Phantom Waltz

Phantom Waltz

Catherine Anderson / Sep 22, 2019

Phantom Waltz A long ago accident has left lovely Bethany Coulter confined to a wheelchair and vulnerable to betrayal and heartbreak She s vowed never to open her heart to a man again But there s something about Ry

  • Title: Phantom Waltz
  • Author: Catherine Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781574903768
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A long ago accident has left lovely Bethany Coulter confined to a wheelchair and vulnerable to betrayal and heartbreak She s vowed never to open her heart to a man again But there s something about Ryan McKendrick, the handsome rancher who s so sweetly courting her Something that makes her believe she can overcome every obstacle and rediscover lifelong, lasting love

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information 1 romance author Adeline Catherine was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA She always yearned to be a writer like her mother The morning that one of her professors asked if she could use samples of Catherine s creative writing on an overhead projector to teach was a dream come true In 1988, she sold her first book to Harlequin Intrigue and went on to write three before she tried her hand at a single title historical romance Nine books later, she did her first single title contemporary.Catherine married Sidney D Anderson, an industrial electrician and entrepreneur They had two sons, Sidney D Jr and John G In 2001 she and her husband purchased a central Oregon home located on a ridge with incredible mountain views and surrounded by forestland honeycombed with trails It was her dream home, a wonderland in the winter and beyond beautiful in the summer She named it Cinnamon Ridge after the huge ponderosa pines on the property, which sport bark the color of cinnamon.Sadly, Catherine lost her husband to a long term illness in 2014 She has kept Cinnamon Ridge as her primary residence but divides her time between there and her son John s farm, where she has the support of her loved ones and can enjoy his horses, cows, and raise her own chickens.Catherine loves animals and birds, both wild and domestic She presently has two Australian shepherds, six cats, and a very old canary She is very family oriented as well Her older son has lived in Japan, Australia, and now resides in New Zealand Catherine and her stateside family will celebrate Christmas on the north island with Sidney, his wife Mary, and their two sons, Liam and Jonas.


    1. Ryan Kendrick was having a bad day that is until he walked into the local hardware store and saw her; saw the love of his life sitting behind the counter. After a chat he finds himself drawn to this woman full of life and sass, even when he finds that she’s bound to a wheelchair, he can’t seem to get her out of his head and his heart and sets out to win her over.Bethany Coulter ‘s life changed in an instant when she was badly injured in a barrel-racing competition, losing the use of her le [...]

    2. I tried. I can't do it.Between the info dumping about universal design to the freaking tire iron beating on my head while some crazy broad is screaming "BETHANY'S A CRIPPLE! A C-R-I-P-P-L-E! SHE'S LOST SO MUCH! ISN'T IT JUST THE WORST EVER?! SHE'S SO BRAVE TO KEEP GETTING OUT OF BED!" I just can't read this bullshit.If we're supposed to see Bethany as a woman first, if this is supposed to be about how the human spirit is adaptable to overcome adversity, then why the hell is the entirety of the f [...]

    3. Phantom Waltz is the first romance I read that has a heroine with a serious handicap. Bethany Coulter is permanently paralyzed from the waist down. While she has not given up on life, and maintains a healthy outlook, she has no expectations to fall in love and get married. She is very much protected and adored by her brothers, and loved by her family, so she's not a sad girl. I liked that this book doesn't come from the perspective that poor Bethany's life is over after she had the bad fall from [...]

    4. I always like to reread a favorite book around my birthday every year, and since this is probably my all-time favorite book, I picked this one this year. I also decided to write a new review since the one I'd written before was rather short and boring.In Phantom Waltz Bethany Coulter is a young paraplegic woman working at her family's ranch/farm store when she meets wealthy rancher Ryan Kendrick (brother to Rafe from Baby Love). The moment Ryan sets eyes on her he's smitten. It's virtually love [...]

    5. How everybody seems to love this series is still a mystery for me. And don't say I didn't tried, because after having not enjoy much last book I still decided to read book 2. Well, I know for sure now that I wont rush to pick next book any time soon. I liked this one even less than book 1. Even though in this book the hero still falls in love with the heroine hard and very fast, he took his time to date and get to know her. Which is much more than what we can say about book 1. So far things were [...]

    6. I had this book laying around the house from a splurge of used books I bought because they had gotten lots of good reviews, so when I began to read it I was very surprised at the content. I've never read a book in which the leading lady was in a wheelchair, so for that alone I give it 5 stars; kudos to Anderson for doing something different.I'm not paraplegic, like the leading lady, Bethany, but I have been in a wheelchair all my life so I'm going to review this book as someone who is gimpy hers [...]

    7. I'm not dissapointed in my second book by Ms. Anderson. She writes very well developed characters, and I just love her Kendrick brothers. I met Rafe Kendrick's younger brother, Ryan in Phantam Waltz. He is very similar to Rafe, in that he is a very passionate, good looking cowboy, with a big heart. He meets and instantly falls for Bethanie, a beautiful woman who happens to be a parapalegic. The story is all about how he convinces her she can have a wonderful life with him at his ranch. I was ins [...]

    8. Reviewed for thcreviewsPhantom Waltz is a slow, sweet love story that expresses true love in it's purest form, a selfless giving of two people to each other in every way. Except for a couple of incidents, there isn't much action to speak of. Most of the conflict revolves around overcoming the heroine's disability and her emotions surrounding it, just good old-fashioned character driven romance. I must say that Catherine Anderson is masterful at character development, creating both primary and se [...]

    9. Didn't really care for it from the beginning, which is sad because I loved the concept behind this book. I forced myself to read nearly 2/3 of it, but I wasn't interested enough to go on any further. One of the worst parts for me was the dialogue. Personally, I thought it was awful. It felt forced and contrived, and sometimes the characters said things I could never imagine anyone I know in real life actually saying. It was published in the early 2000s, but somehow it felt dated, as if maybe it [...]

    10. I am so confused after finishing Phantom Waltz how to rate it with stars. I liked it so much up to a situation close to the end when the heroine did something so stupid it opened my eyes to a point that pretty much ruined the book for me. Bethany is a 26 year old woman who is in a wheelchair. When she was 18 she was severely injured in a riding accident that left her paraplegic. Ryan, the towns hottie bachelor takes one look at Bethany and realizes she is the one for him, despite the fact she is [...]

    11. Phantom Waltz has taken its spot in my heart as one of my favorite romance of all time. Not only does it stray away from the normal romances, where the two lovers are healthy, (as stated in Catherine Anderson's author's note) it also goes deeper than that. Ryan and Bethany's love for each other is deeply pure and they are completly unselfish toward each other, even risking their own lives for each other. I found Bethany's character extremely likable. What must it be like, I thought to myself as [...]

    12. Another wonderful love story from Catherine Anderson. I love westerns, historic or contemporary, and I love a romantic, tender, sensative, sweet, but tough, protective and sexy, Western hero! I especially love a great HEA, and even though I knew this bok would have one, it still made me cry over a very well-written crisis scene. Anderson's books may be a bit predictable, but, hey, she does what she does VERY well. Sometimes a story of hers is exactly what I'm in the mood for, especially betwixt [...]

    13. This was my first Catherine Anderson book. It hooked me. I now own all of her books and frequently re-read them.♥

    14. 2.5 StarsI have to say, I was a bit dubious about reading Phantom Waltz as I hadn't read a romance which involved a disabled person before. I did wonder if it would take away the romance or if I'd even be able to connect with the character. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that this aspect of the story didn't affect me in the slightest. However, I did have lots of other issues with this book. Mainly with the characters and the overall tone of the writing.Looking at the cover, I had a [...]

    15. Author: Catherine AndersonFirst published: 2001Length: 419 pages, 7574 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Crystal Falls, Oregon.Sex: Explicit. Reasonably frequent.Hero: Multi-millionaire Ranch Owner.Heroine: Paraplegic computer programmer.On the plus side, this is a lovely, pure romance with no outside protagonists or vague mysteries to spoil the getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Strong, independent heroine who knows her own mind and strives against all odds. Sexy and virgi [...]

    16. This was my first Catherine Anderson book and Wow, what a love story. Ryan Kendrick was so madly and truly in love with Bethany at first sight, he was her perfect knight in shining armor- and she needed one. They were both so selfless that I don't know who loved each other more because they both sacrificed so much for one another. He was supposedly such a player and I wish the author would have spent sometime on Ryan before he fell for Bethany because by the way he acted towards her I didn't bel [...]

    17. Ryan Kendrick já tem idade suficiente assim como experiência com o mundo feminino para saber que o que sente ao olhar para Bethany Coulter é algo de diferente, excitante e novo. Algo que até então nunca sentiu. Ryan não perde tempo e convida-a para dançar, mas a resposta de Bethany é absolutamente inesperada. Ao ouvir este convite, ela sorri de forma triste e afasta a cadeira para que ele a veja na totalidade. O que Ryan vê é algo que nunca no mundo lhe passaria pela cabeça, a cadeira [...]

    18. I quite enjoyed this book. It's the story of the relationship between a rancher and a paraplegic woman. He falls in love with her almost on first sight but her unique problems make her wary, so Ryan (the rancher) sets about winning her over. He relentlessly pursues her, all the while modifying his home to suit a paraplegic woman. I don't really know all that much about paraplegia, but it's plain that the author has done her research parts it reads like an undergraduates thesis. Obviously it's im [...]

    19. Heu. Comment dire ? Vous voulez une romance où il ne se passe rien et mielleuse à souhait ? Ne cherchez plus, "Celle qui avait peur d'aimer" est le livre qu'il vous faut. La fille est tétraplégique, elle a peur d'aimer, et de remonter à cheval, lui travaille dans un ranch, fait en sorte de gagner sa confiance pendant la moitié de son temps, et l'autre moitié, il le passe à aménager son ranch pour elle. Voilà. Elle a des orgasmes malgré son handicap et remonte à cheval. End of the sto [...]

    20. Although this is one of the Coulter family series of novels that I love, it wasn't my favorite. The love story of Bethany and Ryan is sweet and poinient, but I found the topic of Bethanys hadicap a little uncomfortable. While Bethany has so much to overcome, her handicap cannot be overcome. Maybe I found it too realistic. I like happily ever afters. Worth the read though.

    21. A autora ainda me conseguiu surpreender mais com este livro. Será certamente para continuar a seguir! Review completa aqui: labirinto-livros/

    22. This is one of the worst Catherine Anderson books I had the misfortune of reading. Everything that plagues her style, mainly her penchant for unbelievably sugar-coated-and-then-dipped-in-honey heroes, is here magnified without any of the redeeming qualities of a gripping story (as in her far superior 'Annie's Song' and 'Comanche Moon'). The reader goes into an acute hyperglycaemia coma, with nothing to compensate for the boy scout hero. Poor Ryan Kendrick! Not only does he not escape the typical [...]

    23. I actually read this a few months ago, but wasn't sure how to rate it. I'm still not. On the one hand, kudos to the author for having a wheelchair-bound heroine. It's a refreshing change to the same old story all the time. On the other handlove at first sight is a tough sell, even in romance novels, especially when it is as extreme as it was in this case. We get the whole, "I've never felt this way with anyone before." And it's like why? How is this girl the right one for you? Because she likes [...]

    24. Well! At first, I thought this one was a historical romance novel, so I bought it without thinking, finally it turned out to be a contemporary novel, but it's ok cuz I like to read that genre too . And actually, I read the translated version of the book, not the original, so I don't know if that could change my feelings or not. This novel is good, in my opinion, it's not excellent but good enough. The storyline is good, the characters are good. It didn't have those scenes where your heart almost [...]

    25. This was the first book I've read by Catherine Anderson and I adored every minute of it. Anderson's ability to create such memorable characters that pull on your heart strings is absolutely addicting and yes, I don't mind the bits here and there filled with silly sappy stuff. IMHO, ya' gotta love the romance genre to really appreciate her novelsotherwise, run for the hills. I've never read a romance novel where one of the leading characters was handicapped and I found her (Bethany) journey fasci [...]

    26. Phantom Waltz was such an amazing book! I loved Rafe Kendrick in Baby Love but RYAN Kendrick was to die for! You got to love the Kendrick brothers! When Ryan first laid eyes on Bethany he knew he would marry her. Bethany was sweet, bubbly and didn’t let her disability put a damper on her spirit. At first she was hesitant to love Ryan knowing that she would be a burden to him. How could she ever satisfy him sexually? Ryan has a reputation for woman falling at his feet and could have anyone woma [...]

    27. In Phantom Waltz, paraplegic Bethany Coulter lives her life knowing nothing will ever be the same since her accident eight years ago that lost her the ability to move from the waist down. Soon, though, she meets Ryan Kendrick, a rancher who sweeps her off her feet and shows her how to really live again. Their life is not without it's challenges; is their love enough to keep them together?I really enjoyed reading this book, the first one I've read where the main character is restricted to a wheel [...]

    28. This one was okay. It was different in that the heroine was in a wheel chair. I thought the hero fell in love too quickly. Less than a week and seeing her twice and he's telling her brother he loves her and plans to marry her? Maybe I should just put this under the fantasy heading instead of contemporary romance. Then the hero revamped his entire ranch with wheel chair access before he even knew they were going to get together. I mean I could buy that he knew pretty soon but this was too soon. A [...]

    29. Beautiful story and rewarding to read. This is my all time favorite Catherine Anderson novel (besides Annie's song). I have read it over and over again, and recommended it to others. It tells the story of a handicapped woman that has shied away from any type of romantic involvements since a horse riding accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. She is first spotted sitting behind the counter at her family's ranch supply store, and a cowboy that thinks she is cute asks her out not knowing [...]

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