Tales from the White Hart

Tales from the White Hart

Arthur C. Clarke / Feb 29, 2020

Tales from the White Hart From outside it was simply an ordinary looking London pub a place you d have to be guided to than once before you memorized it s location somewhere between Fleet Street the Embankment But if by cha

  • Title: Tales from the White Hart
  • Author: Arthur C. Clarke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • From outside it was simply an ordinary looking London pub, a place you d have to be guided to than once before you memorized it s location, somewhere between Fleet Street the Embankment But, if by chance, an insider led you to the White Hart on a Wednesday night, you would have found yourself in the midst of a select gathering or writers, editors, scientists aFrom outside it was simply an ordinary looking London pub, a place you d have to be guided to than once before you memorized it s location, somewhere between Fleet Street the Embankment But, if by chance, an insider led you to the White Hart on a Wednesday night, you would have found yourself in the midst of a select gathering or writers, editors, scientists interested layman drinking, swapping odd bits of information like as not, listening to Harry Purvis memorable stories A scientist by profession, Harry Purvis has had or heard about some of the most astonishing experiences like the story of the carnivorous orchid that was used in a murder plot, or the one about the military computer that was converted to pacifism There s SILENCE PLEASE, involving a spurned lover a device that was supposed to destroy sound BIG GAME HUNT, in which an ambitious researcher becomes so wrapped up in his latest projest controlling animal behavior with electrical impulses that he overlooks one tiny important detail Such stories may challenge your powers of logic strain your imagination Yet even if you doubt their veracity, they re guaranteed to provide you with hours of SF reading Baron Munchausen, step aside Contains Silence Please Big Game Hunt Patent Pending Armaments Race Critical Mass The Ultimate Melody The Pacifist The Next Tenants Moving Spirit The Man Who Ploughed the Sea The Reluctant Orchid Cold War What Goes Up Sleeping Beauty The Defenestration of Ermintrude

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        Arthur C Clarke was one of the most important and influential figures in 20th century science fiction He spent the first half of his life in England, where he served in World War Two as a radar operator, before emigrating to Ceylon in 1956 He is best known for the novel and movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, which he co created with the assistance of Stanley Kubrick.Clarke was a graduate of King s College, London where he obtained First Class Honours in Physics and Mathematics He is past Chairman of the British Interplanetary Society, a member of the Academy of Astronautics, the Royal Astronomical Society, and many other scientific organizations.Author of over fifty books, his numerous awards include the 1961 Kalinga Prize, the AAAS Westinghouse science writing prize, the Bradford Washburn Award, and the John W Campbell Award for his novel Rendezvous With Rama Clarke also won the Nebula Award of the Science Fiction Writers of America in 1972, 1974 and 1979, the Hugo Award of the World Science Fiction Convention in 1974 and 1980, and in 1986 became Grand Master of the Science Fiction Writers of America He was awarded the CBE in 1989.


    1. Tales from the White Hart, Arthur C. ClarkeTales from the White Hart is a collection of short stories by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, originally published in paperback in 1957. Includes: Preface, "Silence Please", "Big Game Hunt", "Patent Pending", "Armaments Race", "Critical Mass", "The Ultimate Melody", "The Pacifist", "The Next Tenants", "Moving Spirit", "The Man Who Ploughed the Sea", "The Reluctant Orchid", "Cold War", "What Goes Up", "Sleeping Beauty", "The Defenestration of Er [...]

    2. I tried to read some bar tall tales theme in science fction/fantasy genre. Before this book, I have read Tales From Gavagan's Bar and The Draco Tavern. Tales From The White Hart (TFTWH) is my third book, and I already has some expectation when reading it. My expectation "hurts" some of the surprises. But I give 4 star rating not because I am a fan of Mr. Clarke, but because the ending of last story is better wrapping up the book than Gavagan or Draco (Draco has a good ending too, Gavagan has the [...]

    3. De los quince relatos reunidos en el volumen Cuentos de la Taberna del Ciervo Blanco (1957), los que más he disfrutado han sido los que destacan por su sardónico sentido del humor, como «El pacifista»,«Espíritu inquieto» y «La orquídea indecisa». En estos relatos, en los que Arthur C. Clarke busca la complicidad con el lector con fórmulas para que este no pueda dejar de leer, se narran entretenidas historias sobre experimentos fallidos en campos como la física, la química, la medici [...]

    4. Voy a ser comedido, que no quiero ser demasiado subjetivo.¡¡ UNA P.U.T.A GOZADA DE LIBRO !!(Vale, veo que he logrado eso de ser comedido)Son cuentos (obvio) que cuentan los parroquianos de una taberna (obvio again) inglesa donde está el flemático camarero y los habituales de la misma, alguno de los cuales cuenta al resto relatos curiosos que les han sucedido bien a ellos –si van como invitados del resto – o bien a algún conocido suyo.Estos relazon rezuman un humor inglés algo más áci [...]

    5. This collection of short stories has some very personal connections. First of all the book though. Its a series of tales from yes you guessed that very British establishment the pub (have actually been in a white Hart myself come to think of it), where tales are told and stories swapped. The stories represent the extremes like all good tales (think Baron Münchhausen at his most respectable) where morals and punchlines take over where restraint and subtly should normally prevail. For example one [...]

    6. Arthur Clarke has published several collections of short stories. This particular book was originally published in 1957---so contains some of his earlier works.All of the stories are well written; Clarke has a clear prose style and some good ideas. However, this was his early work and none of the story is really memorable. This is the type of book where most Sf readers will read it, enjoy it, and not remember the stories two months later.However, if you have read Clarke's later works, it is inte [...]

    7. Shaggy dog stories, told in a pub. Most end with a raised eyebrow and a pun, or one-line "moral", or warning that the science revealed in the story is _just about_ to change the world. They're amusing enough.But wow! I mean most of these stories were written in the mid-50s, which I know was a totally different world. But even so, if everyone in the 50s was as sexist as this, I can't help but think that the current generation wouldn't exist. I mean the casual contempt for the abilities of women, [...]

    8. Although a fan of Arthur C. Clarke, I'd never heard of this collection before reading Charles Stross's short story A Bird in the Hand on his blog (well worth reading itself), which was written in homage to 'Tales from the White Hart'. I've encountered a few of the stories before in other collections, but never as a set, and I must say that I really enjoyed them.The humour in these tall tales and shaggy dog stories is evident right from the word go, many of them are build-ups to a single pun deli [...]

    9. Oh - Em - Gee!! I finally finished this!!!Tales From the White Hart is an occasionally enjoyable, uneven collection of short stories by Arthur C. Clarke, all told by Harry Purvis, one of the White Hart's regular customers. Some of the stories are quite clever, but they all tend to follow the same story arc: Someone broaches a topic; Harry puts in his own two cents; Then Harry commandeers the conversation by spinning a yarn that has some semblance of a science basis and is semi-probable; the scie [...]

    10. Fun book of stories about scientific inventions and their unintended consequences, all told by Harry Purvis to his friends at London's White Hart pub. The inventions are usually strange, and the consequences are always unexpected and funny. The book presents a really interesting contrast between the world of 60 years ago and today; in a way these are "mad scientist" stories, in that the inventors/scientists are usually working by themselves or with very small groups, very much unlike the way mos [...]

    11. I read this collection of short stories when I was still quite young (too young to understand some parts of some of them, I now realize). So, when a copy fell into my hands recently, I decided to re-read them and see how much I remembered. The answer: almost nothing. I did remember the basic premise – that an obscure pub, somewhere in London, is the watering hole of a group of scientists, researchers, and science fiction writers who jealously guard against intrusion by the public. Among this c [...]

    12. Classic Arthur C. Clarke. I read this book thirty-five years ago and have very fond memories. I'm pleased to say that it's held up well over the years and is still a fun read.

    13. I read this when really young up at paternal grandmother Lajla's cottage on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan--on the great wicker couch in the living room, to be exact. It was a cool night outside. Clarke's device, setting up his stories in the context of tale tales told in a pub, the whole grownup Englishness of it, enchanted me thoroughly, made me think consciously that "now, this is a good book!" To that point, I hadn't often thought such things about what I read, but the style of it stru [...]

    14. Absolutely outstanding. I hadn't re-read this book for at least twenty years. Somehow it had gotten pigeonholed in my memory as a bit boring and dull.But it's anything but dull or boring! Classic and funny science fiction stories using the classic bar-story format. Over and over I found myself coming across phrases and ideas which I'd incorporated into my personal lexicon, only to forget where they'd come from. "Oh, so this is where I first read that!" I kept saying.It's a pity that Clarke wrote [...]

    15. I -adore- Clarke's writing on the whole. This, he admits in a forward, was the answer to someone saying that SciFi cannot be funny.While the stories were charming, whimsical, even light, I wouldn't call them funny. They were like receiving carnival-grade candy floss when I'm used to the most elaborate 9-course desserts from the same baker. Charming, but not really adding anything to the field.

    16. Un iceberg che galleggia nel tiepido mare della Florida, un giocattolo che minaccia di far saltare una stazione televisiva, un'orchidea che rifiuta di commettere il delitto perfetto, un vecchio che insegna alle termiti ad accendere il fuoco, un cervello elettronico che risponde parolacce ai generali: siamo, non c'è bisogno di dirlo, in piena fantascienza. Ma la cornice, questa volta, è insolita: un'osteria della vecchia Londra, un tipico pub di Fleet Street, la famosa strada dei giornali. E' d [...]

    17. Harry Purvis is a master storyteller who regales his fellow patrons every Wednesday evening at the White Hart pub with fantastical yarns of eccentric characters and outrageous scientific catastrophes.While Tales from the White Hart is considered one of Clarke's most popular anthologies, I found a handful of the stories—such as "Big Game Hunt", "Critical Mass", "Cold War", and a few others—to be either prosaic, mundane, or anticlimactic. However, there are a number of humorous and rousing rom [...]

    18. "Tales From the 'White Hart'" is a charming collection of science fiction short stories written by one of SF's most important writers, Arthur C. Clarke. The stories are basically comedic tall tales lacking the hard scientific foundation usually found in Clarke's writings, but are still worth taking in. The book does suffer from being a bit repetitious as they almost all told (one way or another) by one character, Harry Purvis. (Only one story, "Big Game Hunt" is told by somebody else.) Despite t [...]

    19. A fun read, going through a collection of short engaging stories narrated by Harry Purvis, an interesting character. One of my favourites is "Critical Mass". Overall it is very entertaining material, in spite of some sexist moments. I understand these stories were written in the 50s however I was still shocked while reading last part of the book.

    20. I really wanted to read something by Arthur C Clarke. Too bad I choose this to be my first example. For one thing it was a collection of short stories, and for another it's a little discombobulated. But he has some unique story ideas, and I'm all about the unique.

    21. These stories remind me of P.G. Wodehouse's Mr. Mulliner, or Drones Club stories, but with a science fictional bent. They're delightful.

    22. I found this a charmer--it grew on me--a sum more than its parts. This isn't the usual collection of stand-alone stories. In his Preface Clarke wrote that the tales came out of, "a long unfelt want--for what might be called the "tall" science-fiction story. By this I mean stories that are intentionally unbelievable; not, as is too often the case, unintentionally so. At the same time, I should hate to say exactly where the Great Divide of plausibility comes in these tales, which range from the pe [...]

    23. Tales from the White Hart is a lovely collection of short stories from Arthur C. Clarke. Prior to reading this, I’d honestly had no idea that the man did funny. I’m ashamed of that now, because Clarke does funny very, very well. Filled with sarcastic zingers, unnervingly accurate postulations of the future, and dry wit that will leave many potential readers puzzled as to why the person recommending the book to them is laughing like a hyena, it is truly a fantastic read. The preface tells us [...]

    24. What a wonderful little collection! I've long admired Clarke's novel-length classics (Childhood's End, The Light of Other Days, Rendezvous with Rama), but they tend to be more on the Serious Deep Thoughts end of the spectrum. White Hart is a lovely little jaunt to the other end of the scale: a collection of science-flavored tall tales that are short, sweet, and just the right amount of silly.Harry Purvis's fantastical stories might seem a little quaint now, especially where they poke fun at the [...]

    25. An enjoyable read nicely capturing a moment in time long since lost with the demise of pubs, Fleet Street and acceptance of day time drinking by workers.This is a varied collection of "tall tales" compiled around the idea that they are told to fellow drinkers in a pub (the eponymous "White Hart"). The author writes from the perspective that these tales were told/shared/heard by scientists, journalists and science-fiction authors of the 1950s in pubs variously visited by Arthur C. Clarke in Engla [...]

    26. This is a series of tall tales, one of them horizontally tall, told by a group of habitues of a London pub. These are often very humorous, like the defense created against the charge of illegal distilling, but some are disturbing, like The Reluctant Orchid. I wonder which came first, this or the Little Shop of Horrors. These stories were written in the nineteen fifties and you recognize the period in the references to radio "valves" (N.Amer. tubes)although computers of the giant size do appear. [...]

    27. The 15 short stories in this collection have all been printed elsewhere, but there is some value in single volume devoted to Clarke's "White Hart" tales, all of which center around the dubious exploits of Harry Purvis. As the author makes clear in his preface, these were intended to be tall tales and were written, at least in part, in order to free Clarke from the restraints of being pigeon-holed as a "serious" sci-fi writer. "Tales," thus, shares some affinity with the work of Clarke's contempo [...]

    28. Very little about this collection has stuck with me, but that's true of a lot of my early reading. I do recall a few things, though. I had never encountered an English pub before, certainly not in real life (I was a teenager in middle America when I read this, in the 60s), and barely if at all in reading either. I didn't know of the old tradition of marking a pub with an image on a sign outside, which presumably dates to a time before widespread literacy: if you couldn't read, you could still fi [...]

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