The Fargenstropple Case

The Fargenstropple Case

Lia London / Jan 24, 2020

The Fargenstropple Case When Chief Inspector Terrence Morgan was called up to the Fargenstropple estate again he assumed it was for another wild goose chase He was wrong This time stolen family jewels an enigmatic debutant

  • Title: The Fargenstropple Case
  • Author: Lia London
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Chief Inspector Terrence Morgan was called up to the Fargenstropple estate again, he assumed it was for another wild goose chase He was wrong This time stolen family jewels, an enigmatic debutante and radio controlled ferrets make the case a real mystery Full of witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and plot twists, THE FARGENSTROPPLE CASE is sure to amuse and intrigueWhen Chief Inspector Terrence Morgan was called up to the Fargenstropple estate again, he assumed it was for another wild goose chase He was wrong This time stolen family jewels, an enigmatic debutante and radio controlled ferrets make the case a real mystery Full of witty dialogue, slapstick humor, and plot twists, THE FARGENSTROPPLE CASE is sure to amuse and intrigue you.

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    1. Silly and BritishHumorous, satisfactorily complicated plot with some twists, and dash of romance. Terrence's second glass door cracked me up! And ferrets! Who would have guessed?!

    2. I had a difficult time getting into the story, but once I gave a chance, I enjoyed this fun, light read. Would like to see the rest of the series.

    3. This was a swift, humorous mystery story with engaging characters--most especially Inspector Terrence Morgan, who has a lot of trouble keeping his office door in one piece. Very enjoyable, light read, perfect for someone who wants something to read with a cup of tea. I hope there will be more Inspector Morgan books in the future!

    4. Meet Chief (of should I say Chef?) inspector Terrence Morgan who is recruited to come up to Bloome Manor and solve a most baffling and also seemingly trivial mystery involving the excitable Lady Chatterly. The good inspector thinks he will have this one nailed in no time at all, but little does he know that he is about to embark on an adventure that will have him bitten by ferrets, falling on ashes, singing to hounds, wearing ladies clothes, and pursuing a love interest.This book is an interacti [...]

    5. Sly, Unpredictable, Tongue-in-Cheek HumorI really like a wide range of bizarro fiction. But, the trick to me seems to be maintaining the right balance between the bizarro and the well-written funny. Many efforts go gonzo without offering any characters or plots or dialogue or narrative that is actually engaging or amusing. This book is not one of those misfires. In fact, the bizarro element is actually mild and just around the edges and serves mostly to add an antic and slightly skewed flavor to [...]

    6. Millicent Fargenstropple is not a woman to be trifled with, and when she visits Chief Inspector Morgan’s office (incidentally breaking the door as she does so) he makes haste to investigate the trouble at the Manor. This is just the beginning of a hilarious romp through one of the more eccentric English country houses. In this story the reader meets radio-controlled ferrets, homicidal dogs that can only be approached on horseback, and a fine array of possible suspects.This is the first book I [...]

    7. Brighten your day with this funny mystery!Every book that I've read by Lia London is different and clever. This one is so much fun! The title should give it away, but when you meet characters with names like Lady Chatterly (a cat), Mrs. Moulderswich, Crumfellow, Dr. Nigglesby, and Blandthorpe, you can't help but smile. The plot is as much fun as the crazy characters.If you want to add some fun to your reading while Chief Inspector Morgan stumbles through this strange case, you won't be disappoin [...]

    8. When I first started to read this novel, I wasn’t sure if it was to my taste until I hit these lines and then I knew I’d enjoy it very much. And I did. “Weeks and weeks of invisible burglars in your home taking nothing - but frightening the cat at meal times?”“Precisely. Can you help me, Inspector? The Chief Superintendent said you were his very best man for this sort of thing.”Why does the Chief Super hate me? wondered Terrence.The family jewels were gone and the inspector was on th [...]

    9. Remember when your teachers used to say, "Reading is fun!" And the students would groan? They should hand out this book to the whole class. This book is just downright fun. It clips along at a fast pace without a wasted word. The characters are as wonderfully strange as their names and the mystery a good one that keeps the reader guessing all the way until the end. I can't pronounce the title, but I loved it!

    10. This story made me smile the whole way through. It reminded me of a 1920- 30s farce - a little Poirot mixed with Noel Coward - full of the British slapstick humour that is enjoyable. I loved the names of the characters and their interaction - and such brilliant dialogue that made me laugh.Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, this lighthearted mystery is a fun read.

    11. The Fargenstropple Case is a fast, fun read. The quirky characters (human and animal alike) and zany situations kept me entertained from start to finish. This novella will likely appeal to anyone looking for a quick mystery filled with British humor.

    12. This is a fun, zany mystery, one I would have enjoyed reading as a girl. The characters are larger-than-life (one literally so), and the plot moves along at a steady pace. Perfect chapter lengths for middle readers.

    13. This was a very quick and funny read. I had seen reviews that indicated such, and they were right on. I thought the characters were believable in a 'large' sort of way and the mystery and romance well executed. Well done!

    14. Very funny BritishVery funny British. A since of humor as only the British have and serious mystery. Short read and I liked it.

    15. Fun and funny. Definitely a good book to help you take your mind off things and relax for a bit. Would recommend to anyone wanting a lighthearted, witty read.

    16. Cute and short cozy mystery The end seemed a bit rushed, but the characters are hilarious in their over-the-top ways of handling each situation. Who would have thought rats and ferrets could be controlled via radio?

    17. This is a quick read of a quirky mystery. Poor Inspector Terrence Morgan doesn't have a clue what he is in for when he has to go to Bloome manor to investigate what appears to be strange robberies. The Fargenstopple family is to say the least eccentric. Join the humorous journey to uncover a mystery.

    18. A freebie from with a title I just couldn't resist. Fargenstropple The word just made me smile and continued to make me smile every time I read it. The story itself I found confusing,and was interested to read in Lia London's end notes that it had in fact been written in a collaborative way with others contributing ideas as it went along. It reminded me faintly of the kind of story games I used to play as a child where one person writes a sentence and then folds the page over leaving a word or [...]

    19. I Literally Laughed Out Loud! I don't usually laugh out loud when I read books - even funny ones. But now that I've read The Fargenstropple Case, I think that's because I haven't read enough of London's books! There were so many laugh out loud moments that I'm so glad I picked this book up when I did. Life was getting too dreary. And this book was the perfect pick me up. I really enjoyed the characters. Terrence Morgan is an awesome chief inspector - bumbling at times but still competent. And th [...]

    20. This was a very entertaining little book. It's really like a British short story ~ sort of an Oscar-Wilde-meets-Benny-Hill type read! It was light-hearted, witty, clever and classic. However, I couldn't help but see it as a theater piece as I read along and believe it would make an excellent stage play! I plan to share this story with a friend who is involved in local theater An easy, one-sitting read I have to give a "thumbs up" but I still would hope to hear it hits the stage some day Just don [...]

    21. This is such a fun, energetic quick read! Loaded with quirky characters and animals that have such human-like personalities a part of what make this such a great read. You can't help but laugh out loud at the antics that transpire in the book, you'll be wanting to continue reading to see what happens next. The author does a superb job of balancing the story in it's quirkiness, humor, and engaging story; all the parts are seamlessly kept moving and full of energy. I can't wait to read more!

    22. Clever storyThis is a clever story and a quick read. It would be a good story for a young reader or an older reader. It is definitely G-rated, which is a delight since they are not easy to come by.

    23. I don't know what I was expecting when I started to read this book but what I got was a lighthearted, genuinely funny little mystery. It's a quick read with likable, quirky characters and a vein of melodrama meets Keystone Kops. In all, an enjoyable way to unwind after work.

    24. A very enjoyable, short read with zany characters and snappy dialogue aplenty! If you're looking for a book with laugh-out-loud humor and a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery, Inspector Morgan and the Fargenstropples deal it up in spades. Well done!

    25. This British, comedy-mystery has a bit of the Pink Panther with just a dash of Inspector gadget. It's a short, fast read, but full of surprises and laughs. You will definitely come away from this story with a smile on your face.

    26. You have to be kiddingI have never read one chapter of a book and then put it away, but here goes. This was truly awful from the first pages.

    27. Funny and EntertainingThis book was short, but it was funny and very entertaining. I liked it. It reminded me of an old English comedy movie. It was worth reading

    28. A fun read. I got the sense of a good old-fashioned English farce. Like something that would have come out of the Pinewood film studios at the tail end of the 50s / early 60s.

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