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Gutmouth He has a mouth in his gut An obnoxious toothy foul mouthed pig of a mouth Luckily his girlfriend doesn t seem to mind Marie the one legged stripper and cyber prostitute love of his life is very a

  • Title: Gutmouth
  • Author: Gabino Iglesias
  • ISBN: 9781621050704
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • He has a mouth in his gut An obnoxious, toothy, foul mouthed, pig of a mouth Luckily, his girlfriend doesn t seem to mind Marie, the one legged stripper and cyber prostitute love of his life is very accepting of it And then a little too accepting What would you do if your girlfriend cheated on you with the voracious yapper under your belly button If you live in GutmoHe has a mouth in his gut An obnoxious, toothy, foul mouthed, pig of a mouth Luckily, his girlfriend doesn t seem to mind Marie, the one legged stripper and cyber prostitute love of his life is very accepting of it And then a little too accepting What would you do if your girlfriend cheated on you with the voracious yapper under your belly button If you live in Gutmouth s world a bleak city where gruesome, spontaneous mutations are no big deal, klepto roaches take anything not tied down, drugs turn pain into pleasure, consumers are tortured for growing food, and your best friend is a misogynistic rat man you might do something crazy And what if you got caught

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        Gabino Iglesias Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gutmouth book, this is one of the most wanted Gabino Iglesias author readers around the world.


    1. David Dedmon has a second mouth below his navel named Phillipe. How did David and Phillipe end up in the clink and, more importantly, will they be able to escape?Gutmouth is another rendering of that age old tale of a woman becoming between two men. Only, in this case, it's actually between a man and his mutation, a second mouth with a nine inch tongue and a British accent. Yeah, Gutmouth is a bizarro book.I periodically dip in and out of the bizarro genre. One of my complaints about the genre i [...]

    2. I read this earlier in the summer so my thoughts on it are not super fresh, but it is what it is. Gutmouth tells the story of David “Gutmouth” Dedmon, a man cursed with a vulgar, perpetually hungry, yet intelligent mouth named Phillipe residing in his gut. In the bleak, dystopian, urban wasteland of this bizarro-noir story, body mutilation and mutation are pursued for both pleasure and punishment, and nearly everything is owned or controlled by a diabolical megacorporation appropriately name [...]

    3. First of all, the author has a supremely awesome name. Next time you're doing housework or whatever, start muttering "GABINO IGLESIAS" to yourself. It will make you feel better about your chores, your day, and your life.Secondly, if GUTMOUTH doesn't get the author a contract with Eraserhead Press, I'll be ultra-surprised. This book is ridiculously good. It contains witty repartee, delicious food metaphors and much cleverness and correct usage of big words. (It's not often in the Bizarro genre th [...]

    4. Under this sensory onslaught of extreme body modification and futuristic deviant sex scenes that are both meant to shock you into cognition and as iconoclast banter, lies a very good and pertinent story about self-determination at the age of technological corporate takeover (which we're kind of in right now).Gabino Iglesias has the natural storyteller gene that all-time greats such as Joe Lansdale and Lawrence Block share and GUTMOUTH, despite its incendiary style, tells and oddly beautiful tale [...]

    5. A fast and fun bizarro read :) Definitely makes me excited to read more of Iglesias' work, which my friends rave about, and he seems like a cool guy too. (Which is not necessary to be a good author, but it couldn't hurt, okay? Just sayin' to all those authors reading this :P)The only issues I had with it were with the bizarro genre itself.Bizarro stories are often sold by mentioning a fraction of the zaniness that an author can expect. "This one features an inside-out cat with organs that sing t [...]

    6. This reads like a collaboration between Ralph Bakshi, Jim Henson, Philip K. Dick, and a young Peter Jackson. It’s completely off the wall insanity from cover to cover, and I loved every second of it. Read Gabino Iglesias!

    7. Welcome to the future! Consume!Gutmouth by Gabino Iglesias takes place in a future where everything is run and mutated by Megacorp, a huge corporation that took over from the government by releasing a biological agent that created mutations and only they knew how to control them. Insert Monsanto joke here.Our hero (as it were) has a particular mutation that caused him to grow an obnoxious talking mouth in his gut. Actually, the author seems to have put a lot of thought into how this could physio [...]

    8. It surprises me how many reviewers have categorized Gutmouth as Noir.I have to admit that the cover page illustration does give the impression it is Noir but the story itself has no Noir characteristics.Is it because a scorned man seeks revenge on his ex-girlfriend for betraying him?Is it because he is in jail for breaking the law?Is it because the setting is a bleak dystopian wasteland of a city?I really do not know *scratches head*If anyone says 'yes' to the above then a great majority of crim [...]

    9. I read an early version of this book, not the final edit. If we’re going to be totally honest, the version I read was about a 3.5. However I’ve heard excellent things about Gabino’s editor, so I’m going to assume he added at least .5 stars to the book. Ok, now that the honesty statement is out of the way I’ll continue with my review of the early version of this book. It was a few years ago so my memory has faded, but one thing burns in my mind. “Gut” (I forgot his Christian name) w [...]

    10. How can't the story of a guy who has a filthy toothy British mouth on his belly named Philippe be hilarious? And what if that sassy thing has sex with his girlfriend? Gutmouth by Gabino Iglesias focuses on this bitter love affair in a world where a Corporation —not politicians— rules the world. Gutmouth will have to deal with betrayal and ask for advise and help from his quirky friends. This novella is well written and has some truly excellent dialogue. My only complaint is the redemption of [...]

    11. This is a tale of love and loss, but not in the way that you’d expect after reading the epigraph. The is a story of self love, or one self loving another self encapsulated in a single body, or perhaps the love/hate relationship existing between id and super-ego. In the case of this story our protagonist’s id is imbued with a frightening level of intelligence. In many instances, the sentient mouth growing out of our protagonist’s stomach is smarter than the actual protagonist.In little time [...]

    12. So the New Bizarro Series Authors are in full effect again for this year. I’m a big fan of this series; I always try to read as many of them as I can. Unfortunately I usually don’t end up reading as many as I would like. So I have read my first, and hopefully not last, of this year’s bunch and I couldn’t have picked a better one to start with.Much like the title will tell you this book is about a guy with a mouth for a stomach. He goes by the name of David, his friend’s call him Gut, a [...]

    13. Gutmouth is a nice place to visit Wait, no it isn't Let's try this again Gutmouth is a horrible place to visit AND I wouldn't want to live there!In the future, Megacorp has consolidated everything, every street corner, every brand name. They've replaced streetlights with asses ready to take a shit on rioters who are miserable with the conditions incurred by Megacorp. Drugs of every variety are available, some black market and some Megacorp endorsed, like the endorphinated beers and Algolagnix wh [...]

    14. You can read my entire discussion here.Here's a snippet:In this novel, Iglesias creates a perverse dystopia that can best be described as 1984 with extreme body modifications and mutations. Extreme pain is pleasure, pleasure is demented and everyone is amoral and marginally insane. There is a Church of Albert Fish, Carlton Mellick V is writing brutal fiction, people can genetically cross themselves with salamanders and a body modification expert deconstructs his ex-girlfriend into a motorcycle. [...]

    15. I love how this has such a convincing detective noir feel (without much detection) at the same time that it's completely off the wall weirdness. It's disgusting, it's revolting, and that's the really good stuff. There is a wonderful amount of cohesion in the strangeness, an order to the freakshow. Iglesias has a hell of an imagination as well, and I dig it. It comes together really well and I dig it a lot.

    16. Great NBAS readThis book provides the perfect mix of horror and bizzaro. It is dark and dirty, just the way I like it. I started and finished reading it in one sitting, the pages just flew by. That is when you know you are on to something good. Gabino certainly has a wonderfully twisted imagination. I hope he will be writing more stories such as Gutmouth. Superb.

    17. A few little typos which gets very distracting for me. (I never know if I should point out any possible errors to the author or not, I think I'd want to know, maybe i'll start doing that from now Apart from that a really good story. Really did enjoy this and it has weird shit throughout the whole story. A good example of Bizarro. Would recommend!

    18. If William Burroughs and Raymond Chandler had a baby, the little mutant would have written something like "Gutmouth." There is more humor and imagination on display here than in a whole year's worth of "normal" books.Hooray for Gabino Iglesias and his hard-boiled Bizarro tale! More please!

    19. Wow, this book was a blast from start to finish. David is contemplating how he has managed to find himself in jail. He has a mouth Phillipe, that resides just under his belly button that speaks in an English accent and that's just the beginning of this wild and weird adventure. Love the ideas and imaginative way the characters are portrayed and most of all the klepto roaches 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. This is not a book for the faint hearted as there is plenty of sex and blood and grossness. Afte [...]

    20. Published in 2012 as part of the New Bizarro Author Series by Eraserhead Press, Gutmouth is author Gabino Iglesias’ first book. The New Bizarro Author Series has become known for birthing a number of sick and twisted new voices into the world, including Steve Lowe (Muscle Memory), Kirsten Alene (Love in the Time of Dinosaurs), Kevin Shamel (Rotten Little Animals), and Patrick Wensink (Sex Dungeon For Sale, and more recently Broken Piano For President), just to name a few. Well, the same indepe [...]

    21. Id Says:Halitosis vomit!!! It's death row for the stomach mouthed, whore fucking murderer! MegaCorp doesn't appreciate it when their consumers are killed. They need everyone to keep buying useless shit all the time to keep this new economy of the future going.Well this guy, this tummy toothed insubordinate, goes and woos himself a beautiful amputee hooker from his favorite cybersex club and then gets royally pissed off when she does a bit too much grinding on his belly, enjoying the mouth's tong [...]

    22. I’m a sucker for dystopian stories, tales of a future where science, love, and humanity have failed us and we have created a horrible, twisted world. In books like Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World, civilization has lost its empathy in addition to its capacity for pleasure, outside of government mandated diversions. In the cyberpunk worlds of Dick, advances in technology have turned our cities into crime-ridden, soulless nightmares of hedonistic anarchy. These stories have a commo [...]

    23. A body horror story asks readers to become hyper-aware of their flesh; we must become attuned to a variety of sensations that will make us feel uncomfortable and disgusting. Combine this philosophy with bizarro sensibilities and a Dystopian setting, and we have the ingredients of a book that languishes in the dismembered, reorganized, and reimagined structure of a human body. Iglesias gives us the consumer-Dystopian nightmare with a population that is obsessed with consuming itself; the body is [...]

    24. Skipping into a nasty corporate-controlled future, I read Gutmouth by Gabino Iglesias. In a world in which Megacorp has overthrown all governments with bioweapons and now requires extreme consumerism of everyone (while encouraging every vice and body modification imaginable for a stiff fee), David Dedmon is a sort of corporate enforcer, tracking down those who don’t pay into the corporate coffers. Dedmon falls in love with the amputee prostitute Marie Wilcox; shortly thereafter, a strange, cru [...]

    25. It’s Sunday night and I just cracked open my first beer of the evening. I need it – not because of the two baskets of dirty laundry staring at me from across the room, and no, not because I just finished a massive assignment for one of the four classes I am taking this semester (although both of those things are true and very real) – but because I feel I have just trudged through the soupiest swamp of a fleshy, living land I’ve ever experienced and somehow lived to tell the world about i [...]

    26. It's not every day you can read something as smart, nasty, twisted, crazy, convoluted and overloading as Gutmouth. At times, it's almost as if each sentence insists on upping the ante of how much you can take and it's delightful from start to finish.Think of the Aristocrats joke and pass it through a cyberpunk neo noir bizarro filter with a future you DON'T want to live in, but can't help but stare at. Gabino Iglesias wants you to laugh and become nauseated in one sentence, and he achieves this [...]

    27. Gabino Iglesias's NBAS debut GUTMOUTH is gritty mutant noir, filled with desperation, murder, and a guy with a mouth in his gut. A company enforcer, driven to violence by the lecherous, foul-mouthed parasite Philippe, Gutmouth Dedmon languishes in a fleshy pink jail cell, watched by giant eyeballs and guarded by a squid. Gutmouth's world is one of gruff brutality, genital mutilation centers, amputee prostitutes, and kleptomaniac roaches, all struggling to make it day-to-day in a city shattered b [...]

    28. This is the weirdest bizarro noir anti-romance story I've ever had the pleasure to read. Iglesias has successfully created some of the most oddly body-modified characters I have encountered on the page. My mind is forever altered by a few of these friends. Couple this with a journey through seedy prisons, torture chambers, and sex clubs and, of course, a foul gutmouth that adulterates and lips off in a British accent, all under the umbrella of the massively evil MegaCorp--and if any of this soun [...]

    29. Realizing now that I have read the author's 3 books in order from newest to oldest, I am genuinely impressed by how different each of them are. All are done well and showcase the talent that Gabino Iglesias possesses. I wanted to at least say a few quick words about this one. There are plenty of surprises and weirdness, but there is an authenticity to the characters and world in which the story takes place that is sometimes missing in bizarro. There is a bit of a noir feel, yet we also get witty [...]

    30. In preparation for the release of his newest book, Zero Saints, I gave Gabino Iglesias' first book, Gutmouth, a second look, and man is it awesome! Gabino is able to create a world that puts the talents of Philip K. Dick, David Cronenberg and JG Ballard into a blender, mixes some LSD, and comes out with a funny, grotesque, and frightening little novella that will make you poop your pants from awesomeness in the one or two hours it'll take you to read it.

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