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  • Title: Миниапокалипсис
  • Author: Virginie Despentes Росица Ташева
  • ISBN: 9789545299995
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
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      254 Virginie Despentes Росица Ташева
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      • Virginie Despentes Росица Ташева

        Virginie Despentes is a French writer, novelist and filmmaker, born in Nancy, Meurthe et Moselle Her most famous novel, and film of the same name is Baise moi, a contemporary example of the exploitation films genre known as rape and revenge films Her most recent biographical, non fiction work, King Kong Theory has also been translated into English, and recounts her experiences working within the French sex industry, and attendant infamy and praise associated with the aforementioned Baise Moi.


    1. Wow! This book was quite a ride!Lucie is a somewhat hapless private detective, paid by rich parents to keep tabs on their teenage kids. When one of her charges goes missing, she hires a legendary unhinged lesbian detective named The Hyena to help her find the girl. Their quest to find Valentine takes them from Paris to Barcelona, and the stories of those who knew the missing girl are gradually revealed. The story is told partly in first person from Lucie's POV, but also via chapters from the poi [...]

    2. Wow this book was not exactly what I was expecting. It was described to me as a feminist road trip with a kick ass lesbian P.I. and yes it is exactly that. But it also a much darker side to it. Lucie is a somewhat inept investigator who gets paid to watch rich kids and report back to their parents. When one of assigned kids disappears on her things get interesting. She really has no idea how to go about a missing person investigation so she invests the help of The Hyena. Enter the kick-ass lesbi [...]

    3. Apocalypse bébé, énorme. C'est rare que je finisse un livre en me disant que, en sachant autant à quel point, j'ai pris du plaisir à le lire.J'adore son style, précis, affuté, à la fois sans détour et sophistiqué. Immanquablement, cette langue qui claque, la bonne phrase, la bonne tournure au bon moment. Fulgurance de la pensée ultra débridée et pourtant, ultra maîtriséeDespentes est également une super portraitiste : ses personnages sont attachants, retiennent très vite l'enti [...]

    4. This book just whacks you on the head and takes you for one hell of a ride, sparing nothing and no one about French society (even Catalan society) in the process. Quite an exhilarating experience, though I tend to prefer my novels more measured and less direct.

    5. Shocking and mind-blowing, this story leaves the readers to decide on their own. Respects the readers' weight of mind under all the pressure that it has them undergo. But, you have to read her King Kong Theory before reading this.

    6. Il s'agit ici de mon premier livre de Virginie Despentes. A en avoir trop entendu parler j'ai préféré pendant des années me réserver, attendre la fin de vague, mais celle-ci ne s'arrête pas et a fini par attiser ma curiosité. Apocalypse Bébé est une fable sociale noire, peuplée de divers personnages qui rythment le livre et s'approprient un à un les chapitres. Les détails des personnalités de chacun sont dévoilés, le sentiment d'une noirceur et d'un malaise ambiant s'empare de nou [...]

    7. Well, my timing for reading this book was pretty good, I must say. >_>I was not quite sure whether to give Apocalypse Bébé 3 or 4 stars, but I settled for 3, since I found the book a little bit too long. Even though I really enjoyed reading it, there was something missing -- and a little bit too much of something else, notably side characters. Despentes always has interesting characters, perhaps just a couple too many this time around? I particularly like La Hyène and Valentine. It's ju [...]

    8. Like a number of her contemporaries (Anna Gavalda, Amelie Nothomb, etc.) in present-day French literary fiction,Virginie Despentes is incredibly talented. Her prose flows without a snag, the characters, losers one and all, frustrated would-be authors, PIs, teachers, adolescent rebels, draw us in instantly. There's a great love of fiction here, and a look of compassion and humor at humantiy with all its failings. These people are us, we so understand them. Great book

    9. For several years I've been following a couple blogs that deal solely in translated literature: Three Percent and The Complete Review. This year I set myself a challenge to read more novels translated from other languages by writers that live in other countries than the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia. How have I done so far?Counting up I found that out of 92 books read this year, eight were originally written and published in another language. That is almost 9%, so [...]

    10. 3,8 stars.Pour le coup, la fin de ce livre fait l'effet d'une bombe. J'ai eu l'impression de brièvement m'ennuyer durant l'enquête, mais alors je suis contente d'être allée au bout. J'aurais, de toute façon, continuer ne serait-ce que pour les nombreux thèmes, ET POUR LA HYÈNE ! (:D) qui captent notre attention et captivent du début à la fin. J'ai juste adoré cette fin, complètement appropriée, colle parfaitement à l'intrigue (qui est d'autant plus étonnant, ce genre de fin sans r [...]

    11. La première partie du livre m'a touché au plus au degré justement par son humour poignant et par la manière dont tous les aspects noirâtres de la jeunesse (française, en principal) sont décrits. Ensuite, les choses se sont un peu diluées à cause des biographies assez lourdes des personnages et auxquelles je m'étais déjà habitué par l'intermédiaire d'autres ouvrages français contemporains. En tout cas, reste une satire lucide, amère et marrante de toute une époque en dérive. 4,3 [...]

    12. The beginning was a bit slow But it started to warm up to me. The story unravelled and sucked me in. I can't say to much without spoiling something. The book was writing from the view of different people, some returned, some only for one chapter. This way you get to know the characters more and you have to adjust your opinion.I really liked the book; it wasn't belittling (something I was a bit afraid of) and kept your attention.

    13. My 3 star rating is such a surprise - half way through the book I wasn't impressed, it felt like a boring story that had been told before but with mainly female characters. But in the end this book actually delivered and the more I think about it, the more levels there is and the more there is to think about.It starts quite slow, it's boring in parts and seemed like the usual odd couple detective/crime story. The characters seemed like caricatures and they seemed excessively unlikeable. In my op [...]

    14. Provocative French author Virginie Despentes is best known for her debut novel Baise-moi, which was published in 1993 to much controversy. The book was adapted into a film, which was also written and directed by Despentes. This debut novel is often considered the most controversial French novel of recent times, exploring a punk fantasy of two women on a vengeance rampage à la Thelma and Louise. The novel and film are modern examples of a crime thriller genre known as rape and revenge.Virginie D [...]

    15. 3.5 stars.Chosen for France in my read around the world challenge.Lucie Toledo is a woman working for a PI agency who is moderately good at her job. After "botching" a job tailing a teenager named Valentine, she is then promptly hired to find Valentine by the girl's grandmother. Lucie is out of her depth, having never worked missing persons, so she turns to someone who she has only ever heard of, a legend in the PI/unofficial LEO circles: the Hyena, an unrepentant hardass and lover of women. Luc [...]

    16. На пръв поглед изглежда сякаш това не е четиво, което си струва. Анотацията заблуждава. Създава очаквания за сюжет, който самоцелно ще скандализира. А всъщност читателят е въвлечен в една интересна и погълваща история. Тази книга е от онези, които щом ги хванеш веднъж, трудн [...]

    17. I couldn't finish it. The characters were uninteresting parodies of themselves and the action was terribly slow. When "the cousins" are introduced, red flags started waving in my head. It was a rapid downward spiral for me from there and I had to put it down. Too bad, because the prose had some really interesting moments and I really wanted to like it. I'm not opposed to feminist revenge fantasy, but the execution here was poor.

    18. A colorful cast of characters and an ending that is quite a different tone from the rest of the book. I think I appreciated the fact that we never really got a reason as to "why" for the ending. There's no monologue explaining anything, it was just done.I liked the fact that the ending for our protagonist is so traumatic for her because it would be in the real world.I enjoyed the book but I wasn't amazed by the book. 3/5.

    19. Fast hätte ich ihr 5 Sterne gegeben. Vielleicht war mir die politische Analyse zu grob, das Ende auch ein bisschen abstrus und gewollt. Vielleicht brauche ich aber auch gerade nur etwas mehr Utopie und Hoffnung.

    20. DNF, unfortunately :(This story didn't hook me. I got through ~100 pages total, but I never read more than ten pages consecutively. Maybe it has to do with key elements of the narrative being lost in translation, or maybe the story simply wasn't what I wanted or expected.

    21. Livre brillamment écrit, une fin inattendue, des personnages incroyables comme celui de La Hyène, j'ai surkiffé.

    22. Worth reading for Despentes' worldview. She has a way of explaining why people do shitty things but she never excuses them. The story is about Lucie, an apathetic French PI who teams up with the Hyena to track down a lost teenage girl. The Hyena is fascinating: a violent lesbian europunk debt collector who has a reputation for finding people. Clearly she owes a lot to Lisbeth Salander. There's a joke about whether her nickname is from her fierce reputation or because she has an oversized clitori [...]

    23. Un polar social, assez cru.Ce livre m'a un peu déconcertée. Un peu surprise par cette super woman enquêtrice qui sait tout à l'avance, genre Lisbeth de Millenium.Mais se lit bien, c'est un roman moderne, avec une fin inattendue dans un monde bien réel.Critique piochée dans la presse que je partage :Lucie est une jeune détective privée qui doit surveiller Valentine une ado fragile en rupture de lycée que son père et sa grand-mère soupçonnent de mener une double vie. Mais un jour elle [...]

    24. C'est un excellent livre pour peupler vos insomnies : vraiment, je vous le recommande. On s'ennuie moins. Virginie Despentes, que j'avais certainement mal comprise la première fois que j'ai lu Baise-moi, et qui me plaît tellement dans King kong théorie et Mutantes (le documentaire sur la pornographie, que je recommande encore et encore), reprend ses images de road trips et de rencontres lesbiennes, pour donner le cadre d'un polar décalé et débridé. Une enquêtrice, Lucie, perd la trace de [...]

    25. Valentine, une adolescente a disparu. Lucie, la narratrice de l’histoire était depuis quelques temps chargée de la surveiller et de faire un rapport détaillé à sa grand-mère. Mais Lucie a perdu Valentine dans le métro, son devoir maintenant est de la retrouver. Pour ce faire, elle va s’associer à la Hyène (on ne la nommera jamais par un autre nom). C’est une détective privée, une lesbienne qui s’assume parfaitement, rayonnante qui ne manque pas d’assurance. A côté d’elle [...]

    26. ျပင္သစ္မွာ အၾကမ္းဖက္ဗုံးခြဲမႈနဲ႔ တိုက္ဆိုင္စြာပဲ ဒီစာအုပ္ကို ဖတ္ျဖစ္ခဲ့တယ္။စာေရးဆရာမက ျပင္သစ္က၊ သူမကို အစြန္းေရာက္တဲ့ feministလို႔လဲ ေျပာၾကတယ္။prostituteျဖစ္ဖူးခဲ့တဲ့ သူမဘဝနဲ႔ သူမရဲ႕ လိင [...]

    27. Een ontzettend goede roman die leest als een trein; vreemd dat ik er zo weinig over gehoord heb. Al hebben het onaantrekkelijke omslag en de weinig uitnodigende titel misschien ook niet meegeholpen aan een goede receptie: die doen mij eerder een postmoderne sociale satire verwachten, terwijl je iets heel anders voorgeschoteld krijgt. In feite doet het verhaal eerder denken aan de Britse detectives die de KRO graag mag uitzenden, maar dan één met meer diepgang en meer sociale kritiek. Compleet [...]

    28. It's 8:22 am and I'm on vacation at the beach. It's oppressively hot and I woke up at 6:30. My husband is asleep and I snuck off to the balcony to finish reading this book and sip on coffee. Today is our seventh wedding anniversary, and I'm going to spend this humid, ocean breeze day thinking again and again about this book. I will look into my husband's eyes over dinner and think of the Hyena and Lucie and Valentine. My mind will wander to the cruel act visited on Valentine by a gang of boys an [...]

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