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Desperate Networks

BillCarter / Jan 29, 2020

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  • Title: Desperate Networks
  • Author: BillCarter
  • ISBN: 9780385514408
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Desperate Networks Bill I love reading books that offer a behind the scenes view of networks and TV series This book along with Top of the Rock does both I find it so fascinating to learn how many TV execs and or networks passed on particular TV series and why. Desperate Networks Starring Martha Stewart Dan Rather May , Desperate Networks Starring Martha Stewart Dan Rather Simon Cowell Les Moonves Donald Trump Matt Le Blanc Teri Hatcher Jeff Zucker And a Host of Shakers Who Random House Large Print Bill Carter on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A journey behind the scenes of the modern television industry captures the inner workings, moguls, and stars of this Watch Desperate Housewives Episodes Online SideReel Welcome to Wisteria Lane Don t let the innocent suburban look fool you, there is plenty of action and intrigue in this Israel s Desperate Hour Real Jew News Donate via Mail Brother Nathanael Foundation PO Box Priest River, ID ABC TV Shows, Specials Movies ABC Find listings of daytime and primetime ABC TV shows, movies and specials Get links to your favorite show pages. How Leaders Create and Use Networks Harvard Business Review Leveraging Your Networks Networking takes work To lessen the pain and increase the gain Mind your mind set Accept that networking is one of the most important requirements of a leadership role. Harvey Weinstein s Email to Execs Before Firing I Am Oct , I could really use your support, the embattled exec pleaded As the board of The Weinstein Co moved to fire Harvey Weinstein as its co chairman over the VA isn t broken But it s in desperate need of change Anthony J Principi served as secretary of Veterans Affairs from to and was chairman of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission Last month, President Trump nominated Navy Adm Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives, o Desperate Housewives I segreti di Wisteria Lane, una serie televisiva statunitense ideata da Marc Cherry e trasmessa dalla rete televisiva ABC dal al . Ambientata nel quartiere fittizio di Wisteria Lane, nella citt immaginaria di Fairview, la serie tratta delle vite di quattro casalinghe che combattono le loro battaglie domestiche sullo sfondo di molti project Dictionary Definition Vocabulary A project is a piece of work that is planned or intended Plan a little extra time for your gingerbread house project gluing the walls and roof can take a while.

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        William J Carter joined The New York Times as a national media reporter in 1989 In addition to his work for the newspaper, Mr Carter has written numerous articles for The New York Times Magazine, including four cover stories.Mr Carter has covered the television industry for over 25 years From 1975 until 1989, he was a television critic for The Balti Sun, writing four to six columns, reports and features per week, as well as a weekly television sports column From 1973 to 1975, Mr Carter was assistant foreign editor at The Sun, substituting at times as foreign editor, national editor and news editor.Mr Carter s articles have also appeared in TV Guide, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Newsday, Advertising Age, The Washington Journalism Review and Electronic Media.He has been a guest on many television and radio programs including, Nightline, Today, Good Morning America, The Larry King Show, ESPN Sports Century, and The MSNBC News with Brian Williams.Mr Carter is the author of the 1994 best selling book, The Late Shift Letterman, Leno and the Network Battle for the Night He is also the co author of the 1987 book Monday Night Mayhem The Inside Story of ABC s Monday Night Football In 2006, Mr Carter published the book Desperate Networks a behind the scenes story of some of the biggest shows on television.Born in Brooklyn, N.Y on August 31, 1949, Mr Carter received a B.A degree in English from The University of Notre Dame in 1971 Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude and an M.A degree in journalism from The Pennsylvania State University in 1972 He is married and has two children 2006


    1. An absolutely riveting account of the four major broadcast networks in disarray from the late Nineties through the middle of the first decade of the 21st Century. Bill Carter's smooth writing style takes you into the offices of all the top players, giving you unprecedented access to the behind-the-scenes dealings that made this era of Network Television one of the most ruthless and upheaval-laden. Absolutely 'unputdownable,' as the saying goes. Truly one to breeze through, it's too hard to stop [...]

    2. Mostly interesting because I was working in TV at the time and knew many of the players mentioned. Not a bad book, but so quickly out of date

    3. Aside from the writing style of this book which I did not love, it covers the transition of TV into the early 2000s pretty well.

    4. Desperate Networks by Bill CarterI finished another book. Anyone out there read it as well?My primary memory of Bill Carter was when he appeared on Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast. SGC2C was brilliant. I miss it deeply. Bill Carter is best known for his two books about the “late night” wars on TV (specifically Letterman vs. Leno and Leno vs. O'Brien). Desperate Networks came out in 2006 and covers the 2004-2005 TV season, and deals mostly with how Desperate Housewives and Lost got on air, how real [...]

    5. Ohmigod, I freakin’ loved this book. You know it’s a good book for me when I want to read it with a pencil and highlight passages I like or find interesting in it. And this book I read with post-its! Don’t know why, I took them out before I returned it, but that is still a good sign that I really enjoyed it. It was about the change in the US Networks over the past 10 years, their heads of programming and the shows that they air. It was equally about CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox and how shows star [...]

    6. A very interesting book that provides an overview of the state of major networks from about 2003 through 2006. Mostly it's the story of the fall of NBC from its place of long dominance and the resurrection of ABC with Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Great mini-bios of people like Marc Cherry, Teri Hatcher and Jeff Zucker. The writing style is fast-paced but a little "inside baseball." It assumes a fair amount of knowledge about the structure of a network and its relationship to it [...]

    7. This book was suggested to me by a media CEO who was trying to help me in my new career. I can usually tell that non-fiction is good when I feel like recommending it to my dad and he loved it, too. If you work or have ever wanted to work in the television industry, this is an essential read. I understand so much more about network television now than I did a month ago due to Carter's book. It's an adrenaline rush because you know most of the outcome and anticipate the big hits becoming big hits. [...]

    8. An interesting story, although its a little dated now. What worked so well with Carter's previous books like "Late Shift" was that the subjects were famous - Letterman, Leno etc. Here, the story revolves around behind the scenes players like Moonves and Zucker and its hard to work up the same enthusiasm for faceless suits. Many of the shows mentioned - such as Desperate Housewives or Lost - may have been huge when the book was written but they faded out the same way all hot series inevitably do. [...]

    9. This is a classic business tale of an industry leader that fails to plan for a day when the competition will emerge from behind and clean its clock. I loved the author's description of NBC's hubris during its post-Seinfeld, Friends halycon days and how reality television (yuch!) and programs like Desperate Housewives (yuch again!) stole the ratings rug from underneath its decade-long ratings reign. For non-entertainment-industry readers the book also offers a glimpse into how shows are pitched a [...]

    10. It's no secret I love television and I find it totally fascinating how the shows I watch came to be. This book is extremely readable with a flow of story, characters, and suspense, surely a byproduct of the author's reporting background. If anything, it made me feel like for the most part, I am way smarter than half the network execs out there! For someone who remembers the 2004-2005 TV season-the tumble of NBC, the rise of CBS, the smart shows of ABC, and American Idol domination-this is a grea [...]

    11. Must Read For Anyone In MediaThe media landscape is changing faster than anyone can imagine. Network television is at the center the changes. Virtually nothing is as it was. Bill Carter makes sense of the changes and relates how and why some of America's most loved programming came to be and why it may very well not happen again. Television's back stories through the men and women at the top of the networks and how they fight, complete, and strive to win at all costs. Thus is a must read for any [...]

    12. A random tape I picked up for my commute. It turned out to be suitable for sometimes distracted listening.384.55 Recorded account of the goings on at the major TV networks in the early years of the 21st century. What shows made it big, which executives profited, the rise of reality shows and what part dumb luck played in the fortunes and misfortunes of TV's movers and shakers. Interesting but forgettable.

    13. The entertainment business is a collaboration between storytellers and salespeople, so it's no wonder a book about network TV from the mid-90s to the mid-00s is a story of one triumph after another. This book is valuable background information on how we got here, but I'd encourage readers to look at each network's average primetime ratings over the period discussed. Also, TV writing is kind of annoying. What's the deal with the extended metaphors?

    14. Have you ever wondered how some shows ever made it to the air?Desperate Networks is an inside look at the brilliant/boneheaded choices top executives at the big 4 networks made in the past few years.Most surprising to me was that Lost was not entirely a JJ Abbrams creation, but rather started as idea an executive had on vacation and couldn't let go of.

    15. This book is very similar to that of the late shift and informs you of what happened to get a lot of the shows that are on the air now there. All of the behind the scenes happenings of the latest reality craze, the fall of NBC from it's Friends glory, the story of both Lost and Desperate Housewives getting on the air, etc.

    16. It's a nice look at the process by which a few television shows followed unlikely paths to wind up on the air (Survivor, Lost, American Idol and Desperate Housewives), using those stories to describe the various bits of function and disfunction at the four main networks. A lot of the stories and character sketches are nice, but it's not a compelling story in the end, just vaguely interesting.

    17. Perhaps not quite as juicy as The Late Shift, but still extremely entertaining. Carter's tales of the dirtiest, most intimate details of TV sausage-making leave you feeling like a true Hollywood insider. Fun stuff for media aficionados.

    18. Carter is the master of this genre. This book was riveting even though I can admit there isn't much point to the whole thing. It's basically just a blow-by-blow of how your TV sausage gets made, and the peculiar Hollywood way in which a mixture of cleverness, happy accident, and blunder produce what goes on the air each year in the dominant American medium.

    19. Much more interesting to me because I work in TV, probably, but I suspect that other people might find this to be a really good read. It's quick and fun and all about how some of your favorite shows from the early 00's got on the air.

    20. Not a book one would save from a burning building, but a fast read and an excellent primer for what is currently happening at the networks. What ever happened to NBC? It's in here.

    21. I read this book in grad school. It was not a bad read but it was a forced read. Maybe if I read it again on my own I will enjoy it.

    22. i love this book. if you want to know what i do all day its listen to phone call about this stuff. very interesting stuff.

    23. Good book about the onset of reality TV and the changing landscape of television amidst the rise of CBS on the back of CSI and Survivor and the subsequent fall of NBC

    24. Such a great look into the television industry. Bill Carter's other books on the late night talkshow scene are great as well.

    25. After reading this book, you start to wonder how anything good, interesting, or innovative ever makes it on TV. Great behind-the-scenes look at how TV really works.

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