Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us

Jim Marrs / Jan 28, 2020

Alien Agenda Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us The bestselling author of Crossfire weaves together a wealth of new and long suppressed evidence to present this unique definitive examination of alien and paranormal events here and now pages of

  • Title: Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us
  • Author: Jim Marrs
  • ISBN: 9780060955366
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • The bestselling author of Crossfire weaves together a wealth of new and long suppressed evidence to present this unique, definitive examination of alien and paranormal events here and now 16 pages of photos.

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        American journalist, scholar and expert on conspiracies Marrs has given lectures about the John F Kennedy assasination at University of Texas at Arlington.Marrs is a member of Scholars for 9 11 Truth.


    1. Another fantastic investigative piece of journalism by the late great Jim Marrs. This book is an excellent read if you are curious about the industrial military complex and deep state. How the Nazi Empire were dabbling in antigravity and rocketry. How with ancient relics and practising in occult rituals the Reich was able to build weapons of mass destruction. How the Reich was so far ahead of the rest of the world. The race to Berlin and the scientists given new passports and identities. Operati [...]

    2. Good book. Lots of research seems to have been done here while presenting the issues. Issues wherein the public has been kept in the dark for decades. Most of the information is presented as available evidence but not officially considered, using which speculations are done regarding the presence, and visitations, of extra-terrestrials if any. The topics move to the extent of alien beings being remotely viewed by psychics; aliens who are many a times travelling through various dimensions; some h [...]

    3. In Jim Marrs' book, Alien Agenda, you will be reassured of the existence of UFO's and extraterrestrials. This non-fiction book opens with hard evidence that the moon is a source of alien activity. There are many chapters focused on various encounters with extraterrestrials. It is filled with farmer’s accounts of alien presence through crop circles; this is supported through images of perfect symmetrical circles in a target formation on large acres of land. Another account is the Roswell crash [...]

    4. This is more about the claims regarding aliens etc. and the evidences for governmental coverups than it is actually about the aliens themselves. Don't expect startling new information or a compellingly inclusive explanation. Most of it is old hat, but the stories are well told and the overview, while not critical enough, is broad. Interestingly, my friend Mike Miley, the one who introduced me to Marrs, is cited in the text.

    5. Jim Marrs did a lot of research for this book, some of it is a bit slow but it more than makes up for that with very interesting sections on UFO and abduction experiences, and fascinating material from remote viewing sessions. Personally I found the remote viewing material to be the most interesting part of the book, and the comments on what some of the UFO craft are capable of, and what some of the aliens are doing, is just fascinating.

    6. very interesting and well put together, if you believe everything the remote viewers say towards the end, the world as we know it is much stranger

    7. THE ROLLS ROYCE OF UFO BOOKS.I have written reviews of other alien-related books such as LIFE WITH A COSMIC CLEARANCE on this site, but Jim Marrs' book stands alone in its place on my reference shelf. He refers to UFO sightings that many of us have heard about, but his evidence emphasizes the many cover-ups allegedly created by the military and government. He even includes snippets of information about witnesses of UFOS and alien contact who have been threatened with loss of life for themselves [...]

    8. More good research and thoughtful analysis from Mr. Marrs. If you need an introduction to the field this is a great place to start. There is no wild speculation, just a reporters eye for detail and painting the broadest possible picture with the best available data. He covers anomalous cosmology and historical references. He touches on known and speculative military technologies. He explains some of the reasons why there would be a cover-up. Then there are stories of human contact with the alien [...]

    9. The reason I give this 5-stars is because it does exactly what it says on the tin. It covers the wide gamut of the UFO phenomena, informing you of its many aspects from government cover-ups to abduction testimony. Of course, it's a biased book mainly focusing on the 'reality' of the phenomena, and aims at getting to the truth of the matter rather than 'debunking' it as a non-existent, social or psychological fever dream. So, if you're curious about UFOs and have a suspicion that there's somethin [...]

    10. I gave this book two stars for Marrs' preface which struck me as a very honest advice: don't trust me [Jim Marrs], and don't trust everything you read. He did the same for his previous book Crossfire in regards to the Kennedy assassination, and while I didn't buy everything Marrs presented in Crossfire-he seemed far more willing to devolve to the more complex theories than a straight explanation (his showing links to the CIA were particularly well done). He does the same in Alien Agenda, althoug [...]

    11. За жалост тази книга не е на нивото на Нашата окултна история. Твърде публицистична, твърде фактологична, твърде неувлекателна и на моменти дори досадна. Вярно, пълна с информация, но аз лично голяма част от тази информация я зная от други места, така че не бяха редки случаит [...]

    12. the controversy over aliens has been going on for over 50 years. but alien sightings go all the way back to ancient egypt. believe it or not there is proof that aliens have visited us but it is for all the way back to ancient tablets that have been found. they have pictures of space ships which is amazing considering it was so long ago.

    13. Typical conspiracy theory. The book isn't about any "agenda" but, it is an entertaining timeline of all the major events in the modern UFO phenomenon, starting with the great airship sightings in the late nineteenth century. Jim Marrs, a journalist specializing in conspiracy and paranoia, typically takes facts and then jumps to wild conclusions under the guise of reporting.

    14. What Marrs does best, whether it is the JFK Murder, 9/11 or UFO's is not come to conclusions but ask questions. Among the questions asked is why no one else seems to want to ask the same ones. He rarely draws conclusions but does make one wonder if the powers that be consider us too stupid to deal with whatever is happening or what?

    15. Alien Agenda is by far the best book for an overall sweeping look at the UFO phenomena.Jim Marrs does a wonderful job of giving the facts (or rumors as the case may be) rather than editorializing the issue. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a little more information about UFO's and the Alien Agenda.

    16. Alien Agenda is comprehensive and adequately captivating, considering it was released 20 years ago. It relays specific accounts of sightings and abductions while also touching upon issues such as crop circles, animal mutilations, and cover-up/conspiracy. For its length (nearly 400 pages), Mr. Marrs did a very sufficient job of avoiding repetitiveness. Worthy of a read, for sure.

    17. An intense and exhaustive survey of "alien" activity. His conclusion is a bit too kind to some of the more fantastical accounts and interpretations, but I challenge you to find a more readable and comprehensive tome on ufology and close encounters. RIP Jim Marrs.

    18. The one-sentence review is that Jim Marrs’ “Alien Agenda” is simply not the best book I’ve read on the subject of aliens. I’ve read many, and while it’s hard to conclude exactly what is going on, something definitely is going on. However, Marrs’ book is the type that may do more damage than good to the field of investigation. Those who already lean in the direction that a phenomenon of some type is occurring will probably know much of the information here, while those who are skept [...]

    19. I was always into superstitious things, I was always wondering if the life of extraterrestrial beings were real in either our galaxy or the others. What I was hoping to find in this book was both unrealistic and realistic situations that could somewhat give readers like myself that wonderment feeling after we finish. That wonderment feeling will eventually lean either on the believer side or the non-believer side. Jim Marrs captured the stories through his research that possibly there are actual [...]

    20. From the thngs tht make you go hmmmm, to the things that make you say; 'yeah right" this book has it all. Thi things that make you go hmmmm; tthe Roswell Alien crash and the government's cover up, Government Groups established to investigate UFO's and Congressmen that cannnot get the files, and Hitler's war machines. Things that make you say yeah right: a male alien named EBE who lived on earth from 1949 thru 1952 and gave the government tons of infomation, alien abduction stories and the moon b [...]

    21. A very interesting read indeed. A fascinating book on E.T.s. Jim covers various E.T. and UFO encounters from people of all walks of life, from the normal worker, to government officials. Jim goes in depth on many sightings and abductions that have occurred throughout history. Jim covers various events such as crop circles, cattle mutilations and ancient astronauts. After reading this book Jim presents compelling evidence that there are and have been Extraterrestrial life among us for a long time [...]

    22. What can I say I am a UFO nut? I have researched the subject and heard all of the stories from Travis Walton to the Betty and Barney Hill abduction to the possibility of moon bases run by extraterrestrial intelligence. When I picked up this book I antici[pated the same old stories rehashed over again. Except what I actually got was a compedium of UFO lore that spanned the dawn of time to present day, and there was stuff there that I had never heard of before. I could not put this book down. If i [...]

    23. At almost 400 pages this book is an encyclopedia of UFO stories. I have had this book on my reading list for years but have never been able to struggle through the entire laundry list of on going UFO conspiracy theories. Use it as a reference if you want to lookup some conspiracy theory but it is a hard read from start to finish. Just too many unconnected stories of widely varying supporting documentation. As for me i had to skim the last 200 pages just to cross it off my list.

    24. Very far out. Lots of pertinent info on the subject. Still questionably far out. Ideas relating the subject matter to the moon landing, the JFK assassination, and religion. Definitely thought provoking. Again, Marrs is dry as fuck.

    25. One of my all time fav booksi loaned the book out to a neighbor and he tossed it will have to buy another oneThis book was amazing and got me interested in the ufo field of studyi am a firm believer a truly great book

    26. This was a very interesting book about everything from the moon, to crop circles, to remote viewing, and government conspiracies to hide the truth about aliens. If you are into this sort of thing, you would enjoy it.

    27. Good book, I could only read a little at a time, so much info to try and digest.This book is not for everyone.I'm into this kind of stuff so I really found it interesting.If your like me you should enjoy it

    28. So far my impression is this: Chris Carter must have used this book as the basis for the X-Files. It reads like Season 1.

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