Edmund Campion: Jesuit and Martyr

Edmund Campion: Jesuit and Martyr

Evelyn Waugh / Oct 22, 2019

Edmund Campion Jesuit and Martyr Evelyn Waugh presented his biography of St Edmund Campion the Elizabethan poet scholar and gentleman who became the haunted trapped and murdered priest as a simple perfectly true story of heroism

  • Title: Edmund Campion: Jesuit and Martyr
  • Author: Evelyn Waugh
  • ISBN: 9780141391502
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evelyn Waugh presented his biography of St Edmund Campion, the Elizabethan poet, scholar and gentleman who became the haunted, trapped and murdered priest as a simple, perfectly true story of heroism and holiness It is written with a novelist s eye for the telling incident and with all the elegance and feeling of a master of English prose From the years of success asEvelyn Waugh presented his biography of St Edmund Campion, the Elizabethan poet, scholar and gentleman who became the haunted, trapped and murdered priest as a simple, perfectly true story of heroism and holiness It is written with a novelist s eye for the telling incident and with all the elegance and feeling of a master of English prose From the years of success as an Oxford scholar, to entry into the newly founded Society of Jesus and a professorship in Prague, Campion s life was an inexorable progress towards the doomed mission to England There followed pursuit, betrayal, a spirited defense of loyalty to the Queen, and a horrifying martyr s death at Tyburn.

    SAINT EDMUND CAMPION ENGLISH MARTYR Saint Edmund Campion Priest and Martyr B January , D December , Feast Day December There will never want in England men that will have care of their own salvation, nor such as shall advance other men s neither Jesuit Tradition Campion College Jesuit institutions are recognized internationally for their high academic standards The Jesuit philosophy of education centers on providing an atmosphere of open inquiry that unites rigorous scholarship and academic excellence with ethical values and service to others. Campion school Trichy Campion Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School is named after its Patron Saint Edmund Campion, an Oxford Scholar and Jesuit Priest, who was martyred for the Catholic Faith in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England and canonized in th October, . Albert Campion Albert Campion is a fictional character in a series of detective novels and short stories by Margery Allingham.He first appeared as a supporting character in The Crime at Black Dudley , an adventure story involving a ring of criminals, and would go on to feature in another novels and over short stories Supposedly created as a parody of Dorothy L Sayers detective Lord Peter Campion College Campion College University of Regina Wascana Parkway Regina, SK SS A Magis History Founded by Eugenio Perazza in in Motta di Livenza, the company reached a good succes worldwide thank to the iconic design products developed in collaboration with Richard Sapper, Marc Berthier, Jasper Morrison, Ron Arad, Zaha Hadid, Ronan Erwan Bouroullec,Philippe Starck, Marc Newson.Three of the company s products are awarded with the prestigious ADI Compasso d Oro. Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House Montserrat offers a beautiful space to deepen your relationship with Jesus Retreatants experience restorative peace and transformative renewal on these grounds made sacred by prayer Come and tell Jesus what you want Him to do for you. Holy Name of Jesus Chapel Renovation Jesuit High School The mission of Jesuit High School as a Catholic, college preparatory school is to develop in its students the competence, conscience, and compassion that will Homilies of a Jesuit th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B Oct , In Mark s Gospel, the story about Bartimaeus is than the story about blindness and the restoration of sight It is an account of faith because after his sight was restored, Bartimaeus followed Jesus along the road. Homilies of a Jesuit th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B Oct , It is perhaps fortuitous that this weekend is the memorial of St Francis Assisi and the theme centres on the family Why fortuitous St Francis was a man of peace and his message, perhaps, has implications for the human family.

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        Evelyn Waugh s father Arthur was a noted editor and publisher His only sibling Alec also became a writer of note In fact, his book The Loom of Youth 1917 a novel about his old boarding school Sherborne caused Evelyn to be expelled from there and placed at Lancing College He said of his time there, the whole of English education when I was brought up was to produce prose writers it was all we were taught, really He went on to Hertford College, Oxford, where he read History When asked if he took up any sports there he quipped, I drank for Hertford In 1924 Waugh left Oxford without taking his degree After inglorious stints as a school teacher he was dismissed for trying to seduce a school matron and or inebriation , an apprentice cabinet maker and journalist, he wrote and had published his first novel, Decline and Fall in 1928 In 1928 he married Evelyn Gardiner She proved unfaithful, and the marriage ended in divorce in 1930 Waugh would derive parts of A Handful of Dust from this unhappy time His second marriage to Audrey Herbert lasted the rest of his life and begat seven children It was during this time that he converted to Catholicism During the thirties Waugh produced one gem after another From this decade come Vile Bodies 1930 , Black Mischief 1932 , the incomparable A Handful of Dust 1934 and Scoop 1938 After the Second World War he published what is for many his masterpiece, Brideshead Revisited, in which his Catholicism took centre stage The Loved One a scathing satire of the American death industry followed in 1947 After publishing his Sword of Honour Trilogy about his experiences in World War II Men at Arms 1952 , Officers and Gentlemen 1955 , Unconditional Surrender 1961 his career was seen to be on the wane In fact, Basil Seal Rides Again 1963 his last published novel received little critical or commercial attention Evelyn Waugh, considered by many to be the greatest satirical novelist of his day, died on 10 April 1966 at the age of 62.See enpedia wiki Evelyn_W


    1. One of the finest, most inspiring biographies I have ever read. It is a tale of faith and hope in the face of ferocious injustices and intensely bloody persecutions - truly the darkest days of Engish history. Evelyn Waugh's graceful prose and command of history and the spirit of this great saint makes this book hard to put down. Second time I've read it and it has only gotten finer with age

    2. I love the writing of Evelyn Waugh…his prose are some of the best of our time, if not of all time. And when that talent is used to pen a biography of the heroic English martyr, Edmund Campion, a tremendous blessing has been given to all who gleen it’s pages. What a story…what a life.

    3. Considering my non-existent interest in the history of Catholicism in England, this book was still relatively interesting.

    4. Waugh had already made, or very nearly made, the transition from young bad boy satirist to mature novelist with "A Handful of Dust" but this fine little book presages his later work. A beautiful piece of writing.

    5. This is a fairly short and surprisingly old fashioned biography of Edmund Campion. I say surprisingly because Waugh's writing is usually more modern in tone. This is more reverent than one expects of Waugh. Campion was an English scholar who seemed destined for greatness but who realized his sympathies were with the Catholic church. He went to Douai in France was received into the Catholic church. He eventually went to Rome, joined the Jesuit order and was assigned to a mission to return to Engl [...]

    6. This is a fascinating book that accomplishes different things. Firstly, it portrays the life and sacrifices made by Edmund Campion, from renouncing to success in England to his very martyrdom, and his selflessness in trying to help others while abiding by a separation between Church and State. The description of his condemnation in a mock trial devoid of minimum guarantees and due process shows how, in spite of the Queen's proclamation that faith had nothing to do with the sentencing, reflect ho [...]

    7. This is an exciting tale of a life lived, and willingly sacrificed, for belief and ideals.Edmund Campion was not a sure thing as a saint, because he did not follow an easy and assured route. Edmund Campion is an excellent example of a Jesuit. The Society of Jesus, founded by Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier, is known throughout history for its commitment to learning, and the sharing of knowledge, as a path leading to Christ.Knowledge and true scholarship, when honestly pursued and vigorousl [...]

    8. When I first read this book in the early 90's I was still a Protestant struggling with the questions of conversion. At the end of it, I still had questions to resolve about becoming Catholic but I felt a real desire to become a Jesuit like Campion, ready to sacrifice all and defy anyone for the sake of the Gospel. Whatever your background, if you can read this story without being moved and challenged, beware the state of your soul!It is a powerful story, thoroughly researched and skillfully told [...]

    9. This is not an easy read, but it is a very powerful read. There were times when I would read only 2-3 pages a night. Evelyn Waugh's book, Brideshead Revisited, was about an English Catholic family, and I was quite intrigued when I read it, because I had never really given much thought to what had happened to the families who wanted to keep their faith during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. And then along comes Waugh. He takes on the biography of Blessed Edmund Campion, who started out as the darli [...]

    10. Evelyn Waugh, was greatly influenced by the life of St. Campion and later converted to Catholicism. Here he presents a readable, interesting, and intellectual account of Campion's life. I couldn't think of a better person or more satisfying. To know Campion influences, by the actions of his life, people spanning the centuries is enough in itself a point to ponder. The title itself. clever and perfect. This account begins with a riveting introduction to the Tudor dynasty with a listless, aged Eli [...]

    11. A short biography of a martyr. Inspiring. Humbling. It's hard to believe the bloodshed between Christians after the reformation.Campion was a Catholic priest, a Jesuit. He went home to England to minister to the Catholics who were persecuted by the government. Waugh's writing is beautiful: "And so the work of Campion continued; so it continues. He was one of a host of martyrs, each, in their several ways, gallant and venerable; some performed more sensational feats of adventure, some sacrificed [...]

    12. Lately I have been uninspired by my religion in spite of the new pope and the promise his different attitude has brought. I see smarmy, self-satisfied men and conservative, judgmental pundits who have almost turned me away. Then I read this book. Campion was an inspiring man who reminds me why it is important to stand by your beliefs regardless of the consequences. Waugh has given us a human being, not a two-dimensional historic figure. I held my breath when he was assigned to England, even know [...]

    13. I read this when 64 years old and thought it tough to get through. My sister read it when a senior in high school - I really wonder what those English classes were like. The difficulty, is that Waugh apparently did not go back and edit. He gives the month without the year, and last names without ever giving the first name, as if we readers are familiar with the story.If years aren't important to you, well then, the story of Edmund Campion is just fine. He's well received wherever he goes, whethe [...]

    14. Campion was a man's saint! A definite stud. If you are looking for some quick inspiration, I definitely recommend this book. It's very short, and doesn't attempt to be a definitive biography. It's goal is to paint a picture of the man and the saint in broad strokes, which it accomplishes very well. After reading it you'll want to learn how to speak Latin and Greek fluently and die as a missionary martyr.The book also gives a great quick picture of Elizabethan England. It doesn't try to be a hist [...]

    15. Beautifully written biography of the renowned Jesuit scholar and martyr. There is a detailed background of the brutality and just plain villainry of the Elizabethan government with respect to the Catholics in the country and, externally, with the Catholic countries. Against this scenery, the devotion of the seminary priests and the Jesuits in their covert ministry to the Catholics in England is inspiring. An excellent read.

    16. This was an excellent biography of an extraordinary man. As with all the lives of the saints, I found so much that was relevant and inspiring even now, centuries later. Having just read Helena and The Loved One, though, I did miss the personality and story telling that is so wonderful in Waugh's fictional works.

    17. Yikes I think this (and "The Past", by Tessa Hadley) is one of the few books I've read from beginning to end in the last month. Quite engrossing, I thought, and has a bit of tangency w Thomas More and H. Mantel;s Thomas Cromwell a bit. I'd like to read a bit more, abt, say, the English Catholic college in France at Douai, spelled various ways. Utterly fascinating.

    18. A fantastic recounting of a great English saint by a very accomplished and well-written author. What's not to love? Couple this with "Autobiography of a Hunted Priest" and you get an amazing picture of one of the darkest times in the history of the Church. But the darkest times usually produce the most heroic saints. St. Edmund Campion, pray for us!

    19. Not the best place to start with either Evelyn Waugh or Edmund Campion. Waugh assumes that the reader is very familiar with 16th century England, which I wasn't. Waugh is clearly knowledgeable and passionate, but he lost me in a lot of places.

    20. Listed by Patrick Madrid in the Reading Plan of Search and Rescue in Phase 2 (Intermediate). ("exciting story of an apologist")

    21. This is a biography of a jesuit martyr. I didn't realize that Catholics were tortured during the time of Queen Elizabeth just as Protestants were during the time of Bloody Mary.

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