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Wanted What if everything in your life was out of your hands and those around you propelled your fate Your girlfriend left you for your best friend your boss gave your job to someone better What if then aft

  • Title: Wanted
  • Author: Mark Millar J.G. Jones Brian K. Vaughan
  • ISBN: 9781582404974
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if everything in your life was out of your hands and those around you propelled your fate Your girlfriend left you for your best friend your boss gave your job to someone better What if then, after all this, someone gave you back total control What if he revealed you were the next in line to join a secret society of super villains that controlled the entire planetWhat if everything in your life was out of your hands and those around you propelled your fate Your girlfriend left you for your best friend your boss gave your job to someone better What if then, after all this, someone gave you back total control What if he revealed you were the next in line to join a secret society of super villains that controlled the entire planet Mark Millar and J.G Jones provide a look at one man who goes from being the world s biggest loser to the deadliest assassin alive.

    Wanted Netflix Official Site Lola and Chelsea must evade the cops and the hit man as they make their way to Will and his mom, who knows something that can prove Morrison s guilt.

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      394 Mark Millar J.G. Jones Brian K. Vaughan
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      • Mark Millar J.G. Jones Brian K. Vaughan

        Mark Millar is the New York Times best selling writer of Wanted, the Kick Ass series, The Secret Service, Jupiter s Legacy, Jupiter s Circle, Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks, American Jesus, MPH, Starlight, and Chrononauts Wanted, Kick Ass, Kick Ass 2, and The Secret Service as Kingsman The Secret Service have been adapted into feature films, and Nemesis, Superior, Starlight, War Heroes, Jupiter s Legacy and Chrononauts are in development at major studios His DC Comics work includes the seminal Superman Red Son, and at Marvel Comics he created The Ultimates selected by Time magazine as the comic book of the decade, Wolverine Old Man Logan, and Civil War the industry s biggest selling superhero series in almost two decades Mark has been an Executive Producer on all his movie adaptations and is currently creative consultant to Fox Studios on their Marvel slate of movies.


    1. This is another clear example of why you shouldn't listen to most criticisms about a novel/graphic novel that you're interested in. I bought this without knowing that most of my friends hated this, and that there was a movie made already. I just read the short synopsis at the back because the cover looked fucking great. Months later, I ended up picking this up from the top of my bookshelf, and managed to enjoy the hell out of it.This is not one of those cheap crime shit that you get most of the [...]

    2. A good story. (I'd expect no less from Millar, who is a great writer.) It's tight and well-contained. A stand alone story that is dense without being too busy.That said, there's some pretty toxic stuff in here. There's a lot of lot of equally good comics out there that I'd recommend before this one, as they don't reinforce/glamorize some of our culture's darkest tendencies, and this one does.

    3. “Maybe this 'being evil all the time' crap’s just starting to feel a little forced.” –Wesley.A kind of alternative, inverse history of superheroes from the perspective of multiple super-villains, and in particular, one all-time loser turned bad-ass guy named Wesley, whose Dad, The Killer died and left him his super-villain legacy. I don't usually like comics with covers that look like this, and with some tasteless minor characters called Shithead, and so on, but there's a point to that, [...]

    4. I'm relieved to hear the upcoming movie, Wanted, is only "loosely" based on this comic - that gives it at least a chance to not suck completely.Wanted, the comic, does suck completely. That's not a particularly nuanced assertion, but it's true. Almost all of it is plagiarized from other sources, not even subtly. Its most notable unplagiarized theme is the completely unexplainable racism that runs through it. The point of the comic is that supervillains make up a secret society running the world. [...]

    5. A friend of mine recently told me that the movie (with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman) was better than this book. I had liked the movie, but I was skeptical, because how often does a movie version improve things? By my count, only twice so far (that would be The Prestige and The Children of Men). When I picked this up from the library, I briefly flipped through it and noticed that the Angelina Jolie character is actually black in the book. Oh Hollywood, I thought, you are so white and offensi [...]

    6. Millar wrote his crude, violent anti-hero romp twenty years too late. While grittiness is still prized in 'grown up' comics, Millar has apparently mistaken 'mature content' for 'maturity'. Of course, he's not the first to fall into this trap. We've all seen television, movies, and books that place a premium on sex and blood, but presented with all the sophistication of a sniggering teen.Millar does not have the wit to present these issues seriously, nor are his plotting or characterization stron [...]

    7. I usually like Mark Millar (The Ultimates is absolutely epic) but Wanted is really bad. A friend of mine often says if you want your protagonist to be a villain, he's got to somehow charm the audience. So even when he's on a murder spree, readers will be like, "Oh, but he's so dashing!"Wesley Gibson has the personality of a sulky thirteen year old. The sort of kid that shoots up his high school. Wow, how interesting. He's so anti-establishment, he says "fuck" in every panel. Hey wait: does that [...]

    8. Mark Millar has made a career in comic books and movies creating stories where the bad guys win, and win big. I may have not read his complete bibliography, but his stories like, Nemesis, Old Man Logan, Jupiter's Legacy, and even his first arc on Ultimate X-Men where he had Magneto publicly humiliate George W. on the White House lawn. It all started with Wanted.Wanted is set in a world where the super-villains got organized and overpowered the superheroes and established a new world order. With [...]

    9. It's hard to imagine a more UnPC book then this. It has a super villain made entirely of shit, the line "I Don't Fuck Goats I Make Love To Them." and ends with the novel literally sodomizing you, the person who shelled out money for it.It's like Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palinuik collaborated on a "superhero" book and kept trying to one up eachother. It's pretty fucking awesome and I had a blast.

    10. The front cover of this book is a picture from the film, which I think is Millar's big f*** you to the film, because it was not the original cover! I loved it. It's so un PC it's unreal, I think that's why I like it. Cop killing, hero killing, Radom killing, living shit and lots of sex! Nothing gets more in your face than this comic. This could never be made into a real film. I'm happy the film sucked balls!

    11. I feel like a lot of people misinterpret this story. While it's meant to be wildly entertaining on a superficial level (and succeeds) it's also a sort of satire.Grant Morrison, who knows Millar, expressed this same point about Wanted in his book Supergods.I don't think it's a shallow dark tale like everyone is saying. The last line of comic that solidified my opinion on this, albeit in a very crass way, reads, "This is my face while I'm fucking you in the ass!"It feels like the point of this was [...]

    12. Lame. The main character (with a stupidly striking resemblance to that most hardcore of rappers, Eminem! *dies*) goes from being the world's biggest loser toe world's biggest loser! I was captivated, but what I was captivated by was my intense desire to kick Not!Eminem in the balls, shoot him in the face, and be done with the damn thing. I have no problem liking characters who are frankly irredeemable, murderous bastards, I'll excuse a lot for said characters, and I love an excessively violent a [...]

    13. So here are some of the things I found in this comic : 1.The main protagonist Wesley Gibson behaves like a teenager on the worst day of his mood swing and uses the ‘f’ word on every alternate panel that he appears in.2.A sort of ultraviolent legion of supervillains (who are not as timid as their DC counterparts) kills people by the hundreds and never gets noticed by anyone.3.If you are a much bullied and harangued individual then you should break free and kill everyone who ever irked you.4.T [...]

    14. A henchman with Down Syndrome??? 😳That's a plus, being that I have ADD and am double-jointed due to trauma.The graphic novel takes on a totally different direction than the movie. Plus, Wesley, who resembles Eminem, references(narrates) 1980s action flicks in the climax. Hey, I used to play a song repeatedly in my head whenever biking circa a decade ago! Did I mention Fox resembles Halle Berry?

    15. Εντωμεταξύ, αυτό το κόμιξ το βρήκα πρόσφατα σε κάτι κούτες που είχα και επειδή έχω χρόνια να διαβάσω αμερικάνικα κόμιξ, είπα να το ξεκινήσω μέχρι που κατάλαβα από τον τίτλο ότι έχω δει την ταινία που βγήκε το 2008. Τέλος πάντων, έχω να πω ότι μου άρεσε περισσότερο η ταινία πάρα [...]

    16. Wanted is awful. It's asinine, puerile, ignorant, and not even that entertaining. The much-lauded ending is some of the most laughably impotent metafiction I've ever encountered. Millar's writing is almost always the crayon-fisted work of a hack. The man is pathetic. But for whatever hideous masochistic reason I couldn't put this son of a bitch down. Take from that what you will.

    17. Okay, this is not Punisher Max. If you read the review of Punisher Max there are lots of passage you can just copy and paste in for Wanted - the stuff about strength being represented as the ability to rape, as being as racist as you please, as exalting in everything from genital mutilation to cannibalism. But this is not Punisher Max. This has a point. There actually is a point to Wanted. And that's the best thing that can be said for it.Wanted is about what if the bad guys won? What is the wor [...]

    18. I re-read this after watching the trailer to the James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman movie adaptation and this story of a cubicle drone who becomes a super-powered killer still holds up pretty well.When The Killer (a Tommy Lee Jones look-alike) is killed, his girlfriend (Halle Berry) inducts his son (Eminem) into a super-criminal fraternity that secretly rules the world.This book is bursting with cool, filmable scenes, like Eminem shooting flies with a revolver. Or The Killer being shot [...]

    19. As an example of the internet's new favourite word, Bildungsroman, Millar's super-villain crime spree Wanted is pretty much tit-for-tat. We follow its mopey hero (loosest sense applies) as he, well, butches up—emigrating from the country of the pissed-upon and hopelessly downtrodden to the utopian society of the Real Men and the hopelessly hedonistic. Wesley is a real downer of a character. Spineless, misanthropic, and racist. A veritable cocktail of a social disease. Throw in a soul-sucking j [...]

    20. There is something eerily reminiscent in the style of Wanted to the writings of an adolescent school shooter. At one point in the story, the main character brags that while some of the other characters can ride sound waves or walk through walls, he's just good at killing people, and that's fine with him. Swell. From start to finish Wanted is an adolescent power trip for disturbed teenage boys. Anyone else is going to find the graphic novel either dull or silly (at times it is both).Every page of [...]

    21. I think Mark Millar may be one of the worst writers in comics. Though he has written good books, those were under strict supervision from better writers, such as Grant Morrison, who would curb any of Millar's stupider ideas. Ever since he left the tutelage of those writers, there was little to hold him back from putting his worst ideas to paper. Thus Wanted was born. I read this a couple years back while sitting in a bookstore, filling time, though now I wish I hadn't. At least by reading it, I [...]

    22. And I thought my opinion of Mark Millar couldn't get much worseThis is apparently one of the main books that made Millar famous, and it is utter shite.It's bad enough that he frames himself IRL as some sort of liberal champion of gay rights and oppressed minorities, while perpetuating so many harmful stereotypes, tropes, and consistently just writing women, POC, and queer characters terribly. Wanted is Millar's juvenile shock-horror What If story that depicts all the super-villains having succes [...]

    23. This is a pretty good comic, even if it is kind of an apology for sociopathy. There is also rampant fanboyism going on here, of an unusually negative variety. Almost of the characters are parodies of famous super villains, most of which are unfunny, and crude in an 8th grade kind of way.That is kind of the thing. This books sets itself up as a parody, and then paints itself as a deadly serious story. It's all Grim Eighties comic bookery that says it's making fun of Grim Eighties comic bookery. I [...]

    24. I could barely make it through the first issue. The dialog is forced and has profanity injected for the sake of it, at least twice per speech bubble (and it's BOLD like THIS every FUCKING other FUCKING word GODDAMNIT lest we FUCKING miss it), every character exists to indirectly or directly question the main character's masculinity (his mentor, a woman, literally calls him a faggot and commands him to grow balls), and there is a totally inexplicable undercurrent of racism against his black boss [...]

    25. It's Eminem and Halle Berry against the world. (Read the book to find out :P)Wesley lives a miserable life, with a cheating girlfriend and the constant rebukes of his boss. But he cannot do anything about it, because he doesn't want to confront them. Then one day he gets swept into the world of supervillainss, there's a cabal of supervillains that has divided the world among its five members, kinda like The Godfather. Anyway, Wesley's life changes and he becomes The Killer, an expert marksman (l [...]

    26. I enjoy graphic novels, simply because they are very easy to read and I love the art work and story telling mix. I just finished Wanted which was the combination of the six comics into one graphic novel. Yes, there was a movie based on it, which started with a white Angelina Jolie (I know she is always white but the character she played…not so much). The only common elements between the Graphic Novel and the book were their names and the fact that Wesley’s dad died and he finally learned abo [...]

    27. Well, this was different…Wesley, the central character, is like Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho), but highly skilled in the use of guns and ending lives; however, he lacks Bateman’s psychological depth.I think on the surface Wanted deals with super criminals ruling the world and causing atrocities nonsensically, but on a deeper level it addresses real issues: war, power struggle, terrorism, and poverty. That said, I did not like the execution of it. It was all a bit gross and painful t [...]

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