الجميلة النائمة

الجميلة النائمة

Charles Perrault عادل الغضبان / Jul 21, 2019

Disgruntled at not being invited to the princess christening the wicked fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for a hundred years

  • Title: الجميلة النائمة
  • Author: Charles Perrault عادل الغضبان
  • ISBN: 9770253847
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Disgruntled at not being invited to the princess christening, the wicked fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for a hundred years.

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      345 Charles Perrault عادل الغضبان
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      • Charles Perrault عادل الغضبان

        Charles Perrault was a French author who laid foundations for a new literary genre, the fairy tale, and whose best known tales, offered as if they were pre existing folk tales, include Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, Bluebeard, Hop o My Thumb , Diamonds and Toads, Patient Griselda, The Ridiculous WishesPerrault s most famous stories are still in print today and have been made into operas, ballets e.g Tchaikovsky s Sleeping Beauty , plays, musicals, and films, both live action and animation.The Brothers Grimm retold their own versions of some of Perrault s fairy tales.


    1. Oh my godAmigos, tienen que leer el relato en su versión original. De verdad.Charles Perrault, te amo.

    2. Another "Sleeping Beauty" retelling, and despite sharing some common events, I like this way better than Giambattista Basile's version "Sun, Moon, Talia."This shows the basic story we know from Disney's movie (except there's no Maleficent, instead there's an evil mother-in-law), but the difference is that it goes beyond the movie, and what happens in later year with some weird twists. It's not so gory and creepy, just your basic fairy tale, and I liked it.

    3. Another read in Malayalam translation. I did not like this one much because nothing much was happening. My favourite part was the sleeping castle, frozen in time.Confession: I used to fantasise about a princess sleeping somewhere, waiting for me to come and kiss her awake

    4. Me gustó, aunque es muy diferente a la historia que se nos cuenta de niños o a la que vemos en la película de Disney.En estos días haré una entrada en mi blog sobre cuentos clásicos, donde incluiré una reseña más completa de este libro.

    5. QUÉLa madre del príncipe estaba loco.¿Podemos hablar de que la hija de la reina y el rey se llamaba Aurora?entonces la Aurora mejor conocida como la Bella Durmiente de Disney sobrevivió a que su abuela ogro se la comiera porque llegó su padre de repente y la salvó.Me en-can-tó.

    6. Name of Book: Sleeping BeautyAuthor: Charles PerraultStar Rating: ****Plot Summary:This is a classic fairy tale about a young Princess who is born under the King and Queen of the land but an evil fairy claims that when she turns fifteen years old she will put her to sleep for one hundred years by pricking her finger. When the princess turns fifteen the wicked fairy pricks her finger and puts her and everyone else into the castle asleep. The spell can only be broken if the prince kisses the princ [...]

    7. Rating 4 Golden StarsBefore Reading: To be honest I was not looking forward to reading this at all. It was part of my AP English project where I had to analyze three different versions of Sleeping Beauty. I thought this version would be the same as the Disney version that I grew up knowing.I was very wrongAfter Reading:Charles Perrault's version of Sleeping Beauty is translated from French so each version varies slightly. However, one can note that his version is MUCH different than Disney's ver [...]

    8. I have never loved that fairy tale, I couldn't find any morals, I mean, sleeping for 100 years, Ok, we can deal with that, but falling in love with the princess before even meeting her or seeing what she looks like? And a queen mother who's an ogress and who's planning to eat your family? Come on! And asking the first guy you see when you wake up, "are you my prince?" while you should be frightened to death? :D are you kidding me?!Anyway, I had fun reading the book with some new surprises that I [...]

    9. Many a girl has waited longFor a husband brave or strong;But I'm sure I never metAny sort of woman yetWho could wait a hundred years,Free from fretting, free from fears.Now, our story seems to showThat a century or so,Late or early, matters not;True love comes by fairy-lot.Some old folk will even sayIt grows better by delay.Yet this good advice, I fear,Helps us neither there nor here.Though philosophers may prateHow much wiser 'tis to wait,Maids will be a sighing still --Young blood must when yo [...]

    10. As usual, a really lovely fairytale =). I was very surprised by this story, really. I grew up with the Disney version, but my surprise was huge when I realized that the end of the movie was only half the book. I loved the details of the children of Sleeping Beauty and Prince, and the adventures they had when they moved into the realm of the prince. In short, a wonder that everyone should read.

    11. This one is yet another version of the classic sleeping beauty, this has some old ogre known as the mother in law who wants to eat her grandchildren but was in a total failure little did she know aha it'll bite her ass in the end. Not so creepy like the one ive read before this.

    12. Nunca me había planteado leer los cuentos clásicos, siempre he sido de ver las películas Disney, pero estaba gratis en y me ha sorprendido ver la historia real y cómo la han cambiado. Lo cierto es que si hubieran seguido la historia, casi que podría haber traumatizado a los niños.Me ha gustado mucho

    13. Very interesting, this is a different story then I've ever read. The moral of the story at the end is very true. If only more people realized what others already knew! I hope you enjoy this storyVery different from other tellings, I liked the moral at the end. I read many versions to see how there stories very

    14. Was pleasantly surprised that this isn't an exact blueprint of the Disney movie. Though slightly darker in tone, (which I think is a positive), good triumphs in the end. I loved it!

    15. I don't get it: why do people insist reading this horrible stories to the children. Probably it is just a habit: they were read to them and they do the ritual all over without really caring for the values they are teaching.Rape? Rape is good if you are doing it with a clean heart. And it's even better when you are a prince. Reminds me of coercive rape to cure lesbianism.And killing? Killing is something that happens. How about the necromantic aspects of christianity? Exhibiting the body. That's [...]

    16. Moving right along. Lady and the Tramp is unique to Disney (well y'know, except for Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog, but don't get me started), so next is the lovely Sleeping Beauty.I used the pitt edition of this (no illustrations, just story). I think I've only previously read the Grimm version, because I had no recollection of an ogress trying to eat Sleeping Beauty's children!I also read the pitt edition for the Grimm version of the tale (Lil' Brier Rose). Interesting that Disney quotes this as [...]

    17. ¡WOOOW! Es una versión MUY diferente a la de Disney. Para Perrault, Aurora no es la bella durmiente, sino su hija; las hadas invitadas al bautizo eran 7, no 3, y se desconoce su nombre; y "Maléfica" era un hada vieja, sin nombre. Lo que conocía de esta historia era que el príncipe despertaba a la bella durmiente, se casaban y ya. En esta historia, hay hasta una suegra ogra que odia tanto a su nuera y a sus nietos, que se los quiere comer En fin, es una historia mucho más entretenida que la [...]

    18. Dios mío, que versión más diferente a la de Disney, aunque me gustó mucho mas esta historia. A penas leí lo de las hadas me quede en cero, y solo con saber que le sucede a la princesa después me quede mucho peor. El final me encantó, me pareció romántico y entretenido. Le pongo 4/5 estrellas porque quería que dijeran los nombres de los personajes y también quería saber qué sucedió con la bruja :(

    19. OMG, I can’t believe these books are on .The Green Library /“المكتبة الخضراء” is my childhood memories, my mother use to read me these books when I was Little before bed, and as I grew older I reread them again by myself as an activity in summer vacation.These books are the first books that I have read and because of them that I started to love reading and they were definitely the beginning of my road into becoming the “bookworm” that I am.

    20. OMG, I can’t believe these books are on .The Green Library /“المكتبة الخضراء” is my childhood memories, my mother use to read me these books when I was Little before bed, and as I grew older I reread them again by myself as an activity in summer vacation.These books are the first books that I have read and because of them that I started to love reading and they were definitely the beginning of my road into becoming the “bookworm” that I am.

    21. I'd forgotten how violent Grimms fairy tales are. A formerly "OK" queen suddenly turns "ogre-ish" while her son, the king, goes away to fight a war. So in her ogre-ish state, she orders her head chef to cook her grandchildren so she can eat them. Having done with them, she orders a nice BBQ'd daughter-in-law for desert. Not a bedtime story I'd like to read to my children.

    22. Beautiful presentationThis is a beautiful edition with gorgeous typeset, elaborate margins and magnificent drawings. I've never read Sleeping Beauty before, but this was a delicious treatke a wonderful dessert. Short, sweet, and delightful. Thank you for these gorgeous Kindle editions of fairy tales. I feel like I found a pot of gold. Absolutely enchanting.

    23. Inspired to read the original tale after seeing "Maleficent," to try to determine the accuracy of the whole thing. Pleasantly surprised at the higher level of the plot of the original story, much simplified by Disney's retelling. Simple and to the point. The translation I read was from "Old-Time Stories told by Master Charles Perrault," translated by A. E. Johnson (Dodd Mead and Company, 1921).

    24. Qué horror! Creo que es la primera vez que lo leo entero y la segunda parte es espantosa (eso no quiere decir que no tenga final feliz). Todo el mundo habla de la malvada bruja, que aquí es un hada vieja y ofendida, pero hay seres peores.

    25. Beautiful illustration and formatThe kindle format is lovely and beautifully illustrated. This classic version is interesting and even a little funny. The kids were enchanted by this presentation.

    26. I liked that it didn't end with the prince and princess getting married, but with the ogre mother-in-law trying the eat her grandchildren. Definitely not Disney. I think my kids would like this version more.

    27. انا عايزة اسأل استاذ عادل الغضبان الالفاظ المستخدمة فى القصة فى بعض الاحيان الا ترى انها صعبة القراءة والاستيعاب من الفئة العمرية المستهدفةالمهم انى قراتها علشان استعيد نوع من الطفولة فى لحظة غم عابرة

    28. Es interesante conocer las diferentes versiones del cuento. ¡No se queden con la historia Disney! Las demás pueden sorprender gratamente.

    29. Though this is a classic, I think this story deserves only two stars because I feel like I didn't get any valuable lesson from it. It is just plainly entertaining.

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