The Scent of Lies

The Scent of Lies

Debra Burroughs / Jul 23, 2019

The Scent of Lies EMILY PARKER struggles to move on from the devastating loss of her husband The young widow finds herself sucked into a desperate search for the killer of both her late husband a private investigator

  • Title: The Scent of Lies
  • Author: Debra Burroughs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • EMILY PARKER struggles to move on from the devastating loss of her husband The young widow finds herself sucked into a desperate search for the killer of both her late husband, a private investigator in the small, affluent town of Paradise Valley, and the unfaithful husband of his last client The police arrest a convenient suspect, which pulls Emily dangerously into theEMILY PARKER struggles to move on from the devastating loss of her husband The young widow finds herself sucked into a desperate search for the killer of both her late husband, a private investigator in the small, affluent town of Paradise Valley, and the unfaithful husband of his last client The police arrest a convenient suspect, which pulls Emily dangerously into the thick of things Emily s world is rocked when she uncovers some clues that reveal her late husband may not have been who he said he was With the help of her close circle of friends and the sexy new police detective in town, the race is on to find the real killer before the wrong person is sent to prison and Emily winds up dead.Murder, mystery, romance and intrigue The Scent of Lies will keep you wondering who dunnit until the very end.

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        Debra Burroughs writes with intensity and power Her characters are rich and the stories are full of compelling suspense and real romance She can be found, most days, sitting in front of her computer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, dreaming up and writing about strong women, their relationships with men good and bad , involved in exciting, mysterious, and romantic situations.


    1. I bought this book when it was a freebie.Sorry, this book was boring, badly written, unnecessarily wordy, it had flat characters and plot. Nah! I couldn't read more than three chapters and those were pretty repetitive too. No hook, no spark, no thanks. Oh, and the protagonist acted immaturely.

    2. Pros: Interesting setting, good mystery, excellent editingCons: Did not like most characters (maIn character EmIly was not "sweet" as descrIbed once In book - she reacts strangley & abandons frIends In the mIddle of conversatIons on numerous occasIons), several unanswered matters (so does she ever officially quit her original job?), dialogue seemed fake most times (always full sentences and never a "uh huh" etc), overuse of word "scream" during conversations, sometimes unimaginative situatio [...]

    3. I realise that this book is the first in a series, but that isn't as excuse not to finish the book. Written in a very simple, almost teenage style - no imagery or details, just what they did and said - this novel is littered with repetition and misplaces commas. The mystery surrounding Emily's husband is not answered and the identity of the murderer is screamingly obvious.Disappointing.***

    4. Emily Parker, a great character that exudes a lot of confidence and spunk, is a real estate agent. Her husband, a Private Investigator, had been shot to death six months earlier, and the murder has gone unsolved. Emily is approached by Delia, a former client of her husband, to take over the investigation her husband had begun. Emily agrees and becomes a Private Investigator with little or no experience. She also hopes to solve her husband's murder during this adventurous quest. And the story unf [...]

    5. The Scent of Lies is Book 1 of 4 in the Paradise Valley Mysteries series by Debra Burroughs. This is a romantic mystery, but unlike many of this genre, it is not heavy-handed romance with the mystery as a sideline. The emphasis is on the mystery, or mysteries in this instance. I find that very refreshing. There is nothing wrong with romance, but if you are going to call it a mystery, that should be the focal point. Ms. Burroughs has an excellent balance of both throughout the entire book.Emily P [...]

    6. "The Scent of Lies", is Book 1 in the Paradise Valley Mystery Series by Debra Burroughs and it is chock full of mystery. Emily is a young widow whose husband, Evan, was murdered six months ago and the murder has yet to be solved. There is a new detective in town from the big city, Colin and things are about to change. As Emily transitions from her real estate career to taking over Evan's private investigation business things get shaken up in the small town of Paradise Valley. Her first client (E [...]

    7. 3.5 Torn Stars I am torn by this book as I both read and listened to it. I really have to say that the narrator of the book left me flat. Which did affect my overall enjoyment of the characters and plot. The book focuses around Emily recent widow and thrown into a career change from realtor to private investigator. Her first case spirals from a roving hubby investigation to murder. Whoopsie. She meets the sexy new town cop and sparks fly. Hmmm or sparks would fly if the narrator would not have m [...]

    8. This is the second book I've read by Debra Hurroughs & tho I did enjoy it, it really lacked any real depth. The plot was easy enough to follow with no real suspense. I couldn't make up my mind about the main character, Emily Parker, whose husband was murdered & who decided to leave her lagging real estate business to take over her late husbands PI business. What bothered me the most about Emily was that whenever Emily was out with her friends she would end up abruptly walking out on them [...]

    9. Considering that I knew who the murderer was about halfway through the book, I don't consider this to number among the better-written books I've read. Furthermore, the cutesiness of the relationship seemed to me a bit like frozen syrup. Blech! I got the three-volume set, but I won't be reading any other titles by Ms. Burroughs.

    10. From the first page, this book was a fun and exciting read. Emily is a sassy, stubborn lady private eye that is also very endearing, as are her close circle of friends. All the characters are warm and engaging and the romance between Emily and the hot new police detective is passionately sweet. The story is so well crafted that you'll be wondering who did it til the very end.

    11. I found it predictable and the inconsistencies and errors throughout were annoying. I can't say that I really have too much desire to continue the series at this point. This one was a freebie on Kindle and unfortunately, it just didn't hook me enough to pay for the rest of the series like some of the freebies do.

    12. I really tried to read this, but couldn't get past the 1st or 2nd chapter. The emotions of the main character were all over the place and made no sense. Calm with her friends one minute, jumping up and stalking out the next.I'll give it another try - I hate giving up on a book I purchase.

    13. I received a free copy of this book from the author and voluntarily chose to review it.In brief, Emily Parker is a widow. Her husband, Evan, had been murdered six months before we meet her. Emily is trying to make ends meet and decides to take over her husband’s private detective business. She feels that she’ll be good at it and would pay better than trying to sell real estate.Emily has three very good friends, who will probably show up in later stories. These three friends make an effort to [...]

    14. A Stupendous ReadGreat characters, fast paced action, and multiple plots. What more can you ask for. A cheating husband that will sleep with anyone is murdered. Of course this leaves several suspects. Our main character is tenacious in finding the real killer. She and her friends will prevail in the end but you have to get her book to find out. Getting excited to read this author's other works. Know I will not be disappointed.

    15. A must read mystery series. I felt like I was right there as I read this series. Loved the characters, and the strong willed nature of the main character. One of my favorites for sure.

    16. Easy read that somehow showed up accidentally in my Kindle so I read it while waiting for others in my queue. Nothing special but ok.

    17. I was shocked to discover the author was an older woman, because it sounded like it was written by a middle school girl. I don't enjoy books that make women look reckless and dumb.

    18. Cute little mystery, not necessarily great literature but engaging and fun to read. I love the setting in Idaho, and I look forward to the rest of the series. (Wish I could give it a 3.5)

    19. Easy readmewhat predictable ending, but left some mystery to be looked into in the next book. Definately need to read all three (at least I hope we get the truth) at the end of the 3rd.

    20. Yes!This is a great who dun it murder mystery with love thrown in the mix. Interesting twist and turns then a surprise.

    21. The scent of liesEmily Parker is a Real estate agent turned Private Investigator. When her husband Evan was killed/murdered the jury is still out on that one, she makes some discoveries about her dead husband that leads her to continue on with a case he was working on before he died for a woman named Delia McCall, which involved looking into her husband Ricardo When Delia gets accused of murdering her husband she implores that Emily continue her search into her husband Ricardo - find out who he [...]

    22. Good storyline, a little mystery and a little romance. I was able to figure out the killer early on in the book. I truly enjoyed the characters and would read other books in this series and by this author. A nice read.

    23. It seemed a little odd that Emily would become a private investigator six months after her husband's murder because his last client asked her to. She had no experience and no involvement with her husband's business. Since this is a series, the mystery of his murder wasn't solved in this one, but at least the case Emily took on was.

    24. Widow of Evan, Realtor to Private InvestigatorWill Emily find out who killed her husband, Evan. Who was Evan? Will she make investigating a career? Will Colin, the hunky Police Investigator become important to Emily? Will she survive her first case? Is her client innocent? I guess you'll have to read to find out.

    25. I enjoy reading mysteries that have good storylines and keep you interested, but don't totally confuse you and freak you out. Books that are suspenseful, but not so scary that you have trouble going to bed at night. I like for the book to have moments of romance but nothing smutty or sexually descriptive. This book had all of the things I like in a mystery!You start off feeling quite sad for Emily. She misses her late husband and she also has to deal with the fact that his murderer hasn't even b [...]

    26. This is an intriguing book.I found myself addicted to the mystery by the end of the first chapter, if you like edge of your seat mesmerising, suspenseful, fast-paced intriguing novels Debra Burroughs is an author you're not going to want to pass up.

    27. It can be irritating or embarrassing when you share a thought with a friend about a new job or relationship and you think it's in confidence only to discover that the information has been blabbed to others. Emily Parker has a wonderful circle of female friends who support each other through thick and thin, but they gossip among themselves and aren't very good about keeping secrets. They seem to assume that if they know something then the whole group knows it or at least they should and Emily is [...]

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