Beyond the White River

Beyond the White River

Kristen McKendry / Feb 17, 2020

Beyond the White River Faith Frisbee fled Mustang a small western town years ago after a devastating event that could have broken her Now she has returned a strong independent and compassionate woman and she s brought

  • Title: Beyond the White River
  • Author: Kristen McKendry
  • ISBN: 9781608613946
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Faith Frisbee fled Mustang, a small western town, years ago after a devastating event that could have broken her Now she has returned, a strong, independent, and compassionate woman, and she s brought with her a flock of unwanted and orphaned children she s collected the way other women gather flowers by the roadside to raise as her own on her remote farm.Joe Condie is inFaith Frisbee fled Mustang, a small western town, years ago after a devastating event that could have broken her Now she has returned, a strong, independent, and compassionate woman, and she s brought with her a flock of unwanted and orphaned children she s collected the way other women gather flowers by the roadside to raise as her own on her remote farm.Joe Condie is intrigued by this tough, independent woman and her boys and, after numerous rejections, finally wins Faith s resistant heart But with Joe s marriage proposal, Faith feels vulnerable all over again Faith has forgiven and healed from the terrible wounds of her past, and she wants to be Joe s wife, but not until she can trust him with her darkest secret.When Faith gets up the courage to reveal what happened in her past and that the man who caused her troubles is still freely walking around Mustang, Joe must find it in himself to forgive and let go of his anger before it drives a wedge between him and the love he s fought so hard to win.

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        Kristen McKendry began writing in her teens and her work has been published in Canada and the U.S She holds a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics from Brigham Young University and has always been a voracious reader Kristen has a strong interest in urban agriculture, sustainable living, environmental issues, and the local foods movement She incorporates these themes in her writing, and she also lets her Mormon background flavour her work to make her culture accessible to mainstream readers She enjoys playing the bagpipes and banjo, learning obscure languages, growing wheat in the backyard, and making cheese Raised in Utah, she now resides with her family in Canada She s also the proud grandmother of the world s cutest kids, Rowyn and E ghann.Kristen won the 2012 Mississauga Arts Council MARTY Award for Established Literary Arts, and her book Garden Plot was nominated for the 2011 Whitney Award for excellence in LDS fiction.


    1. 3.5 starsSurprisingly good for LDS historical romance. One of the better ones I've read. Definitely geared toward an LDS audience, though. There were definitely some flaws, but I enjoyed it quite a bit overall.

    2. 3.5 starsI enjoyed this LDS historical novel. Instead of a lonely woman looking for a man, the main character, Faith, is definitely not looking for a husband. She has taken in eight children to raise and is farming by herself. She trusts no man, and when Joe tries to help her, she is barely civil. However, she learns to trust him and things work out. There are some things that were kind of hard to believe, but it's a cute, light read.

    3. really enjoyed this story. It's always good to remember that someone elses trials are ones that you wouldn't want to trade with and this story is an example of that.Faith Frisbee left Mustang Wyoming 7 years ago and returned to run her father's farm after his passing. She didn't return by herself though. She brought home 8 boys and not all her natural born either. It was said around town that she collected them as someone collects flowers or stray animalse did this with children. Joe Condie a ne [...]

    4. I saw this book in the Seagull Book catalog and it caught my interest. There are some depressing elements but it is a cozy romance filled with lessons in compassion and forgiveness. Book Description:Faith Frisbee fled Mustang, a small western town, years ago after a devastating event that could have broken her. Now she has returned, a strong, independent, and compassionate woman, and she's brought with her a flock of unwanted and orphaned children she's collected the way other women gather flowe [...]

    5. Faith Frisbee is a young woman with many boys! She 'picks up strays' along the way, willing to give love to any child who needs it. Joe Condie is a rough and tumble farmer who is unwilling to let Miss Frisbee go on with out the help of a man. He goes out of his way to do things for her, simply to be kind, and she is anything but receptive. Used to doing things on her own, she is at first unwilling to accept the help. As time goes one, Faith warms up to Joe and he learns why she is the way she is [...]

    6. I liked this overall, but I didn't find it quite believable that pretty much any man besides Joe would try to help Faith just to try to "tumble" her. I mean, I can believe some men would be like that, but really, no one else from Faith's church would help, just for the sake of being neighborly or charitable? I was just so skeptical on that part of the story that it would kinda jolt me out of my reading and enjoying the rest of the book as much as I would've liked.

    7. A light read. I enjoyed the main character and the attention to details. Too often writers seem to think babies and children are just on pause when they're not on-screen. That's not so and if you arrest a nursing mother provision has to be made. Kristen McKendry doesn't lose track of things like that.

    8. I would actually rate this as a 3+. It is an entertaining book. This author doesn't research very well so some things she writes don't add up if you are familiar with the context of her stories (here it was farm life). If those kinds of things bother you, you probably won't enjoy it, but I will read her books again.

    9. Faith Frisbee ran away from town. Now she is back with eight orphan sons. Joe Condie, new to town is intrigued by this beautiful woman. He starts to puraue her, but she isn't cooperative at first.A friend loaned this book to me. It has been a nice escape from the stress of the week.

    10. I liked it, a nice book you don't really have to dwell on, but the ending could have been so much better! It just kind of cut off, I wanted to know how everything would turn out! It was all cleaned up and ended too quickly.

    11. 3 stars because the the woman with orphan children was a new and interesting idea for me in this genera and I enjoyed the story. Don't know if I quite buy into it all or find it realistic or believable, but it was a quick light read.

    12. I really liked this book. This book has orphans, intrigue, murder, flooding, and other things. It is a good book.

    13. I love that this story isn't the same typical storydy alone in the west on the prowl for a husband. There is a little mystery, a good romance and story of forgiveness. Fun read.

    14. Probably 3.5 stars but will round it up. I liked Faith's fiesty and strong personality and the love she had for her 'stray' kids.

    15. I loved this story and the fact that it was written from the male point of view. Joe is my new hero and Faith my new heroin.

    16. Having a male perspective was different for a clean romance but it was a good story with some unexpected twists.

    17. This is Mormon historical fiction. I liked the main character, but the chemistry in the romance wasn't believable. It was a good enough story, but it wasn't great.

    18. I liked it, but I wished Kristen gave us Faith's perspective instead of just Joe's. I felt like I was missing some important information.

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