მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი

მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი

Nodar Dumbadze / Dec 15, 2019

  • Title: მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი
  • Author: Nodar Dumbadze
  • ISBN: 9789994053346
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
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      • Nodar Dumbadze

        Nodar Dumbadze July 14, 1928 September 4, 1984 was a Georgian writer and one of the most popular authors in the late 20th century Georgia.Born in Tbilisi, he graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tbilisi State University in 1950 The same year, his first poems and humorous stories appeared in the Georgian press He edited the satirical magazine Niangi from 1967 until 1972 when he became a secretary of the Union of Georgian Writers and a member of the presidium of the Union of Soviet Writers in 1972 Most of his fame came through his novels Me, Grandma, Iliko and Ilarioni 1960 , I Can See the Sun 1962 , A Sunny Night 1967 , Don t Be Afraid, Mother 1971 , The White Banners 1973 , and The Law of Eternity 1978 His works are remarkable for simplicity and lyricism of the prose, humor, and melancholy coupled with optimism He was awarded the Shota Rustaveli State Prize in 1975 and the Lenin Prize in 1980 Most of his major works have been dramatized and or filmed He died in Tbilisi and was buried there, at the Children s Town Mziuri founded by him.


    1. it is one of the cutest and funniest books ever in georgian literature. Nodar Dumbadzes writing style is really light and easy to read and thats whats so appealing about his books and most importantly the balance of comedy and sadness has a great effect overall. Its a georgian classic and everybody needs to read it, i just finished it, took me like 3 days and i was crying a times, laughing , sometimes mad at the charactersand, it was really fun :)

    2. In Drybridge Market (Tbilisi), I found a copy of "Granny, Iliko, Ilarion and I" (მე, ბებია, ილიკო და ილარიონი) by Nodar Dumbadze. This is a tale by turns humorous and melancholic of a village boy Zuriko, a feckless student, whose best friends are two neighbours, Iliko and Ilarion and his granny. The book is set in the shadow of wartime Georgia. I read the English translation by Raissa Bobrova (published by Raduga in the USSR, 1985). My Georgian is not [...]

    3. Книжный вызов 2016. Книга 18 - Я, бабушка, Илико и Илларион.Это первая книга Нодара Думбадзе, которую я прочитала. Где же я была раньше? Вопрос, который я задавала себе с первых строк романа. Это история о дружбе, первой любви, верности и преданности.Герои романа настолько живые и [...]

    4. this is a story about a young boy,his grandmother and two neigbohours(Iliko and Ilarion) living in a small villageey live in a time of Soviet Union,each of them has lost somebody they loved in world war IIAnd now they have each other to love,to help,to feel true and importent feelings of life. teach what is really importentis is a story about a young boy full of love and big humor,without any drama but with elements you feel

    5. Բայց ես սա իհարկե հայերեն եմ կարդացել: Նոդար Դումբաձեն իմ սիրած գրողներից էր ժամանակին:Շատ եմ կարդացել: Վրաց գրականությունն ընդհանրապես ինձ հետաքրքրել է, շատերին եմ կարդացել, երբ դեռ 14-15 տարեկան էի: Ու դրա շնորհիվ սիրել եմ Վրաստանն ու վրացիներին: Հեյ գիդի ժամանակներ:

    6. The novel by Nodar Dumbadze narrates the mundanity of a godforsaken Georgian village, where “todays’ newspapers, or even yesterday’s do not exist, there are only week-old ones”; where the kids are preferred to work on land rather than study at school; where everyone knows all deeds and odds of one another. Soothing spirit of warm summer days, mature daily tasks carried out by children while the parents have gone to war, the strenuous personality of a bossy but loving grandmother are comp [...]

    7. История, в которой есть всё: и веселье, и дружба, и грусть, и печаль, и любовь, и взаимопомощь - и надежда на светлое будущее, несмотря ни на что Очень искреннее и доброе произведение, которое понравится как детям-подросткам, так и их родителям. Читаешь и как будто попадаешь в д [...]

    8. القصة لطيفة جدًا والشخصية الأساسية الراوية زوريكو مضحك جدًا. فكاهية ودرامية بذات الوقت قصة ابن القرية زوريكو وجدته وجاريه ايليكو وايلاريون في جورجيا الاتحاد السوفييتي أثناء الحرب العالمية الثانية. كل شخص منهم فقد عزيز، لذا وجدوا الحب من خلال بعضهم البعض. أول رواية جورجية ا [...]

    9. Доброе, легко читаемое произведение, пронизанное нотками кавказской мудрости и простому отношению к жизни. Рекомендую к прочтению.

    10. Внутри помимо титульной вещи, есть ещё две - "Белые флаги" и "Закон вечности". В принципе, вещи все эти довольно неплохие, но в конечном итоге вся книга читается, как большой советский грузинский стереотип.В самих стереотипах ничего особенно плохого нет, если они не программи [...]

    11. Отличная книга от Нодара Думбадзе прочитала на одном дыхании. Всем советую

    12. Wonderful, just wonderful book. Short stories that reminded me of Fazil Iskander who i love endlessly. Too bad it's so short.

    13. ჩემთვის სრულიად გამორჩეული რამეა - ესაა პირველი არასაბავშვო რომანი, რომელიც წავიკითხე ამან მიმახვდრა რო სერიოზული წიგნების კითხვა აწორებს. ამაზე მეტი რა უნდა ქნას?

    14. გენიალური ნაწარმოებია. გუშინაც ვიხსენებდი ნაწყვეტებს. მიყვარს დუმბაძეც და მისი შემოქმედებაც. ერთდოულად ბავშვური, სასაცილო, სევდიანი და სულში ჩამწვდომია.

    15. one of the most hilarious and heartwarming books I've ever read. A childhood favorite. I read it once every couple of years and still crack up at Zoriko's adventures.

    16. this is a story about a boy, his granny and 2 neighbors. despite the tragic elements, there is a huge humor in this story

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