Land of Shadows

Land of Shadows

Jeff Gunzel / Jan 24, 2020

Land of Shadows The gorgeous lands of Tarmerria are full of magic and beauty But the virtually lawless cities contain no shortage of darkness and greed A land where daily survival in the harsh realm takes priority ov

  • Title: Land of Shadows
  • Author: Jeff Gunzel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The gorgeous lands of Tarmerria are full of magic and beauty But the virtually lawless cities contain no shortage of darkness and greed A land where daily survival in the harsh realm takes priority over all else But the world is about to change The ancient prophecies, written during a time long forgotten, just might be true after all.Join in as unlikely companions fromThe gorgeous lands of Tarmerria are full of magic and beauty But the virtually lawless cities contain no shortage of darkness and greed A land where daily survival in the harsh realm takes priority over all else But the world is about to change The ancient prophecies, written during a time long forgotten, just might be true after all.Join in as unlikely companions from completely different worlds set out on the adventure of a lifetime A search for answers A search for the truth This book is intended for mature audiences.

    Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall Mar , Land of Shadows Detective Elouise Norton Along the ever changing border of gentrifying Los Angeles, a seventeen year old girl is found dead at a construction site, hanging in the closet of an unfinished condominium Homicide detective Elouise Lou Norton s new partner Colin Taggert, fresh from the Colorado Springs police department, Mordor The Land of Shadow A site dedicated to the fans The last days of Mordor I m sorry to say that after March th, The Land of Shadow will go dark forever It has been a great run and for the last years we have brought you all that is dark in Tolkien s Middle earth, but all good things must some day come to an end. Land of Shadows Detective Elouise Norton lou norton land of shadows howzell hall los angeles rachel howzell well written years ago main character twists and turns new partner african american napoleon crase page turner great read enjoyed this book good read elouise norton twenty five years elouise or lou looking forward Land of Shadows Disney Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Land of Shadows is one of nine dark realms in Randy Cunningham th Grade Ninja The First Ninja banished the Sorceress to this realm in the year She escaped years later, only to be banished once again by Randy Cunningham. Land of Shadows The Legend Of The Gate Keeper Land of Shadows The Legend Of The Gate Keeper Book Kindle edition by Jeff Gunzel Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Land of Shadows The Legend Of The Gate Keeper Book . Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall, Paperback Barnes A fresh voice in crime fiction Fast, funny, heartbreaking and wiseElouise Norton is the best new character you ll meet this year Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author, on Rachel Howzell Hall s Land of Shadows Along the ever changing border of gentrifying Los Angeles, seventeen year

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    1. Ug. And things were starting out so good.I actually didn't finish this book. I stopped at 15% through and I really hate that I had to. There's a really good story in here, but it's unfortunately buried in a mountain of exposition and poor editing. As an independent author, I always try to support other indie writers by giving their stuff a shot. Jeff's world was very well thought out and his characters were genuinely interesting. The poor editing I could forgive at first, but it just got worse a [...]

    2. This book should not have been published in the state that it is in.It has, quite obviously, not been properly edited. Grammar errors, spelling errors, composition complications, redundant phrases, and a repetitive use of the same odd word choices all burden this book with so much clutter that it is almost impossible to stay immersed.The characters are unbelievable and inconsistent. The action scenes read like a bad attempt at a Quentin Tarantino movie. The attempt at mature elements were focuse [...]

    3. What a fantastic adventure. I will say straight away that I would have given this book the top marks of 5 out of 5, if it wasn't for the editing issues. However, if you let the few mistakes of editing put you off reading this book then you will be missing out on a great story.A busy plot with lots of things going on and then it all comes together and leaves little teasers so you simply cannot wait for the next book. This is a very good author with an amazing imagination. Characters were very ali [...]

    4. I was given the book “Land of Shadows (The Legends of the Gatekeeper #1)” by author Jeff Gunzel, in exchange for an honest review. I met Mr. Gunzel in a forum on for authors that were introducing their books. After a brief discussion of his book, I was more than willing to accept the task of reading what he penned.I will be the first to admit that what sparked my attention to the book was the cover art. I don’t know how he developed the cover or who created it, but they did a fabulous job [...]

    5. I see that some of the earlier reviews have asked for editing of "Land of Shadow". I have an updated version from 2013 and have a feeling that there must have been quite a bit of editing done if the previous critique was true. I like that in an author – the ability to listen to what people have to say and then decide if what is said is worth listening to. So that is one plus in Jeff Gunzel’s favor.I loved the opening scene. The warrior Morcel’s choice to leave off the life he had been lead [...]

    6. I saw the reviews. I saw the reviews that were really extremely positive and I saw the reviews that were extremely negative and I wondered if I had gotten myself into something awful. But, I read the book. There were points in the book that I got really frustrated. The shifting between Jade, Eric, the half-demon and the Queen was difficult to get past. I have read many books told from multiple perspectives, but this was the first that didn't seem like they wanted to be shifting between people. I [...]

    7. I received an electronic copy of this book as part of the EPIC: Fourteen Books Of Fantasy boxed set in exchange for an honest review.I'm disappointed by this book. It falls prey to one of the most common failings of series -- the first book isn't a whole book by itself. It needs more to complete it. In this case, I think all that would have been needed to tie it off would have been a decent epilogue where we got to see the aftermath of the final battle. Not much to ask for, but it isn't there.So [...]

    8. I think there was a lot of potential in this book. The characters could have been incredibly engrossing. This book really needed a heavy-handed editor. I wanted to like the book; I couldn't get past the feeling that it was a draft and not a finished novel (mostly because I kept getting taken out of the story by thinking "If it was worded like this and not like this, you could cut out a good ten words"). Some of the formatting was interesting - like ending non-spoken sentences with exclamation po [...]

    9. This was a fun book. I got pulled in to it later than I thought, but I will more than likely continue the journey. The character's and story have me in their grasp.

    10. This is the first book I've had to mark as a DNF. Probably got about halfway into it (hard to tell as part of an anthology) before realizing I didn't want to try to make this happen.The main characters, Eric and Jade, are perhaps the most exceptional instances of Mar(t)y S(t)ues that I've ever seen. They can do pretty much anything they set their minds to, regardless of previous training or skills. The writing is very 'tell, don't show,' andrious decisions about characters abound. (view spoiler) [...]

    11. Land of shadowsI really enjoyed the first book of the legend of the gate keeper series. It had great characters and lots of action. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

    12. I wanted to like this book. I think there are some good story ideas, but overall the writing was a chore to read through.

    13. *SPOILER ALERT*Land of Shadows starts off at a reasonable pace, though there are some quite unpleasant scenes in the few first few chapters. This book is graphic in places and certainly not one to sit down with the kids and read! I found myself grimacing a couple of times early on but somehow the violence felt necessary.Gunzel does however quickly set about laying down the characters and there is nothing new to readers of fantasy here. Eric, the Blacksmith's son, lives in a small rural village w [...]

    14. Pretty generic fantasy novel. There was nothing special about the characters and the "plot twists" were clearly laid out for the reader in advance. The writing wasn't that great, lots of overstated sentences and unnecessary punctuation. In my opinion there was too much "telling" and not enough showing. A lot of this story could have been extended to fully flesh out both the plot and the characters. Like I said, the characters were so generic and boring. There was nothing that really distinguishe [...]

    15. In a dystopian world ruined by many years of battle, the story goes back a few years at the start and talks about Morcel, the Leather during a raid, but he doesn’t want to kill anyone. But then he sees a boy and his sister being killed. Morcel kills two of the Leathers. To his amazement the girl kills the third one. They meet, but suddenly Morcel is knocked out and sent to the arena where he must fight for survival.Then the story goes to a different perspective. Eric is the local blacksmith’ [...]

    16. Middle of chapter 3, 15% through.I can't take It any more. Even speed reading the storytelling is dreadful. The book talks about the story. We are told some unnecessary back story of the world. We already know that there was some big cataclysmic war that destroyed an amazing civilization and pretty much all we know about it is there was a justice system that might take months or years to resolve a case. Why on earth would that be the main thing we know about it! And why was it presented in that [...]

    17. Great idea, great premise, interesting execution, dire need of editing. I liked this book enough to say I’m curious about the rest of the series, but it’s more than a little disappointing because I think if a few things were fixed I could love it.The third person perspective was close in some places and omniscient in others and that irritates me in any book. There were three or four perspectives that could have been cut altogether and not been missed. In some places the author tells instead [...]

    18. Really great story!!ok, here's the truth. I was going back thru some books I've read before.I thought I remembered this series but when I looked at a couple of the reviews, I was shocked! Bad ratings and notes of bad editing and one even said school age writing. This was not the book I remembered! so, I opened it again and you know what? This is definitely the book I remember. yes, it definitely has editing issues: grammar, flip flopping words and tense switching, but I can overlook all of that [...]

    19. Read this as part of the Fourteen Epic Fantasy bundle. I was very disappointed in this book, especially after having paused the bundle to read the sequels to the previous book in the bundle, so good that it was. The book has several major problems, the least of which being the highly cliche plot, storyline and characters.The story could have been simple and OK and still be entertaining, but all the problems only made me wish it ended already so I could move on. There's a lot of info dumping, esp [...]

    20. Not really sure if I liked it. I didn't expect much when I started reading it, but at the beginning, I was drawn in to the story. The language and the story fascinated me. However, it soon became predictable. I've read the story before. Man is born to save humankind, brought up by a man who turns out to not be his father. He's even a shy blacksmith, which just gave me the Wheel of Time-feeling way too much.The first character we meet, a mercenary, is interesting, but we don't see him much during [...]

    21. Quite honestly the only thing that kept this book from becoming the second one that I have not been able to finish is my pure stubbornness. I would not let myself stop. Part of me wishes I had.The whole time reading this story I kept hoping I would suddenly feel like I was within the story. That never happened. Instead I continuously found myself lamenting the stupidity of the situations and outcomes. To me the whole story felt too undeveloped. The situations always fell in a pattern (characters [...]

    22. I am not sure what to think about this story. I like the story line but the writing is very immature. Normally, when I read the author can put me right in the story the language, the culture. It feels as if the author has seen it and is telling it to me. In this book this is non-existent. The author doesn't seem to see the story. It's as if he is telling a story that he heard. Sometimes in the middle of sentence it snaps me right out of it and back to reality. When an author decides to make up t [...]

    23. Land of Shadows is the first in a series that looks like it will be an epic fantasy. I am giving it 3 stars. I liked it. The characters are a tad shallow, but very likable. The story takes a while because we move back and forth between setting and characters, kind of like Lord of the Rings. This first one ends with a cliff hanger. There is some sexual content, not a lot and except for one scene not too explicit. No swearing. Everything else you would expect in a fantasy, swords, mystics, witch, [...]

    24. Land of Shadows - well I'm hooked!In agreement with some previous posts, there are some editing issues. However, I think many must have been cleaned up because it was no where near a deal breaker for me as some had said it was for them. The first chapter drew me in and a few chapters later I could not put the book down!There were parts of the book where I felt there was something missing in certain characters but by the end the stories come together. Now I can't wait to see what happens to each. [...]

    25. Personally, I found the plot interesting, but the narration style a bit dragging - I would not like to use the word "boring" here, that would be too harsh.The introduction of protagonists took nearly half the book, and although there were hints to a prophecy and what was to happen, but what the protagonists went through in the first half of the book seemed, with some exceptions, to be unrelated to events about to happen. Also, as soon as certain protagonists were introduced, I as reader guesses [...]

    26. This was a really good intro to a new series. I did have to put it down at one point, but that was due to one of my favorite authors having a book release and I had to go read it. Once I picked this back up, the action kicked in, and off we went. I liked the characters, although I was sad to see Morcel go, after every thing he went through in the games (or do we see him again in another book? Interesting thought). I do not like how most stories like this just end, in the hopes that you go buy th [...]

    27. What I loved: The premise, the initial characters.What I liked: The story was interesting and managed to keep me curious. What I disliked: The changes in the characters. The changes were not all realistic, and some were almost opposite. Things got really strange in how they jumped around. Second, the writing itself became burdensome to read through. Summary: This was an interesting story to start off what has potential to be a good series. However, the writing is plagued with what most indy book [...]

    28. This book had lots of details about lands/towns and 'current events', but the story bounced between too many characters, all of whom lacked depth. It was the same as someone telling you something about someone they know, but you don't. It doesn't mean anything to you when you have no idea who they're talking about. I kept waiting to get to know the characters, but a quarter of the way through they were still vague outlines. Again, there were too many of them to become invested in the story or ev [...]

    29. Gate Keeper 1I almost quit reading after chapter two wondering who if anyone was the main character. I'm so glad I didn't! That's why I gave this book a four star rating versus a 5 star rating. There were a few mistakes in spelling/word choice that should have been corrected before this book was published, but on the whole, the book was well written. The story was recapturing once the author got finished with describing the world of the story.I know I will continue to follow this series as I HAV [...]

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