument builder, graphic designer, apple picker, farmhand, nonprofit organizational director, college administrator, educator the great thing about a checkered past is that you see the world from a lot of perspectives This is the best education for a writer I have lived in Vermont for many years, have three kids and several cats, am active on behalf of environmental causes, and am highly reclusive.


    1. Honestly, I didn't expect to like this book. I definitely didn't expect to become completely engrossed in it. This is some type of bizarre cross-genre novel; medical mystery, haunted house horror, psychological thriller & semi-supernatural urban fantasy. Whatever you want to call it, it was a great read.Hecht dives into the concepts surrounding abnormal psychology and how much we still don't know about the human mind. With tons of info and (what seems like) personal accounts of Tourrets and [...]

    2. Another great book by Daniel Hecht! How did I not know about this author sooner???? His books are really detailed and the characters are wonderful. I have to admit that some of the horror in the books is a bit hockey (especially in this one), but the characters are so great it really makes no difference. I have two more of his to go and then it is time to pray that he writes another one. I have thoroughly enjoyed Hecht's books. All of them!!!!

    3. Was going to give this 4 stars until the last 30 pages ripped off my head & pooped down my neck. Hecht was a great guitarist, to end on a positive note.

    4. Paul Skoglund hasn't had a permanent job in years, partly due to his Tourette's syndrom. He's asked by his Aunt Vivian to repair her nineteenth-century hunting lodge in the Hudson Valley. The home has suffered severe damage. Paul had been attending college courses to improve his job prospects but knows he needs steady employment. His former wife, Janet, is attempting to gain custody of their son, Mark, because of Paul's condition.Paul agrees to the repairs. While he's at it, he asks his aunt if [...]

    5. SKULL SESSION (Neurological Thriller-NY-Cont) – VGDaniel Hecht – 1st bookViking, 1998 - HardcoverPaul Skoglund, unable to keep a job due to having Tourette’s, agrees to clean up and start repairs on the vandalized house owned by his estranged aunt. But when he sees the extent of destruction and learns from a local policeman that a number of young people have gone missing or died in that area, it’s clear there is more going on than simple vandalism.*** This book caught me up from page one [...]

    6. Fairly interesting story of a man with Tourettes hired by his aunt to repair her badly vandalized mansion. While digging through her papers family secrets begin to be revealed. Interesting, likable characters! And while I liked the emphasis on the medical aspects, exploring the mind of Tourettes, it builds up to quite an unbelievable and unsatisfying ending.

    7. Dit boek viel wat tegen. Ik had er meer van verwacht. Het begint wel goed. Maar op een gegeven moment zakt het verhaal wat in en dat blijft eigenlijk zo. Ik heb het uitgelezen, omdat ik graag wilde weten hoe het mysterie in elkaar zat. Echter, ook dat viel wat tegen. Het was niet voorspelbaar. Wat een pluspunt is. Maar het was ook niet zo eng als ik verwacht had. Het hele verhaal door wordt duidelijk dat er een duister geheim is. Hetgeen mij nieuwsgierig maakte. Maar als je bij de ontknoping kom [...]

    8. One thing I liked about this book was the fact that the copy I got was a proof book, so it had a bunch of amusing little typos in it. The sister's name was different fr a whole chapter, for example. The main character refers to his aunt's 'horse' instead of house at one point. Things like that.The rest of the book, though? Meh. A lot of the plot hinged on people not communicating with each other and being purposefully vague. 'I guess you'll just have to figure it out on your own'. Yeah, or you c [...]

    9. “Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?” - Friedrich NietzscheAt first glance Daniel Hecht's Skull Session is a path through the woods that you've walked down many times. You can glance around as you walk and see that there is the familiar fallen tree, its gnarled roots grasping at the air; and here is the swampy area where the frogs like to hang out. Yes, it's all familiar territory and you can anticipate the place where the path ends exactly. It's a beautiful wa [...]

    10. I just lost the whole review for the second time by accidentally hitting some unknown key--ugh!Bottom line: this book is great. I don't usually read thrillers because sometimes they're not well written. Hecht's book, however, struck the perfect balance between fine writing and page-turning action suspense. The characters were all real and believable--even funny, sad, fascinating. I loved Paul's and Mo's close-third narrative; what wonderful, interesting minds! This narrative quality coupled with [...]

    11. I picked up this book based on my enjoyment of Daniel Hecht’s Cree Black series. I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. An unemployed teacher, who happens to have Turret’s, takes on the job of renovating his aunt’s large home. In the renovation process he uncovers many family secrets. Reading this book I never really got to like any of the characters, so those horrible family secrets didn’t mean a lot to me. Finished the book only because I felt I should.

    12. As thrillers go this is a pretty good one. The protagonist has Tourettes Syndrome and as he tries to solve the mystery about his past and his mind he gets caught up in the murder/disappearance of some local youth.Who killed them? Was it a demon, a crazed cop, a psychotic family member, an alien life presence? The book does a good job keeping the reader off balance and guessing.

    13. I enjoyed the book very much - but was not happy about the ending - was an interesting concept of the book - would like to know about what year the book took place since no cellphones I'm assuming

    14. Ik kon dit boek wel in één ruk uitlezen. Spannend en onvoorspelbaar, bibberen. Verrast door het einde.

    15. This is an interesting book on many levels, and had me hooked from the first page and, as much as it may seem that this would be an automatic 5 thumbs review, there were parts of this novel that pulled it down to a 4 thumbs rating.The main protagonist suffers from Tourette’s syndrome which in itself is an unusual choice of malady to use in a protagonist. However, it works well with the subject matter of the book and, through the struggles the main lead has with his condition the reader learns [...]

    16. So many things to digest when reading(listening) to this novel. Hecht educates the reader to some of the hardships/problems that people with some psychological disabilities face on a day-to-day basis. But, even though his characters deal with either Turrets, or an aggressive form of Autism, it doesn't take away from the terrific story he is telling.At the heart, it concerns Paul, who is an over-educated, unemployed person who happens to suffer from Turrets. He is in the middle of a custody battl [...]

    17. De hoofdpersoon van deze roman is Paul Skoglund, lijder aan het syndroom van Gilles de la Tourette. De medicijnen die Paul hiervoor slikt maken zijn ziekte behapbaar, maar ondanks dat is het voor hem onmogelijk zijn beroep van leraar uit te oefenen. Paul woont samen met zijn vriendin Lia. Hij is eerder getrouwd geweest, en deelt met zijn ex de zorg voor hun zoon Mark. Tenminste, voor zolang het nog duurt want zij vindt dat Paul een slechte invloed op de eveneens met neurologische problemen kampe [...]

    18. Though I read this book a while ago I still think about it. They way Daniel put the characters together was incredible. I still feel their frailties and their strength. My favorite / haunting excerpt:But I’ve decided on a title for the story. I call it “Five Things Worse Than Dying”, because the schizophrenic girl keeps thinking of things and she makes a list. Here’s the list:1. Being just a meat machine, almost like your trapped inside of it, it does what it does whether you want it to [...]

    19. Wow, what a book!!I am really stunned how the author put so many pieces of a puzzle into the story, shakes them and gets them back in logic order in a way that kept me reading, reading and wanting to read more.The detective, Mo Ford, is investigating deaths of youth in the area, despite his superior don't want him to do it.Paul and Lia are renovating the badly damaged house of his aunt. At first sight, these things have nothing in common. When the story unfolds though, there are more and more pi [...]

    20. This is a psychological thriller about a young man who has Tourette's, his son who suffers from some unknown neurological disease similar to autism, but with epileptic episodes, his girlfriend, and his family, who are somewhat normal and some who seem crazy. He is a teacher, without a job, and needs money, so when his crazy aunt calls and asks him to look in on her mansion up in Westchester County, NY, and repair the extensive damage done by vandalism, he accepts. So he and his girlfriend move u [...]

    21. Op de achterflap staat vermeld dat Geestdrift een literaire thriller is van een grote intensiteit, ik kan ik hier volmondig mee instemmen. Het boek heeft veel vaart, zakt nergens in ondanks de ruim 500 pagina's, heeft een redelijk geloofwaardig en intrigerend verhaal, een matig plot, personages zijn zeer goed uitgewerkt, de neurologische en psychologische aspecten van diverse mensen worden goed en helder beschreven, het boek pakt je vanaf de eerste bladzijde tot aan de laatste, kortom, dit boek [...]

    22. This is possibly one of my favorite books, which is so weird, because I usually don't read this sort of stuff, medical mystery, if you will. I picked it up at the Family Dollar one summer for a beach read, and just fell in love with it. The main character struggles with Tourette's syndrome, and experiments going off his meds, which makes him develop odd abilities. But what Hecht does with this simple story is fantastic--completely believable and exciting. The ending was somewhat corny, but a fan [...]

    23. Very interesting use of Tourettes as a characteristic that is helpful to a protagonist. While the end is a little gory for my taste, the plot twist is fairly satisfying and the ending is good, not a downer, though def a few sad parts. Themes discussed are mental illness, loneliness, parenting, marriage, love, and family dynamics and secrets.A few moments that caught me for guard and good writing carried the story along--the villain was not who I expected, and the revelations come rapid fire in t [...]

    24. I like this author! Skull Session is a Mystery Thriller with an unexpected ending and just maybe a hint at another book and I would read it! Fast paced book involving murders, a mansion out in the woods and a mysterious family history. This read will keep you guessing and just when you think you have it all figured out -because you are so clever about these things- the author will be one step ahead of you and that is so refreshing from a book that I thought would be somewhat predictable but so g [...]

    25. Really love this book. Aside from the all to real effects of medication, I also read is a metaphor, of growing and allowing ourselves to become what we potentially can, and ignore any constraints/bounds that were somehow "learned", internalised, either through parents or simply the society and the general expectations.Of course it is a compelling idea we could be stronger than we mentally expect; or otherwise: the strength we mentally assign to ourselves could also be a limiting factor. Maybe we [...]

    26. Eh - not so much I loved the Cree Black series and so picked this up on Audible for the ride to work. I really liked the characters and the whole build up to the climax was fabulous -- but, I found the end to be just ridiculous. Hecht spends A LOT of time going into long, specific details of certain medical conditions setting the reader up for the skepticism that will occur however, on me, it didn't work. It seemed overly melodramatic and a little bit B-grade monster movie-ish, which was a disa [...]

    27. READ IN DUTCHThis was a very weird book. It's starts like an ordinary thriller. The main character, troubled with many problems (his Tourette's syndrome, not having a job, you name it), is asked by his aunt to renovate one of her houses. It seems strange things have happened in the house, and young people have gone missing.So far, so good. Although not extremely original perhaps. But then it takes a turn for the bizarre and extreme, turning it more and more in to something either fantasy or horr [...]

    28. No jopas oli! Sekoitus hyvin montaa genreä, mutta jännityksen ja mysteerin joukkoon sen kokonaisuuten sijoitan. Silti mukana myös kauhua ja meniskö semi-yliluonnolliseenkin. Kaikin puolin hieno, hyvä ja erikoinen kirja. Viisi tähteä jää puuttumaan, koska tällainen kirja mun "pitäisi" ahmaista muutamassa päivässä, mut tän lukemiseen meni useampi viikko. Kirja oli liian helppo jättää käsistä. Ehkä tiivistäminen olisi ollut tarpeen? Toisaalta, kaiken ei aina tarvi kai olla nii [...]

    29. Wow -- a smart, scary thriller with intelligent, realistic characters. What's not to like? I read this book over vacation, and it sure made the most of a long car ride. This novel would make a great movie. Although the author went a bit over the top at the end, I don't see how anyone could think this book is dull or boring. The story and characters engaged me from the first page. Hecht is a smarty-pants, just the sort of writer I like.

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