Nevermore Loth

Nevermore Loth

William Hjortsberg / Sep 16, 2019

Nevermore Loth Set in s New York City this dazzling literary thriller by the bestselling author of Falling Angel combines pulse racing action a cast of famous historical characters a brilliantly deranged ser

  • Title: Nevermore Loth
  • Author: William Hjortsberg
  • ISBN: 9780871135797
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in 1920 s New York City, this dazzling literary thriller by the bestselling author of Falling Angel combines pulse racing action, a cast of famous historical characters, a brilliantly deranged serial killer, and visits from beyond the grave.

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      424 William Hjortsberg
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        William Hjortsberg was an acclaimed author of novels and screenplays Born in New York City, he attended college at Dartmouth and spent a year at the Yale School of Drama before leaving to become a writer For the next few years he lived in the Caribbean and Europe, writing two unpublished novels, the second of which earned him a creative writing fellowship at Stanford University.When his fellowship ended in 1968, Hjortsberg was discouraged, still unpublished, and making ends meet as a grocery store stock boy No longer believing he could make a living as a novelist, he began writing strictly for his own amusement The result was Alp 1969 , an absurd story of an Alpine skiing village which Hjortsberg s friend Thomas McGuane called, quite possibly the finest comic novel written in America In the 1970s, Hjortsberg wrote two science fiction works Gray Matters 1971 and Symbiography 1973 The first, a novel about human brains kept alive by science, was inspired by an off the cuff remark Hjortsberg made at a cocktail party The second, a post apocalyptic tale of a man who creates dreams, was later published in condensed form in Penthouse.After publishing Toro Toro Toro 1974 , a comic jab at the macho world of bullfighting, Hjortsberg wrote his best known novel, Falling Angel 1978 This hard boiled detective story with an occult twist was adapted for the screen as Angel Heart 1987 , starring Robert De Niro Hjortsberg also wrote the screenplay for Legend 1986 , a dark fairy tale directed by Ridley Scott In addition to being nominated for an Edgar Award for Falling Angel, Hjortsberg has won two Playboy Editorial Awards, for which he beat out Graham Greene and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garc a M rquez His most recent work is Jubilee Hitchhiker 2012 , a biography of author Richard Brautigan Hjortsberg lives with his family in Montana.Learn at openroadmedia authors


    1. When you have Houdini, Edgar Allen Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle you are sure to get an awesome storyline and I was not disappointed. Sir Arthur and Houdini investigate the "Poe Murders". Both men think they will be victims so they join forces and the storyline follows them during their separate tour schedules. There are many tales along the way that are interwoven so well they all come together at the end. This is a well written and well thought out story with the characters completely believa [...]

    2. Review: Nevermore by William HjortsbergTitle: NevermoreAuthor: William HjortsbergPublisher: Open RoadPublication Date: March 2012Good Reads SynopsisWhy I Read ItI am always interested in anything related to Poe, Houdini, and somewhat intrigued by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. After perusing NetGalley's listings, I came across this novel by William Hjortsberg and decided it had to be worth the read. Poe, Houdini, and Doyle all in one. Had to be good.Short Synopsis (no spoilers)Murders begin piling up a [...]

    3. What other book has a line-up like this? On first base, Harry Houdini; rounding third, Arthur Conan Doyle and batting on deck the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe. While my baseball lingo leaves a bit to be desired, this book is has a line-up most teams would bankrupt themselves for.The main character is Harry Houdini. Yep, that Harry Houdini. Houdini, along with his friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (yep, that Conan Doyle), are on the case of a series of murders that mimic the mystery and horror stories of [...]

    4. Maybe you are a reader who enjoys flabby, tepid characterization served swimming in a thin and flavorless plot. Perhaps you are a literary epicure who appreciates a lagniappe of Harry Houdini getting a surprise ass-fuck from a carved ivory dildo filled with warm milk.I'm not.

    5. Decent airplane read; unfortunately I was not traveling. One mildly salacious sex scene. Houdini! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! The ghost of Edgar Allan Poe! Early Jazz Age razz-ma-tazz. Macguffin.

    6. Someone is killing people following Edgar Allan Poe's stories. Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle find themselves slowly becoming involved, including playing the victim role, until they ultimately solve the crime, and well, that would be telling to much. With a cast of characters including Damon Runyon, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, Fanny Brice, and so on, this is a wonderful sampling of Poe and spiritualism and great writing.

    7. This is a murder mystery wrapped around an actual meeting between Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. Hjortsber has carefully researched this story. He has learned an awful lot about 1920s New York and no one could claim he wears his learning lightly. The opening of the novel bogs down again and again as irrelevant details of time and place are thrown in to demonstrate how thoroughly the era has been studied. Unfortunately, this information is seldom incorporated smoothly into the story. Write [...]

    8. You can find more of my reviews at cornishamy.wordpressI was loaned this book by a friend who knows that I am a bit of a Sherlock Holmes lover. I had it on my shelves for a while before needing to read it at speed and return it. At first it felt like a bit of a chore to read to a deadline, but actually I found it grabbed me enough to want to find out what happened. That said, I had a fractious relationship with this book and there were things that I liked and things that irritated me.The book is [...]

    9. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini team up to search for a literary-minded killerIt is 1923 and a beautiful young woman has just been found outside a tenement, bones crushed, head ripped from her shoulders. A few stories above, her squalid apartment has been ransacked, and twenty-dollar gold pieces litter the floor. The window frame is smashed. She seems to have been hurled from the building by a beast of impossible strength, and the only witness claims to have seen a long-armed ape fleein [...]

    10. The 1990's paperback version of Nevermore was clearly designed to resemble the paperback of The Alienist, Caleb Carr's riveting 1990's murder mystery set in New York that combined real people (most notably Teddy Roosevelt and William James) with fictional characters in pursuit of a serial killer. The interior front cover/two-page illustration actually seems to have come from the same photograph as the cover of The Alienist. Hmm.The resemblance mostly ends there: Hjortsberg does combine fact and [...]

    11. One of those books that I very much *wanted* to love, but ended up only liking. Clearly Hjortsberg has done a lot of research on the luminaries and settings of the 1920s. There are a lot of familiar names here, particularly our two heroes, Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini. Published in 1994 it presages some of the well regarded novels of the late 90s/early 2000s, such as The Adventures of Kavlier and Klay and Carter Beats The Devil, where you have a mix of real events, real people, and ficti [...]

    12. Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini actually were good friends; Arthur Conan Doyle was an ardent believer in spiritualism and participated in countless séances; Harry Houdini was a famed debunker of psychics and mediums. It is upon the relationship between the two great men, and their differing views on the supernatural, that William Hjortsberg’s novel, Nevermore, is based.In 1923, during Arthur Conan Doyle’s second American tour promoting spiritualism, he and Houdini are drawn into a seri [...]

    13. This was an interesting concept and could have been a great book: Around early 1920's - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini both in New York with their wives and right in the midst of murders mirroring Edgar Allan Poe stories. Although I knew the author wove history with fiction, I had no idea that Doyle and Houdini were actually friends for a period of time back then so on a good note, I learned some history on both of those characters which I hadn't known before. During this story, Doyle [...]

    14. Nevermore was pretty interesting. At first, it was hard to get into for me. The beginning is from a very minor character's perspective, which, to be quite honest with you, is dull. His perspective is very small in comparison to the other POVs in the story, and for me, it begs the question: why would Hjortsberg start the story with him, when he isn't really all that important? It's just odd. The rest of the story moves along at a decent clip - the characterizations of Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur [...]

    15. i had high hopes for this one. sir arthur conan doyle and houdini team up to find & stop a murderous madman who is inspired by the works of edgar allan poe. sounded like it could be pretty good. boy, i was let downe best parts of the book are the ones that don't involve houdini and conan doyle, but instead feature damon runyon who is trying to get the scoop on the 'poe murders' and a desk sargeant called heegan that he inspires to take the initiative and do a little investigating on his own. [...]

    16. “Nevermore” is a delightfully detailed historical mystery with paranormal and supernatural overtones. If you love history-if you love Sherlock Holmes-if you love magic and stage magicians-you must read “Nevermore.” Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; a magnetically lovely psychic adolescent who went from New England farm family to upscale wealthy New York Society; Houdini’s determination to prove all mediums are faux vs. Conan Doyle’s fascinated believe in the Other Side; all t [...]

    17. I have mixed feelings about this book. It never really “hooked” me and I was probably 2/3 of the way through before it pulled together and become somewhat intriguing. I thought the author wrote eloquently, but there were parts of the story that just didn’t seem to add any value to the overall plot.It seemed like Houdini and Conan Doyle spent a large part of the story going down separate paths. It wasn’t until that last 1/3 or so that the storyline really brought them together, and that i [...]

    18. Nevermore opens with a double homicide in New York in 1923. This is followed by several more odd murders which seem to be based on the stories of Edgar Allen Poe.This book has a great cast of real characters including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, and Damon Runyan whose use of period slang is hilarious. Edgar Allen Poe also appears although it is never clear whether he is a ghost, a bend in time, or perhaps one of Houdini's illusions.There is a lot going on in this story: a little of th [...]

    19. Ouf par où commencer ?Nevermore est davantage un documentaire sur le New York des années 1920 qu'un roman policier. En fait, il n'y a pour ainsi dire pratiquement aucune scène d'enquête, aucun indice particulier. Les scènes surnaturelles avec Poe, qui pourtant avaient du potentiel, ne jouent aucun rôle dans le récit. Le lien entre les meurtres et les histoires de Poe est totalement superficiel. En effet, alors qu'il y aurait eu de quoi faire quelque chose de vraiment intéressant, les mis [...]

    20. A novel in which Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle team up to solve Edgar Allan Poe story-inspired murders? Yes, please. Just a few quibbles:* One character is almost completely unnecessary. A few tweaks, and she could have been dropped to the benefit of the plot. (She is also involved in a crazy gratuitous sex scene that also could have been dropped easily. Really? That's all this character is good for? Too bad because she's the only female with any kind of real part in the book. I digress)* [...]

    21. The theme of this book is great, but the actual portrayal misses the mark completely. This murder mystery combining the likes of Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyal, and the ideas of Edgar Allan Poe, has all of the makings of a great read. However, author William Hjortsberg fails deliver. Throughout the story there are certain aspects that the reader is simply supposed to take for granted without any explanation whatsoever from the author as to why it is important to the story. Characters are [...]

    22. This is a fun period piece that takes place in the early 1900s, with comfortably familiar characters taking the lead roles in a chilling mystery. I enjoyed the quirky friendship between Houdini and Conan Doyle, especially since Conan Doyle is a true believer in mediums and ghosts, while Houdini is a famed debunker of same. Having Poe appear to Conan Doyle in ghostly form is a treat for those of us who love "gothic" literature. The murders based on Poe's famous stories were gruesome, yet not over [...]

    23. The author has a clever concept for the plot of this book. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Houdini in conversation about mysticism and working together to solve murders seemingly related to both of them that occur in the manner of Edgar Allen Poe's stories. Doyle is on a speaking tour in the US and Houdini is performing around the country. The murders and most of the book take place in New York City. The story makes for a good mystery with some thrilling moments as Doyle and Houdini try to figure out [...]

    24. Written a few years ahead of the current trend of Extraordinary Gentlemen-style historical mashups, Nevermore had some real promise. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and medium-obsessed Harry Houdini reach out to the restless spirit of Edgar Allan Poe? Heck yeah! Sounds like my kind of story.The execution, however, didn't measure up to my expectations. The story seemed jumbled, the historical aspects weren't as well integrated as, say, in a Caleb Carr book, and the overt eroticism seemed tacked on. I have [...]

    25. I considered labeling this one as paranormal fiction as well, but that since 'Sir Arthur is a loon' can kind of explain it away, I decided against it. I thought this would be Sir Arthur and Houdini teaming up to solve a series of clever murders inspired by Poe's works (of which I apparently have only read sporadically since I only recognized a couple), but it wasn't. There were long segments that didn't seem to advance the story and characters that were repeatedly introduced that could have been [...]

    26. Sir Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini team up to solve a series of murders patterned after Edger Allen Poe short storiesund corny? Well, it is. However, Hjortsberg models his sleuth story after the Sherlock Holmes plot arc, complete with a Sherlock-style unveiling at the end of the story. Though this whodunnit is easy to figure out, Hjortsberg's prose style and description of 1920's New York make for an entertaining read. Warning: This novel reads like fan fiction, includes a graphic sex scene, and [...]

    27. The writing style was excellent, but the plot seemed to be all over the place. There were extra characters and scenarios that had very little to do with the over all plot, and (what should have been) the main focus was hardly touched on except for a mention here and there. Also, there were quite a few editing errors. These included Houdini saying he was going to do something for three hours and then that ultimate switching to two later on, with mention of saying "as previously determined", and a [...]

    28. This book was kind of baffling. I was 30% into it before I really knew where it was going. Whereas Hjortsberg's "Falling Angel" was immediately interesting, I found my mind wandering all over the place while slogging through the first third, not really knowing how these alternating chapters about different characters were going to connect. In the end they came together, but by then the author had sealed the book's fate. Not his best effort. What I enjoyed most about Nevermore were its similes: " [...]

    29. I found the mystery itself pretty interesting. The idea of someone recreating Poe's decidely disturbing stories is fascinating in and of itself. I even liked the tension between Doyle's belief in a spiritual world and Houdini's need to expose mediums as frauds. It was all the sub-plots I could have done without.Overall, it was a mishmash of drama, mystery, and fatasy that never really pulled together for me. The only saving grace was that I do love historical figures as characters, especially in [...]

    30. William Hjortsberg is a unique and quirky writer, a little raunchy with a fine and subtle sense of humor. Nobody writes quite like him. This odd little ditty brings together Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini-- along with the befuddled ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, who cannot figure out what he's doing there-- to catch a gruesome killer who is borrowing Poe's literary methods of murder. The book is a bit of an edgy ride in places, bordering on uncomfortable, but it's a good read. As I said bef [...]

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