(There's Power in the...) V

(There's Power in the...) V

Takerra Allen / Jul 16, 2019

There s Power in the V Vacant Values Vindictive Vixens Vicious Vices Violent Villains Vulnerable Vanity Venomous VowsV Growing up as one of the unattainable Bell sisters was always bittersweet On one end it prided me

  • Title: (There's Power in the...) V
  • Author: Takerra Allen
  • ISBN: 9780984415052
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vacant Values, Vindictive Vixens, Vicious Vices, Violent Villains, Vulnerable Vanity, Venomous VowsV Growing up as one of the unattainable Bell sisters was always bittersweet On one end, it prided me I was one of the most desired girls of the neighborhood, a piece to a strong family puzzle that many envied On the trying end, we were declared a trio, branded by tVacant Values, Vindictive Vixens, Vicious Vices, Violent Villains, Vulnerable Vanity, Venomous VowsV Growing up as one of the unattainable Bell sisters was always bittersweet On one end, it prided me I was one of the most desired girls of the neighborhood, a piece to a strong family puzzle that many envied On the trying end, we were declared a trio, branded by the actions of one another Our mother, the matriarch, always instilled in us that family was everything we were our sisters and a representation of her There was power in the V she would often say So while one of us craved the bad boys, another became blinded by success and status, and last, the baby, let s just say she was addicted to love And that was us and it was tolerable Just like you, we had obstacles and though our worlds were rocked, they were never shattered, because family was always at the core But one day that changed A sequence of ugly events placed our lives into an unstopping whirlwind of desire, betrayal, corruption, infidelity, and even death Little did we know, our story, the story of The Bell sisters, the story of our lives, was being written in the process Within these pages holds our secrets disguised as a nostalgic and dark tale of reality Our family will never be the same

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        Takerra Allen was born in Jersey City, NJ and resides in Somerset, NJ In addition to being an author, the 25 year old is the CEO of an all female Entertainment Company entitled Heaven Inc and the half sister to the late renowned Tupac Shakur sharing the same biological father, former Black Panther, William Garland.Takerra and her business partner of Heaven Inc have launched Angelic Script Publishing to give new edgy writers a chance to demonstrate their talent and to give readers and lovers of Contemporary Fiction, new and exciting books to fall in love with Writing continues to be Takerra s first love however, and her work has been appraised by many veteran African American writers.Her first novel, Thicker Than Water, has become an underground success making it s way into mainstream recognition Look forward to works and projects from Takerra


    1. Wow what can I say about this book?! Takerra Allen did her thing with this book!!! I have been looking for a book to hold my attention from beginning to end and this book definitly did just that.There's Power in the V takes the readers on such an emotional journey with the three Bell sisters. All three sisters are different in their own right. They were all taught how to value family because family should come first.Val is the oldest sister who from the outside looking in one may think she has e [...]

    2. This book was so darn good!! Takerra Allen did her thing She rarely disappoints and this time was no different! I enjoyed reading about the sisters who were all raised in the same household by the same mother but all turned out so differently I really got a kick out of seeing these characters go through real life problems and deal with them like real people! I have heard that this will be a stand alone novel If no other book has ever needed a sequel this one does I have so many unanswered questi [...]

    3. From page one you learnt to Love the Bell Sisters. They were Smart, they were Sexy, and they were the Best Thing since slice bread. Their mother Verna Bell was big on family and family values. When you're going through you should be able to always count on family being there. You expect them to be there through the ups and through the downs, through the struggles, through the pain and whatever life has thrown your way. For the Bell Sisters that's what they had to do.Valerie is the so called "Stu [...]

    4. I read this book over a year ago not sure what happen with my review but here goes again I am doing this now because I decided after all the post and comments to just go back in myself I instantly remembered I was all in my emotions while reading this reason number one that sick bastardDuncan I had to stop at that first scene all my memories and feelings came rushing back but that again is a testament to a great writer no matter how many time you read good work it will always be fresh to you I h [...]

    5. OMG let me tell ya'll my damn Book Boos convinced me to read "There's Power in the V". I have to say that first scene with Duncan (a drug dealer) I stopped and told them I can't do this; but they were like just keep going! I did and this book was an emotional ride for me. Mrs Verna Bell widow has 3 beautiful daughter Valerie, Victoria & Veronica and 3 even more beautiful granddaughters Trixie, Talia and Treonna and her main purpose in life was to keep her family together and balance! The Bel [...]

    6. I have read all of Takerra's work, and must say she has truly outdone herself with this one. Her growth as a writer is evident in this book! The character development was great, the suspense and drama kept you on the edge of your seat, and the length and depth ensured the fun wasn't over too fast. I laughed and cried and just thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! I highly recommend this one.

    7. I don't even know where to start with my review this book was so GOOD! This story will take your emotions on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The Bell Sisters give you front row seats into their lives, relationships and feelings. As their stories are told you will laugh, cry, scream and feel every emotion they are going through. This author's writing is so vivid and detailed you will feel as though you are right in the story. There's Val, the oldest sister who is the uppity and bougie one. She i [...]

    8. I did really enjoy this book.I enjoyed reading how this family grew up, grew apart, but still remained close. The story made me cry, laugh and imagine the life that they led.My favorite couple was Val and Lsnzo. Gosh the way the author described Lanzo, it seems that he was just so masculine and just oozed a male swagger that mad you instantly fall in love.I was a little surprised about what Vickie choose to do in order to cope with Trent's disappearance. I think that she should have thought more [...]

    9. I knew that this would be an amazing book, but I could never have expected this! The Bell sisters each brought something different to the table. One moment I was laughing then the next I was in tears. These characters seem so real that you can't help but to share their emotions. It never fails with every book Takerra drops there is always a new man in my life and this time it was Alazo, he is everything! Then there was Treonna's story, which is one that can be hard to hear, but happens constantl [...]

    10. 10000000 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is by far one of the best books I have ever read! I literally felt like I was apart of the Bell family. I loved this book so much. I had moments when I cried like a baby and moments when I laughed my ass off lol. Takerra Allen is my favorite author hands down!!!!! I cant wait to read the next one. I will purchase all her books shes so talent trust me you will not be disappointed this book is off the chain ladies!

    11. Awesome story. Ms. Allen delivered some hard blows but it made it that much more realistic. I enjoyed the relationships between the Bell sisters and their significant others, when matched properly. There was no shortage of drama and every time you thought you'd be happy for someone, think again cause it seemed to be bad news lurking around the corner. It ended bittersweet, had me a little hot so I'm hoping part two gives me more smiles than tears lol.

    12. I do NOT give out 5 stars easily This book however, is deserving of 5 damn stars!! The characters were so vivid, I felt like I had grown up with them myself. If you are looking for a book that touches on every emotion this is it! I throughly enjoyed reading this book. I am hoping for a sequel and I am damn sure going to check out Takerra's other titles. This was my first time reading this author and I am extremely impressed!! Love it, Love it , Love it!!

    13. So I already knew Takerra had skills from her TTW Series, but God knows this book right here is off the chain!!!!

    14. Valerie (Val), Victoria (Vickie), and Veronica (Ronnie) are three sisters who live through some of life's traumatic ups and downs. First Val looses her husband, Braxton, because he is on the down low and their newborn baby, Venus, is dead. Vickie looses her husband, Trent, to the mafia and is paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Lastly, Ronnie is brutally beaten and murdered! Ms. Vera, their mom, becomes the caregiver for her daughter as well as Trixie, Talia and Treonna, her [...]

    15. Emotional rollercoasterI absolutely loved everything abt this book. This book evoked every emotion possible. Happiness, sadness, compassion, anger and dismay. Takerra Allen did an excellent job and I would highly recommend this novel!

    16. Well there was a lot to this story and it was well scripted and put together. It was a little slow moving for me in the beginning, and I debated on stopping reading at first, but by chapter 6 it picked up and I was hooked in from that point on. There isn't a happy ending for everybody

    17. I really enjoyed this story. It was recommended to me by my sister and it kept me on edge. I enjoy Takerra Allen's writing style. Definitely check this out!

    18. There's is something about those Bell sisters, Valerie, Victoria and Veronica. They are a close knit family that have everyday issues with the men (and women) in their life. Each V deals with her issues in her own way, never realizing the effect it may have on others. When life behind to deal then a series of blows, they did deep to find their inner strength and realize what their mother Verna has always told them- "There's power in the V."I absolutely loved this book by @bytakerraallen and look [...]

    19. Love i! Those Bell girls are the truth!I loved the way she fully let the characters identity come to light in this book. My favorite is Vickie.

    20. Victims of their own vices, Valerie, Victoria and Veronica really find out the hard way that there really is power. the vagina. Growing up, these Bell sisters were the talk of the town and always had an admirer lurking after them, but always played the good girl role as they were taught by their mother, the head of their family, Verna. As time passed, these vivacious women grew into their own and took different turns in life.Val the eldest sister wanted it all. Growing up she was always known as [...]

    21. `Cuz if tomorrow never comesd you never see me again' The Bell Sisters grew up in Jersey City as the hottest commodity on the block. Valerie, Vickie and Veronicawhen their names were spoken all hailed to the might of their vividly, vivacious beauty, bods and brains. Valerie, the oldest, had a game plan that consisted of her becoming rich, successful and she was not going to be deterred by anyone, not even the local D-Boy that she secretly vibed on. Middle child, Vickie, was always the boldest an [...]

    22. I've yet to come across a Takerra Allen book I didn't like. This story took me on a crazy ride that I didn't want to get off of. I loved all of the characters and could think of people in my life that reminded me of them (minus the drug dealers). There was loads of humor that got me several sidelong glances from strangers as I was reading.Three sisters, Val, Vickie and Ronnie go through so much heartbreak you can't help but feel for them. Val is in a loveless marriage with a man I can only descr [...]

    23. Takerra Allen has done it again! She is back with all new characters. Victoria (Vickie), Valerie (Val), and Veronice (Ronnie) are sisters from New Jersey. They go through the normal ups and downs as sisters as well as in their relationships. Val is the oldest and tries to seem as though she has everything together. However, everything is not what it seems with her. Vickie is the middle child that has married her childhood sweetheart. She soon learns that her marriage has it's flaws just like eve [...]

    24. There's Power in the V is a good read. This is my first time to reading from Takerra Allen. I like the concept and vibe of this book. It's page turner and more drama. I enjoyed reading this book and getting to know the Bell sisters. Everyone wants to be like Bell sisters. The story made me cry, laugh, emotion and scream. Also, I enjoyed reading this book because the family is most important for Bell sisters and Verna did a good job to raised her beautiful daughters. Alanzo and Val are made a goo [...]

    25. Family ValuesThe gorgeous Bell sisters Valerie, Victoria and Veronica were taught at an early age the value of family. Matriarch Verna ensured that her daughters knew that if nothing else they always had each other to rely upon. And when life throws the sisters some devastating circumstances that sisterly bond will be tested. Val the eldest daughter is determined to succeed in life at all costs, her determination is sometimes viewed as conceit by outsiders. Vickie the middle child is the most ou [...]

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