Seeing Trouble

Seeing Trouble

Ann Charles / Dec 05, 2019

Seeing Trouble Seeing Trouble offers answers to some of the questions I ve received from fans about how Violet Parker ended up as a single mother of twins It was originally titled Dear Diary in Deadwood and was part

  • Title: Seeing Trouble
  • Author: Ann Charles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seeing Trouble offers answers to some of the questions I ve received from fans about how Violet Parker ended up as a single mother of twins It was originally titled Dear Diary in Deadwood and was part of a Valentine s Day anthology with several other authors works In addition to this short story, I ve included the original character interview I did with Violet prior toSeeing Trouble offers answers to some of the questions I ve received from fans about how Violet Parker ended up as a single mother of twins It was originally titled Dear Diary in Deadwood and was part of a Valentine s Day anthology with several other authors works In addition to this short story, I ve included the original character interview I did with Violet prior to writing the first book that introduced us to her wild world I threw in some Deadwood illustrations by C.S Kunkle that many of you have probably not seen before Finally, I included a short story called Candy Lover that I pulled from my short story vault It has nothing to do with Violet and Deadwood, but it s a story that I felt might put a smile on your face Ann Charles

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    1. Let's face it, there isn't a bad story in this series and these little novellas are just what you need when you next a shorter read that will hold you over until the next book.

    2. I do not ordinarily enjoy reading short stories much,but made an exception for this.And I really enjoyed it. We learn details about Violet and how she became a single mom of twins. AND why she does not get along w/her sister. (Wow what a horrid sister she has!) Along with reading a bit about Violet, Ann added a little gem of a story from her vault, called CANDY LOVER. What a sweet ending.

    3. Wish there was moreI always wish for more of Violet Parker and her stories. Not a true complaintjust a wish! The short stories are nice fillers while waiting for the next book.

    4. Such Fun To Read!Loved these short stories from the Deadwood series! Just enough to keep your interest going until the next book is released!

    5. Really cute! I loved the insight into Violets past. And the even shorter story at the end was charming af. I look forward to more of these shorts.

    6. To shortAnswers some questions but was over to fast. Violet is funny and can relate to her. Hopefully in future will find out more of why she is that way.

    7. A wonderful short giving us a bit of background about Violet and how she came to be pregnant with twins. It also offers insight to her tumultuous relationship with her sister, Susan.

    8. As much as I enjoy reading the Deadwood series, I can’t say I found Seeing Trouble very entertaining. The book does offer some insight on Violet and background information on the other Deadwood characters but little else. I’m actually glad I didn’t read this before I started reading the actual series. Had I done so, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the series at all.As for the other short story featured here, it feels like it was written by a teenager. Very disappointing coming fro [...]

    9. How, in a few short pages, did I get a tear in my eye and a trembling lip on a mouth trying to grin? Ann Charles is a remarkable writer who removes the shiny varnish from motherhood and adult womanhood. We get older, we have sad stories, we're flawed and eventually we are mocked by our children. I love how Ann Charles makes me feel when I read her stories because I relate, commiserate and then I aspire to have the pluck and sense of humor that her heroines master. Seeing Trouble tells us about t [...]

    10. This book is a quick read that talks about Violet, the main character of the Deadwood Series, and answers questions about how she ended up in Deadwood and what happened to the father of her twins. Ann Charles also has included an interview with Violet, that she did before she started the series. It's a cute short read.Now I'm just waiting for the next full length book to hit the stores!

    11. This book included two short stories (one is not related to the Deadwood series), an interview with Violet, and some of Ann Charles' brother's illustrations. It was a quick read. I don't really enjoy short stories although the Deadwood one did give the backstory of her kids' father. This book was ok, but you won't really miss anything by not reading it.

    12. Seeing troubleVery interesting insight into authors mind. I liked the different cover pages and other little tidbits of interest to how she thinks and characters thoughts. Enjoyable. Too short wanted more.

    13. It was good to see how Violet ended up at her aunts house in Deadwood. It also helps explain the tension between her and her sister. The Deadwood series is an exciting read. You must pick it up and read it.

    14. Short and sweet. Liked how was able to see a little of the beginning on Violet's journey from beginning pregnancy to the end of pregnancy. Plus the other little short piece Candy Lover was cute and sweet!!

    15. I enjoy Ann Charles' writings. These stories are short but sweet and the humor is an added bonus! The interview is different and my belief is never share your private thoughts committed to the written form.

    16. This was the 1st 'e-short' story that I've read, & the introduction to Ann Charles' Deadwood mystery series. I was pleasantly surprised& will look toward reading her series!

    17. Really 3.5 stars. Good short stories but way, way too short. Several chuckles. Can't wait for Ms. Charles next book.

    18. A short story which gives us Violet's back story, who the children's father is and why she is a single parent.Interesting and short.

    19. First Short, great readLove the way the character was interviewed helps to make sense of the books. Great ideal for a quick read

    20. With the short stories, she's adding flesh to her characters. Will Violet let Addy read her diary when she is older, ah, now that's a good question.

    21. Great SeriesFour stars because it's not perfect. It is, however, great. I love the characters, I love the setting, and I love the snippets of history entwined with the stories.

    22. I enjoyed these short reads. It filled in some information an the Deadwood characters and was entertaining.

    23. As for me it answer a lot of wanting questions about her past. Elvisevery time I read about that chicken I crack up.

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