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Windchaser A storm at sea washes a young pickpocket Hugh and a surgeon s son Raymond overboard Landing on the strange island world of Dinotopia Raymond and Hugh learn the meaning of real courage and true fr

  • Title: Windchaser
  • Author: Scott Ciencin
  • ISBN: 9780679869818
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • A storm at sea washes a young pickpocket, Hugh, and a surgeon s son, Raymond, overboard Landing on the strange island world of Dinotopia, Raymond and Hugh learn the meaning of real courage and true friendship, with the help of a reclusive Skybax named Windchaser.

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    1. This did not read like a juvenile book to me. It feels more advanced than that. The plot was intricate and the characters highly developed. And since I have read the world-building original Dinotopia by James Gurney, I was able to enter this story with no difficulty.Hugh was my favorite character. It was interesting to watch him struggle to fit into this true utopian society with his background and wall of distrust. It reminded me greatly of another book I read that dealt with the concept of a n [...]

    2. I remember really enjoying this book when I first read it, about the time that it first came out. It was mostly because of this book that I recommended the Dinotopia series as books for emerging readers.As I read it out-loud to my sons at bed-time, I felt it lost some of the magic that I had initially felt, and I was even surprised at the apparent lack of dinosaurs included. However, my eldest son thought the book was "awesome" and wants me to read all the books in the series to him, so perhaps [...]

    3. This series is relatively easy reading, but I love it!My favorite part in this book was the "not bloke. Triceratops." line.

    4. A coming of age story involving dinosaurs, secret island nations, shipwrecks, dolphin rides, and characters who get to ride on the backs of pterodactyls!This book is short, yet it deals with some pretty interesting subjects. I can relate to Hugh a lot, and in some ways to Raymond and Windchaser, as well. Accepting the way things are, even if at first they're scary, is a big lesson to learn. So is learning to move on and find your own place in the world, even when moving on means confronting pain [...]

    5. As a kid I remember watching the Dinotopia films- I think there were 3? The world was so different to any others I remember seeing, although I never twigged that they would be a series of books. Finally I came to the first one this year (and again, was surprised to find it was written for children)! It's a sweet little story, a little simple at points, but probably a good read for someone looking for a good adventure story. It was very much focused on the two boys and their adventures in Dinotop [...]

    6. I was surprised as soon as I started reading this book. I'd seen the tv movies years ago as a kid and expected the book to be somewhat like the movie, but it wasn't. At first, I was put off, but the more I read, the more I liked it.

    7. For some reason I got this idea to try making a Dinotopia roleplaying game. Though I consider the illustrated books by James Gurney to be the most inspirational and the most canonical (even when they go off in weird directions), they don't really have enough plot, relying more on showing and telling about interesting new places. So I decided to read some of the connected children's novels to see if there were plot ideas worth adapting for a game. This one is a bit tricky since the main plot focu [...]

    8. Dinotopia: Windchaser is an interesting tale by Scott Ciencin about Two boys who are thrown off the prison ship 'The Redemption' during a storm who are carried to dinotopia by dolphins. Raymond, the younger of the two, and the son of the ships late surgeon, immediately falls in love with the island. But Hugh, a picketpocket from london, feels he is not fit to live on this island of wonder. This is the 1st book in a series based off the original picture book, Dinotopia. I recommend this book to d [...]

    9. My rating: 3 out of 5 stars.Plot summary:Raymond and Hugh, a young street thief, are shipwrecked on Dinotopia Island, where humans and dinosaurs live in idyllic harmony. Raymond adjusts quickly, but Hugh's hard life has not prepared him for this peaceful communal existence. His feelings of inadequacy are echoed in Windchaser, a reclusive Skybax, and he resolves to communicate with the outcast creature.Characters:Raymond - 13 years oldHughKey phrases/issues: utopia/dystopia, friendship, Other boo [...]

    10. raymond wilks loses his father when during a storm some prisoners on a prison ship rebel and take over the ship. he is rescued by a prisoner named hugh O Donavan and two dolphins thay land on dinatopia a wordeful place where humans and dinasours live in peace raymond meets a wounded sky bask named wind chaser amd is sent to sky bask training camp. raymond finds where wind chaser lives. then windchaser leaves his home and ray mond and hugh go to find him ray mond ends up geting hurt and hugh and [...]

    11. The first book of the children's series is definitely the best, probably due to the fact readers of yet know nothing of Dinotopia (assuming they are reading chronologically). The world seems wonderful and unique. The character seeking to remain a thief and think in a material world really brings perspective to the land. Only following this book does Dinotopia become boring and monotonous due to its peaceful nature - there is only so much one can do in a society that is "perfect."

    12. Suprisingly I liked this book usually I don't like thes kind of books.I like how the book shows some of the history of the dinosaurs.I liked that they have the kids training the dinosaurs and them riding them it was pretty cool.I kept on reading this book, it kept me at the edge of my feet. I recomend this book especially if you like to read stuff about dinosaurs. After I read this book I new a lot more names of the dinosaurs.

    13. It is a good book, especially for younger readers. However, the Dinotopia series books are brief which leaves much to be desired in the way of details and thick plots. In other words, I recommend the books as a light, fun read, but it definitely doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the plot and connections.

    14. A simplistic book with impossible culture and amazing creatures. The internal conflict was done really well, but the overall setting felt too foreign to me. I think it is just that I have never connected with dinosaurs.Dragons are better.Even with that sentiment clouding my judgment, it was still a good book for the younger crowd. 8-12.

    15. Neat story, short enough to read in two hours or less. Yes, it's a kid's book, but the language, thought processes, and characters are developed enough that it could be enjoyed by an adult (like me). That bit about Daniel saddened me, though. Now I just have to read the novels! They're probably loads more detailed and dramatic. But I'll keep reading this series, too.

    16. A fun book that is simple yet interesting. A well-developed plot and intricate characters make this a great read for children as well as adults. I really enjoy the world of Dinotopia and this is a great adventure.

    17. I really liked it. Of course it's not the same wonderful, amazing, breathtaking awesomness as the original books by James Gurney, but as a secondary novel, it's good. Plus it dives into more of a story about the Skybaxes, which is great.

    18. I read this book years ago. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade.I don't remember much about it other than I loved it.

    19. This was one of the books that defined my childhood, and one of the best Dinotopia spin-off books. It's quite lovely.

    20. A wonderful, fantastic series. The authors do a good job to keep their writing and voice congruous throughout the various books.

    21. My rating is largely based on how I felt about this book as a kid. It has to do with flying and back then, all I ever wanted to do was fly.

    22. I've always wanted to ride on a skybax after reading this book probably the closest I've come is the flying sequences in Avatar!

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