Something to Remember You By: A Perilous Romance

Something to Remember You By: A Perilous Romance

Gene Wilder / Feb 21, 2020

Something to Remember You By A Perilous Romance From the author of Kiss Me Like a Stranger and My French Whore comes this romantic dramatic fiction set during World War II Beloved actor and author Gene Wilder s novella SOMETHING TO REMEMBER YOU

  • Title: Something to Remember You By: A Perilous Romance
  • Author: Gene Wilder
  • ISBN: 9780312598914
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of Kiss Me Like a Stranger and My French Whore, comes this romantic, dramatic fiction set during World War II.Beloved actor and author Gene Wilder s novella, SOMETHING TO REMEMBER YOU BY, begins on Christmas, 1944 In a foxhole in Bastogne, Belgium, the innocent yet charmingly clever protagonist, Corporal Tom Cole, is injured Wilder moves the action to a rFrom the author of Kiss Me Like a Stranger and My French Whore, comes this romantic, dramatic fiction set during World War II.Beloved actor and author Gene Wilder s novella, SOMETHING TO REMEMBER YOU BY, begins on Christmas, 1944 In a foxhole in Bastogne, Belgium, the innocent yet charmingly clever protagonist, Corporal Tom Cole, is injured Wilder moves the action to a romantic wartime London with dimly lit blackout compliant restaurants and mad dashes to the Tube station at the sound of the air raid sirens where Cole convalesces and falls in love for the first time But is the mysterious Danish girl he meets at the Shepherdess Caf on the up and up Cole is a cellist back home in the States, and Anna says she s a monitor at the War Office, scanning radio waves for incoming German planes But is she When Cole goes to the War Office one day to surprise his new lover, she s nowhere to be found.Wilder s story takes Cole on a quest for the woman he loves but no longer trusts, and ultimately parachutes him, a newly minted intelligence officer, behind enemy lines into a concentration camp to save her life and discover the truth.

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        Gene Wilder was an American Emmy Award winning and twice Academy Award nominated stage and screen comic actor, screenwriter, film director, and author.Wilder began his career on stage, making his screen debut in the film Bonnie and Clyde in 1967 His first major role was as Leo Bloom in the 1968 film, The Producers This was the first in a series of prolific collaborations with writer director Mel Brooks, including 1974 s Young Frankenstein, the script of which garnered the pair an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay Wilder was known for his portrayal of Willy Wonka on Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory 1971 and for his four films with Richard Pryor Silver Streak 1976 , Stir Crazy 1980 , See No Evil, Hear No Evil 1989 , and Another You 1991 Wilder directed and wrote several of his films, including The Woman in Red 1984.His marriage to actress Gilda Radner, who died from ovarian cancer, led to his active involvement in promoting cancer awareness and treatment, helping found the Gilda Radner Ovarian Cancer Detection Center in Los Angeles and co founding Gilda s Club.In recent years, Wilder turned his attention to writing, producing a memoir in 2005, Kiss Me Like A Stranger My Search for Love and Art, and the novels My French Whore 2007 and The Woman Who Wouldn t 2008.


    1. The plot was great however to me the writing (which consisted of mostly dialogue), was simple. And as others have said, "choppy." Any middle schooler could have written something similar. Or even better. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the amounts of description that authors use however, as this book had practically none (hence was only 163 pages), I see that description is what I crave and is most necessary. I'm giving the 2 stars instead of 1 merely because I liked the plot.

    2. I remember when I first listened to and enjoyed an unabridged audiobook presentation of Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. It was 45 hours long. It was not at all too long, and was a wonderful book! My other option at the time for listening to this book would have been an abridged 2.5 hour version. What the heck would the story be like if you trimmed more than 90% of it?? Well, I think if you transcribed it on to a book of its own, the pacing and structure might very much resemble Gene Wilder's b [...]

    3. Something to Remember You by is absolutely wonderful. Gene Wilder takes a look at a devastating period of time and transforms it into a beautiful Romance! I am quite impressed. Never before have I read such a continuously heart wrenching book about the time of Hitlers reign. From the beginning to the end this book draws your attention gracefully from page one. I would definitely recommend this book!

    4. Gene Wilder creates a love story filled with bravado and mystery. Everything falls into place for our hero, but wouldn't it be something if our hero loses the love of his life on the way to learning a painful life lesson? Such endings are not pursued by writers who are infatuated with building up the hero and forcing him to succeed against all odds. Prepare yourself for the A-Team meets Inglorious Bastards.

    5. Very charming little book. Well written and smart. It would make a nice film. I can imagine Mr. Wilder in it, playing the hero. I liked it very much. Witty and sweet.

    6. A very Short Love Story.Filled with action,suspense,tragedy.Set during WWII.A Love Story.Tom meets Anna they fall in love. They eat in a Cafe. He tries to find her.He falls in love with her.He end up at a death camp. He wonders if he will ever see her again.Last chapter you see Tom and Anna back together again. Finally eating at the Shepherdess Cafe where they met.#14 BNB Challenge

    7. Wilder wrote a trilogy of quaint little romance novellas. They are brisk reading with an understated sentimentality. Entertaining enough. This one breaks the mold. It becomes a wartime espionage thriller. I think it could have been developed into a great film at the height of Wilder's career.

    8. I liked this short little book set in WWII. It was quite violent in places but had a lovely romantic element that offset the violence somewhat.

    9. What a funny little novel this is. I am a huge fan of Gene Wilder and this definitely reads like the sort of thing the guy behind the screenplay for one of the greatest comedies in film history (Young Frankenstein) would write, but it has a twisted, broken darkness ribboned through it that at times almost made me think I was in the middle of a David Lynch fantasy."Something To Remember You By" is indeed "A perilous romance." Corporal Tom Cole, a heroic medic recently reassigned to special forces [...]

    10. I didn't know Willy Wonka wrote books! Easy, fast read with a plot similar to other World War II stories about a young soldier named Tom about to meet the love of his life before being caught up in the perils of the conflict that would become "The Good War". Tom starts out like any other humble American soldier serving his country but ends up a little too good to be true by the last page. There's the old cliché of bedding the love interest only to have her disappear the next day. During the sea [...]

    11. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER YOU BY Lt. Tom Cole gets injured while fighting at war and his corporal gives him a week off during which he meets Anna in a local cafe where they enjoy dinner together, get passionate afterwards in Anna's apartment planning to meet at the cafe the following day. But the next day he does not find her at the cafe and spends time trying to figure out her whereabouts. The story tells of Tom's time at war and how he wonders if he'll ever see the woman he has fallen in love with [...]

    12. This certainly isn't the best written book, but if you're a Gene Wilder fan, you'll get some enjoyment out of it. The storyline is a very stereotypical WWII love story; it feels as if it's written in a way to reflect an old black and white film. The writing is rather dry and cookie cutter. I wasn't head-over-heels for this one, but I don't think Wilder intended it to be a masterpiece. What I did enjoy about it is that Wilder's acting style is evident in it's content. I could've seen him playing [...]

    13. Do I really have to give it one star - pity negatives aren't allowed here. The only saving grace for this book is that it is short. There is not character development, no feeling for the setting or the times (perhaps as a playwrite Wilder hoped the director would provide these). The plot is something a 10 year old boy would be ashamed of: really, an enlisted medic is injured and then promoted to an officer, given a couple of weeks training as a spy and then leads 2 rescue missions into France - [...]

    14. I had no idea Gene Wilder was an author until I saw this on a curated list of romance novels. Romances are not normally my thing, but I was drawn by curiosity about the author, and of course the 1940s setting appealed to me. I enjoyed the story overall; it was quite a breezy read. The writing is very simplistic, and the whole thing played out a bit like a 1940s B-movie. The plot moves along rapidly, sometimes dizzyingly leaving you wondering how you got from one point to another. However, if you [...]

    15. Quick read. Simple story, not fantastic, but it kept my attention. I caution writers of period pieces to be careful with the language they use. I found myself ripped from the time period when a 1968-origination word (workaholic) popped up in a 1940's conversation. Some better proofreading/editing is also recommended, as there are several double words to be found; two on the same page (added added, and how how). Overall, it was a nice little book that only took a few hours to read, and I'm glad I [...]

    16. This book was a quick read but chock full of twists and turns. It was a bit choppy but that was due to the fast-paced nature of the story. The dialogue was era-appropriate which was nice and gave the story a vintage feel (as it should have since it is set during WWII). Definitely would recommend as a novelette for someone who is really into love stories without all the "love" of a romance and more of the deep-seated sentiment.

    17. This was an absolutely charming and heart-wrenching novel! Short, but very sweet, and very much filled with action, romance, tragedy and despair. I've always said that if you can picture the story as a movie in your mind, the author has done a terrific job! Gene Wilder has fulfilled this criteria most excellently! This is an older book, but worth seeking out! Thank you, Mr. Wilder, for sharing your writing talents to your adoring fans! Many blessings!

    18. When I had heard that Gene Wilder had moved into writing novels, I had to check out one of his books. I can picture Gene working through the story and the look of delight with the twists and turns he was adding. "Something to Remember You By" is a delightful story about a romance that buds from a chance encounter during the second World War. The characters are a genuine fit for the era, and it is worth the time to read. (It's a quick read too.)

    19. It was as though Wilder had the same idea, or two permutations of it, and set it in two different wars. Exotic and mysterious woman, multi-lingual and brilliant spy, French and German settings, heroic Allied soldiers. Differing supporting casts and markedly different outcomes, if anything, this one depends a little less on the nascent romance and a little more on humor and heroism. Liked this also very much, but the obvious similarities were a little distracting.

    20. Gene Wilder writes these wonderful little books that are so simple and succinct and yet so full. They really are a treat. And this being the third that I have read, I like the little surprise of certain little items that he carried through from the other books even though they are not a series. He really does an amazing job.

    21. While not a particular fan of this writer's film work, I was curious about his writing--did not realize that this was his fourth or fifth book. This is a novella about wartime activity in Europein 1944. Seems simplistic, not much room for description--a short story about a romance in precarious times. I was not very interested in how it would end!

    22. Very disappointed. The story lacked details to really draw you in. The entire story I was waiting for it to get more exciting. And I don't know 3 languages so it would be helpful if they explained it everytime Not just occasionally

    23. I enjoyed this book but I wanted more. I ended up finishing it in one sitting. Still, the characters were good and the story was very sweet. It was one of those books that gave me the satisfaction of a good romance without all the wait.

    24. An interesting book. It reads like a cross between a classic movie and a stage play. The dialogue is quick and the pace a bit jarring, yet I could not put it down. A very different take on the romance genre.

    25. The storyline was good and I almost just pushed my way through but to me the writing was choppy and it did not flow at all. I read about 1/3 of the book and just couldn't read any more. I loved the other books he has written and was excited when I saw this was out but it was quite disappointing.

    26. A good quick read. If you like WWII novels you'll like this one. Other than some swearing, including several uses of the F-word, it was an enjoyable read. It holds your interest from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down.

    27. A World War II story of love and bravery which would have been much better in the hands of a more experienced writer. But it is written with a sweetness and naivety that is refreshing in it's own way.

    28. I really enjoyed this book. The plot was similar to many WWII historical fiction books with romance tied in, which I love. The writing seemed awkward at times, which I think was due to the choppy sentences, but overall this book was really good!

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