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Frogged A princess should be as good as she is beautiful So says The Art of Being a Princess which Princess Imogene is supposed to be reading But since she is neither particularly good nor all that beautiful

  • Title: Frogged
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde
  • ISBN: 9780547942155
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A princess should be as good as she is beautiful.So says The Art of Being a Princess, which Princess Imogene is supposed to be reading But since she is neither particularly good nor all that beautiful, she skips her homework to visit the pond There she meets a talking frog who claims to be a prince under a witch s spell Imogene kindly kisses him to remove the spell anA princess should be as good as she is beautiful.So says The Art of Being a Princess, which Princess Imogene is supposed to be reading But since she is neither particularly good nor all that beautiful, she skips her homework to visit the pond There she meets a talking frog who claims to be a prince under a witch s spell Imogene kindly kisses him to remove the spell and gets turned into a frog instead Now the only way for the princess to un frog herself is to convince someone else to kiss her But before she can figure out a plan, Imogene gets kidnapped and becomes the unwilling star attraction in a third rate traveling theater company Can she find a way to undo the witch s spell or will she be frogged forever

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        Vivian Vande Velde born 1951, currently residing in Rochester, New York is an American author who writes books primarily aimed at young adults.Her novels and short story collections usually have some element of horror or fantasy, but are primarily humorous Her book Never Trust a Dead Man 1999 received the 2000 Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Novel She says that she really likes to write for children She likes to do school talks to children She does many book conventions and also gives writing classes.


    1. The Princess Imogene is trying to prepare for her 13th birthday by reading The Art of Being a Princess, but is finding it a struggle. She's not particularly beautiful or kind or any of the things that princesses are supposed to be. This might be why, when she is approached by a frog, she agrees to kiss him to break the spell. The only problem? She has kissed Harry, a local boy who has irritated a witch, and now SHE will be a frog unless she can convince someone else to kiss her and then be turne [...]

    2. When Princess Imogene tries to help who she thinks is a prince cursed to be a frog, she ends up a frog herself. But she must pass the curse on to someone else to save herself and Imogene has enough fortitude not to do that.Imogene is just a little younger than thirteen and it shows in her actions. She's not unintelligent, just young and sheltered. Her eventual traveling companion, Luella, is a delight. She's the butt of a mean joke at first, but she turns out to be more. This is not my favorite [...]

    3. Originally posted on Small ReviewI don't even know how to describe this book. It's Vivian Vande Velde. I like Vivian Vande Velde. I haven't read a book she's written that I haven't liked, though some I've LOVED (but this one I liked). I recommend her to everyone because she's just that kind of author. Basically, amazing. What I mean to say is that this is a solid read. It didn't leave a huge impression on me, but that's mostly because it's the more MG Vivian Vande Velde as opposed to the more YA [...]

    4. I liked this book. Sometimes it was hard to keep track of what was happening, because the author kept on adding new characters. I would recommend this book to people who like Land of Stories, because it is about fairy tales. You really get connected with the characters.

    5. I'm a lover of fairy tales and all that goes with it - dangerous journey's, daring rescues, princesses who save themselves (girl power!), witches, good versus evil, and of course happily ever afters. Telling me that you just read or I should read a book that is a retelling will instantly make me want to read the book. I do not need to know anymore just give me the book. I decided to read some retellings this year after I told myself I would last year. So here I am with Frogged - a retelling of T [...]

    6. Frogged, Vivian Vande VeldeCategory/genre- YA, fantasy fictionEstimate of age of level of interest- Grades 4-8Estimate reading level• Reading level 5.6• Lexile Measure 870• F and P= TBrief descriptionPrincess Imogene is preparing for her thirteenth birthday and being transformed from a loud, rude, tom-boy to a real princess. Her journey to becoming a true princess begins with the unfortunate transformation into a frog and the adventures that ensue as she strives to return home to her paren [...]

    7. Princess Imogene is trying to be helpful in kissing the frog claiming to be a prince, only to find herself unwittingly used by that pesky boy Harry who got himself justly turned into a frog for annoying a nice old witch. Now she's stuck as a frog until she can get someone else to kiss her, but Princess Imogene feels bad about tricking anyone the way Harry tricked her. How can a princess break a curse without stooping to the low of turning someone else into a frog? She tries asking the witch, but [...]

    8. Sometimes I'll pick up a book and start reading it without noting the author on the cover. When four pages in, I'm really getting settled into the text and my third thoughts murmur "hey, this author knows what they're doing", that's often when I'll go back and check to see who wrote the book.That's what happened here. I snagged this book off my TBR pile in a hurry, needing something for my train ride. Got a few pages in, and then checked the writer. And of course Ms. Vivian Vande Velde knows her [...]

    9. Eh. It was okay. It sounded really fun; I love a good modernized/modified fairy tale. This one was supposed to be a take on The Frog Prince clearly. As my roommate Kelly pointed out when I read her the description, it sounded like a cross between Disney’s The Princess and the Frog and Don Bluth’s Thumbelina. (Which is one of my all time favorite movies, no shame.) The execution was just a little boring. There wasn’t much that was new here; I’m not sure why the author felt the need to tel [...]

    10. I will keep this short and sweet. Or just short really. I was expecting a lot from this book, considering it was written by Vivian Vande Velde, which may explain why I feel so disappointed with it. It was a good book all in all. It was an interesting spin on the original fairy tale, though an interesting spin I have seen before in E.D. Bakers' series The Frog Princess. That was my primary problem with this book. I kept thinking I was reading one of E.D. Bakers books and confusing myself. It did [...]

    11. **I received an ARC and was not compensated for this review**This book is exactly the kind of book I would've loved when I was eight or nine. It had that unique whimsy that can only be captured in certain middle grade stories. Blank*teen year old me loved it just as much, if not more, than I would've when I was nine. It made me giggle and sent all sorts of silly daydreams into my head. The story, while somewhat predictable, was just too much fun for me to care. Imogene was a very spunky characte [...]

    12. Cute, funny fractured fairy tale - 12-year-old Princess Imogene kisses a frog who claims he's a princed gets turned into a frog herself. I'm reading this with Sandy, but got impatient to find out how it ends and read ahead. I really love the portrayal of the parents in this book. So often tween/teen novels have parents that are portrayed as idiotic, absent, oblivious, etc. This novel portrayed her parents as intelligent, concerned, and loving. There was some conflict with her mother at the begin [...]

    13. Using a book she's ignored (the titles of each chapter are lessons from the book 'Art of Being a Princess') awkward Princess Imogene gets herself turned into a frog by kissing one and goes off an adventure to turn herself back into Imogene. Fun colorful characters, light humor and lessons of coming-of-age, this is a great book for girls, especially, who are in that awkward stage in life (when puberty hits), who like(d) the Disney Princesses and looking for something fun to read.

    14. Some reviewers have said this isn't one of Vivian Vande Velde's best books, but I've read only one other book by her, so I can't comment on that. I liked the plot and I was entertained by the humor in both the narration and the dialogue. A fun book!

    15. My 9 year old daughter loved this book and insisted that I read it. So I finally did. It was interesting enough to keep me reading until the end so it wasn’t a waste of my time. The plot starts off interestingly enough, but then starts meandering all over the place until it reaches a fairly dull and predictable ending.

    16. I liked this book, because it was fantasy. I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the Land Of Stories, or who likes fantasy. I liked the characters, and the relationship between them.

    17. I have always enjoyed VVV's books and this was no different. It was fun to read an an interesting take on "The Frog Prince."

    18. Frogged by Vivian Vande Velde is a children's chapter book. Princess Imogene has a hard time fitting into the princess mold. According to the book The Art of Being a Princess (third revised edition), which her mother gives her in preparation of her thirteenth birthday, one should be able to say of a princess “She was as good as she was beautiful.” When Imogene goes to a nearby pond she discovers a talking frog who claims to be a prince under a spell. However, when she kisses the frog no prin [...]

    19. Frogged is Vande Velde’s take on the “Frog Princess” fairy tale (where the princess who kisses the frog gets turned into a frog herself), but she does it by circumventing everything about the fairy tale and adding a twist to the spell. It’s a refreshing read, but it’s also amazingly funny mostly due to Imogene.Imogene, for being only twelve, has fantastic snark. She gets into full-form during her travels with the theater company, and what takes the cake is that she’s a frog, so just [...]

    20. Although I'm generally a fan of Vivian Vande Velde's writing, there's not that much to love in Frogged. The set-up (a princess, intending to set a frog prince free, ends up an amphibian herself) is cute, but it's been done before. The heroine, Princess Imogene, is spunky and relatable, with a nice sense of morals, but she's not very deeply developed. She's also not a very effective heroine. She tries to get herself out of the predicaments she finds herself in, but she's basically simply shuttled [...]

    21. Looking for a fun, new adventure loosely based on a classic fairy tale? FROGGED might be just the book for you. In an E.D.Baker/Disney-esque spin, kissing a frog has a way of rebounding and turning oneself into a frog. Unlike the former two, however, the frog turns back into a human, leaving his savior as a frog in his place. Harry is no prince, either, but a wainwright’s son. He doesn’t care that he’s turned the royal princess into a frog, either. He’s from a poor family overrun with ki [...]

    22. Frogged is an inventive twist on the traditional fairy tale of The Frog Prince. Princess Imogene will be thirteen in two short weeks. Her mother--much to Imogene's annoyance--has given her a book entitled The Art of Being a Princess, suggesting that she might want to read a chapter every day until her birthday.Frustrated after just the book's Foreword Princess Imogene takes a walk down to the pond. There she finds a frog who claims to be a prince under an enchantment. He appeals to the princess [...]

    23. Imogene is not a perfect princess, but her mother hopes to make her one before her 13th birthday, by making her read The Art of Being a Princess. Imogene, annoyed with the book after the foreward, takes off to play outside and comes across a frog who claims to be a prince in need of a kiss, to turn him back to a human. When she kisses him, however, he turns out to be a rather unpleasant peasant boy, and Imogene turns into a frog. Imogene sets off on an adventure to find out how to become human a [...]

    24. Almost-thirteen-year-old Princess-in-training Imogene is supposed to be reading The Art of Being a Princess. But she is totally bored by the prospect and instead ventures to a nearby pond where she is tricked by a frog into kissing him, and, much to her chagrin she is changed into a frog herself while the frog turns into a village boy she knows. Imogene the frog is then picked up by Bertie and Luella, two locals, and joined by Ned, leader of a traveling theater group, of which Imogene the talkin [...]

    25. Vande Velde has such a distinct voice, and I immediately knew this book would not be a disappointment. Her main character has a wry and sarcastic sense of humor, wit, charm and personality, and I was drawn to her from the start. I did wonder, I will admit, how similar "Frogged" would be compared to "The Frog Princess" by E. D. Baker, which I read not so long ago. Each of these books takes the classic frog prince tale and flips it, so that when the princess kisses the frog, she then turns into a [...]

    26. Source: Received a copy from Vine in exchange for an honest review.I've read a few of VVV's stories and of course I'm a sucker for fairy tale-esque stories, which this one seemed to hint at based on its mention of a princess kissing a frog. The twist this time is that the girl turns into a frog after kissing the boy and she can only return to her human form if she gets someone else to kiss her. Being that she has scruples, she sets off to discover a way to not have to transform someone else int [...]

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