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Multiplayer A riveting modern thriller Midwest Book ReviewHector s father is dead Killed fighting in Iraq So his mother moved the family back to her boring hometown where Hector can t connect Worse his new next

  • Title: Multiplayer
  • Author: John C. Brewer
  • ISBN: 9781937979003
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • A riveting modern thriller Midwest Book ReviewHector s father is dead Killed fighting in Iraq So his mother moved the family back to her boring hometown where Hector can t connect Worse, his new next door neighbors, the Zahedis, are from Iran, and the son, Sanjar is Hector s age But Sanjar is the last person Hector is interested in hanging out with Trapped in a A riveting modern thriller Midwest Book ReviewHector s father is dead Killed fighting in Iraq So his mother moved the family back to her boring hometown where Hector can t connect Worse, his new next door neighbors, the Zahedis, are from Iran, and the son, Sanjar is Hector s age But Sanjar is the last person Hector is interested in hanging out with Trapped in a world of rules and reality, he escapes into the largest online game the world has ever seen Omega Wars As an Omega Wars vanguard Hector can be himself and not worry about things like algebra and death.Vanguards, balancing weaponry and stealth, are the spec ops of the Omega Wars universe Mercs wear hulking powered suits and wield chainguns and plasmaces Smugglers lurk in shadows and collect information while cybertechs build everything from drones to weapons to powered armor to vehicles from the ruins of post apocalyptic earth The revolutionary new character type, Empaths, uses a brain wave sensing headset that allows them to discover and master telepathic powers such as levitate, sight, and pulse.It isn t long before Hector has built a clan, the Spartans, intent on carving out their own empire on a map as large as Earth itself in a virtual world that never sleeps Fortunately, it s all harmless Until the Spartans stumble on a new clan that doesn t seem to be gaming In fact, they remind Hector of the online training his father s special warfare unit used to conduct before a mission It is only after people start dying in real life that Hector realizes this new clan isn t interested in the virtual world at all but might be the same people who killed his father, training for their next mission And that impossibly, the Zahedis may be involved.Michael Crichton meets Stephen Spielberg in this thriller that explores the virtual world like never before, bringing you face to face with where our society is headed at breakneck speed It will leave you looking at our digital frontier with a new set of digital eyes.

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        John C Brewer was born in Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada but moved constantly since his father was in the Navy John grew up in New Mexico, Washington St Virginia, and Florida and then went to Auburn University for college where he studied physics and aerospace engineering Eventually he moved to Huntsville, Alabama where he worked as a rocket scientist.A reader all his life, John writes novels for the YA and adult markets He still lives in Huntsville with his wife April and three sons, when they are not away at college themselves John s a passionate writer with a love of motorcycles and the outdoors, a lifelong soccer player when his knee allows, and prefers writing wherever he can find a quiet spot.As a writer his strength lies in plotting, and he enjoys helping other writers work out the knots in their own work If you like twisty plots with multiple lines of tension, try one of his books If you need some help building one, give him a shout.


    1. Wow. All I can say is wow. I got a Kindle for Christmas. We were going on vacation right after that, and I decided to throw a book or two on it to keep my little brother busy. Multiplayer popped up and seemed like it'd be his thing and, for under five bucks, I figured I couldn't go wrong. My brother DEVOURED it (I didn't SEE my Kindle for three days) and then wouldn't leave me alone until I read it, too. I was pretty skeptical. I'm not into the whole video game thing, and the plot summary he was [...]

    2. What are you talking about? Multiplayer was awesome, and I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish! This guy is certainly entitled to his opinion, but goodness - it sounds like he has a massive chip on his shoulder! The point of the game was to act as a mechanism to convey the story; can you imagine having to read a novel where more focus is placed on the rules of the virtual world than the actual plot? Bleh, no thanks! The premise and time period of the game, Omega Wars, was never fully outl [...]

    3. Multiplayer starts out with a decent premise, that terrorists are using an MMORPG to train for real world attacks, fair enough. Then the book becomes an entire mess.1. Hector West, the main character, is an unlikable fuckwad who deserves to be beaten senseless for his borderline criminal actions, which usually get explained away as "his dad got killed" or "Hector's right all along!" 2. The MMORPG in question, Omega Wars is absurb. Its supposed to be a class-based post apocalyptic PVP-style game, [...]

    4. Gamers, unite!John Brewer immerses readers into the world where gaming and terrorism leach into the real world. The characters are high schoolers that find respite in the alternative reality of Omega Wars, not unlike some of the today's kids. The characters deal with real life issues: death, dysfunction and parents. He brings the story into modern day, introducing the issue of Muslim prejudice in the wake of 911 and the result of losing loved-ones serving in the military. Brewer's gaming knowled [...]

    5. This is a really good book. I enjoyed it thoroughly, though some parts of it do reflect the younger audience that it is intended for.

    6. I loved the main character! I have a soft spot for the unreliable narrator, and for this reason I could have done without the prologue, but that might just be me. All the characters in this book were very well-written. My other favorite part of the novel is how the online game becomes a second setting. This was done very deftly and with amazing detail. I read one review by someone who complained about that, all I can think is he must not read much. It's beautifully done. Part of reading or watch [...]

    7. I really liked Multiplayer by John Brewer. It's not the normal genre I read (Mystery or any teen book my daughter recommends) but after all the good things I heard about Ready Player One, I thought I'd give Multiplayer a try. As a mom of a teen boy who games, I really enjoyed a glimpse into what goes on in the mind of gamers. But the book is much more than that dealing with current social issues. I think the premise is very creative as well (but I won't spoil it for you; read it and see if you a [...]

    8. The reason I read this book because it's about video games; something I'm interested in.I think this book is great for me.It has vocabulary I can understand and great dialouge I can relate too.

    9. Multiplayer by John C. Brewer is a pretty standard adventure novel with a twist much of the action takes place in a video game. It would be a good book for a mid-teen male reader, but came off a little young for me. I won this book as a giveaway on .**** Spoilers Below ***The book is based around the life of a young man who has just lost his father to the war in Afghanistan and is quite bitter about it. The young man in question experiences some growth in the book, but in painting the original c [...]

    10. John C. Brewer’s Multiplayer immerses the reader into the life of Hector West, a teen struggling to deal with his father’s death in Iraq, and into the online video game world of Omega Wars where Hector retreats. This book is fast paced, dealing equally with the trials of being a teen in our modern society, prejudices that are both understandable and abhorrent, and learning to be responsible for yourself and the world around you. I am a nut for well-crafted characters and the primary characte [...]

    11. "Are you trying to tell me that Osama bin Laden is alive and playing video games?"Yes, yes the book is.For a book about gaming, this story started in a very odd way: A bunch of ISIS terrorists sitting around in a cave, trying to figure out how they can train when every time they leave the cave, US drones/forces find them and kill them. The one American convert has an idea: Use MMORPGs -- massively multiplayer online role-playing games.Then the story moves right to a teenage boy who plays a MMO. [...]

    12. I love playing video games, so it was fun entering a video game world. I liked the gaming lingo sprinkled throughout. I don't play MMOs so a few were unfamiliar. So looking up their meaning was educational and good for future online gaming use. One of the plots of this novel is Hector coming to terms with his father's death and moving on. However, his hatred of the Middle East, while to a point understandable, was overdone. His repetitious, adamant statements of hate-filled prejudice dragged on [...]

    13. i actually give this 3.5 starsIt had a very interesting view of obsession with video games and delving into media to escape real problems in your life. A few predictable twists at the end, especially about a well known terrorist haha.Way to many grammar mistakes for a novel, one is to many to begin with, get a better editor!But over all a good read

    14. I want to read this because I am a gamer and this is the only book about gamers that sounds interesting. Plus the whole Spartan thing reminds me of Halo. I get a Call of Duty/Halo/Mass Effect/Starhawk/Resistance/Assassin's Creed mashup vibe from this book's synopsis about its game world. Hopefully this will be a smooth read and that I can read it.

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