Hannas Töchter

Hannas Töchter

Marianne Fredriksson / Aug 25, 2019

Hannas T chter They meet on a spring day in the local garden center Inge a native Swede lovely and refined is a woman ruled by reason and her own deeply held moral beliefs and Mira a Chilean immigrant who still

  • Title: Hannas Töchter
  • Author: Marianne Fredriksson
  • ISBN: 9783810506337
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
  • They meet on a spring day in the local garden center Inge, a native Swede, lovely and refined, is a woman ruled by reason and her own deeply held moral beliefs and Mira, a Chilean immigrant who still feels out of place in the cold Scandinavian north, and has spent far too much of her life searching for meaning.Intrigued by one another, the two women are nevertheless waryThey meet on a spring day in the local garden center Inge, a native Swede, lovely and refined, is a woman ruled by reason and her own deeply held moral beliefs and Mira, a Chilean immigrant who still feels out of place in the cold Scandinavian north, and has spent far too much of her life searching for meaning.Intrigued by one another, the two women are nevertheless wary of the great cultural differences that seem to separate their lives Yet both are single mothers devoted to their children, and both find joy and comfort in cultivating plants and flowers and so together, they begin to develop a close bond Through many afternoons spent amid the beauty of Inge s garden, Mira slowly reveals the horrors of a shadowed past and the heartbreak involving her beloved daughter.As Mira and her family begin a wrenching journey of discovery, Inge unwittingly uncovers secrets in her own life that make her question the very order of her world and wonder whether the truth is really what any of them needs to find or if, in fact, it is the truth that will destroy them.

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        Marianne Fredriksson was a Swedish author who worked and lived in Roslagen and Stockholm Before becoming a novelist, she was a journalist on various Swedish newspapers and magazines, including Svenska Dagbladet.Fredriksson published fifteen novels, most of which have been translated into English, German, Dutch and other languages Most of her earlier books are based on biblical stories A central theme in her writings is friendship because, as she maintained, friendship will be important than love in the future.


    1. I didn't get this book. The book tells the life story of 3 women Hanna (grandmother of Anna, mother to Joanna), Joanna (other of Anna), and Anna living in Sweden. What I liked about the book: Hanna's lifestory was very interesting. Born to a poor country family during the last half of 1800's, Hanna's life was a grim struggle. She was a servant for her uncle and cruel aunt. She was raped, then viewed as a whore by the town, and had a boy by the time she was 13 years old. Later she married the mil [...]

    2. I'm still reeling from the depth of this book. Hanna's Daughters is a story of three generations of Swedish women, trying their hardest to find out who they are in a world that never seems to fit them completely. Hanna, Johanna and Anna - grandmother, mother and daughter, their lives winding through Swedish history: war and famine, prosperity and vague pleasures, from a mountain cabin on a lake in the mid 1800s to the streets of modern Göteborg.The narrative is both personal and real, each wome [...]

    3. Three generations of Swedish women whose lives are linked through a century of great love and great loss vividly people this family saga.Told from the points of view of Hanna, her daughter Johanna, and granddaughter Anna, "Hanna's Daughters: A Novel" is a spellbinding tale that almost immediately grabs the reader.In the beginning, we meet Johanna, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and visited by her daughter Anna, a writer who is divorced from her husband Rikard and is the mother of two daught [...]

    4. Wat las ik deze levensgeschiedenis graag van deze drie generaties vrouwen. Leest heel vlot, moeilijk weg te leggen boek.

    5. Hanna's Daughters, Marianne Fredriksson (1927)عنوان: دختران هانا؛ نویسنده: ماریانه فردریکسون؛ مترجم: مهشید میرمعزی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، روزنه، 1381، در 480 ص، اندازه 19 در 5/11 س.م.، شابک: 9643341054؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان سوئدی قرن 20 مداستان سه نسل از زنان سوئد است

    6. 10 ediciones para un libro liosos, de trama insípida y muy clásica, de prosa normalita, del montón, y de personajes ramplones. No le he encontrada nada reseñable. Es aburrido. Es muy aburrido. Es tan aburrido que estás deseando no acabarlo. ¿10 ediciones en España? ¿De verdad es necesario volcarnos con libros normalitos?

    7. Toinen sukukronikka joulun välipäivien lukemiseksi, tätä ennen Sadan vuoden yksinäisyys. Fredrikssonin pelkistetty kieli on kaukana Garcia Marquezin ylitsepursuavuudesta, mutta samaa kaihoa on molemmissa kirjoissa. 1871 syntyneen Hannan lapsuudesta Ruotsin ja Norjan rajavuorilla kuljetaan tämän tyttären Johannan ja tyttärentyttären Annan elämänpolkuja pitkin Göteborgin esikaupunkeihin ja kalliorannoille. Juurettomuus, onnettomat ihmissuhteet ja kova työ sitovat sukupolvet yhteen.Ku [...]

    8. Hanna's Daughters: A Novel of Three Generationsis the type of book that one would expect to be on Oprah's book club list, due to its focus on women's histories and lives. Beginning in 1871 and ending in 1986 the lives of Hanna, Johanna, and Anna are traced through personal and social history. Hanna's story is told in a narrative story form, but Johanna and Anna speak from the first person. There is a thread of magic running through the book which never quite solidifies, but maybe that is require [...]

    9. This book is about three generations of Swedish women starting from the tough life of a farmer's wife to the city transplant and the development of modern urban life and socialism in Sweden. I am not so much interested in Swedish history and farm life as I am in Norwegian farm life, but the setting for the first generation turns out to be on the Norwegian border and to be not far away from the town my mother was born in. The book is framed by Anna, the third generation who is writing a book abou [...]

    10. I had a hard time figuring out if I liked this or not. It's the story of a grandmother, her daughter, and her daughter, starting with the grandmother (Hanna) when she was a child. It takes place in Sweden (it is actually a translation of a Swedish book) and I liked the history and culture. I would not say it is historical fiction, though. I just mean since it covered something like 120 years, it was interesting seeing how things changed (and didn't). However, almost all the relationships are ser [...]

    11. The book started off rather slowly and was quite confusing at first - especially since the three women had such similar names - Hanna, Johanna and Anna - and there being a number of other characters with the same names. However, once that gets sorted out one is really drawn into the story which is sad beyond words, but also rather beautiful. Definitely an author whose other books I will read. I find it very interesting to read about countries other than those which are anglophone as it is almost [...]

    12. A memoir of a family on the Norway/Sweden boarder by the 4 generations of women, Maja-Lisa, Hanna, Johanna, and Anna. The author reveals how generational differences within a family can cause misunderstandings and strain. How can one transition from a farming life to city life? How can children who grew up in town relate to their grandparents/parents who seem "country" and "uneducated"? How can the grandparents/parents help their children navigate a completely unknown world that doesn't value th [...]

    13. For me, this book was stunning. Maybe because it was given to me by my mom a couple of weeks ago after she read it just knowing that she read it and it touched her enough for her to give it to meThis is the story of 3 generations of women and how they related to each other. It was neat to hear about it from the mother's point of view and then from the daughter's. and it made me want to know more about my grandmother who has been dead since I was very young. Beyond the story (which I loved), the [...]

    14. Скандинавська література, це коли розповідь написана лаконічно, грубо і без прикрас. Як пісна страва. Але навіть пісне інколи може подразнювати рецептори.Ханна - проста селянка, з тяжким і загартованим характером, її дочка Юханна - дитя іншого, новішого часу, а внучка Анна з [...]

    15. Absolutely HATE IT!!! :-S Must be one of the most over rated authors EVER! I´ve read two of her books and this was the first. I thought maybe the others would be slightly better, since I have friends who tell me they 'loooove' Marianne Fredriksson (maybe they´re joking), but the second one was also crappy!! Her books are amongst the worst nonsense I´ve ever forced myself to read - couldn´t even finish the second one, gave up a few pages from the end. The authors use of language is horrible a [...]

    16. I was completely drawn into the wonderfully told stories of each generation of women. At the same time, watching how each woman reacted in their relationships with their parents, spouses and children was very insightful. Each generation thought she was more modern that her parents, but in the end realizing they were all the same and each were strong women. Definitely enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to my friends.

    17. The book has its moments as it described the life of Hanna (born 1871 in the north of Sweden), her daughter and granddaughter.There is some insight into life in Sweden, the harshness of life in the 1800s/1900s and the gradual improvement in living conditions.The language to me was a bit flat and the characters were quite bland.

    18. The first 25 pages are deathly slow, then it picks up during "Part One" and about half of "Part Two" and then falls apart again. I suppose I was meant to cry and be shocked and outraged and also feel joy for the women in the book, but it was a struggle a lot of the time to stay awake. Perhaps if I were Swedish, I would have enjoyed it more. I don't know

    19. What a great book. It was amazing to see how much change took place over the course of these three women's lives and also how much stayed the same. I love the superstitious little things that were in there too. I love how all the men think the women are filled with secrets and the women are surprised when they hear this.

    20. Scandinavian story of the roll of women over three generations. Also explores the complex relationship between mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. Confusing at times, perhaps the translation or the writing, but I just didn't get what the author meant. Otherwise enjoyed the story and the historical allusions.

    21. Three generations of women tell their stories up to the present day. Although I liked the book, it did not really go very deep, skipping over many historical events. It starts on a small farm and ends up in a big city with the contemporary girl visiting the old farm and wondering how the women of her family could live there.

    22. Promising story, but I felt it must have lost some depth in translation as I felt there could have been so much more. Allthough I found lives of the 3 women interesting from a social and historical point of view I did not really connect with any of them.

    23. Spanning 100 years this is a good book about the lives of three remarkable Scandinavian women over three generations. I love books like this that show the natural progression of life, what we leave behind and what we take with us. 4 stars

    24. I am not enjoying this at all. So far. Disjointed :/Just never connected with Hannah, Johanna, or Anna. Their characters were shockingly flat. Maybe lost in translation, but even their rich experiences were not written in a compelling way. Sorry I finished it.

    25. This tied in, unintentionally, with a recent retreat I attended. The story of three generations of women who live in Sweden, the earlier family at the border of Norway. It made me think a lot about how our family history affects our family story.

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