Град обреченный

Град обреченный

Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky Аркадий Стругацкий Борис Стругацкий / Oct 21, 2019

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky are widely considered the greatest of Russian science fiction masters and their most famous work Roadside Picnic has enjoyed great popularity worldwide Yet the novel tha

  • Title: Град обреченный
  • Author: Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky Аркадий Стругацкий Борис Стругацкий
  • ISBN: 5280012904
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arkady and Boris Strugatsky are widely considered the greatest of Russian science fiction masters, and their most famous work, Roadside Picnic, has enjoyed great popularity worldwide Yet the novel that was their own favorite, and that readers worldwide have acclaimed as their magnum opus, has never before been published in English The Doomed City was so politically riskyArkady and Boris Strugatsky are widely considered the greatest of Russian science fiction masters, and their most famous work, Roadside Picnic, has enjoyed great popularity worldwide Yet the novel that was their own favorite, and that readers worldwide have acclaimed as their magnum opus, has never before been published in English The Doomed City was so politically risky that the Strugatsky brothers kept its existence a complete secret even from their best friends for sixteen years after its completion in 1972 It was only published in Russia in the late 1980s, the last of their works to see publication It was translated into a host of major European languages, and now appears in English in a major new translation by acclaimed translator Andrew Bromfield The Doomed City is set in an experimental city bordered by an abyss on one side and an impossibly high wall on the other Its sole inhabitants are people who were plucked from Earth s history and left to govern themselves under conditions established by Mentors whose purpose seems inscrutable Andrei Voronin, a young astronomer plucked from Leningrad in the 1950s, is a die hard believer in the Experiment, even though he s now a garbage collector And as increasingly nightmarish scenarios begin to affect the city, he rises through the political hierarchy, with devastating effect.

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      • Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky Аркадий Стругацкий Борис Стругацкий

        Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky Russian was born in August 1925 in hot Batumi in the family of intellectuals critic Nathan Zalmanovich Strugatsky, who worked as a newspaper editor, and Alexandra Ivanovna Litvinovoj, honored teacher who taught Russian language and literature.17 year old Arkady Strugatsky, first participated in the construction of fortifications of the besieged city, then went to work at the factory, which produced shells.During the evacuation of the sick younger Strugatsky 9 year old Boris My mother stayed with her son in the city Arkady s father was taken on the road of life across Ladoga in the beginning of 1942 More mother and father Arkady did not see never Dad became seriously ill and died in Vologda Miraculously survived himself Arkady The train, which transported the refugees, including young Strugatsky, was bombed Survived units, among them the future writer.In the summer of 1942 Arkady Strugatsky stopped in a small village close to Tashla in Orenburg Short time he worked at the point of purchase of products and was even appointed head of Earning money on the road, he was able in the spring of 1943 to pick up my mom and younger brother Boris from hungry Leningrad.In 18 years, Arkady Strugatsky studying in Berdichev artillery school, which was located in the rear Sittwe After graduating, he was assigned to a Military University, where he taught foreign languages Graduated from the Institute in 1949 with a degree in interpreter of English and Japanese languages.After graduation destiny brought Arkady Strugatsky North Until 1955 he served as an interpreter on the Kamchatka Peninsula Arcady has worked as a Japanese teacher in one of schools located in the city of Kansk After retirement Strugatsky moved to the capital.


    1. Here is a fantastic, deep, and nuanced review of this work at the LA Review of books by a professor of Russian and Comparative literature. It delves into the background of the authors and the context they were writing in. I cannot hold a candle to it and highly recommend giving it a read.With that being said I do have some thoughts on the experience of reading the book. This was my first foray into Soviet science fiction. It certainly had a different feel from its Western cousin. It was more ove [...]

    2. Вообще, это выдающаяся книга, одна из тех, что оставила на мне перманентный след; книга, которая вросла с меня и как бы слилась со мной, стала частью моего восприятия. Я прочитал её много раз от корки до корки, слушал аудиоверсию, и не раз использовал отрывки из неё для иллюстр [...]

    3. Asks some great questions about humanity and civilisation but overly slow and slim on plot. I guess back when it was written would have created more of a controversial publication, especially in Russia.

    4. Единственная на данный момент книга, которую я могу поставить в один ряд с «Мастером и Маргаритой»

    5. Many parts of this dense, philosophizing sci-fi magnum opus were amazing, near-comparable to a modern-day Tolstoy. The Doomed City is the bildungsroman of a very arrogant character named Andrei and his journey from Earth to a garbage collector in the Experiment (The Experiment is the Experiment -- is it a planet? a fish tank for aliens? another dimension/new galaxy? Who knows), to an investigator (whereat he loses his moral superiority in service to violence and The State), to an editor, to a st [...]

    6. Это моя первая прочитанная книга Стругацких и скорее всего еще не настало то время, когда я смогу понимать такие книги. Дело не в том что эти ребята плохо пишут, нет, наоборот, очень даже хорошо, но мне пришлось перечитывать много эпизодов, так как смысл повествования проска [...]

    7. Eddig az orosz szerzőpáros bármelyik regényét is olvastam, mindre jellemző volt a szépirodalmi minőségre való törekvés, a vége-hossza nincs körmondatok egymásutánja, amibe néha komplett párbeszédek, mellékgondolatok is bele vannak szőve. Mi tagadás, erre a könyvre is ez a jellemző. Kicsit lassabban, figyelmesebben kell olvasni, mint egy könnyed ponyvát, de nem sokkal. Még a leginkább elvont, moralizálós részek is világosak, érthetőek, mi több, érdekesek és iz [...]

    8. This is one of my favorite novels, of which I once wrote an amateur English translation. A city outside of time and space that obeys bizarre and changing laws of nature is populated by people taken from different countries and different times from the 20th century. The main character is a graduate student of astronomy taken from Leningrad in 1951. Originally a committed Communist, after encountering other characters, from a German Nazi to a Japanese liberal, he gradually loses his ideological ri [...]

    9. Борис Стругацкий: На самом же деле авторы имели целью расказать историю человека, растерявшего под давлением обстоятельств все свои первоначальные представления о мире и истине и мучительно пытающего сформировать некое новое мировоззрение и новый смысл существования. П [...]

    10. I don't know how much I enjoyed reading this, but it was certainly interesting. Imagine if Dhalgren was written by Kafka, and maybe that gives an idea of what this book is like. 2016 reading challenge: a book originally written in another language

    11. — Имя? Фамилия? Отчество? — Кацман Иосиф Михайлович. — Год рождения? — Тридцать шестой. — Национальность? — Да, — сказал Кацман и хихикнул.

    12. Една от най-добре издържаните откъм философски и психологически поглед антиутопии.

    13. A great novel that not many people to seem to be aware of. Amazing characters, plot, setting and writing. Loved every page.The Red Building was also a lot like the Red Room in Twin Peaks in a way.

    14. Полностью согласен с мнением пользователя imhonet/user/76304/ :Очень тяжелая книга, хотя и читается довольно легко. Можно читать, перечитывать, находить для себя много нового и интересного, не знаю Возможно не стоит копать и вкапываться, выискивая тайный смысл образов Возможно сто [...]

    15. Not their best science-fiction novel (How can one top Roadside Picnic?) but a masterpiece of taking down the absurdity of the Soviet system and showing it for how ridiculous it was. No wonder they had to hide the manuscript for 16 years after it was finished. This book covers the whole kit-and -kaboodle for Stalinist governance, from the idea of changing nature of the human race from greed to cooperation, racing from insane action to insane action for the sake of 'progress,' the forced unconditi [...]

    16. Teose peategelane - ajupestud kommunistlik noor on sattunud 50nendate alguse Venemaalt keset veidrat maailma. Linna, mille ühel pool kõrgub kollane taevasse kaduv müür ja teisel põhjatu kuristik. Meelitatud on ta sellesse maailma kellegi salapärase ja nähtamatu mentori poolt, kui osaleja eksperimendist. Eksperimendi enda otstarve või tulemus on arusaamatu, peamine käsk paistab selles olevat, et keegi ei tohi linnas olla ühel ametil liiga kaua. Muus osas on eksperimendi alustele antud v [...]

    17. Written and then shelved due to the great subversive potential danger it implied during the Soviet era-this novel took decades to be published and then further time to be translated into English. An artificial city is the setting of an international group of volunteers who labor away for a never defined 'experiment' and as the protagonist gets promoted in society he is exposed to more and more bizarre events. Honestly, it reads as well today during the breakdown of neoliberalism as it did when f [...]

    18. There are some very bitter, unpleasant lessons to be taken from The Doomed City - and that fucking Red House is just spooky and nightmarish as hell.Yet the book manages to be so frequently humorous.Excellent translation, and a fantastic read. Roadside Picnic remains my favorite Strugatsky novel, but The Doomed City has so much more political meat to it; how relevant it is to our current political climate is frightening.

    19. Или со мной что-то не так, или одно из двух.Не смог я ни наслаждаться повествованием, ни ощутить какой-то значимой морали для себя лично.

    20. sünge ja masendav, täpselt nagu raamatu kaanel lubati.ja see lootuskiir seal lõpus oli suhteliselt nõrga, pigem meenus Tume Torn.

    21. Hned na úvod musím říct, že překlad dělá u Strugackých hodně (alespoň u mne). Obávám se, že relativně nízké hodnocení, které jsem zatím bratrům dával (Je těžké být bohem a Obydlený ostrov) jde na vrub právě překladům - ta "fraškovitost" přebila všechno ostatní.Na druhou stranu, takový Stalker, nebo právě Odsouzené město, to je úplně jiné čtení - atmosféra z toho jen kape. Přitom třeba překlad Stalkera je někdy ze 60. let (jestli se nemýlím).Tak [...]

    22. В книгах Стругацких мне всегда чего-то не хватало, хотелось ещё больше трагедии и надрыва, люблю я надрыв:) Для меня их произведения были скорее идеями, на основе которых можно снять "Сталкера" и "Трудно быть богом"."Град обреченных" идеальна. В своём надрыве, своей недосказан [...]

    23. "The Doomed City" is a great, thrilling, and philosophical book. I think everyone would be interested in reading it.The book is the longest work than any other Strugatsky's books, as Boris explained in the afterword that it took three years for him and his brother to plan it; they finally wrote it for another three years. But it was not published until sixteen years later, due to the dangerous time in the 1970s.The book contains some allusions of the Soviet Union, where the people behind the Exp [...]

    24. The first indication that something is seriously wrong in the city is the arrival of the baboons. They appear without warning at the garbage dump by the hundreds, rapidly fanning out through the rest of the city and wreaking havoc wherever they go.Where did they come from? Nobody knows. Why are they here? Nobody knows. What can be done about them? Very little, apparently: after attempts to kill or capture them fails, the government institutes a policy of “adopting” a baboon and caring for it [...]

    25. A kissé szürreális világban, melyet a Kísérlet szelleme leng körül, érdekes események sorozatát tárja elénk a szerzőpáros. Az életrajzi elemekkel teletűzdelt regény leköti olvasóját és magához láncolja.Lassú folyású események egymásutánisága jellemzi inkább, mint az izgalmas események pörgése. Mégis, kíváncsivá teszi az olvasót, hogy mi lesz a végkifejlet, ha egyáltalán beszélhetünk ilyesmiről.A náci és a kommunista diktatúra párhuzamba állítá [...]

    26. "The City of the Doomed" or "The Doomed City" (who knows?) is a very philosophical read and probably one of the most mystically, spiritually and politically charged of the Strugatski brothers' works. I am deeply convinced that it can be very difficult to understand for many Westerners (speaking of Europe) which might explain the absence of a good translation in English. I read it in Russian and in Bulgarian translation. I have to say that in translation it looses a lot of its charm and a great p [...]

    27. Перечитала второй раз. Наверное, когда читала раньше, было еще рано и многого было не понять А сейчас, если абстрагироваться от аллюзий и отсылок ко времени Советского союза, все становится понятно (ну, почти все). Все-таки, люблю Стругацких за невероятное описание Человека - [...]

    28. Incredible how this book can show in such detail how the human mind and society work. Progressing in many different layers it can be a great science fiction story, explanation of the socialism 'experiment', the idea of the 'otherness' culture, whose mere existence is considered a threat, and so many other things A must-read.

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