The Last Dragon Slayer

The Last Dragon Slayer

Martyn Stanley / Aug 25, 2019

The Last Dragon Slayer Imperial Wizard Saul Karza has a problem He has to kill an invulnerable dragon and he s left his army at home There s only one thing that will turn his fatal failure into survivable success The Last D

  • Title: The Last Dragon Slayer
  • Author: Martyn Stanley
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  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Imperial Wizard Saul Karza has a problem He has to kill an invulnerable dragon and he s left his army at home There s only one thing that will turn his fatal failure into survivable success The Last Dragon Slayer Saul Karza, wizard of the Empire, has been given a quest by the Empress herself To find and slay a mythical noble dragon said to be near invulnerable IImperial Wizard Saul Karza has a problem He has to kill an invulnerable dragon and he s left his army at home There s only one thing that will turn his fatal failure into survivable success The Last Dragon Slayer Saul Karza, wizard of the Empire, has been given a quest by the Empress herself To find and slay a mythical noble dragon said to be near invulnerable Instead of leading a large band of soldiers, archers and spell casters, he sets out with two immigrant dock workers and a homeless dwarf What Saul needs is the legendary Last Dragon Slayer on his side, because on this deadly quest it s not only Saul s favour with the Empress that s at stake but also his life.The Deathsworn Arc Series Deathsworn Arc The Last Dragon SlayerDeathsworn Arc 2 The Verkreath HorrorDeathsworn Arc 3 The Blood Queen

    Denise Matthews aka Vanity The Last Dragon Tribute Although Ms Matthews looks back on her s and early s life in a negative way I ve been told she has very fond memories of The Last Dragon. The Last Dragon film The Last Dragon, known as Dragons A Fantasy Made Real in the United States, and also known as Dragon s World in other countries, is a British docufiction made by Darlow Smithson Productions for Channel Four and broadcast on both Channel Four and Animal Planet that is described as the story of the natural history of the most extraordinary creature that never existed. Watch Berry Gordy s The Last Dragon Online Free The Last The Last Dragon is not on Netflix, if you like watching commercials you can check it out on Crackle and good luck finding a reliable copy on YouTube. The Last Dragon Silvana de Mari, Shaun Whiteside When the last dragon and the last elf break the circle, the past and the future will meet, and the sun of a new summer will shine in the sky In a world shrouded in darkness and continually lashed by rain, a young elf named Yorsh struggles to survive. The Last Dragon Rotten Tomatoes The Last Dragon Critics Consensus The Last Dragon is a flamboyant genre mashup brimming with style, romance, and an infectious fondness for kung fu, but audiences may find the tonal whiplash The Last Dragon Jane Yolen, Rebecca Guay The Last Dragon Jane Yolen, Rebecca Guay on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Master storyteller Jane Yolen Owl Moon , Sword of the Rightful King and celebrated fantasy artist Rebecca Guay Swamp Thing Alan Silverside s lichen pages photographs of British This site was begun in January on the now defunct biosciences teaching and research server at the then University of Paisley It was transferred to lastdragon in , allowing much faster response times, greater capacity and stability for the forseeable future. Dragon A Wiki of Ice and Fire Dragons are magical creatures, which existed on the continents of Westeros and Essos, but are considered to have been extinct for almost one hundred and fifty years The only remaining traces of the dragons are skeletal remains and dragon eggs which are thought to have turned to stone. Last Battle Austria Dragon Plastic DISCLAIMER While all models portrayed in website photographs represent actual models, please note that these are prototypes and that final model products may vary slightly Komodo dragon The Komodo dragon Varanus komodoensis , also known as the Komodo monitor, is a species of lizard found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar A member of the monitor lizard family Varanidae, it is the largest living species of lizard, growing to a maximum length of metres ft in rare cases and weighing up to approximately kilograms lb.

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        Award winning writer, Martyn Stanley is married to his wife, Rachael, and has two young children He lives in a small village on the Staffordshire Cheshire border and is a director at a small manufacturing unit He has always been interested in writing, and over the years has spent many hours writing for pleasure on forums, as well as writing some short stories The Last Dragon Slayer is his first novel, and his second and third books, The Verkreath Horror and The Blood Queen along with other planned books , form part of the Deathsworn Arc series He has also authored the Lambton Worm and Return of the Worm Slayer a re telling of an old English folktale and a sequel.He has long been an avid reader of Terry Pratchett s Discworld, and it was partly due to his love of this fantasy series, that he sought to write his own epic fantasy books Unlike Terry Pratchett s work, his books have a darker tone and address some adult themes, including questions of faith and moral philosophy.Martyn has many other varied interests He is currently studying towards an Open University General Science degree, the course material of which has helped provide inspiration and ideas for his books The course has also led him to read a number of other science based books for pleasure, which has further strengthened his atheist leanings Martyn is interested in video games and gaming culture, particularly fantasy adventure and role playing games He enjoys playing the guitar, and spent a few years in a rock band during his miss spent youth Besides this, he has an interest in martial arts, and although no longer practising, due to family commitments, he holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo This is something he would like to resume doing, time permitting Martyn won first prize for the DriveTribe 2017 Award for Best Article drivetribe p K8pjfBF2QISZMartyn s 1st prize winning article drivetribe p the clarkson


    1. A wizard, a dwarf, an elf, a dark elf, and three humans walk into a bar. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? But it really happens in The Last Dragon Slayer. They’re an unusual collection of creatures who work together to reach their shared goal – to slay a Noble Dragon. It feels like a modern cross-over between the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit in the beginning, which is why I keep comparing this story to Tolkien’s, but the author added his own spin to it. That w [...]

    2. All I had to be told was that there was a dragon in this book. Dragons are just well my thing. I love reading the different interpretations of this creature. And this book did not disappoint. It was fun and had a great adventure, reminiscent, in ways, of other books that I have enjoyed, like Lord of the Rings. I can't wait to read the rest of the series and find out just WHAT is going to happen next.Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

    3. This book is very well-written! I have to start with that. The description is vivid and effective, and it's well-crafted with a clear skill in writing. However. I found it to be nothing new at all for the fantasy genre; it's a typical medieval fantasy world, with typical types of characters in the group, and I didn't feel like the world-building was very clear at all, and that's a really important thing for me. I want to learn about and be amazed by this new world with its magic systems and cult [...]

    4. When I just started reading this book, in the very first pages, when the characters are being introduced, I was a bit skeptical of what was about to come. The reason is that the main characters in this story are a mage, an elf, two barbarians, a human and a dwarf and I was afraid this would be another “very inspired” LOTR plot.But I went on reading, and once the gang was formed, the story took a very different course. In this first book, the heroes go on a journey to kill a dragon which is h [...]

    5. Re-read again. I didn't actually read the latest version because I don't have that in paperback. I think in hindsight it was a good thing to hire pro editor Mike Rose-Steel. The work we did on this book was definitely worthwhile and though this version is good, it does have it's flaws. Re-read again! (August 2016) I wanted to re-read this to see how the series flows into the first 30,000 words of book 5 which I'm currently working on. I like this book, I think it's a great book, but I also think [...]

    6. The Last Dragon Slayer is my return to High Fantasy novels, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Martyn Stanley's style of writing appeals to me in it's directness and non-usage of "typical" High Fantasy flowery type language. The characters were interesting. Their interactions and relationships that developed were entertaining, especially the female elf Vashni and the male human Korhan. I also enjoyed and appreciated the ethical and moral decisions that the characters made. It was nice to see c [...]

    7. 'The Last Dragon Slayer' starts with a wizard named Saul Karza, travelling with three others (two men and a dwarf). He has been given the mission to kill a dragon which is rumoured to be about.Lacking in skilled warriors, he tries to recruit Silus Mendelson, who is known as the last dragon slayer. Once he is recruited they set about travelling to complete their quest. On their way, they come across Brael, a Gravian and he decides to join them. Shortly after that, when they run into trouble they [...]

    8. I love a good fantasy novel - especially ones with elves and dragons! - and "Deathsworn Arc: The Last Dragon Slayer" definitely hits the spot.There's some pretty good re-imagining of elves here which really caught my attention (I can't say more without giving it away!), and the character illustrations at the end of the eBook are amazing. (Note to Martyn Stanley: Brilliant move to have those illustrations at the end - was good to see how close my mental pictures came to "real thing".)There's some [...]

    9. The story that I read was not what I was expecting! It developed into mostly a story about two of the characters, with very little of the first character introduced. But it was still a good adventure. I'm curious where the story will move on to in the next book.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

    10. This book is the first in a series that I was asked to read and give my opinions on. Well I finished it and I have mixed feelings about it :/ To tell the truth, I expected it be less random than it turned out to be and, I dunno, I wanted the author to make me care about the characters, but unfortunately, with just 2 exceptions, I did not. Which is a shame because if done well these characters would have been badass. May contain spoilers! Read at your own risk! First off this book should have not [...]

    11. Martyn Stanley is a talented new voice in the fantasy genre, and his book, "Deathsworn: the Last Dragon Slayer" Surprised and delighted me. Just when I thought there was no more room for yet another book about slaying a dragon, came this one--and it made me think twice about that judgement. Here is what I loved about this book: First of all, the main character is not your average,"I shall succeed at everything except keeping my ego in check" type of hero. This was important to me as I have seen [...]

    12. Saul Karza, a licensed wizard, is charge with assembling a group of warriors to aid him with the perilous quest of defeating a noble dragon, a creature that is almost invincible, manipulative, magical and deadly. The dragon - vain, blood thirsty and power hungry - threatens to bring both chaos and enslavement to Empress Jade's peoples, and it is under her orders Saul Karza accepts the challenge. The group Saul gathers are a misfit bunch, an unlikely band of characters thrown together who form un [...]

    13. I liked this story. It's well written and interesting, and different. I think it's the kinky relationship between the warrior and the elf, it's a bit weird, but it's intriguing and makes you want to read on to see how it develops. All in all it's kind of strange, we don't get too much background information on the characters involved, but I think we get enough to be interested. The pace is pretty good and the constant moral and ethical debating is interesting.I didn't like the weird elvish langu [...]

    14. When I started reading this, I was looking forward to it. For once no big countries at war, not the whole world at peril, but merely an interesting collection of people out to fulfil a quest. The plot itself is a little simple, but it would do.The main focus of the author seems to me to lie with the group who go out to kill a dragon anyway. Since I do enjoy character-centred story telling the most, that is fine with me. However, there are few characters in the book who are fleshed out. The elf g [...]

    15. It surprised me just how much I liked this book. I am a fan of The Hobbit series but admittedly have never read the book and I haven't read The Lord of the Rings Trilogy either. However, this book reminded me of the movies and it was quite an intriguing journey as this little group go off to fight a huge dragon. There's already a dragon slayer in the midst, a cursed dark elf, an elf, a dwarf, a wizard, and two dock workers. They don't sound like much, but together they become quite the group and [...]

    16. Blurb:Imperial Wizard Saul Karza has a problem. He has to kill an invulnerable dragon and he's left his army at home. There's only one thing that will turn his fatal failure into survivable success - The Last Dragon Slayer. Saul Karza, wizard of the Empire, has been given a quest by the Empress herself: To find and slay a mythical 'noble dragon'; said to be near invulnerable. Instead of leading a large band of soldiers, archers and spell-casters, he sets out with two immigrant dock-workers and a [...]

    17. A key element of any good fantasy novel is the ability to make the characters truly believable, even if they are outside of the normal human experience. Elves, dwarves and dragons seem commonplace inside the world of the story and the reader doesn’t question them. Martyn has created a great set of characters and personalities that are wholly true to themselves and the story.This is a typical fantasy novel; bunch of local tough guys are given a task to fulfill by a ruler and go off to rid the l [...]

    18. This story started out slow for me then picked up the pace. I mean how can you put such an awkward group together and call them anything but. The last dragon Slayer is a mystical person thought to have been just a kids tale or something made up for kids to look up to! Think again but wait it gets better! yeah this book caught me off guard and kept me reading what can i say I really liked the way it plays out!multiple characters in a group that should have failed from the beginning!!

    19. Author sponsored reviewThis was a really good book! I wasn't sure I would enjoy it, but once I got into it, I really did. Essentially, a dwarf and two humans are on a quest for the Empress to slay a dragon. However, they wish for Silus to join them as he was with the last party who killed a Noble Dragon. Along the way they pick up a dark-elf (gravian) Brael, saving him from the executor's block. After rescuing him, they are rescued from the resulting pursuers by a mysterious elf named Vashni. As [...]

    20. The Last Dragon Slayer is high end fantasy and is the first book in the Deathsworn Arc series. It is about a quest to kill a Noble Dragon.Saul Karza is a wizard and he is travelling with two men from the North, and a dwarf. They have been sent by the Empress Jade to put down a dragon. They are travelling through the land of Torea in search of Silus Mendelson, the last know dragon slayer in the hope he can help them and will join them. The Empress had no warriors, archers or mages to send with Sa [...]

    21. I started reading this book few days ago. I was caught by the title of the book – and the genre which I rarely do read. But hey! I do have an epic imagination! It drove my interest more so by the looks of the book cover. Although it gives you an idea of what you’re about to dive into, do not be fooled that you know half the story. The cover gives you a brief introduction that no amount of words could describe and it drove me more to go on and finish the book in 4 days. I like how the book st [...]

    22. 3.5 starsThe book is about Soul (a wizard), Korhan and Harald (northmen), and Vortex (a dwarf) who are joint on a quest to slay a noble dragon On the way they are joint by silus(the last dragon slayer), breal (dark elf)and lady vashni(an elf) You only truly appreciate the value of life when someone is trying to take it from you ,i want to feel that again even if it means riding to my doom.Even if death is certain, I still thank you, a dignified death is always preferableWe cannot control the lif [...]

    23. **This Review was done in conjunction with NerdGirl. For more information, please visit their facebook page: facebook/NerdGirl **I love dragons. Good or evil. Dragons are some of the coolest aspects of fantasy literature. This book deals with a group of fantasy characters on a question to kill a dragon. It sounds like you typical fantasy tale except that the author really crafts his characters and interpersonal dynamics really well. He plays upon them and it really brings another level of depth [...]

    24. There isn't anything more enjoyable than loving Book One of a new epic adventure series, is there? I'm thrilled to have a new series to dig into. Stanley is a great fantasy writer offering a grand world with a dragon slaying mission at the heart of Arc 1, which proves to be solidly plotted, full of characters strong enough to carry a series, layered with some twists and mysteries.The characters are great, and dialogue is well executed, which both moves the plot forward and lets the characters co [...]

    25. This book is free on as I write this review. Go ahead and download it… NOW!What a fun, edge-of-your-seat fantasy novel! This is the setup for a series and, in a few strokes it creates a world that you will want to visit. The characters will seem familiar: a wizard, a dwarf, elves, strong warriors and a dragon; and they all have traits that we've seen before. The most original character is a "black elf" whose cursed story shows how this novel can go to new, yet familiar territories. The charac [...]

    26. First things first: I'd love to thank author for contacting me and emailing me a free copy of this book.It was quite captivating, though I found the name of the novel a bit misleading: the dragon slayer happened to be the minor character. The storyline was moving towards the battle with the dragon but it was more focused on the relationship between elf Vashni and human warrior Korhan. The journey of the group was mostly carried out by the dialogues and it gave an opportunity to learn more about [...]

    27. I especially admired reading through Deathsworn Arc because it wasn't hard for me to see early in the book that Martyn Stanley clearly has a true passion and plenty of talent when it comes to writing in the fantasy genre.I have always been a huge fan of most fantasy books, so naturally I found myself sucked in quite quickly because the book has a solid foundation made up of everything that makes the genre so appealing to me. There's warriors, dragon slayers, lots of combat, and a mystical, dynam [...]

    28. The book is not so much about the Last Dragon Slayer, who plays a relatively minor part. It is more focused on the relationship between Vashni and Korhan, two of the others that make up a rag-tag bunch of adventurers on their way to hunt down a dragon. I won't give away what happens, but needless to say this relationship is very odd and reminds me of a magical "50 shades of grey" minus the sex and with a plotline. Having said that, this was a much better read than the aforementioned book! The ma [...]

    29. I am not usually into fantasy tales but I loved this book- until the end. The characters built nicely as did their relationships along their journey. The fight that they were aiming to was over very suddenly as was the book. I know that this is part of a series but please don’t stop half way through a sentence so to speak. The descriptions of people and places were so good that you could picture each in your mind’s eye. Rich detail of fabled beings and places. The story as much about the cha [...]

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